Friday, September 16, 2016

Mistress Stella ❤

Hi girls,

A very good friend of mine by the name of Mistress Stella has recently released an extremely hardcore and exciting file titled Blowjob Slut! It's all about pleasing strong masculine men with your slutty mouth and getting your pretty face fucked like a good girl. Needless to say it is essential conditioning for truly committed sissies.

Mistress Stella is relatively new to the erotic hypnosis world but has built up a very devoted fanbase already and I have complete faith her popularity is going to grow and grow until every sissy in the world knows her name. Become a fan today so that you can tell all your little sissy friends that you listened to Mistress Stella before she became a household name in the hypno community :)

Blowjob Slut is perfect for sissies as it centres around any true sissy's favorite topic: cock! Mistress Stella goes into great detail about how to expertly pleasure that dreamy hunk of a man and ensure that you're always his first choice out of all the pretty girls when it comes time to have his balls drained. Speaking of which sweetie, you will remember to pay special attention to his full throbbing balls and you'll be rewarded handsomely with globs and globs of luscious cream for being such a good little bitch for the big strong man.

Read more about Blowjob Slut by clicking the link below, and listen to a free sample:

Blowjob Slut

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New File: Good Girl - Redux

A fresh new take on the original Good Girl concept - this file is very extreme and addictive and contains 44 minutes of pure brainwashing for true pathological sissies. Resembling the original files in name only, this is a brand new piece of conditioning and one that is sure to warp your little mind all over again. The main focus is on your relationship (strictly platonic friendship) with women and what is and isn't appropriate where women and sissies are concerned. You will learn your little place better than ever before sweetie and you will remember always that no woman on earth wants anything to do with a silly little sissy like you - at least not in a sexual capacity. You will accept this happily and commit to pleasing nice ladies in other more appropriate ways - whether this be by offering emotional support when they are heartbroken over a real man, or by taking care of their housework and giving them thoughtful gifts to show how much their platonic friendship means to you.

Friday, July 8, 2016

New File: Sissy Sex Ed

Brainwashing at its most relentless - this file contains 43 minutes of extreme sissy conditioning which you will find yourself compelled to listen to again and again until all of the knowledge and wisdom I graciously impart has been fully absorbed into your precious tiny mind. Structured more like an educational lesson than a traditional hypnosis file, this file is completely induction-free but experienced listeners will find that they drift into a deeply comfortable and very peaceful trance-like state within the first couple of minutes as they listen carefully to my important words and allow me to sweetly soothe their cotton candy brains until their fluffy little minds go bye-byes.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Women adore BBC - here's a perfect example :)

Hi girls,

I stumbled upon this series of gifs on a tumblr page the other day (which you can view by clicking here!) and felt that it perfectly exemplified the sort of adoration and deep love women feel towards superior black men.

Very helpful for sissies to study carefully and do their best to emulate the nice ladies, should they ever be so lucky as to find themselves in the big strong arms of a bonafide BBC hunk.

Pay close attention to the way they kiss, how they fondle the beautiful large cocks in their pretty little hands, and perhaps most importantly of all - the way that they look up at their owners with lust and admiration in their eyes as they attempt to deep throat their gorgeous cocks until they receive their holy grail of thick luscious cream.

It's also essential that you carefully observe how the pretty little princesses do their very bestest to please their strong hunky Alphas by taking cock from behind and riding it eagerly like it were a pretty horsey at the carnival. Isn't it just adorable how girly girls adore a bull :)  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New File: Training Loop #30 - Sparkle Slut

This is a very exciting bimbo conditioning file for silly little airheads who love to sparkle and giggle around hunky guys. You will find it so pleasurable to listen again and again sweetie as your little mind absorbs my important words and allows them to shape you into a happy horny cumslut with a pink fluffy brain full of cotton candy giggles and a warm fuzzy heart filled with kindness and love for all humanity. 

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