Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Candid Discussion About Sissies

I had the day off work last Thursday so I thought it would be fun to invite some friends over for morning tea and a little gossip.

While they were here we chatted about a lot of things, from politics and world events to movies and fashion trends.

I also thought it would be a great opportunity to get the honest opinions of everyday women on matters such as feminization, penis size and how they believe a less than adequate "male" should behave in the presence of women.

It turned into quite the discussion, and some of their views surprised even me! Many of my friends are quite reserved, almost prudish to a certain extent, so to hear such candid accounts from them was quite the experience. Before we even began, I just knew it would be worth transcribing every word for the benefit of all my little followers.

I should preface this with a little introduction for each of the women who attended the discussion. This is simply to give you a better sense of who they are as people, which will make reading their detailed accounts and experiences a lot more interesting.

First to arrive was Melissa, a wonderful lady aged 32 and one of my dearest friends. Melissa separated from her husband in late 2010 and is currently dating a cute guy in his mid-late 30's named John, who I was a little disappointed couldn't join us on the day as I had baked a yummy batch of brownies just for him.  

Melissa was shortly followed by my good friend Cheryl, 42, and her daughter Tammy who is barely of age and one of the prettiest girls I know, second only perhaps to her beautiful mother. Tammy is in her late teens but has the appearance and innocent demeanor of a far younger girl, which almost made it a little awkward for us when we discussed these somewhat taboo topics at first, but surprisingly she was very open and (brutally) honest with us about her feelings, and I know she will be reading this and I would like to thank her for the honesty and maturity she showed us all.

We made friendly chitchat for a few minutes till Becky, 23, arrived much to the relief of Tammy who was happy to have another younger girl around.

Becky is the niece of an older friend of mine who could not be there on the day, so it was lovely to get to know her a little better. She certainly fits the stereotype of the blonde bimbo physically, but she is deceptively intelligent underneath the pretty blue eyes, perfect skin and gorgeous body.

Finally, one of my oldest friends by the name of Denise showed up and it was lovely to see her again after so much time. She is now 46 years old but has the features of a much younger lady, not to mention the hunky boyfriend of a much younger lady...

We enjoyed some scones and cups of tea and talked about a variety of issues for a good 30 minutes or so, which is when it dawned on me what a perfect time it would be to get the genuine opinions of a bunch of regular women from several different age groups. I had made a couple of hints earlier towards discussing some more taboo subjects, so as not to shock any of my more prudish guests, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by their willingness to share their true feelings on every matter we discussed.

I hope the above introduction will serve to paint a better picture of this group of women, and perhaps you can learn a little something about real women and their real feelings which society so often tries to censor or sugarcoat. There will be no sweetening of their words here so if you are sensitive or get your feelings hurt easily (and fall under the umbrella of true sissy/failed male) I advise you not to read any further.

If, on the other hand, you have braced yourself for a long overdue reality check, then please proceed.

Gracie: I think it would be fun for us all to have a little chat about sex and sexuality, not to mention some more taboo topics like the appropriate terms for so-called guys who simply don't have what it takes to function in society as true bona fide males. What I'd like each of you to do is name some terms that pop into your head when I talk about people who were born male but just don't have any of the appropriate traits and are in fact more feminine than masculine...

Melissa: Um, pussy? I dunno, that sounds a little strange to be honest with you. (laughs)

Cheryl: I think I know the type of person you're talking about Gracie as I've had first hand experience with one of them myself. I don't like to call people names, but gosh, some of them are just so over-the-top it's pathetic.

Tammy: Sissy? Or faggot. Um...

Gracie: Yes Tammy, you are correct. Sissy is the term I was looking for! Well done sweetie, I didn't think a girl of your age would ever have even heard of such a thing.

Denise: I actually thought "faggot" was the correct term... (everyone laughs)

Gracie: Yes, faggot is also acceptable but sissy is the "official" term. Speaking of sissies, have any of you ever had a sexual encounter with someone who fits that description?

Tammy: Wouldn't that be like, impossible?

Cheryl: Some poor women actually get involved with these sissies without realizing they're not men until it's far too late!

Becky: I had a close encounter a few years ago but luckily I dodged that bullet. One of my friends had this brother who was kind of shy and standoffish, and she set me up with him as like, I dunno, a way to boost his confidence or something. I was never attracted to him in the slightest but I just felt sooo sorry for him.

We went out a couple times and he was pretty nice but did absolutely nothing for me in the turn on department. On our second date I drank too much, mostly out of boredom at how lame he was. I thought maybe I could ditch him and get what I needed from a real guy, but no matter what I tried I just couldn't shake him and I didn't have the heart to just tell him to fuck off. (everyone laughs)

Anyway, somehow we ended up back at my place and I'd been so desperate for a real guy all night that I thought what the hell, at the very least he might be okay with his tongue or whatever, but even that was too much to hope for with this loser.

By the time I was undressed and looking pretty fucking hot if I do say so myself, he was just standing there like a little girl with his flaccid wee-wee between his legs like a fucking pathetic faggot. I almost threw up right there but I thought maybe he would just take longer to get hard than a regular guy, so I waited another couple minutes and I swear he was on the verge of tears at one point.

Long story short, I got pissed off and got off the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I came back not even two minutes later and this little faggot was on his knees with my panties on his little dicklet, which had miraculously managed to get hard at this stage, and my pantyhose stuffed into his faggot mouth.

I was so disgusted by his utter lack of manhood that I swear I almost hit him but thought that would be like the equivalent of a man hitting a woman, that's how much of a pussy this faggot was.

Tammy: Oh my god, that sounds horrible... (consoles Becky with a hug)

Gracie: I am so sorry you had to go through that Becky. I'm sure you had no idea what you were getting yourself into when your friend set you up with her "brother" who turned out to be more like a quivering little sister. That must have been so traumatic for you to have to be around such a true sissy without even a word of warning to prepare you for the horrific absence of masculinity that she showed to you. Also sweetie, I must correct you on one thing. You should never refer to a sissy using male terms, they are far closer to girls than they are men, so you should always refer to them as such. 

Denise: That is so sad, poor little sissy couldn't even get her little nubby hard without rubbing a pretty girl's panties all over it. (laughs)

Cheryl: If anything like that happened to my Tammy, I would be beside myself with anger. If there's anyone who deserves a real man, it's her.

Tammy: Aww, thanks Mom. (Cheryl & Tammy hug and bond for a moment)

Gracie: It should come as no surprise that the sissy Becky described in that ghastly tale was less than well-endowed. This is a frighteningly common trait among true sissies. I would estimate that a solid 90% of them have absolutely minuscule little things between their legs. What do you girls think of when you picture a "guy" with a very small penis?

Tammy: (laughs loudly)

Becky: Jesus, I don't even want to think about it, it just brings up gross memories of that faggot I got naked in front of.

Melissa: I think "Awww...", then I just feel a little sad for them...

Cheryl: They obviously aren't any good to us sexually with those soft little thingies, but I definitely think that they can be used for our benefit in many other ways. For example, I would love to have a little "sissy" around the house to just take care of chores and housework that I don't feel like doing. I think most of them would gladly do your laundry for free, as long as you let them play with the contents of the basket occasionally (everyone laughs)

Tammy: Ewww... (laughs) I don't want any faggot going near my panties, especially the ones that I'd be wearing when I'm around guys I like cos pathetic sissy faggots don't deserve to taste what comes out of me when I'm around real men.

Cheryl: Oh no sweetie, I would never let one of them near you in a million years. You deserve a real man with a real penis.

Gracie: Aww, it's so lovely that this discussion has brought a mother and daughter closer together.

Gracie: Moving on now, let's play a little word association game, taking turns clockwise around the room. I'll say a word or phrase, and starting with Melissa, you'll all take turns saying the first thing that comes into your head.

Tammy: Ooh, this should be fun! (laughs)

(brief chatter takes place that I failed to transcribe prior to the Word Association game beginning)

Gracie: Real Man...

Melissa: Big cock. (everyone laughs)

Gracie: Small penis...

Tammy: Faggot.

Gracie: Sissy...

Cheryl: Pathetic.

Gracie: Multiple orgasms...

Denise: Real man.

Gracie: Ultimate fantasy...

Becky: Gangbang.

Gracie: Worst nightmare...

Melissa: Small cock. (laughs)

Gracie: Most important quality in a man...

Tammy: Dick size.

Gracie: Pink frillies...

Cheryl: Sissy faggot.

Gracie: Husband material...

Denise: Big and manly.

Gracie: Yummy...

  Hard cock.
Gracie: OK, that will do. Thank you for playing along girls, that worked out just as I had hoped it would!

Tammy: Wow, that was fun! (everyone laughs)
Gracie: We've talked a little about sissies, or faggots as some of you prefer to call them. Now it's time to get to the good stuff - let's move onto the topic of real guys! 

(Tammy and Becky exclaim "Yay!" in unison and everyone laughs)

Gracie: I'm glad you are so enthusiastic girls. Now, what are the most important qualities for a man to have?
Denise: He should be strong, first and foremost. He should also be able to take care of me and make me feel safe and secure in his big masculine arms.

Cheryl: Yeah. (nods) I like a guy who can really dominate me and just throw me around the bedroom, or any other area he wants to ravage me. 

Tammy: Big penises are definitely superior to average ones, let alone worthless small dicks. (laughs)
Becky:  Not only big cock, but big everything. I like a real mountain of a man who can make me wet through mere eye contact.

Tammy: Oh my god, I know what you mean. There's this one guy at my work, every time he passes by my desk I feel afraid to stand up after, like I'm just going to be dripping everywhere! (everyone laughs)

Cheryl: I think that's a genetic thing sweetie as I was always much the same.

Melissa: I like my current BF, and mostly I love his big cock. He is just way better than my husband whose penis was average to say the least.

Becky: Also, in terms of attitude - I like arrogant guys who treat me like shit way more than so called nice guys, also known as pussies. (laughs)

Tammy: Yep I agree, nothing worse than a guy who thinks being a little faggot around you is somehow a turn on. I like guys who are confident in themselves and know their big dick can satisfy me in ways that inferior "males" could never dream of.

Denise: So true, and I'm glad to see that there are young women out there who aren't afraid to be forthright and open about their preferences for real men with real cocks.

Gracie: Yes, it's always lovely to see, and hopefully one day all women will be able to be more honest about their desire for real men without being unfairly looked upon as a slut just for liking sex.

Cheryl: That would truly be wonderful...

(brief chatter amongst the group that I failed to transcribe, plus a short bathroom break to freshen up)

Gracie: Now that we've discussed the appealing and attractive qualities in a man, let's talk about our biggest turn offs.

Tammy: Aside from being a broke loser, lacking masculinity is the worst thing I can imagine.

Becky: Yep, nothing is worse than a little faggot trying to be a man. If they just wanted to be my friend, maybe buy me shit or take care of the chores then I'd be all for it but I'm not letting any mincing faggot near my pussy ever again, I would rather be brutally gang raped than go through that again.

Cheryl: Strongly agreed, and I know my little Tammy would feel the same way on that one Becky.

Tammy: Definitely. 

Denise: As Becky mentioned earlier, "nice" guys just drive me up the wall. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a man who tries to act "nice" to women cos he's too much of a faggot to get away with being an asshole like a real man would.

Melissa: Skinny guys definitely are a turn off and when I see one I just think "Oh my god, what a faggot" almost as a natural instinct.

Becky: Oh my god, yes! Skinny guys should fucking eat something cos there is nothing masculine about being a rake, and I don't want to have a skinny faggot mincing all over me with his limp writhing dicklet. Like I said before, they can be my little faggot friend if they want, but nothing sexual whatsoever, unless having my real man's load spit from my mouth into theirs counts. (everyone laughs)

Tammy: Skinny guys are okay as little friends like Becky said but no way would I ever date one. Real guys are big and buff and know how to fuck pussy hard.

Gracie: Speaking of weight and body types, what do you think of fat guys? Are they more inclined towards sissification than guys that are in good shape?

Becky: (sighs exhaustedly) Fat guys are just soft and feminine in a way that real guys could never be. I cannot take a fat guy seriously as a man, not in a million years. Though it would be fun to dress a fat faggot up in one of my big sister's outfits and have it walk around town with its little bitch tits hanging out like the fucking freak of nature it is.

Tammy: Yeah, fat sissies can be my friend but I just don't want them to touch me, unless we're doing each others makeup.

Cheryl: My Tammy is far too good to let a fat mincing sissy near her, but maybe we could keep one as a little pet, put a tail on it and call it piggy. (everyone laughs)

Oh, that does sound like fun Cheryl.

Melissa: Lots of fun!

Gracie: Now, to wrap up as I've kept you long enough, please describe as succinctly as possible how real men make you feel as opposed to little sissies.

Tammy: A real man makes me feel vulnerable - a little nervous - and eager to please him. Sissies make me feel embarrassed for them, and almost sympathetic, but mostly disgusted by their lack of manhood.

Melissa: Real guys are what I live for, they make my heart skip a beat and I think about them all the time. Faggots and sissies rarely enter my thoughts, but when they do I simply laugh then go back to thinking about real men.

Becky: I love legitimate men and have such respect for them, I just want to please them and be obedient to them in the hopes that one day I'll make a good housewife. Sissies just make me shudder, or laugh, or both. If a sissy knows her true place and doesn't try to have sex with me, I'll let her be my friend, but otherwise "fuck off faggot" pretty much sums it up.

Cheryl: Real men should be adored and respected, sissies get ignored and rejected. A sissy has no place in the bedroom with a woman, unless said sissy is there to change the sheets after the mess her and her lover made the night before.

Denise: I will do practically anything to please real men, and I'll do pretty much whatever it takes to avoid "sissies" or faggots as I prefer to call them, since they're just worthless as males. I wouldn't mind having one around just to have something my BF can fuck when he needs the release and I'm on my period or too tired, but other than that I have no use for them whatsoever.

Gracie: So, it certainly sounds like it's quite universally accepted that real men deserve respect and admiration from women, whilst the most a sissy could ever hope to receive is our contempt and abuse, and maybe a list of chores to do while we're serving our real men.

I am so glad you all joined me today and I never imagined that you would all be so open and honest without sugarcoating a thing, so thank you sincerely for that. I am certain the generous offering of your firmly held beliefs will be looked upon as priceless and invaluable to the entire sissy community.

Cheryl: Gracie darling, I assure you the pleasure was all ours! (everyone laughs and nods)
Gracie: Any final words of advice for any true sissies out there who could perhaps do with a little guidance?

Melissa: (awkward pause) Just be yourself I guess. As pathetic as sissies are, they should still be who they are. They should also know their place, and not expect to be treated like equals.

Becky: Yeah, just don't try to be a man cos it's like watching a fucking trainwreck. If sissies were more open about their uselessness I think I would find it a lot easier to tolerate them as I wouldn't feel like I'd been deceived by their transparent facade of manhood.

Tammy: Sissies can be my friend but nothing more. And make sure you look pretty at all times cos you are competing with real girls and why would a man choose a mincing faggot over an actual girl unless the faggot makes itself as pretty as it can possibly be? Also, sissies should respect real men. (everyone nods in agreement)

Cheryl: I echo all of the sentiments the girls have expressed and I would add that sissies should make an extraordinary amount of effort in keeping up their physical appearance. If they want men to find them attractive, it's vital they wear the right amount of makeup and wear nice outfits that show off their feminine bodies and really highlight their lack of masculinity. Sissies should definitely also offer to help women in any way they can, whether that be chores, cooking and cleaning or even satisfying a woman's husband when she is not in the mood. Also, a nice pair of breasts would be invaluable in helping a sissy find a man.

Denise: Sissies should always know their place, and never think they are comparable to real men in any way, shape or form. They should also grow a pair of balls and stop being dickless faggots but I don't see that happening any time in the foreseeable future. (everyone laughs)

A huge thank you to each and every one of these lovely ladies who were so happy to offer their thoughts on some quite controversial and rarely discussed topics.

I'm sure all good sissies who read this may feel compelled to leave a pretty comment to show their gratitude to the nice women for their time, and I'm positive that all my friends would be happy to know their words are helping sissies come to terms with who they are.

Now, feel free to share your little thoughts with a comment below sweetie.

Did you agree with what the nice women said? Of course you did, that goes without saying.

Make sure you show your appreciation for their time as they will likely read this at some stage and it would be nice for them to see that their time did not go to waste, and maybe they'll even see that not all sissies are nasty little faggots such as the one poor Becky had that traumatic encounter with, and some sissies can be sweet little angels who deserve nothing but our love and friendship.

Love from Goddess Gracie xx


  1. That was amazing!!! Thank you ladies so much. That was really sweet advice and incredible insight.

    i would be curious what each lady would answer the following.

    If they had too choose:
    Would they marry A) a REAL man that cheats on them B) a sissy that they could 'cheat' on
    or C)Neither

    i know B is probably a horrible choice, but if you had to choose.

    i have more but I don't want to be rude.

    Thank you ladies again and thank you Goddess Gracie for sharing their thoughts with all us sissy queers.

    The only thing better would be if i was their giving you all pedicures and just being a good little fagot friend and listening and learning. i am sure each of you incredibly sweet ladies would have wonderfully sweet things to say about my fagot sissy nature. the whole time i would be fantasizing that you ladies would decide to give me a makeover and take a vote on my new girl name and then introduce me to the kind of real man you are talking about.

    i love all you ladies and will think greatly upon what you have shared with me.


    Sissy Fagot Brenda

  2. sissy crissy just love all you have done for me through your wonderful guidance. sissy crissy thank you so so much.
    hugs and kisses

  3. Humm.....I am definitely fact my measurement is 32-26-34...with 5 ft 7' inch height and 45 kg weight.But I looove it cause it helps me feel more femme.I just wish i had soft skin ,long jet-black hair,and cute little boobs.

    I used to hate the fact that I am so skinny but now when I see the pics of the hunky guys(especially Brazilian dark skinned guys wearing thongs)I thank God for making me skinny and girly.I just wish I could get a boyfriend like that..:)

    I just envy curvy Brazilian girls...with hot boyfriends,wearing bikini,sunbathing in a beach.....

    Anyway,now I consider being skinny as blessing.



    p.s...I am eagerly waiting for the impotence file.Plus can you make that file shrivel my penis and make it small.Love u Goddess Gracie.

  4. Mmm…I most certainly feel compelled to leave a pretty comment. I learned something from all your lovely lady friends Goddess and would love to get to know all of them better.

    I’d love to talk to Ms. Melissa about her husband John who sounds perfectly dreamy with that big cock of his...giggles. If Goddess Gracie was disappointed John couldn’t come then I bet Ms. Melissa was too and I’d be ready to give her a hug and listen to her if she was feeling sad for that reason.

    Ms. Cheryl and her daughter Ms. Tammy sound adorable and the perfect mother-daughter pair. I love how Ms. Cheryl is so protective of Ms. Tammy and only wants the best for her. Ms. Cheryl’s and Ms. Tammy’s appreciation for each other makes me tingle because it reminds me of my appreciation for Goddess Gracie who is changing my life and to her friends who so willingly share their truthful feelings with all of us sissy faggots.

    I’d love to learn more from Ms. Becky about what she does to maintain her gorgeous features. I feel so bad for her for how that pathetic excuse for a faggot pretending to be a guy she dated led her astray like that. He was so wrong to do that. After hearing that story, I’d be right there hugging Ms. Becky for having to endure that terrible experience. Ms. Becky is so funny too. I’d be the first in line to have her man’s load spit from her mouth…giggles.

    OMG Ms. Denise sounds like she has discovered the secret to eternal youth and a young hunky stud to prove it…you go Ms. Denise (though I can’t help feel a little jealous for all your delishus good fortune...tehe). I’m not surprised Ms. Denise describes a real man as someone that is strong and makes her feel safe and secure as that is likely how her hunky stud makes her feel.

    I think I learned two really important things from your friend’s Goddess Gracie which really seem to reinforce all your teachings in GG1&2.

    First, sissies can’t help who they are as they were born closer in make-up to women but they can help how they choose to respond to nature’s call by accepting the truth and not pretending to be someone they are not. Real men are strong and have big everything, especially penises but also their bods, egos and their will to dominate, satisfy and protect women. These qualities earn real men the respect and admiration of all women (and us sissies 2). There is nothing more pathetic and embarrassing than when a limp, skinny sissy faggot pretends to be a legitimate guy and attempts to give a woman what he is incapable of giving her. This only leads to profound disappointment and can even incite the kind of disgust Ms. Becky felt when going out with her friend’s sad excuse for a brother. Given our failings as men, the most we sissies should expect from women is contempt and abuse which many but not all women will likely soften to teasing, toleration and maybe even friendship where we redeem ourselves by knowing our place as platonic inferiors and by doing chores, housework and other helpful things so the real women can do what they do best – satisfy their men.

    Second, since sissies are competing with real women for guys cocks they must take extra care to look and feel their best always. Since men are attracted to femininity sissies need to eat, breath, think, feel, behave, sound, dress and look as feminine as possible. Sissies need to be purged of every wee trace of manhood and that is why emasculation, both physical and emotional, is necessary for true sissification to take place. Having learned this, I didn’t realize how presumptuous it was of me to be making cummies in my panties. I know Goddess wants all good girls to aspire to impotence but I never appreciated or understood that point (not that I should have to as Goddess knows best) until hearing the truth from all of Goddess’ friends. Now that I know what I know, I can’t believe I’m saying this but if ordered by Goddess to be impotent then that is what I would embrace....OMG Gulp!

    I love you and your friends Goddess Gracie. Hugz and kisses, Br♥tt

  5. Goddess, this was a wonderful post! I very much enjoyed getting a glimpse into what Real Women think of men and sissies. It was difficult to accept at points, but it is really helping to drive home the fact that i am a little worthless sissy who could never please a Real Woman, no matter how much i pretend. They can just tell, every sissy gives off subconscious clues. These are the kind of conversations i imagine my poor Girlfriend having with her friends. All their boyfriends are real men, and my Girlfriend is stuck with a limp mincing sissy who would rather talk about clothes and makeup. Thank You for posting this Goddess!

    Wow, Br<3tt, you wrote a great comment, i love it!

    Love sissy jasinda

    1. OMG sissy jasinda...that was very sweet of you to say. Hugz n delishus cuddles, Br♥tt x0x0

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie,
    This was so wonderful to read. It was so wonderful to hear what beautiful Superior Women had to say about sissy’s and Men. It was amazing to hear how many had experience with sissy’s and what they thought about the role of sissy’s!

    Ms. Cheryl didn’t say she had experience with sissy’s, but it sounds like she knows exactly what sissy’s want and need. Ms. Tammy sounds like she is developing to be a wonderful Superior and already has disgust for sissy’s.

    Ms. Becky actually met a sissy and humiliated her, which sounded like it angered Ms. Becky. Maybe because the sissy wasn’t honest and tried to pretend to be a man at first? She sounds angry at ever having to think about or meet another sissy.

    Ms. Denise comforted her by using the a phrase that got excited! Ms. Denise said, “That is so sad, poor little sissy couldn't even get her little nubby hard without rubbing a pretty girl's panties all over it. (laughs)” it sounds like she had an experience with a silly sissy!

    Goddess Gracie’s word game got me so horny as it described beautiful men. Sissy’s have many of the same fantasy as women do. Women admire men who are big, strong, have huge cocks, give multiple orgasms, and make them feel protected. Men also know what they want and what women need. Sissy’s are the exact opposite type. Sissy’s have little clittys, can’t give orgasm, are weak and limp, and could never protect Women. Sissy’s don’t know what they want and need either a strong Superior Woman or strong Man to tell them what they want.

    It was interesting to read about Women’s biggest turnoffs. Women don’t have respect for sissy’s, but it sounds like they would tolerate sissy’s if they provided some use. Ms. Becky’s story about sharing her Man’s wonderful cummies with a sissy would make all sissy’s so horny and feel wonderful! It was interesting to hear the difference between fat and skinny sissy’s. Both sissy types are the same in these wonderful Women’s eyes. A sissy is not sexually attractive to women, so Women would treat them the same. But a fat sissy is disgusting because she can’t even keep herself in shape to try and please Women and Men. A fat sissy is a piggy. So, being a skinny sissy would be slightly more loved than a fat sissy.

    Ms. Tammy describes what a sissy wants when she compares Men to sissy’s. Sissy’s always feel vulnerable, nervous, and eager to please. Ms. Becky also describes what sissy’s want. sissy's respect real Men and Superior Women. sissy's also want to please and be obedient. A sissy would luv to be a housewife or maid for a dominant Man or beautiful Superior Woman. Ms. Becky sounds like she wouldn’t mind having a sissy around as a little faggot friend. Ms. Denise also sounds like she would use a sissy to satisfy her strong Man’s sexual appetite. i think every sissy would luv to be kept around for that!

    i luv and appreciate the advice all the wonderful Women gave. A sissy should be honest with everyone who she is. She should look after her appearance and realize that she is in competition with Superior Women and not strong Men. All a sissy can do is hope to be a faggot friend for a beautiful Superior Woman. sissy's have a role as maids and to satisfy Men when Superior Women are tired or have something better to do. i guess that also means a sissy should be used to rough fucking in her pussy. A sissy is more likely to get fucked when a Man is extremely horny and needs to empty his yummy cummies to a slutty sissy. He will probably have a lot of tasty cummy built up because no Superior Women are around and he has to lower his standard to a limp sissy.

    i hope i didn’t insult these wonderful Women by sounding like i questioned what they said. It was so wonderful to hear what a sissy should do to try and please Superior Women and Men.



  7. Hello again to all the ladies Melissa, Cheryl, Tammy, Becky and Denise that participated and Goddess Gracie!

    i re-read the interview/discussion again several more times and wanted to say again how sweet everyone was. i just had a few more thoughts i wanted to share.

    Cheryl you and your daughter Tammy make quite a team! It is really something sweet. Cheryl, you are amazing! You give sissies true inspiration. (and naughty fantasies) i can't get the thought out of my head of wondering how Cheryl would have my make up and dress and the naughty things she would say. i can see myself having a dream of Tammy breaking in my pussy with an extra large strap-on while Cheryl feeds me a big fat real cock and gives me detailed instructions on what to do....or maybe she would just say "impress me" and stick it in my mouth and give general running commentary.

    Melissa, i would love to hear if you told John about the discussions and got his input on sissies. Also, thank you for the great sissy advise about don't expect to be treated as an equal.

    Becky, i would gladly take that hot load from you. You are wise beyond your years.

    Denise, you are so amazing with your hunky boyfriend. i loved everything you said. Your open mindedness is so amazing. i can't stop thinking of how hot would it would be to get a phone call from you saying, "Hey fagot, my boyfriend wants a blowjob but i don't want to do it...but I'll watch.". That would be one lucky sissy fagot. Also, i can not stop imagining how hot it would be to be sucking a big real cock and hear Denis say "Fagot" and hear all the women laugh....

    And Goddess Gracie, as you know i love you and thank you for all your inspiration and training. You are an incredible, sweet and encouraging lady for true pathological sissies.

    And finally, i did have one small, actually huge request, and i understand if it is not possible, but it would rock my sissy world to hear the sound of you ladies laughing on one of Goddess Gracie's future tapes. i am sure she would use it in an amazing way.


    Sissy Fagot Queer Brenda

  8. Tammy: Also, sissies should respect real men. (everyone nods in agreement)


  9. Hi girls,

    I am glad you all enjoyed reading the discussion so much.

    I'd love to have been able to reply to you all individually but I need to get ready for a date with my new man soon. I'll need at least 3 hours just to get my makeup looking perfect for him, not to mention my outfit. As much as I love my sissy friends, they will never be a priority over pleasing my real guy, that is just such a silly idea I'm sure you are all giggling away at the mere thought of it!

    Brenda: I will pass on your words to all the nice ladies sweetie, and yes I agree that the sound of their mocking laughter in the background of one of my files would certainly be a nice way of reminding a sissy of her place. I will have to ask them about it soon, I'm sure at least one or two of them will be interested!

    Britt: That is a very pretty message you left for all my friends princess, Melissa and Denise are coming over tomorrow then we're going out to lunch so I'll be sure to mention your nice words to them. I think some of my friends are a little hard on sissies/faggots, so nice messages like this will maybe show them that (some) sissies deserve love and affection too, just like real girls! :)

    Jasinda: Thank you sweetie, I knew you would love it. I actually mentioned you in particular to some of the girls a couple days later. I knew girls like Tammy and Becky would probably relate to the situation you are in (being in a relationship with a young woman who secretly yearns to cuckold her sissy with real men) and they were surprisingly sympathetic when I told them about all your little feelings.

    Bobbie: Wow, another very detailed and relevant post from another good girl. It is lovely how you and Britt address all my friends as Ms... More sissies should do this when referring to any woman (aside from those who already have a title such as Goddess or Mistress of course). It's lovely to see sissies who have such a correct amount of respect and admiration for women.

    I must clarify one thing though sweetie, it's not that we agreed fat sissies were "disgusting" as you put it, we simply came to the conclusion that fat "guys" are intrinsically more feminine, and more inclined towards being sissies, due to the softness of their bodies and of course the fact they have breasts.

    Also, fat "males" typically have far higher volumes of estrogen in their bodies than real guys, and particularly fat piggies eventually find their bodies transforming altogether due to something called estrogen dominance, which is why most fat "males" (lol) are actually closet sissies and faggots, and also tend to be more emotional, due to all that excess estrogen. So in a way, fat sissies are one of the most feminine sissy types there is, just not in a very good way!

    I know I didn't reply to every single one of you, but I replied to those who had the most relevant and well thought out posts, if I had all the time in the world I would reply to everyone! But as I mentioned earlier, my date later this evening with this hunky new guy is far more important than replying to some little sissy friends.

    Oh and I have a little question for the sissies reading: Which of my friend's answers and contributions did you find the most insightful? I'm just wondering as I have spoken to a couple of the girls about helping me with the blog again later.

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  10. i would say Goddess Cheryl and Goddess Denise for sure! i love them both. i am sure it was still a shock to some ladies and some were perhaps more reserved and i am going off of 1st impressions only. So i am sure Goddess Gracie would have a much better over all feel and understanding....also there is still the mystery lady Ms Becky's Aunt...

    Love from

    Sissy Fagot Brenda

  11. Your date sounds perfectly delicious Goddess. Why am not surprised to hear you taking all the time you need to get ready for your man? You would not expect anything less from us nor should you. I think real men get harder and spray more ooeey gooeey cum all over a pretty made up face and my wish for you is that your stud couldn't take his hands off of you all last night...giggles.

    OMG Goddess it would be so hard to pick just two of the girls because they all sound amazing. If I had to and I know I must, I’d say Ms. Melissa and Ms. Denise should help on the blog and if one of them can’t then ask Ms. Becky. I know it’s dangerous for us sissies to have our own thoughts but since you’re asking I guess it must be okay. So here is what I’m thinking…giggles :)

    Ms. Melissa is a dear friend to you Goddess and so doing the blog together will be fun…tehe. Ms. Melissa also seems to have a succinct understanding of the differences between real men (big cocks) and sissies (tiny cocks) as well as fun ideas (putting a tail on your sissy and keeping her for a pet…OMG if by that Ms. Melissa means a butt plug and tail for everyone to identify you by I would shriek with excitement). Ms Melissa seems to want what every sissy wants - a real man. She also seems like she would be kind to sissies who know their place beneath real men ( more than one way) and real girls. Though it might be presumptuous to say, I bet Ms. Melissa would be the kind of mistress that would have her sissy in a frilly maid uniform with chastity device and butt plug…giggles. Lastly, Ms. Melissa has a sexy man John and that tells me she gets what she wants…mmm good for you Ms. Melissa. Oh and please tell Ms. Melissa I’m sorry for calling John her husband and not her boyfriend…oopsies :)

    Ms. Denise is also a dear long-time friend Goddess and it sounds like you, Ms Melissa and Ms. Denise would have so much fun together doing the blog. Ms Denise knows how to look after herself and attract hunky guys which all sissies could learn from. Judging from how she reacted to Ms. Becky’s disastrous date that could only get hard rubbing her dicklette on her panties, I think Ms. Denise would be a compassionate mistress for any sissy. Ms Denise has a sexual energy that I adore as she likes big, young, strong, manly studs capable of multiple orgasms in a night. She also expects her stud to be a protector and keep her safe and secure – something that every sissy would dream of one day having even if it’s unlikely. I like that Ms. Denise values honesty so much as that is what holds all of us sissies back from enjoying life the way real men and real girls are able to do. You can see that in how Ms. Denise praises the girls for their honesty about wanting sex with real men but also in her recognition that as much as men can be assholes they satisfy important needs of real girls and sissies. Also, that men are animalistic in their drive for sex and that a sissy can prove helpful to a real girl by standing in as a fuck toy for her man when she’s just not in the mood.

    I hope you have a yummy lunch with Ms. Melissa and Ms. Denise. Sorry I didn’t say anything about Ms. Becky but I will if you’d like.

    Your faithful servant Br♥ttany…tehe…sometimes I use my full name :)

  12. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    i sure hope your date went well!!! The contrast between a mincing little fagot and a real man must be delicious for you!!! i am so happy for you.

    i thought i would share a naughty thought when i look at the top photo of the 4 women. i feel like they are looking at me. From RIGHT to LEFT this is what i feel the women are looking at.

    1st Girl(far right) - Checking out the cum bubble i just blew for her

    2nd girl - Checking out all the cum all over my face.

    3rd girl - Checking out all the cum in my hair

    4th girl - looking into my eyes to let me know that she can tell how much i loved sucking cocks for them.

  13. Goddess, i am sooooo happy that You are going on a date with a real man! Maybe if You like, You can tell us about it, how strong and masculine he was with You. To answer Your question, i enjoyed reading about Ms. Becky's near encounter with a sissy. I've had a number of times like that, being with a Real Woman, trying to get hard enough to please her, but completely failing and nearly coming to tears, as Her face says how disappointed She is. I can only imagine the conversations with friends. I also related to when Ms. Becky told about how annoying "nice" guys are. I've always tried to be a "nice" guy and i always wondered why Girls would go after assholes and not me. Now i know, lol!

    Of course we know that You're very busy, and can't answer us all the time, but just getting to write to You is wonderful. I really really really love Your blog and i check it like 100 times a day!!! <3<3<3
    love sissy jasinda <3<3

    1. Hi again little Jasinda,

      It is very sweet that you want to know all the juicy details of my date with my real man, but I just don't think that a sissy truly deserves to hear about the nice time a lady has with her real guy. What real men and real women get up to is between them sweetie. If I ever were to share those intimate details with my sissies, it would be purely for the sake of humiliating them and making them jealous, but I don't feel like you deserve that. At least not yet :P

      I'm sorry princess but that is just the way it must be. I'm sure your sissy imagination will fill in the gaps for you.

      All I will say is that I got everything I wanted out of it, and more! :)

      We are going out again this Thursday evening, so I've decided to take the whole day off work just so I will have extra time to get ready for him. Maybe I'll tell him about you and your pretty girlfriend sweetie, and I might tell all the girls at the beauty salon about you too if you're lucky. :)

      I will mention the idea of contributing to the blog again to all the girls and see who is most interested. I have a feeling Denise and Becky will be particularly keen to contribute, but we'll have to wait and see.

      I'm going to send them a link to the blog post soon too for those who haven't yet read it, I'm sure they will love reading all the mincing little comments from my sissy admirers.

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Mmmm…Ms Denise and Ms. Becky sound purrr-fectly delishus to get involved in the blog. Ms. Becky has first hand experience with sissies but also isn’t afraid to admit her desire for gang bangs, big cocks and big everything in front of others...mmm...I want to be a shero just like you Ms. Becky.

      I can imagine Ms. Becky in a bodacious bombshell of an outfit sizing up the package size of most men in a room and then having her pick of the lot.

      Mmm…I think we can all learn from Ms. Becky and I am sure she will have all kinds of yummy suggestions to help us all learn our place and reach our sissification goals.

      Cuddles, Br♥tt x0x0

  14. Oh Goddess Gracie I have masterbated about this so many times, real women talking about this kind of stuff, but yet pretending to be nice when i am around it is true indeed huh haha!! I love womens feet and belong there!! Do you have yahoo instant messenger?

    1. Hi Ally,

      Yes sweetie, it is indeed true. This is simply how women feel, but most of us are far too kind to be openly contemptuous of little dickless sissies, except when in a private discussion with other ladies.

      Though I have nothing but love for any sissy who truly knows her place, which is why I adore all my little sissies so much and love giving them cuddles and affection like they were itsy bitsy little puppies.

      I do not have yahoo messenger hun, but you can email me (address under Contact on the blog homepage) anytime you like, and that goes for any of my sissy friends! :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. I can only imagine all the women I have liked or had a crush on being in a room with you, and them saying oh yeah we always knew he was a sissy loser,but pretended to be nice so i would do stuff for them, and talk about how i am 30 years old and getting older and am the perv who would see a young womens feet in public and be drooling haha. would you be doing footise under the table in public resturant while spilling my secrets to all mmmmm

  15. Hiii, OMG!! This siisy faggot princess loves this blog. Hearing what real woman have to say about us sissy mincing little clitty faggots is so eye opening. Ms. Denise is a darling and knows we need are pretty panties. Im going to post pictures of me girlified here soon so they can see a proper cocksucking sissy princess teehee. Love from siissy heather giggles

  16. Just a quick fagot hello to Becky and Denise! (Goddess said you will likely read our gay fagot queer comments)

    Goddess Gracie said you may contribute to her wonderful and kind blog to help sissies fagots get rid of any remaining manhood and thus make an appropriate fagot friend for women.

    i am sure both of you will make great contributions if you decide to do so. Anyway i hope that you do and thank you regardless for your helping me understand my relationship to real women and real men.

    Your little limp clitty dick licker,

    Sissy Queer Brenda

  17. Hi Goddess Gracie,

    You mentiond you were going to the salon. i was wondering if you could ask them (and maybe you can post a pic?) about hairstyles for sissies that can't live full time as a fagot queer, but want a hairstyle that they can easily switch from boy to sissy fagot.

    Thanks Goddess Gracie for all you do for your little limp wristed, gay, cock sucking, facial cum shot loving, queer friends.

    Warm hugs,

    Sissy Queer Brenda

  18. Sweetie, I must point out to you that you are spelling the word "Faggot" incorrectly, there should be two G's :)

    I know you love to be called a faggot honey but it is important for a sissy to spell these terms properly.

    Now, onto your little query (no pun intended).

    Most sissies simply buy themselves a wig princess. It is far more practical for most who can never dream of having the luxuriously flowing hair of real women. I don't believe any of the nice ladies at the beauty salon would have any suggestions for sissies, at least none that wouldn't hurt your little feelings very much...

    *cuddles and tickles for my little faggot*

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    1. Don't worry Brenda. Goddess Gracie once gently told me she'd only reed a message I wrote her after correcting many silly spelling mistakes. She was very gentle but firm just like with you and I loved her for that. It's like she only has to point in the right direction and the true girly girl sissies will follow.

      Sometimes I think that its the attention to details that can really make a difference for how real men and real girls respond to us sissies. Dressing, looking and smelling our best, tending to chores, knowing our place, being ready to please at a moments notice are some fo the thoughts that come to my silly little mind.

      Hugz Br♥tt xoxo

  19. Sorry Goddess Gracie,

    That won't happen again i promise.

    Faggot Brenda

    1. Good girl sweetie, I accept your apology and I know that you won't do it again.

      *big hug for my little faggot*

      Goddess Gracie xx

  20. Thank you Goddess Gracie for posting this enlightening conversation. As a closeted sissy, I started this in hopes of getting more attention from women. I thought that being a sissy would amuse them, or entertain them. Now I am so far down the rabit hole that I need to do more for me. But I still do love to see them laugh and smile...

    sissy melissa

    1. Hi Melissa,

      You are very welcome sweetie :)

      I think you have lots of potential to go further and further with your sissification, so do keep me updated on your progress hun, and remember that good girls love to post their thoughts on all of my files in a pretty comment.

      Goddess Gracie xx

  21. my clitty practicly hid inside me from that

    1. Awww, how adorable.

      I'm sure that having your little clitty disappear altogether like that must have made you very happy sweetie :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

  22. This discussion was soooo true. Watching this video made me realize how common it really is.

    Needless to say i fantasized the movie was about me going with them as their feminized sissy and they take me to this bar to celebrate my decision to live full time as a sissy and be their full time maid.

    1. I am glad that you have come to realize how women really feel about sissies and tiny clitties princess.

      The sooner you accept it fully, the sooner you can adjust to your frilly new life as a 24/7 femmy faggot for all the guys to fuck, and all the women to laugh at and mock :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

  23. i found reading this not only enlightening and illuminating (which it was in many ways) but also reaffirming and inspiring in that i was able to totally recognize myself as a true sissy and identify with all of the humiliating put-down comments these amazing women made regarding the uselessness of a sissy except as an entertaining diversion or amusement to humiliate and parade its shame for the public to see and also ridicule. i will re-visit this blog often and re-read this discourse many times so that it becomes part of me and of my psyche . .than You all so much. michael g.b.

  24. Goddess Gracie . . i also just sent You an e-mail expressing my admiration and awe of You and of Your blog . .for its amazing psychology and insight into who and what i am . . into "me' . . i also included a few pics of me for Your amusement to mock and belittle as You chose. thank You Goddess. michael g.b.

    1. Hi sweetie,

      Thank you for the kind words. I will check my email and get back to you very soon!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  25. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I remember feeling a little uneasy upon first hearing your friends thoughts on sissies. As time has marched by, however, I have come to appreciate that that uneasiness was misguided. Feelings of failure as a real man as well as real woman leave no room for sugar-coating a sissy's inadequacy. To think otherwise would just be wrong and inappropriate.

    I feel (though correct me if I'm wrong) that only once we come to terms with our own lowly worth as a real man and real woman can we begin to become confident sissies. In other words, the thought of being a real man or woman must first die for the real sissy to live freely.

    I look forward in hope to one day hearing more of the plain truth from your friends when they have nothing else better to do *giggles*

    Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  26. i would love to hear a round two conversation with these nice ladies!! i wonder if any of the sweet ladies are on Goddess Gracie's new file or future files? They sure said some nice and kind things already.

    Hopefully they will all be able to make a cameo on the impotence file! It sounds fantastic already!

  27. Thank You Goddess Gracie for taking your time to both transcribe and have this discussion also thank you to all of the Superiors/Women who took part in the discussion. I think its highlighted a very important thing, that sissies be true to the world and themselves facades don't help anyone. Poor Becky must have been so furious.

    Thank you oh so much Goddess, I absolutely love your blog
    its both educating and entertaining
    Hugs & kisses!

    1. Hi Caramel,

      So sorry for my dreadfully late reply princess, I missed this comment till just now!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the discussion sweetie and rest assured I plan to have some of my friends back to the blog very soon :)

      Love and big warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  28. J'accuse
    Well, the league of stupiters has met again. I hope that this is not a real transcript if so none of the women deserve the slightest piece of respect. Shame on you. You are inhuman. you are arrogant. Anyone of you deserves hate.
    I hope that at least some of these hens will learn to be humble but i wouldnt count on it.
    This text shows why this world is such a miserable place:
    ignorance, arrogance,stupidity

  29. Those are some very unkind and negative things to say sweetie but thank you for sharing your little thoughts anyway :)

    Goddess Gracie xx

    1. Dear Goddess Gracie,

      You are the ultimate example to all of us by taking the high road and treating even unkind dissenters with kindness. I am so **PROUD** to call you my Goddess.

      Love Br♥ttany x0x0

  30. i thought the other day, what if you had a conversation with hunky guys...with or without the sweet ladies?

    Maybe it would help us sissies flirt more if we knew guys liked blow jobs from sissies and are 'ok' with sissy faggots worshiping their cocks etc.

    Since singing your amazing new tea pot song, when i look at women i wonder what it would feel like to get a warm fagot hug from them. Do you think it is from the song?

    1. Aww, that's an adorable idea sweetie. Maybe Denise will bring her BF along to one of our chats one day? I can't guarantee he would be willing to discuss such things, but I will ask her one day. He is so dreamy sweetie, I bet he would just make you melt into a fluffy pink puddle of fuzzies.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. I'm so glad you liked the funny rhyme/song I posted in the Sissy Chat sweetie, and yes I think it may be the reason for those strange compulsions you are now experiencing. Women love hugs sweetie so it's nothing to be embarrassed about, there are so many women out there who would love to give their little faggot friend a big warm cuddle so don't be shy :)

    2. **MMM** the thought of Ms. Denise's dreamy BF is making me finger my cameltoe right now and lightly moan in pleasure. I hope its not too forward to say but I'd wrap my legz around a man like that in an instant.

      Hearing more from your girlfriends and their boyfriends would be like a dream come true Goddess though I do know we sissies are in no position to ask for such priviledges.

      Love always Br♥ttany

  31. Replies
    1. :)

      That's okay sweetie, I still love my little faggot *big warm hug*

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Dear Goddess Gracie,
      First, thank You and Melissa, Tammy, Becky, Cheryl and Denise for taking the time to chat and share their thoughts with us.
      At first, I thought they were being too harsh, but then I realised this really was what women thought about sissies. I was very struck by how they were all attracted to large, strong, muscular real men - the pictures on your site are all of such impressive real men. I was also struck by how they said sissies should not pretend to be men - indeed that was their biggest crime. Instead, sissies should work hard at making themselves presentable.
      Thank you again for an amazing post!

    3. **MMM** Susannah I felt exactly the same way when I read this post back in time and the feeling has only gotten stronger with each passing day. I am SOO HAPPY you joined the blog and look forward to some YUMMY chat sometime soon **tehe** Love you girl, Br♥ttany xoxo

  32. Dear Goddess,

    I'm sure many sissies would agree when I say we'd love to hear more from your girlfriends if and when they are feeling charitable enough to share some of their thoughts with us sissies again **PRETTY PLEASE**

    We all learned so much when this thread was first posted and I am sure we would learn even more about ourselves with another post if and when you felt like we were ready and deserved it.

    Love to you and the girlfriends always, Br♥ttany xoxo

  33. thank you Goddess Gracie for posting this and thank you Ladies for your comments. With Goddess Gracies hypno files i am really starting to embrace more and more of my sissyness and becoming a better sissy for my new Mistress/wife and becoming her cuckold.

    sissy cupcake

  34. ...oh my....what a delightful blog post....ones little pee-pee just got so excited from lots of lovely girly feelings and one would have just loved to be an effemiinate perfumed puff-ball frilly maid for all the lovely Ladies and been able to mince around ridiculously in front of them serving coffee....

  35. Hello Goddes Gracie and Everyone

    My name is millie and intersexual some might knew me on sissysocial or even not. iam 27 years old and learning the sissy culture, and i love listen to some of Goddess Gracie Her files. but straight forward i wasn't that happy than all the other girls,
    When i began to read i could live in some comments but i felt slightly offended and embarrassed even wiped tears when i read all the happy comments, i personally think to myself ~am i the only one that felt a bit judged bad, offended and humiliated~
    i must say as well that i don't like humiliation not at all.
    i personally have a feeling i must be happy to stand up for myself even i can't be like a normal man, but i don't wish it well some parts maybe and some parts i wish as well to my girl side, i think thats a normal thing as an XXY.
    But i feel a bit confused, i don't seek any attention here but i just ask is it wrong that i comment negatively here.

    with love

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  37. oh yes real men deserve respect but wimpy sissies like me should be ignored and create laughter for the ladies


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