Friday, July 20, 2012

Dating Tips With Goddess Gracie

I know some of you girls are very eager to venture out into the dating world and find yourself a nice man. That enthusiasm is always lovely to see princess but I think you definitely need a helping hand to get you on your way. 

I have compiled this list of dating tips for good sissies to follow and put into practise. This advice comes from my own personal experience, as well as the experience of friends who have been with their fair share of guys. 

Remember sweetie, good girls like to listen and obey what Goddess Gracie tells them, and I know you are a good girl.

Beauty Takes Time & Effort

Too many sissies think that just wanting to suck a guy's cock and get their little pussy fucked is enough to turn him on. This is not always correct princess. A real man has the ability to have sex with women whenever he likes, so why should he settle for a little sissy who can't even be bothered to dress up properly for him? 

It's all about showing the guy that you care what he thinks about you, and that you respect him enough to want to look pretty for him. A pair of panties and a little lipstick is simply not enough princess. You need to really put in the effort, from clothing to makeup to jewelry. 

You should be spending at least 5-6 hours preparing for your man. Anything less is simply unacceptable and very disrespectful sweetie. It is essential that you go to an extraordinary amount of effort and make your body, face, pussy, and clitty look as pretty and feminine as possible before your big date. 

Guys like girls to be smooth princess and of course you will make sure to remove every trace of body hair prior to any encounter with a guy. It is also nice to moisturize as much as possible, from your body and face to your pretty little hands, your skin should be silky smooth for him. 

Speaking of your hands, it is nice for sissies to have manicured fingernails princess. At the very least, you should have a nail file and buffer so that you can make them look pretty all by yourself. This is extremely important sweetie and I think you will agree that having pretty nails is important for all feminine people. Nail polish is also very important princess and that is why it is a good idea to wear it on a regular basis. You can choose from a variety of colors, but good girls particularly like to wear bright red or hot pink.

Another thing that is vitally important for any good girl to have is pretty eyes. Yes sweetie, nothing gets guys going more than pretty feminine eyes, and I am going to help you with yours princess. After you have applied foundation to your entire face and neck, you will need to apply your eye makeup. You will take alot of care in doing so sweetie as you want it to look amazing. Good girls like to start with eyeshadow. Which colors look good on you will depend on your eye color and skin tone, so it is a good idea to research this online or ask female friends what they think would suit you best. 

After you have applied the shadow it will be time to put on some pretty eyeliner sweetie. Applied correctly, eyeliner will help to define your eyes and really make them pop. It's a good idea to read about application techniques or watch some tutorial videos on YouTube if you are unsure about the best way to go about applying it, and remember sweetie: don't rush as you need it to be perfect for him. 

Lastly, and in my opinion, most importantly of all: Mascara! Yes princess, Mascara will make your eyelashes look beautiful and flutter like pretty little butterflies. There is nothing more feminine than mascara sweetie so I understand why you probably consider it your favorite thing in the world from now on. Mascara is easier to apply than eyeliner, but it is still very important to read about it and watch demonstration videos so that you get a good idea for how it should look. 

After the eye makeup, good girls like to apply blush/rouge and lipstick. Ladies like to wear just a little blush to add some subtle color to their cheeks, but sissies are naturally inclined towards wearing more as they like how it makes them look like they are perennially blushing from the constant humiliation of being themselves. Sissies also tend to go overboard with the lipstick, not to mention gloss and plumper!

To remove the makeup after your date, you can buy some makeup remover or you can even use household items like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some cotton balls. To remove the nail polish you will obviously need some remover, though good girls like to wear painted nails for several days in a row so you don't need to worry about having remover too much, you can always go to the store and buy some with your nails all pretty and pink.

Good Girls Love To Smile

No guy wants to go out with a girl who is miserable and grumpy princess. It is essential that you smile at your man constantly, it is just a nice way of telling him how you feel. You will also smile at anybody else you see or talk to on your date, just so that everybody understands exactly what you are.

The same goes for flirting princess. You will flirt with your man at every opportunity, and you will love every second of it sweetie. This also includes giggling princess as men love girls who like to giggle. Good girls like to giggle sweetie so I know that you are going to find yourself giggling in the presence of men from now on. It's such a lovely way of saying "I'm a silly bimbo, I can't think for myself, I need a man to think for me."

Pretty girls have pretty vocabularies princess so it is important to remember to use the appropriate feminine words when speaking to your man. You will not say anything the least bit masculine at any time, and you will have a strong preference for words like Silly, Fluffy, Dreamy, Yummy, Daddy, Giggles, Cuddles, and Snuggles. Men find this adorable sweetie and the more you talk like a silly little bimbo, the more he will just want to pin you down and fuck you for hours. You will have perfect ladylike manners at all times sweetie and this will show him that you are a good girl who deserves to be treated as such.

The Right To Say "No" Does Not Apply

Society correctly teaches us that women have the right and free will to say no to a man, or turn down his sexual advances. This same right does not apply to sissies at all princess. Yes sweetie, you simply do not have the right to say no to any man, at any time. It is very disrespectful of a sissy to think she has the right to choose if a man has sex with her or not. Any good sissy should be grateful for the attention princess and I know that you will feel the same. 

Good girls love to be groped sweetie, so if you find yourself being felt up from behind or having nasty words whispered into your ear by a big rough man as he treats himself to your body, you will simply accept the situation and give yourself to him fully. Under no circumstances would you ever have any choice in the matter princess, that is just such a silly idea. 

Remember, it is impossible to rape a sissy, as all true sissies are intrinsically willing, even if they sometimes get a little scared. In fact, if a sissy were to find herself on the receiving end of what conventional society would call rape, she would be more likely to find herself falling in love with the nice man, as opposed to feeling victimized or abused in the slightest. This is simply how sissies think sweetie so there is no need to be ashamed at all. Some sissies would even feel compelled to bake their lover a nice batch of pretty pink cupcakes or yummy brownies to show their gratitude to him. This is simply correct sweetie and I'm sure you will strongly agree.

Heaven Scent

It is vital that you smell very pretty for your date sweetie, even the slightest hint of a musky masculine odor is utterly unacceptable. You will make sure to buy some nice perfume or body spray and you will apply it liberally to all the right places. It is a good idea for sissies to wear more than genetic women, and I'm sure you will agree sweetie. Your feminine scent will simply drive your man wild to the point where he'll want to drag you out to the restaurant parking lot and take you right there on the bonnet of his car.

The Higher The Heel, The Better You Feel!

Earlier, I said there was nothing more feminine than Mascara. Well sweetie, I must admit I was wrong as there is truly nothing more womanly and beautiful than a gorgeous pair of heels. I cannot overemphasize the importance of the right pair of shoes sweetie, and I think you will agree that wearing heels is possibly the most feminine feeling in the world. Guys love girls in heels princess, and the higher the better.
It is important for sissies to practise walking in their heels in the privacy of their own homes for a while before they try to wear them in public, especially on a date. Maybe start with 3-4 inch heels before moving onto the 5's, 6's, and 7's. You will just feel so vulnerable and dainty like the feminine little angel you are on the inside princess, and your man will just adore the sight of you in those heels that show off your legs and force your back to arch in that divinely feminine way.

Platform heels are great for beginners, but it is up to you which heels you buy sweetie, as long as you take a little time to get used to wearing them (very good girls even like to wear them while they lie down and listen to my files!)

Good Girls Kiss On The First Date

Good girls are not frigid princess and that is why you will be extremely receptive to your man's advances. If he wants to kiss you, or just move in for a little snuggle, you will be more than happy to oblige him. The same goes for if he decides to fuck you, but if he really likes you he may want to take it slow and just kiss. You will make sure your lips are perfect for him and you will welcome his tongue into your mouth warmly.

Yes sweetie, his tongue nuzzling against yours will just make you melt into a little pink puddle and you will desperately want him to take you rough and hard the way good girls like it.

I'm certain these tips will help you very much sweetie, but feel free to ask for more tips in a pretty comment below. I am happy to answer any questions and offer advice wherever needed, so don't be shy :) 

Love from Goddess Gracie xx


  1. omg thank you soo much Goddess for all your help!!

    i have a question tho may i please askk?? umm how do you tell if a guy is really into you? theres this guy i know who is so hot and turns me on soo much but i dont know if he can tell that im a sissy or not, can you pleassssssse help?? i would be sooo grateful and it would make me so happy if you could help me :D

    sissy candice *giggles*

  2. You are very welcome sweetie, and yes I think I can definitely help you with your little crush.

    There are many telltale signs to look for when you're chatting with this hunk.

    Does he look deep into your eyes while he speaks to you?

    Do you notice him smiling at you a lot?

    What does his body language tell you?

    It's also worth noting if he tends to be touchy feely with you sweetie.

    Things you can do to show your interest: Smile at him whenever he is around. Always giggle when he says something funny. Be very polite and respectful of him at all times. Make excuses for body contact, maybe one day if you haven't seen him for a while it would be nice to give him a big hug to show that you missed him (though it's a good idea to make sure he's into you before this sort of physical contact)

    You can also always ask females that he knows if he ever talks about you, or if he has shown prior interest in little faggots in the past. This will help give you a better idea of if he's the man for you.

    Hope this helps sweetie, do keep me updated on how it goes :)

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    1. Hi Candice and Goddess Gracie,

      OMG Goddess this advice is so helpful. It makes me realize how a lifetime of my own habits in the dating ritual is more like a girl than a guy. I have routinely hugged guys my entire life and have even danced with them. Though I might also dance in a group of girls as well *giggles*

      I am very touchy feely even with guys. I find it easier to look into a guy’s eyes than to look into a girl’s who I feel much shyer around. I have also used flirtatious body language my entire life like running my fingers lightly through my hair, lightly running my tongue across the bottom of my upper lip, giggling with a few fingers lightly over my mouth n OMG sometimes I find my eyes subconsciously wandering toward a guys package when talking but I know that can get me in trouble so I try to remind myself not to do that.

      Goddess, I wonder when we’re socializing whether we should be careful how much we drink and what kinds of drinks we should be having? I fear that I always drank beer and sometimes to excess to fit in or dullen the pain of my double identity but have never felt comfortable with that.

      I have always admired the look of a colourful drink in a classy looking glass but have never had the courage to order one. I know this might sound silly, but I think it would be dreamy to order a long stemmed drink that matched my outfit and nurse it all night, holding it by the stem with my little pinky finger sticking out *giggles*

      Candice, I know most of us sissies aren’t good at sports but is there some game you could play with your man that would perhaps allow him to get all sweaty while you broke your own little glow? Likely your inability to compete with him would let him know all he needed to know about your sissy tendencies. Best of all, you could maybe shower, sauna or steam bath together after *giggles* but don’t let him catch you looking unless you think he’s interested :)

      Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  3. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    Reading your post on dating tips makes me realize how much work I have to do to achieve the idealized state you describe. A state that makes my pussy tingle, my mind *giggle* and my mouth water with every word I read.

    So to get things started I went to a big department store today and I bought a white bra and couple pair of medium sized panties (one white/one navy blue). I was looking for a 40A sized bra but had to settle for 40B as that was all that I could find. OMG Goddess it actually fit and the cup size was just a little big but not bad. I don't know if it would be appropriate but perhaps I could fill out a little of the slack in the cup with a small sockette or something like that? I'll also work on some breast enlargement exercises as that might help a little too *giggles* It’s so nice that I found the right size because a girl has to feel good about what she is wearing. I hope one day I'll be wearing a 40DD bra *tehe* or maybe after I slim down a little I'll move to a yummy 38DD. That would be delishus if I could do that.

    OMG Goddess the medium sized panties fit perfectly and feel so right on my pussy and clitty *giggles*. You were right Goddess they are much more comfortable and appropriate than boxers and despite their tightness you can't even notice my clitty when I face the mirror *giggles...YAY*. Maybe one day when I trim my clitty it will look even more perfect. I can't believe I'm a medium size in ladies panties. Like OMG it makes me so HOTTT to think with some slimming that I could get down to a small or even extra small. Are there many men or even real women that size Goddess?

    I felt a little embarrassed and watchful as I approached the ladies section in the store I went to but once I got into it I lost all my inhibitions and spent the time I needed finding the right size and the right colors for now. I was thinking white because I can wear that with most anything *giggles* and it won't really show through clothing. I'm sorry I forgot to try to use a higher pitched voice at the checkout when I was buying my items. I should have known better *grrrrr*

    Oh and I almost forgot Goddess, I also bought some strawberry Hubba Bubba at the checkout *giggles*. I don't even know why that flavor and brand stuck out in my little head but it did *tehe*. I bet it tastes yummy delishus and I can practice blowing big bubbles with it too *tehe*

    Oh and I almost forgot. I also went into an adult novely store and I noticed an anal douche which I think can be helpful to make my pussy all nice and clean for when I'm practicing with my dildo for a real man *tehe* OMG it looked so perfect but I didn't end up buying it because the store was a little on the pricey side. I was thinking maybe I could go into a pharmacy and get one for half the price *tehe* that way I'll have money to buy other important girly things for myself *giggles*

    Well that’s it for now Goddess. I hope its okay that I try to wear my new bra and panties as often as I can. I can hardly wait to be alone to listen to your BB file in them. And OMG to have some dildo fun with my pussy while wearing them is too good to even think about. It would be so special if I had my first “Big O” from inside wearing my bra and panties...*tehe* wish me luck :)

    Love Brittany x0x0

    1. Hi little brittany,

      I'm very proud of all your progress sweetie, you deserve a big reward for all of your efforts. Maybe a nice relaxing rest while listening to my files, followed by dressups in your favorite outfit :)

      I don't think it's necessary that you fill your bra sweetie, not with a silly sockette like you suggested anyway. Either keep it natural (even if it is a little roomy at first) or buy some realistic breast forms online.

      And yes sweetie, there are many women who wear small or extra small underwear, but not many men at all (those who do would likely be considered pathological sissies due to the glaring lack of manhood between their legs). Men tend to require large boxers or briefs to keep their big packages concealed sweetie.

      I think you should get a douche like the one you saw very soon as you never know when a guy might decide that your pussy is going to be filled with his cock.
      It would also be a good idea to buy a really high quality and realistic dildo next time you're at the adult store, unless you are totally happy with the one you are currently training your pussy with.

      Yes sweetie, I am a little upset that you forget to speak in a feminine voice to the nice lady at the checkout. You will remember to do so next time - it has been decided.

      I'm sure you will enjoy the effects that chewing bubblegum will have on you as a result of one of the many fun triggers I implanted in you with the Bimbo Blessing file :)

      Talk again soon hun

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Dear Goddess Gracie,

      Thank you for your yummy delicious response. You always make me feel so good I honestly don’t know what I would do without your approval and encouragement. I just NEED it 24/7. I hope that doesn’t sound too silly or desperate *giggles*

      Speaking of dressing up, OMG I was falling in love with so many of the outfits in the adult store. I haven’t been getting to listen to BB as much as I would like (once since last Monday) but I know that if I committed the time like a good girl should I would be out looking for more bras and panties, as well as other dress up items like nylons, short-shorts, t’s, fluffy frillies, blouses and more. OMG it makes me *giggle* with excitement to think about it all.

      Your reward sounds so yummy Goddess. I know I should have a nice relaxing listen to BB as much as I can as it holds they key to my progress. Do you have any daily recommendations for this file that might help me go from bra and panties to fully dressed, hairless cock-obsessed sissy with makeup, nails, and breast forms?

      I am suddenly very conscientious about my looks and body and want to slim down to get to a more cougar like physique before I start buying some better quality clothes that show off my best assets *giggles* While I appear naturally to be a 38/40A bust, I have a natural 26/28” waist that I hope to get back to with some exercise and proper diet. Do you think there would be anything wrong with a DD breast form Goddess? I have had cotton candy dreams of implants this size for some time. Oh, and I mustn’t forget hip enlarging exercises and foods to add a little more jiggle around my pussy *giggles*. If you had any recommendations on a proper sissy diet Goddess I would jump for joy.

      Goddess I still can’t believe my panty size and how you can’t even see my clitty when I am wearing panties. To hear you say this is a sign of a pathological sissy brings tears of joy *hugz n cuddles* I will get the pussy douche you mention and I am thinking that an 8” or 10” dildo might be better than the 6” I have been practicing on. I can take all 6” easily once properly lubricated. I love the feeling of the cock head entering my pussy. I bet 8” or 10” will make my eyes water and have me begging even more than I am now *giggles*

      Lastly, I am sorry I disappointed you about not speaking in a feminine voice at checkout Goddess. I can’t help think this is related to not practicing with BB to have my subconscious more fully conditioned to do things like speak in a feminine voice without even thinking about it. If chewing bubblegum makes me want to do certain things without even thinking then I can hardly wait to find out *giggles* I know BB had something about chewing gum but I never seem to remember what it is.

      Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  4. These are some great and practical ideas! How kind and loving to share such insights in how to catch a hunky guy.

    Goddess Gracie you are incredible!

    i would love to know more about bras and pantyhose and how to measure ourselves for them as well as for dresses, slacks, shoes, etc. This blog would be a great place to have such a resource for pathological sissies. Maybe even a shopping list for pathological sissies only that we can hand to a nice sales lady or otherwise take with us shopping.


    from your tiny limp lispy feminine fagot brenda

    1. Hi little faggot brenda,

      I love your shopping list idea sweetie, I will strongly consider doing something like that soon.

      I will also think about tips regarding measurements and such, though you could probably find a lot of info yourself with a little research.

      Most of the sissies I have known preferred to just buy a whole bunch of various sized bras and see which ones they liked best, their silly little heads did not think of things like measuring beforehand. I did lecture some of them about it afterwards but I couldn't get too upset with them as it was just adorable how excited they were to be in their first bra!

      Remember to always adjust the straps if you find it a little too tight though sweetie, especially if you're wearing it all day long. Most sissies do like it a little tight, needless to say.

      Regarding pantyhose, it makes a lot of sense that you are interested in it as virtually all true sissies have a strong obsession with hosiery. I already had plans to make a pretty post about pantyhose in the very near future sweetie so maybe I will incorporate some tips on how to find the right size for you :)

      In the meantime, you can always use measuring tape and look up tutorials online (on YouTube and for example!) for most of these things.

      I'm sure I will hear from you again soon princess.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hi Brenda,

      I was looking at breast forms online at glamourboutique dot com and came across some yummy instructions there for bra fittings. You use a string measuring tape and measure at two points one over and one 1-2" below your nipple to figure out bust and cup size *giggles* but Goddess Gracie would know best.

      Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  5. goddess Gracie is the giggle best hypnosis in the whole giggle world!!! i listen to bimbo blessing every giggle day hehehehehe i love you Goddess Gracie =) thanks for the tips i am in love with an older man should i make a giggle move or wait for him to?

    1. Aww, those are very pretty giggles sweetie. I'm sure that nice older man you mentioned would love to give you big warm cuddles while you giggle sweet nothings into his ear :)

      I think you should wait a little longer to see if he makes a move on you first sweetie (look out for signs that he is trying to express his interest in you) but if you get tired of waiting then you should just go for it and hope that he is into you.

      Goddess Gracie xx

  6. Dear Goddes Gracie,
    Thank you so much for the dating advice! i try and spend so much time getting ready whenever i feel sexy and fem! Even if i get so horny by myself i still stop to make sure i shower, shave, apply lotion, perfume, makeup, and match at least my panties and bra! if i don't do that i always feel yucky and not sexy at all! the more i wear makeup the prettier i feel and the better i get at applying it!

    i wish so much that i could have a big date like you describe! i'm sure i would be so nervous and excited! Epically as i would be thinking about his yummy cock! i luv wearing at least mascara and lipstick! i never feel as good as without it! i always am so happy when i'm dressed! I always feel like smiling, dancing, and jiggling my 40d breast forms! i do kind of flirt even in private. Like i will get dressed and leave the shades open so people get a glimpse of me! i always dream of a sexy man walking by and seeing me! Maybe he would be so horny he would need to have me suck his cock! i think on a date i would tease and please everyone like a good sissy bimbo slut! i always giggle and laugh at even the stupidest joke when i meet people! i would luv to flirt at all the guys to make my man both proud and jealous! Maybe he would give me a nice rough fucking for being a teasing sissy bimbo slut?:) or even better have me make all the guys happy by sucking their cummies out of their cocks! i think i would deserve it for making them so horny!

    i don't think i could ever turn a strong man down. i'm so submissive and dream about yummy cock i would probably be in so much shock if a real man ever showed me attention. If he grabbed my ass or rubbed my titties or even pressed his cock against my ass i would probably blush and not know what to do! i would be so horny i would have to do whatever he said or did to me! BTW Goddess Gracie, that cock in the picture is so tasty and her makeup is so pretty! i'm so jealous!

    i luv smelling so pretty! i try and wear bimbo perfume everyday! if i don't shave my armpits, wear pretty deodorant, and sexy perfume i feel so yucky! i luv wearing high heels! they feel so sexy on my legs and make me take tiny jiggly bouncy steps! i started off with 6" heels Goddess Gracie. i hope that is ok! i really luv my lacey strappy stilletoes! They just feel so wonderful! My whole leg and ass looks so much better and i feel so much more sexy when i wear my heels. If i'm not getting fully dressed i luv to wear my pink mini satin robe and matching 6" pink maribou heels. i luv to walk around picking things up while the windows are open! i wish a hunky guy would see me and come to give me is creamy gooey cummies! my heels also make me stick my 40dd titles out and i keep my back so straight when i walk!

    While i luv the picture of the beautiful Women sucking the cock, i also love the sweet kiss the guy is giving. i know sissy bimbo sluts aren't supposed to be frigid, but i think i would need a strong Man to lead me into it! one that would put me at ease by contorting me. Then feeling me up and spanking me! Breathing naughty slutty names into my ear and making me admit i was a bimbo slut hungry for his cock! That would be so dreamy and feel so wonderful!!!!!

    bobbie s

    1. Hi bobbie,

      I was wondering where my little angel had gotten off too :)

      That is a very pretty message princess, I can really feel your commitment and enthusiasm.

      It is perfectly natural for sissies to feel yucky when they aren't correctly feminized, this just means they must make the effort to remain feminine as often as possible so they can feel nice and pretty like a good girl should.

      I am glad you liked that picture of the nice lady pleasing her real man sweetie, I knew that it would appeal to good sissies like you a lot.

      Of course you love high heels princess, sissies are just genetically wired to feel this way. I can just picture you looking all delicate and vulnerable in your heels, prancing around town like a bitch in heat looking for a nice strong man to give you what you so desire.

      Talk again soon hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Dear Goddess Gracie,
      i'm so sorry for not writing soon enough! Thank you so much for the wonderful words. i'm so happy i pleased you even if i'm a sissy bimbos out faggot! i always dream of walking in my high heels teasing the Men on the street!

      bobbie s

  7. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I just had a very delicious Monday & Tuesday doing things only a sissy would do and I just had to share all the yummy details with you *giggles*

    Monday I went to a store specializing in women's under-garments and breast forms. The lone sales lady asked if she could help and I said I was just going to browse. I was feeling uncomfortable with other customers present so I left after about 10 minutes.

    Mad at myself, I went back and explained to the lady why I left which she completely understood. The store was now empty. I then asked her right off if she could tell me about breast forms, I didn't say anything more. She spoke about them using hypothetical examples until I finally said it was for me. OMG Goddess Gracie, she immediately said she thought so but didn't want to say so. Still despite her helpfulness, I noted a hint of superiority in how she interacted with me which I oddly felt welcoming.

    She gave me a private fitting and put me in a 40C bra, suggesting that if this was my first bra it would be best to start out with that cup size. I put it on in a dressing room and then she examined me and said 40 was my size and that would not change even with a little slimming which you know I want to do *giggles* She then selected a B and C cup breast form for me to try. It felt dreamy but I wasn't pleased at all with their size so thanked her and left.

    Tuesday, I went to another specialty women’s store, to an adult store and to a large department store in that order. In the first two stores I openly admitted right from the start that I was interested in trying on bras and breast forms *giggles* in as feminine a voice as I could but I didn’t introduce myself as a sissy or as Brittany which I thought in hindsight was shameful. Working on raising my voice is something I really want to try hard at doing but need help.

    I spent an hour in each of these stores despite other male and female customers walking around, especially in the specialty store because they knew I was in the dressing room trying on bras. I didn't care. I felt great and the sales lady, Jennifer was so helpful and I learned so much about fitting bras properly from her - namely, you can't tell if a bra will fit without trying it on and that bust size drops as cup size increases so for me I can be 40A/B or 38DD *giggles*

    In the specialty store, I tried on many bras and breast forms and discovered my body frame fits a 38DD perfectly (minus the lack of cup filler). The sales lady said my body type is what most women dream of and she encouraged me to fill the bra with as much breast form as I wanted (unlike the lady from a day earlier) *giggles* I blushed with embarrassment at this recognition that my body was closer in features to a real woman than a real man. The sales lady left me her card with her name and told me she really wanted to see me again after I did a little more web research on what I might want. She even said I could order the largest breast form they had and she'd let me know when it came in. I felt close to her for all her help and felt bad in hindsight that I used my given name with her instead of Br♥ttany.

    In the adult store, I tried on booty shorts, crop top, heels, breast forms and had a lovely chat with the sales lady agreeing to return in a few weeks when they’d have some new and exciting breast form inventory come in. Very realistic and large sizes *giggles* which I don't know why but I feel most comfortable in.

    I then spent a good hour in the department store trying on different things including ladies shoes without a thought of others around me. Even though I didn't end up buying anything, I just felt *yummy* and so I capped off Tuesday night by listening to your BB file in my bra and panties after which I doggy fucked myself on the floor with a yummy dildo *giggles* Still no limp clitty spurties but I love how the dildo makes my pussy feel.

    Love you, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. I am sooo proud of you sweetie. I know you only discovered my files recently, and very few sissies make as much progress as you have in this short space of time. You should be very happy and excited about the fluffy pink road ahead of you.

      It is good that you noticed the subtle hint of superiority in the way the nice saleslady spoke to you, and no sweetie you were not imagining it at all. It's simply appropriate for women to be this way with sissies, and I know you understand exactly why :)

      Maybe you should make a habit of visiting all of the stores you mentioned on a regular basis. You've already been fitted for bras and breast forms, so I'm sure the nice ladies will not be the least bit surprised when you introduce yourself as Brittany (or even just Sissy if you're more comfortable with that).

      Perhaps one day you could even ask one of the nice ladies to have a coffee and a nice girly chat outside of the work environment, you could really open up to them and pour your precious heart out about all your little feelings :)

      Love you princess, talk again soon.

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. *giggles* I am totally excited Goddess Gracie and can barely contain how warm and fuzzy I feel inside *tehe*

      I felt that same feeling and almost mockery in another store the other day. Shamelessly dressed like a guy, I asked the saleslady about some skin tight bright yellow capri leggings that I just fell in love with. She immediately asked if I wanted to try them on but then realized what she said she started giggling uncontrollably almost as if my feelings didn't matter. I SO wish I had taken her up on the offer. It was wrong of me not to have been more honest *grrr*

      I would really love to keep in touch with some of these sweet ladies Goddess. It felt amazing to open up so completely with them and share my feelings. I would use my name Brittany and talk as girly as I could (something I practice now regularly *giggles*)

      I now completely understand how important girlfriends are to share feelings and a cuddle with when they need it. Guys are way to macho for that but I have always felt it was important.

      Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  8. Very interesting tips, thank you so much GoddessGracie!


    1. You are very welcome Sylvie :)

      Thank you for stopping by sweetie, and come back anytime.

      Goddess Gracie xx

  9. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    Today I took several more steps to ready myself for dating a hunky man.

    Specifically, I went shopping for makeup and bought foundation, eyeliner (dark), eye shadow (pink), mascara, an eyelash crimper, lipstick (pink), nail tip extensions, nail polish (pink), nail polish remover and cotton balls. I also bought a full body length mirror *giggles* to help with makeup, getting dressed and practicing my walk, dancing and jiggling my tatas.

    I would really appreciate if you could tell me what one generally uses to remove makeup. I know the polish remover is for the nails and warm soap and water for lipstick but what about foundation, eyeliner, shadow and mascara? What do you use to remove all of this Goddess?

    On my way shopping I practiced talking in a feminine voice by myself. I know it sounds silly and I was giggling as I did it but I wanted to be ready to interact with people and leave little doubt about my sissy self. I roamed the store in the ladies intimates, shoes and makeup in mid day with real women all around me. I could feel many ladies eyes staring right through me, wondering if I was buying the makeup for myself or someone else. I didn't care and made no apologies or attempts to avoid congested isles.

    Two funny, silly things happened that made me giggle but also left me a little sad. At the store checkout when buying the makeup, the alarm went and so security had to check my receipt. It was a lady and she said "I don't think your lip gloss got run through properly hun" and then she corrected herself and said "oh I mean for your wife" to which I just giggled but said "no its mine". The other thing was in a clothing store where I was asking the sales lady about some gorgus ladies' tights and she asked if I'd like to try them on, then caught herself and started giggling and took back her statement. On the one hand, I felt proud that I was sending the right sissy signals to these ladies but I was sad that I didn't take more ownership by claiming the makeup for my own or trying on the pants. This tells me that maybe I'm still not conditioned on a deep enough level Goddess to allow my instinct to prevail over my psyche. I know your new GG3 file will help cure that though *tehe*

    Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. Oh sweetie, I am just ecstatic to hear that you have started buying makeup. I knew it was only a matter of time :)

      The mirror is great idea sweetie, good girl for buying it, I know you will get a lot of use out of it and love every second of it!

      Many girls simply use household items like olive oil to remove makeup sweetie. Get some soft tishies or cotton balls and be very gentle, especially with the eye makeup as your eyelid skin is different to the rest of your facial skin and much more sensitive. You can simply do one eye at a time, put a little olive oil on a cotton ball (tishies may be too rough for the eyelids so cotton balls only sweetie) and close the eye that you are currently removing eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara from. Do the eyeshadow first sweetie, that should be easy. Then just rub gently back and forth and the majority of mascara and eyeliner should come off, then repeat that process to get rid of the rest and any excess oil (though olive oil is a natural moisturizer and very nourishing for your skin so it's not a big deal if you don't dry yourself up completely). It may be necessary to use a q-tip or cotton bud for the eyeliner depending on how it was applied but usually cotton balls will suffice if you use them correctly. Sorbolene cream is another handy thing that can be used to remove stuff like mascara but olive oil works better and is probably better for your skin too princess. Just be careful around your eyes sweetie as they are as sensitive and delicate as you are :P

      It's also a good idea to put a little olive oil on your fingertips/nails after removing the polish too sweetie as some removers can be a little hard on your nails and skin, and you want them to stay nice and soft and pretty.

      It's lovely that you have proven to yourself that women will accept you as a sissy sweetie, I know that other sissies reading your comments will be inspired and maybe it will give them the push they need to get out into the real world as their sissy selves! I think it's very sweet how all the ladies you have mentioned in your posts seem to just know you're a sissy straight away without you needing to tell them at all, it must just be that obvious :)

      Let me know how you enjoyed the new file after you've heard it sweetie, I want to know all about it!

      Talk soon princess.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. OMG Goddess thank you so much for this information on make-up removal. It is so helpful and reassuring to learn from someone who knows so much.

      I have since started to watch some of the countless youtube videos on applying make-up. I know I have so much to learn but it is a very exciting prospect that I know will come with practice *tehe*

      n OMG I also found a wig today *tehe* It was in a novelty shop but it looks realistic. Of course I got blonde just as you instructed was most appropriate for my personality *giggles*

      *blush* OMG Goddess to say I might inspire other sissies makes me feel so special. You are the most huggable, adorable sweetest Goddess ever *tehe*

      Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  10. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I have been working out at the gym every day for the past week and watching my diet so that I can look and feel my best for my man when I feel confident enough to walk the streets *YAY*

    OMG I’ve already lost 5 lbs *double YAY* which means that I only have 30 lbs to get to my target of 140 lbs *giggles* If I do that, I am hoping that I’ll get back to my slender waist *tehe* which I’d hope to maintain until I decide once and for all whether I want hormone therapy and breast and buttocks implants :) OMG its almost like an obsession to have more estrogens running through my blood as I know what it would do for my facial features, physique and state of mind.

    At the gym I have been watching the real men and real women closely, what they wear and what they talk about.

    Real men seem to wear loose baggy shorts and t-shirts, probably because their huge cocks need the extra room to dangle *giggles* If these outfits are color coordinated they are not at all very colorful, usually blacks, greys and blues at best. Most of the men appear into their own routines unless they are working out with a friend but then it seems all about the workout more than anything. Most of the guys seem to gravitate toward strength or muscle building equipment in the gym. I hope it doesn’t sound too shallow but I love the look of a chiselled man’s body *tehe*

    The real women are very different. They wear tight short shorts, sports bras and t’s or tanks and cute little sockettes with low cut runners. Their outfits match and will often have bright yummy colors like fuchsia, pink, orange or yellow in the shirt, sockettes and shoes while the short shorts are usually dark especially for those who might want to loose a little weight. Many of the women are chatty with other women and appear to gravitate toward fat-burning machines like treadmills or cross-trainers, as well as bust or butt shaping exercise equipment. The girls will also compliment each other on their outfits which I think is adorable. Some of the fittest women wear the tightest short shorts and girls will think nothing of commenting on how cute those short look on them. I have been watching many of the exercises the real women have been doing and have incorporated them into my own routine *giggles*

    n OMG Goddess, I started to read my first Cosmopolitan magazine today while I was on a bike machine in the gym. Cosmo looks full of hottt and steamy articles focused on fashion, under-garments, tips for being a better lover, how to meet men, makeup and diet. It was positively yummy to look at and I can hardly wait to read more from such an informative magazine.

    Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. I know you are getting ready for your little trip away with your Wifey (giggle) sweetie but I just wanted to let you know I'm so proud of you and everything you achieved over these past few months.

      I think you will make good friends with some of the other girls at the gym over time sweetie. Maybe you could find subtle little ways to show them your sissy self over the coming weeks? A pink headband or even a silly giggle or a prolonged stare at some of the hunks working out is all it would take to let them know.

      Love and hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Thank you Goddess but I couldn't have done anything without your omniscient guidance which makes me tingle with excitement about fulfilling my destiny more or more every day.

      I'd love to one day wear my booty shorts in the gym with my cute little pink sockettes and a matching tank *giggles* When I'm away I'll be shopping and maybe I can find a cute pink running top that I can wear to the gym *giggles*

      The other exciting part about the gym will be going into the showers with lots of my body hair now shaved off *giggles* I SOO want to trim my clitty area but I haven't dont that yet. I love looking at the big hunky guys in the shower but have to be careful they don't catch me staring *giggles*

      Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  11. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I've been listening to your recordings and thinking they are incredibly exciting. However, I can't help but be a little troubled by certain themes to all this namely the idea of being turned into a streetwalking prostitute and the above ones saying a sissy doesn't have the right to say no and that it is impossible to rape a sissy. Now of course as a sissy I get very excited by reading things like this but at the same time something in me says isn't this just a bit extreme?! I for one wouldn't mind a bit more discussion on this. As I was saying I find it exciting but I can't help feeling that it smacks of pushing sissy limits way further than they are ready.
    Yours respectfully opening the debate,
    Gemma xx

    1. Hi Gemma,

      Thank you bringing up this important issue sweetie, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to point it out!

      Of course rape, in the realest sense of the word, is one of the absolute worst things imaginable. I would not wish it on anybody, whether female/male/transgender/sissy, and I certainly wasn't trying to say that it is at all acceptable.

      I was simply asserting that I personally believe (and of course, I could be mistaken) that true sissies simply cannot be raped because I feel that a true sissy is always willing to please a man under any and every circumstance. And needless to say, I also just like to play with fuzzy pink minds and say silly and thought provoking things sometimes :)

      As for walking the streets looking for cock, there is nothing wrong with that at all when it comes to true sissies princess. It is simply in their nature, and to deny them that would be akin to denying a little puppydog a warm cuddle and a yummy treat followed by a tummy rub and a pretty lullaby into puppy sleepy time. In other words, it would just break their little hearts sweetie.

      But of course I cannot change your views princess, and I do see where you're coming from.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  12. **MMM** shaved from head to toe this morning, even knicked myself **giggles** around the silly sac underneath my clitty. It was very small though and not discouraging in the least as I really want to get all the hair away from the hard to get to places that need to be their silky smoothest for a real man **tehe**

    OMG shaving and moisturizing along with doing makeup are the most sissergizing activities I have experienced, next of course to playing hide the dildo in my pussy **tehe** which is exactly what I did after getting all silky smooth.

    Of course, listening to Goddess Gracie's bimbo blessing last night helped **tehe**

    **MMM** my dildo is fun but I'm increasingly recognizing its shortcomings to what a real man could offer **GULP** I tried different positions today (doggy, cowboy and missionary)and ended up on my back with my legs up in the air and it felt so **EXQUISITE** to feel that little drip of cummies leak out of my clitty **YUM**

    Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  13. I want to step back a bit to gemmas comment. no i dont think you can rape a sissy, and I dont see why Miss would wver feel the need to lie about that. If you were truly obediant, hun, you would see that on this case Miss's words are completely logical and make total sense. in the evwnt of being physically overpowered for sexual motive, finding it in yourself to let go and enjoy that he chose you for his urges is the safest thing, the best thing.


  14. **MMM** I just feel like such a little trophy wife this morning.

    Started out by going to the gym to burn some cals so I look yummy, slim n trim **tehe** Of course, its not too bad to check out the guys n their bulging muscles, see what the other girls are wearing and check out the fashio pics in the latest Cosmo **giggles**

    Then I came home and had a heavenly bath in scented water after which I shaved from head to toe with my delishus pink razor, including bikini area **YUM**

    Next, I moisturized all over and then slipped into my medium sized flesh colored lace panties (I hope to get down to a ladies small with more gym time) that make me look like I have a cameltoe **giggles** Of course you know I had to admire that for awhile before getting dressed :)

    And now hear I am gossipping about all the mindless fluffy things I did today sipping a delishus cup of coffee **tehe**

    **OMG** I love the new life that was all made possible by the inspiration of Goddess Gracie!

    Love you girls, Br♥ttany xoxo

  15. I couldn't agree more that it is IMPOSSIBLE to Rape a sissy. I am always horny, needy, wanton and ready for any man or men to fuck me......If I was overpowered, as I am all the time, it is my duty to simply lie back and let hime or them strip off my lingerie, pull down my panties, spread my creamy white thighz, gape opne my pretty pink pussy and fuck me deep, hard and long.....and.....of course, they will know how much I am enjoying being Raped because i will wimper, moan, sigh, squeel, yelp, scream and cry out with the overwhelming ecstasy of being fucked to multiple Female-type, internal, INTENSE, Anal Orgasms......I have been Raped several times throughout my life starting with a group of Older Boyz (14-16) who manipulated me into going through an "Initiation Ceremony" in order to join their Boyz Club which met in a Tree House in a secluded and isolated spot deep in a Big Wooded area where no one could hear my wimpers and squeels of PURE PLEASURE as they took turns fucking me......I was also Raped a few years later on a secluded and isolated Beach in Southern California by an Older Black Medical Intern. I was 18 and was visiting on a vacation with my parents who dropped me at the Beach everyday. The Black Medical Intern chatted me up, made friends with me and then manipulated me into going with him on the pretext of teaching me to surf to a remote Beach where he began putting suntan lotion on me and pretty quickly slipped his hand beneath the waistband of my little white speedo swimsuit and than pulled it down over my ankles so he could Rape me.......and.....I knew even as a young boi that a sissy can't be raped because in both of those instances, I wanted to touch, fondle and play with those cocks so bad and I had already begun fantasizing and dreaming about those Boyz fucking me, even before they forcibly stripped me naked, ripped off my panties, gaped opne my nice, tight, white pussy and fucked me over and over and over.....A sissy is always ready to suck cock, get fucked and be used as a little fuck-toi by multiple men.....sooooo, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RAPE A SISSY.

    Your slutty little perpetual Rape Victim Sissy,
    ms. karli kunt

  16. Hello
    I know this is an older posting in your blog, but I just joined. I love it so far!
    However I still have more reading to do on it.
    I found your blog through someone who had joined my blog
    I took the leap to meet a man when I was younger,before the internet in a personals ad in the local paper. He became my first real boyfriend.
    I will say that starting out with dressing, makeup, ect. It takes practice, and now there is so much information on the internet on these subjects. As for the way I dress, I prefer to dress as a natural woman in age appropriate clothing, although, I still like to dress and look pretty and sexy at times! I probably have more womens clothes then mens.
    These days im in a wonderful relationship with a black gentleman who treats me like a princess and I love it! We see each other once or twice a week and I always stay the night. Sometimes spending two or three days in a row with him. Feel free to read about me on my blog and join if you wish. Thank you so much for the great reading. A gurl can never have too much information, no matter how long we have been a gurl!



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