Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Girl - Part 1

Please do not listen to this file if you are not a mincing little sissy with a limp wee wee who cannot even penetrate a woman's vagina. This file is strictly for true sissy princesses only. Much like the Little Miss Squidgy series, this file will have absolutely no effect whatsoever on regular guys. It is designed for only the prissiest sissies with the littlest clitties and those are the only type of people who will be interested in this file at all.

The file concentrates on a number of things, most of all helping sissies come to terms with the reality that they are useless to women sexually and are much more suitable in the submissive feminine role. Sissy will learn to love being a shameless fucktoy for all the guys. 

While this file eliminates any sexual attraction to women, it encourages the sissy to make up for its little clitty in others ways such as doing free housework for women in its neighborhood. This is a large focus of the file so do not listen if you are not prepared to be emasculated by all the housewives on your street prancing around their house doing chores like a good little faggot maid while they talk about their husbands and boyfriends.

Many things are suggested including a desire for public humiliation which may find sissy walking through a busy mall like a slutty bitch in heat while all the guys stare at her prancing around in her high heels and pink frillies. 

You may also find yourself becoming jealous of real girls and their hunky boyfriends. Whenever you see a couple from now on you may find yourself wishing that you were the girl in the relationship.

This file is only for truly depraved and lifelong/born sissies. People with only a casual interest in feminization will certainly not find this file beneficial at all as the effects may be too serious and profoundly affecting for them to handle. There may be lifelong repercussions as a result of repeated listening so please only listen if you have thought about the consequences beforehand. If you are a certified sissy, then you should not need to think about whether you should listen to the file or not as true sissies are unlikely to ever change whether they nurture their sissy selves or not.

I do not order or command you to do anything in the file so your results will vary depending on how open you are to my suggestions. This is closer to brainwashing than pure hypnosis but it should prove to be very effective for true sissies especially with repeated listening. Be aware that there are many subliminal messages in this file and your subconscious mind will absorb them thousands upon thousands of times with each and every listen.

You can find the file on Warp My Mind, in the link below. This file is completely free so all of my good girls can listen and post some pretty feedback. Have fun sweetie.

Goddess Gracie's Good Girl - Part 1


  1. The top photo with the two women walking with their two sissies in the middle looks great as my desktop background!!!

    WOW it's fabulous!!

    I love you Goddess Gracie!

    Your little limp clitty sissy fagot friend

  2. Aww, I love you too princess.

    *big warm cuddle for my little faggot friend*

    If you think your clitty is limp now, wait till a few months from now when I plan to release a full length file that will ensure permanent impotence in the clitties of all who listen to it.

    I aim to make it the most effective impotence related file ever made, but then again for a limp swishy faggot such as yourself I doubt any further conditioning is even necessary...

    Maybe you'd be better off as a eunuch sweetie? Nothing but smooth fleshy skin between your little girly legs. Wouldn't that just look so much prettier for all the guys?


    Goddess Gracie xx

    1. That does sound hot and sexy. It would make me feel more feminine, just like being into guys makes me feel more feminine. Did i mention i love cock and hunky guys? ;)

      your little limp clitty fagot friend brenda

    2. WOW! This sissy can not wait to hear Your full length impotence file! I'm sure it will be wonderful!!! The Limp Clitty Training loop has been *very* effective! Sometimes, i still get kind of hard and i can sort of penetrate, but whenever i manage to, i usually make cummies in 20 or 30 seconds, and it's very humiliating for me, and quite disappointing for my Girlfriend. I'm sure if i was a completely impotent dickless faggot and i came out and told Her the truth, we would both be much happier!
      love sissy jasinda!!!

  3. I haven't listened to this file yet as I have been giggle listening to the Bimbo Blessing file once or twice a giggle day now since I first learned of it 2 weeks ago.

    In fact, I can't get the sissy nursery rhyme out of my head as I'm repeating it to myself all the time.

    I'm a good girl
    I love hugs and tickles
    When I dance like a slut my chest loves to jiggle
    Whenever I'm horny I think of cock
    And get all dressed up in my pinkest frock
    I'm always happy and love being silly
    And love prancing around in my fluffiest frilies.

    I know this file is permanent but I'm okay with that because I feel like it was written just for me and everytime I listen to it I learn something new and better about myself. Like OMG Goddess Gracie, it's like you're inside my head...giggles.

    I know one day I'll graduate to Good Girl and I can hardly wait.

    You're the yummiest Goddess Gracie.

    Luv n Hugz Br♥tt

    1. That's so crazy that I was humming that verse upon awakening this morning. Not do I find I can't get a sing from shiny pink out of my mind from like 4 years ago. Mindiflyth has another one from a video on a town from pregnant women, which I've always wished I could be

  4. Britt,

    Good Girl & Good Girl Part 2 are the first files I made, even before Bimbo Blessing.

    They are essential listening for any true sissy. Not to mention they are both 100% free to download, so what are you waiting for?

    I think Bimbo Blessing has just melted your little mind into fluffy pink oblivion, that is the only possible explanation I can come up with to excuse you for not having heard this file yet!

    Good girls like to obey sweetie and I am ordering you to begin training with this file asap.

    You can still listen to BB as much as you like, but I cannot overemphasize how essential GG1+2 are in any true sissy's feminization.

    Also, you are sure to find that Bimbo Blessing will be even more effective after you have trained with GG1+2 for a while.

    Let me know how you enjoyed it after you hear it princess.

    Goddess Gracie xx

  5. OMG what a silly booboo...tehe...I guess thats what happens when a sissy in training does something as silly as try to think for herself! That is what a Goddess is for and I promise to do my homework better from now on as I know every good girl wants to please her Goddess.

    Goddess with your permission I'll switch immediately to GG1+2 and only return to BB once I have more fully appreciated all that GG's was meant to teach me.

    Thank you for your benevolence Goddess.

    Love n hugz, Br♥tt

  6. i love both Good Girl files! of course i love all of Goddess Gracie's files! the Good Girl files are so positive and make me feel special for being a sissy. Goddess Gracie describes all the desires i have and makes me feel so special! i feel so good when i listen to them! thank you Goddess Gracie!


  7. They are amazing files, and i'm sorry that i couldn't listen to them lately. Real life got in the way and i don't have much time for anything. But as soon as i can enjoy a little time for myself i will listen to them again.


  8. Goddess Gracie, I have got this one and your second part of this series. How long do you feel I should listen to this? As I am also listening to your loop for a limp clitty. *giggles*

    I feel I have finally accepted myself as a limp wristed sissy faggot who needs a hard cock.

    Thank you,

    1. I'm sorry for the very late reply Erica, it's been hard to keep track of all the comments on all the different posts and a new comment on this post just brought my attention to your comment that I must have missed earlier.

      I think you should listen to them till you feel that the conditioning has affected you as intended, the amount of time you need to listen will vary person to person! When you start to fully accept yourself as a true sissy then maybe you can move onto other files.

      Hope this helps sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  9. GAWWD !!!.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BOTH GOOD GIRL AND GOOD GIRL 2.....I have listened to hundreds of Hypno Files and been subjected to hundreds, perhaps thousands of Sissy Training Videos....but....this is THE BEST AUDIO file I've ever found.....Goddess Gracie understand PERFECTLY what a little sissy faggot princess needs to hear ....... I now listen to Good Girl 2 several times everyday.....even though I have been a closeted limp-wristed, ass-wiggling, little prancing, mincing sissy faggot fairy Princess Prom-Queen for more than 20 years......However, this file does a wonderful job of reinforcing my femininity and has actually begun to work on my sub-conscious with the suggestions of "coming out" to more women.....and....perhaps more men....I can't wait to see what happens to my sub-conscious over the next few weeks as all of the suggestions in this Audio File fully control my feverish little sissy brain and begin to affect and direct my effeminate, girlish behavior.

    Your femme, sissy, pantydoll, pussygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

  10. pantyboycrissy works so hard around the house in her prettiest frillies listening to good girl 3 and bimbo 2. sissy is working so so hard to not get her ugly erection. sissy found herself walking around her house with a large black dildo. Often sucking it through out the day, sissy works hard not to use her chastity belt using your guidance to keep my tiny clitty at bay. most of the time sissy just starts to dribble like a wet pussy all over her pretty panties and dress. sissy will go shopping listening to your guidance and often finds her always having a pair of pretty panties. to humiliate sissy, sissy will just go in and buy a pair of granny panties. sissy just dribbles all over herself during the whole process. Now i will go ask the male sale attend to ask if he can point me in the direction of he panty and bra department. sissy just dribbles the whole time. thank you for your wonderful teachings.

    1. Oh my god sweetie, that sounds like such humiliating fun for a little sissy mincer such as yourself. I wonder what that guy must think about what a sissy you are? He probably thinks it's just adorable. I bet he'd love to see you in your prettiest dress and give you a nice warm cuddle sweetie.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  11. OMG Helloooo I'm Katy! *giggles* I'd like to introduce myself now (Yay!). I began following this blog only three weeks ago and I thought I was straight (lol)! But ever since I started listening to Goddess Gracie's and Miss Julie's divine work that has quickly reversed *giggles*! I'm going to graduate from college soon and I've had only one girlfriend (if you can even call her that) ever. Though I've tried many times haha ;D!
    I began listening to Goddess's files just for kicks but the next day the girl I was trying to date started going around with a guy lolz....that wasn't the first time *giggle*. That's when it sunk in that I wasn't a real man but just a lil sissy!
    Anyway just want to thank Goddess Gracie for helping me realize my place and I hope I can make some pretty new friends here! Yay!


    1. Yay Katy! Always so lovely to meet new sissies sweetie and I'm sure all the girls will be so happy to have a new princess to play with.

      It is wonderful that my files have helped you accept your fluffy little place in the world. I have heard this countless times from true sissies and it never fails to warm my heart and bring me such a deep sense of fulfillment.

      Talk again soon princess :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Oh yes Katy I remember being where you are at now sweetie and have no fear. Our brains are not wired like men or women . Soon you'll find that those sexy hunks out there is all you will think of soon and good riddens to women. We sis are the true feminine divine creatures that were brought here to serve en and give them the pleasures they want. Who knows better how to excites a man than a woman. Will look for you in chat soon. Hugs Katy and be proud that youre a princess now

    3. So true, Debbie. Our bodies and brains were hardwired differently from birth, which is why our true purpose in life is to please men. Would love to see you in sissychat and talk all about our attraction to hunky guys :D

    4. **HUGZ** Katy I'm happy you're finding your rightful place

      **tee hee** Debbie and Joy you're both so boy crazy

      Love Br♥ttany

  12. It is always so much fun to go back and listen to older files. i found this sissy blowjob compilation video(muted) to go especially well with this Good Girl audio file.

    i wonder if Goddess will be getting into video hypnosis file? my little mind is fascinated to think of the flashers and subliminal video messages she would share with us in all her kindness.


  13. My Dear & Dear Goddess Gracie! greetings.

    I really astonished on looking your hard work . I admire your dedicated work.

    I request you,to help me Goddess! since a very long time I have a dream to be a

    Hermaphrodite.I tried the Hermaphrodite files and listened them daily 6 or more hours

    Almost repeatedly.A little change in my breast line and some stretch marks on my

    thighs happened.Since six months I am listening them in"warp my".

    In this way, 4 days back, I heard your "curse honesty" file my god, many changes

    started Goddess Gracie.Now,my doubt is,Am I going to loose my penis completely?

    I wanted to have a vagina with out loosing my manhood.Goddess Gracie! I have no credit

    Card.It's a big issue in India to possess a credit card,I will have to make huge deposits.

    I request you to cooperate me madam Gracie!. mmmm what can I do?your voice is not

    leaving.Really you are blessed with a melodious and miraculous sweat voice.Oh my lord.

    By the way I worship Lucifer .He is my God.Madam Gracie!you dislike this?yup.Please help

    Gracie.please.I explained all my things.It's up to you.

    Once again my cheers and greetings to you and to all .

    Bye BYE.
    Herma from india. .


  14. Dear Goddess! ntoday I sent you this same message with again sending kindly do not think other wise.because I didn't find my question
    in blog.

    kindly respond.

    warm regards Goddess.


  15. Dear and dear Goddess Gracie! please help me goddess!

    my entire penis is shrinking.will it go for ever ....that is my doubt.some chilling sensations are there.....and it's happening profoundly.Hermaphroditus body is my dream but I am going in a wrong way I think.....

    Please don;t think I am writing continuously as, I am afraid
    lot.please Goddess help please..........

    I love femininity much .But a hermaphrodite is my goal.

    Thank you Goddess.
    With love,

  16. My Dear Goddess Gracie,

    Unfortunately, I had to delete all my sissy computer files last year and take a year off for reasons I can't really discuss here.

    However, I recently came back to participate in your Group. I have gone back to listen to all of the old audio tapes I used to love. Certainly the Good Gurl Series falls into that categoy.

    OMG !!! ..... I would have had multiple orgasms listening to those tapes other than my Black Domme does NOT let me cum more than once per year and then, only when I am being fucked by a Big Black Dick or her Big Black Fake Silicone Strap-on. Fortunately she has taught me TANTRA techniques so that I was able to "Edge" with tease and denial TANTRA techniques throughout these tapes.


    Your submissive, little panty wearing, sissy princess,

    ms. karli kunt


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