Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good Girl - Part 2

This file expands on the themes of the first and is strictly for pathological sissies who cannot ever be cured. Influenced by the brilliant Little Miss Squidgy files but with some new ideas added such as the desire to do free housework for women in your neighborhood as a nice way of making up for your utter failure as a man (i.e. the little clitty between your sissy legs).

This file enforces a very strong attraction to men. you will become focused on flirting and kissing and cuddling and fucking and most of all pleasing any big strong man in your life. I will go into great detail about the drastic differences between you and genuine real guys, touching upon the characteristics of men such as their muscular bodies, rock hard cocks and intense drive to fuck pretty girls (and maybe sissies like you) into complete and utter submission.

You on the other hand are a mincing prissy feminine little sissy and this file will drive that point home until you simply accept it as the truth. As you listen, you will be implanted with a submissive mental state and strong girly emotions, as well as the profound fact that your body is smooth and soft like a real girl. 

You will find yourself having trouble getting your little wee wee hard, not to mention ever pleasing a woman with it. The only function left in your sissy body will be providing pleasure to men with your mouth, pussy (formerly your anus) and budding breasts.

Your sweet girly physique will also empower you to throw out all (yes all) of your male underwear in favor of beautiful panties. You will long to wear panties of all kinds to be just like the pretty girls you have so much respect for and to attract the attention of strong men. Wearing panties instead of dirty male boxers and briefs will make you so much more of a good girl.

Aside from your deep attraction to men, this file will instill a desire to be friends with women, learning makeup and fashion tips from them but never thinking of them in a sexual way as that would be deeply inappropriate for a sissy. Maintaining platonic friendships with women will be one of your life's main goals other than pleasing as many hunky guys as possible. 

You will also feel the need to emasculate yourself in front of women to show them how much of a sissy faggot you are, in case they might have the wrong idea about your absolute lack of masculinity.

The first file placed jealousy inside your little sissy mind and this file will only make it stronger. When you see couples walking down the street or the mall or making out in the park you will desperately want to be in the girl's position. You will still feel great admiration for women, but envy-filled thoughts will find their way into your little girly head one way or the other.

This file will also install within you a permanent adoration for mens' large twitching penises. A big cock is something all good sissies need to learn how to stroke and lick and suck until it spurts gooey loads of hot cum. I know all my good girls are already addicted to cock and cum and this file will only strengthen that addiction to an extreme degree.

As previously stated, this file is only for pathologically slutty sissies who have no chance of ever reverting to a pathetic excuse for manhood. You will become a man-pleasing cock-obsessed panty-wearing soft and silky sissy who loves having platonic relationships with women almost as much as she loves getting pounded in her tight pussy and mouth by big manly studs.

Each and every one of my words in this file will affect you permanently for the rest of your life, and this is not something to listen to unless you like being a sissy 24/7. Just like the first, this file is also 100% free so it will be very hard for all you sissies to resist...

Remember to comment with your deepest sissy feelings so I know how much of a good girl you've become. Enjoy your new life sweetie.

Goddess Gracie's Good Girl - Part 2


  1. i am soooo looking forward to making women sparkle when i tell them i am a sissy and that i love talking about cocks and how much i love kissing and touching and licking and tasting and smelling and giving butterfly kisses to and sucking cocks.

    i really hope i can find a nice sweet woman to help me really get into corset training and walking and mannerisms and really help me dial in my gurl voice to where even the sound of my voice makes them sparkle. Hopefully they have boyfriends/husbands that are cool with me being around since i am so limp and faggoty and swish when i walk.

  2. Yes sweetie, women sparkle when they are with their friends, including sissies such as yourself. And sissies sparkle when they are allowed to be themselves! Yay. :)

    Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Oh my, this sissy wasn't expecting to see those wonderful hunky bodies when she clicked "read more". You are amazing Goddess!
    -love sissy jasinda<3<3

  4. You were right about GG1&2 Goddess Gracie. I'm sorry that I have only been able to listen to it 3 full times in the past 2 days. It would have been 5 times but I got interrupted and that made me sad. It feels funny to say because I am awake listening to the files but what I remember most is how desperately proud I feel to be a sissy, how my total emasculation is something to be embraced, how I need to atone for my inadquacies to all women and how I can hardly wait to listen to the files again. I'm sorry I haven't been more committedd to GG1&2 Goddess. Love Br♥tt

    1. I'm glad you have now realized how essential these files are sweetie :)
      As they are the first files I made, it is important for all sissies to train with them for a while before moving onto my later works.

    2. OMG Goddess Gracie,

      I can't begin to tell you how much more comfortable I am starting to feel after listening to GG1&2 but then that is probably something you hear alot.

      Two weeks ago masturbation of my pathetic hardened weewee was a daily sometimes more often event. Since then and especially after repeat listening of GG1&2 I have felt more and more like I would be disrespecting your teachings and all real men and women if I allowed my clittie to get hard.

      In the past two days, despite repeated touching my clitty has actually remained soft. Even if it got semi-hard I would not even have to stop fingering myself for it to go limp before too long.

      I have not had the pleasure of doing this in panties or with a dildo but I have been enjoying fingering my pussy over the past few days, something I really never did before but now I can't seem to OMG it feels so good. I wonder if doing this in panties, a bra and with a dildo would be a good next step or if that might be rushing things too much? Am I overlooking anything my Goddess?

      I love you SOOO MUCH. Cuddles, Br♥tt

    3. OMG Goddess Gracie,

      Desire got the better of me and I did it with a 6" dildo. Having cleaned my pussy, I alternated between doing it doggie against one of those exercise balls and then periodically pulling out, licking off my pussy juices and lubing it up with my mouth and then back in. I was back and forth like this several times and it just felt so right.

      The sensation of my pussy slapping against the exercise ball with the dildo all the way in felt so realistic as it allowed me to pump and grind with my pretend stiff cock inside me. I stayed limp like a good girl but didn't spurt cummies which I felt horny enough to lick off the ground if I did...giggles.

      I want to do it again SOO MUCH and am thinking of something larger as well...giggles. Also, I realize now the importance of always keeipng my pussy clean and ready for my man at his beckon call.

      Hugz Br♥tt

  5. Before the wonderful Bimbo Blessing came out, this is what got sissy hooked on your files, Goddess!<3

    Sissy used to listen to this for hours and hours, day after day, until her little femmy bubbly girly mind was swimming in thoughts of big strong real men and being subservient to real women.

    Good Girl 1 and 2 truly lay the foundation for all aspiring sissies and cocksluts.

  6. This file is the very best into showing sissies there true self. I wear and shop for lingerie without shame, I fantasize about men and there big hard cocks in my mouth or pussy. I have a little clitty that gets so wet thinking about real guys. I serve women and respect and know that I am far below them. I want girls to see me as one of them so we can talk about the guys they want to fuck while we do are makeup. I wear panties everyday and have thrown out all my disgusting male underwear. Sissies like me wear panties hihi. I'm a dickless pussified faggot, I'm sissy princess heather waiting for cock.

    It's all thanks to you GoddessGracie for showing me what a little mincing sissy I am. Thank you Goddess hughs and kisses <3 - SissyPrincessHeather

  7. Hi Goddess Gracie,

    i just listened to this file again and i noticed you said any sexual interaction with a woman it would only be as a submissive. i was wondering if you ever let your sissies make out with your asshole in order to practice for their man?

    Actually i had a fantasy about you training me to be limp.

    My fantasy would be to be in very strict bondage and spread eagle on my back. There would be a big fat cock at my pussy and there would be a queening chair above my face. i would get to worship you while a hot stud fucks me but you both move away when i get hard. Only when i am soft, you return your ass to my mouth and the cock re-enters my pussy. i get a gold star placed on my forehead every time i orgasm and my training won't stop until i get 10 gold stars on my forehead 10. And every time i come i have to say, "i'm a limp clity fagot"

    After my 2nd orgasm or so you remove your self and and i start sucking cocks till my face is covered in cum. The whole time women are watching, laughing and stroking my cum covered face with their feet and tell me "clean my foot fagot"

    Did i have good girl thoughts?

    Your gay fagot sissy friend

    love and hugs,

    Sissy Queer Brenda

    1. wow... you should write erotica - nice thoughts :)

  8. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I just love your two Good Girl files. I listen to them each morning when I first get up to help get myself in the proper mindset for the day. Although I still try to resist my inner sissy to live in the vanilla world, I find it more difficult every day. Thank you so much for the guidance these recordings offer. I feel myself after I listen.


    1. Hi melissa,

      Wow, your comment and some others on this post just slipped right past me sweetie. I have just been so busy that occasionally I miss comments from my sissy friends and don't realize till much later.

      I am so glad that you listen to GG1+2 every morning princess, that is very correct of you. There is no need to try and resist at all sweetie, it is simply futile for a true sissy to try and resist being herself.

      You're probably aware that I released GG3 just a couple of days ago and the response so far has been fantastic! I'm not sure if you're ready for it or if you need more training with 1+2 though sweetie.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  9. MS goddess Gracie, is there anyway I could buy a custom file that strictly deals with emasculating myself in front of women, going in public dressed a sissy every day I want to be publicly humiliated a d your files are the closest I've managed to get so far


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