Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Very Feminine 4th of July

Don't you wish you were the pretty girl in this picture?

To all my American girls, on this very special 4th of July I want you to envision yourself as this woman.  Picture having a perfect body with perfect breasts and the perfect boyfriend. What would you two do under the firework-lit evening sky? Let me know in the comments.

Love from Goddess Gracie xx


  1. It sounds so purrr-fect Goddess. I'd cuddle with my man under our blankee as we watched and then with my hand on his own roman candle I'd whisper in his ear that I wanted my own private show for the rest of the night...giggles...Love Br♥tt

  2. I would go find a nice little secluded area to lie down with my stud, and let him fuck my tight pussy. With every big, loud firework that went off, I would allow him to shoot a nice spurt of hot cum on my ass. mmm....

  3. Some very pretty ideas girls.

    Britt, that sounds positively adorable sweetie.

    I think you would feel so warm and safe under the blanket in that big strong man's arms.

    I bet he would spoon you all night, wouldn't he princess?

    And Sammi, I'm sure you would enjoy that very much honey.

    It goes without saying you would make sure your pussy was absolutely perfect for his huge, throbbing cock before your date - anything less is simply unacceptable!

    But I know you are a good girl and you don't need to be told that your pussy should always be perfectly smooth for all the guys.

    I know there are a few other sissies mincing around my blog right now who are probably just bursting with excitement at the thought of sharing their little feelings...
    Speaking of which, I wonder where that little faggot Brenda got off to? Probably on all fours getting gangbanged by a group of hunks.

  4. Hi! Goddess Gracie,
    It;s lovely that you've made a blog.I will be following it religiously.I did write to you in "warpmymind".Your answer to my questions were very comforting and I am trying to come in terms with my sissy side by religiously following your files.
    My problem is unique.You write so well and whenever I picture your words my clitty gets hard.Do you have any solutions to that?
    I can't say how happy I am since I can listen to your files and read instructions here and best of all talk to you here.
    If you give us weekly suggestions to us how to improve ourselves it would be very sweet of you.
    Although still I can't shout from roof top but I feel happy to write that I AM A SISSY.
    With lots of Love

  5. mmm...that sounds positively romantic to be curled up in my man's big strong arms like that after a night of love making. The delishus part about spooning all night is waking up in the morning to his woody pressed up against my pussy lips...giggles. Thanks for the delishus giggle thoughts Goddess. Mwahz, Br♥tt x0x0

  6. i would love to snuggle up with a glass of wine on a blanket next to my daddy:) i would nuzzle against his neck, one leg draped across his leg, while i slowly stroked his cock through his pants. as we watch the show his cock would get harder in my hand. his hand would cup my breast and tease my nipple. i would slide down his chest to his crotch and suck his cock into my mouth. i would press my breasts together to please his cock with them and my mouth. he would hold my head and fuck my mouth as he got more excited. then he would slide my bikini aside and pull me up on top of his hard cock. as my nipples swayed in front of his mouth he would suck on them and spank me gently. i'd bounce on his big cock until his cummies exploded into my asspussy. the i would fall onto his chest and snuggle with him until he slipped out of my asspussy.


  7. ridd: Yes I remember you sweetie. I think a solution to the uncomfortable hardness you feel in your clitty will be coming soon in the form of an intense impotence conditioning file, but in the meantime you can always train with my Limp Clitty Training Loop, some girls have already achieved 100% softness 24/7 as a direct result of listening!

    britt: Aww, that sounds like a very fun & romantic time for a sissy and her hunky man.

    bobbie: I'm sure you would love to cuddle up with your Daddy sweetie, and that is perfectly fine. All sissies have those inclinations and it's nothing to be ashamed about in the slightest. I think "asspussy" is a redundant term though, you can simply refer to it as your pussy from now on, just like a real girl!

    Goddess Gracie xx

    1. thank you for being so patient with this silly sissy Goddess Gracie! i do luv to play with my pussy. it seems like i have to have something in me to cum now!


  8. :) your little fagot is right here! You've had my mind racing fantasizing about my PERFECT BOYFRIEND. Well, I would love to spend my date with my boyfriend as follows. Before the fireworks I would love to hold hands, and walk thru the carnival rides so my man can show off his trophy girlfriend. When i was like totally turned on by all the stares and stealing the random kiss we would head to the Ferris wheel. My man would be the look out and I would give him head when the coast was clear. It would be so fun to suck on his cock and then straiten myself only to madly start sucking as we went back up.

    Then we would head back and meet up with some of my girlfriends and their hot studs. I would be with my man in front of my lady friends so they can watch me and my man make out under the stars and fireworks.....

    Of course my lady friends are always encouraging me so one of them (and then all the girls) starts chanting "fuck her, she loves it, fuck her she loves it". Then another girl takes the lead and throws a blanket to cover us

    Then my man sticks his yummy cock in me all the way and just keeps it there and tells me squeeze him with my pussy every time i see a firework i like. Every time I squeeze he slowly pumps me asks me if i like it...and i say "i love it"......after an hour of fireworks i have orgasmed twice and am like totally in love with my man.

  9. If sissy had the chance to be such a wonderfully beautiful woman, her fourth of July would go something like this...

    Sissy's boyfriend would be waiting for her, as he lay atop a blanket on the balcony. Sissy would hid in the bedroom, preparing for the special night, and tease him a bit, by taking extra long to get dressed.

    Before the show started, sissy would saunter out towards him, a gorgeous silk robe wrapped around her curves. Wearing her highest fuck-me heels, Sissy would seductively strut around his muscular body, stopping to stand right in front of him. sissy's back would be facing the calm night sky as she looked down on the incredibly masculine stud lying before her.

    Then, as the first explosion of light and sound burst above the horizon, sissy would let that robe fall, to reveal the sexiest, skimpiest, most revealing bikini her man had ever laid eyes on. She would then get on all fours and crawl toward her waiting stud, watching the bulge in his boxers grow with every passing moment.

    Sissy would slowly crawl over his body, sliding her skin across that rigid, pulsing bulge, until sissy could feel it pressing against her barely-covered pussy. Sissy and her boyfriend would share a passionate kiss then, tongues dancing as fireworks continued to bloom in the sky.

    Sissy would take the opportunity to hook the heels of her stilettos in the waistband of her man's boxers, and force them off his crotch, letting his meaty penis spring out and slap against her wet pussy with its girth. While sissy makes out with her man, she would grind into his incredible shaft, lubricating it with her juices.

    As soon as her man reached his limit, sissy would let him roll on top of her, rip her bikini off, and plunge deep into her needy hole. In this position, sissy would be able to watch as the fireworks exploded one by one, in tandem with the intense orgasms sissy would be receiving from her hunk's merciless pounding.

    In between the sounds of fireworks, sissy would cry out in ecstasy, moaning sweet proclamations of love into the ear of her hunky boyfriend. He would use her like a mindless fucktoy for hours, giving sissy countless orgasms, all while saving his for last.

    Finally, as the biggest, loudest, most colorful firework paints the night sky in a dazzling array of light, sissy's man would thrust his cock balls deep inside her, pumping every last glob of his steaming hot sperm into her quivering pussy.....

    If a man ever did that to sissy, she would become his loving wife on the spot. ♥


    1. Joy, what a lovely comment.

      I'm sure any hunky guy would just adore the sight of you in those slutty heels, looking all dainty and delicate, yearning to be taken by him.

      And yes, real guys love to give good girls multiple orgasms sweetie.

      Real men typically like to fuck for hours at a time, building up more and more over time until they eventually explode inside the pussies of good girls, leaving them 100% satisfied.

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hey girlfriend,

      I love how you stop at no detail to please your man. He wouldn't be a man if he wasn't rock hard all night for you and how purrr-fectly dreamy for you to feel his big throbbing cock thrusting in and out of your tight pussy while his balls grew more and more full of yummee cummies as they slapped continuously against your slutty ass.

      I can't think of a better reward after all those orgasms to feel streams of your man's milk shot all over your sexxxay body. It would be heavenly!

      Hugz n kisses Br♥tt x0x0

    3. But sissy wouldn't want all that sweet cream to go to waste! On cool nights, it's much more heavenly to keep sperm deep inside sissy's pussy or tummy, so it can stay nice and hot. <3

      Don't you feel the same, Britt?


    4. Mmmm...I bet it is Joy but so far I have only fantasized about milking a real man's big throbbing cock with my mouth or pussy. Alas, I am a virgin but the love and support of Goddess Gracie and beautiful sissies like you are bringing me closer to what I know in my heart to be true.

      Love Br♥tt x0x0

    5. Oh Britt, Sissy is a virgin as well, but her little fluffy mind just loves to run wild.


    6. tehe - you're silly Joy. Hugz, Br♥tt

  10. **MMM** Jason and I spent the most romantic 4th of July together. The night was SOO unforgettable because I learned something special about myself **YAY**

    The 4th was our first date, in a manner of speaking **giggles** We actually met the night before at a club. I had just sat down at the bar in a hot pink sleeveless mini dress, white fishnets and pink stiletto heels, just twirling my hair and blowing bubbles waiting for some guy to buy me a drink. Before long the bartender placed a strawberry Cosmo in front of me, "compliments of the man at the end of the bar" he said.

    As I looked across the bar, our eyes met and my heart filled with anticipation as this good looking, hunky man started to make his way across the bar to introduce him self to me. His name was Jason and he was all man at 6'2" and a big muscular body that just screamed hunky.

    A few drinks later and we were finally slow dancing. My arms wrapped around the back of his neck, our bodies pressed together, his two hands on my pussy cheeks as he ground our bodies together. Feeling his big throbbing cock against my tummy, I looked up and our lips greeted and he complimented me on how yummy my warm soft lips tasted **giggles** strawberry lip gloss does it every time **tee hee**

    Seizing the moment, I said to him, "Imagine how they would feel wrapped around your big thick cock" and that was all the reason he needed to lead me out into the parking lot. Between two parked cars, desire got the better of me and I went down on him, sucking that gorgeous piece of man meat between his legs. Unmoved by cat calls from bar goers walking through the parking lot, we continued until I could feel his godly shaft pulsing at which point he pulled out and blew his load all over my face and dress **OMG** he blew stream upon stream all over my face, hair and dress. Using his dick, Jason then shovelled what cum he saw on my face toward my wanting mouth and tongue then said the rest looked pretty on me and I should leave it alone to which I subserviently agreed.

    We left the parking lot and attended an after hours party. We arrived and there were lots of people, many hot girls and guys. I felt everyone's eyes were looking straight through me and my cum drenched dress. The girls seemed to mind more, I could hear them calling me a whore and filthy slut at every turn.


    1. ...continued

      Before long it was Jason, me and three other guys. They were standing in a circle around me as Jason recanted the parking lot incident. Try as I might, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the 4 throbbing cocks now twitching all around me and before long I found myself on my back in a bedroom, legs spread, dress hiked up, panties pulled off getting gang banged by four stiff dicks, one in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in each hand. The four boys told me to beg for it like the cock starved slut that I was and I was only too willing to oblige. Around they went until each had a turn in my pussy and then all came on me from 4 different angles, showering me in their yummy man milk **MMM**

      I awoke the next morning to hurried voices telling everyone to get out of the house. Jason and I sprung up and suddenly found ourselves out on the street. Being a holiday, he asked if I’d like to spend the day together and of course I agreed. We had some breakfast and then I suddenly found myself walking around a busy carnival arm n arm with Jason. We kept bumping into people he knew and he seemed to love the fact that I was not only dressed like his little cock whore but I had enough cum drenched on my dress and in my hair from the night before to leave little doubt that I was one.

      But it wasn’t until later that night, under the starry sky as Jason and I watched the fireworks from his hot tub that it all came into sharper focus for me.

      Lying next to Jason, I never felt sexier. But while he watched the evening sky, I had other thoughts, staring longingly at that gorgeous piece of man meat of his. Eventually desire got the better of Jason too and he let his big thick cock glide its way between my wanting lips. I loved that he radiated power and control as he thrust his cock in my mouth. And as I felt his big white snake throbbing and pulsing against my wet lips and tongue, I guess somewhere deep inside I didn’t care what anyone else thought or would say if they knew. All I knew is that I needed his hot cum to explode in my mouth. And as I slurped his milk down my throat, I wished instantly for more. And as my pussy juices gushed down my legs with that thought, I new at that exact moment that I had been transformed into Jason’s cock whore

      Br♥ttany :)

    2. ***giggle*** What a LOVELY 4th of July, Brittany!! You should write more stories because this one was absolutely wonderful and SEXY!!!

      Sissy is sure you'll find your "Jason" very very soon and he'll be able to do all these things to you (and MORE!)


    3. **AWW** thanks Joy, you're such a sweetie. Love you like crazy and miss chatting even more, Br♥ttany xoxo

  11. Oh my god, what a wonderful story that was sweetie.

    Who knew a silly little sissy could have such a vivid and fluffy pink imagination :)

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    1. **giggles** I was inspired by all your **YUMMY n DELISHUS** files My Goddess, especially all the Good Girl, Bimbo Blessing (BB) and Training Loop files as well as Eternal Sissy Happiness. Each of these files has helped drill down into the core of my being the appropriate behaviour expected of a sissy and that I like totally expect of myself times ten **YAY**

      But alas I'm not sure how much more story telling of this quality I'm going to be able to right about as I have started to reinforce your learnings Goddess with Ms Julies Little Miss Squidgy (LMS) series of teachings which as you know are just as permanent as your files and have many cumparable lessons.

      One of the LMS files is a bimbo file that along with your BB curse is leaving nothing but pink swirls of smoke and fluffy cotton candy in my mind. I know that many would not like the thought of getting dumber but I find it oddly appealing and that it brings me closer to the squishly little faggotty cock obsessed bimbo that has been inside me all my life.

      I had my doubts that yours and Ms Julies' files could make me dumber but **OMG** I don't anymore and am finding that I'm like making more n more silly mistakes than I ever did before. I'm not sure if its my imagination or what but it sure feels reel to me Goddess and I like can't stop listening to these LMS files write now and just want more n more of them cuz they make me feel even more fluffier and sparklier than ever.

      **OMG** one of the weird things Ive noticed is that even though pink is like totally my favorite color, I suddenly have a craving for neon lemon yellow and was wundering if it wood be ok to get a bra n panties, maybe pair of capris n 5" heels, mini skirt or even blowse in this color?

      **OMG** Goddess I am like so totally looking forward to listening to your new "The Logic of Limp" file if you think I am worthy of like total 100% limpness. I know you have cautioned sum about lisening to this file so I was hoping for permission maybe after I finish Ms Julies's files. So far I have found limpness a big part of my liberation from the fony life I was leading as a pretend man and the thought of going further down this path just makes me **sparkle squish and mince** like never before **YAY**

      I love you so much Goddess. Thanks for reading my story and for your yummy complimint.

      Love always Br♥ttany xoxo


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