Monday, July 2, 2012

A Warm Welcome from Your Goddess

Hello and welcome to my pretty new blog, princess!
If you are reading this it is quite likely that you have prior experience with my brainwashing and hypnosis material and it is even more likely that you are a pathological sissy who has no hope of ever becoming a man...
Well sweetie this blog is the perfect place for you to share all your adorable little sissy feelings with me and all my other little followers.

I plan to post regular updates, and participation and discussion from my followers is strongly encouraged. You can use this blog to post little reviews of my hypnosis files or you can just consider it a safe haven where you can be your adorable little self without any fear of judgment or rejection. 

You are accepted here princess and I'm sure you will return to my blog day after day in the hopes that I will have made a pretty new post or even a new file. You may even return just to giggle and gossip about guys and fashion and sex and all the other things good girls love to discuss. 

While this blog is intended for my loyal listeners, newcomers are equally welcome and I am very happy to talk to all of you about anything related to your feminization goals. Good girls like to bookmark Goddess Gracie's blog and check back at least once a day. I know you are a good girl sweetie.

I am really looking forward to having some fun with all my little sissy friends and I'm sure you are all very eager to help make this the best sissification blog on the whole internet. Remember that good girls like to participate in discussions and offer their viewpoints on everything from hunky guys and dancing to wearing high heels and slutty mascara. 

See you soon, princess.

Love from Goddess Gracie xx


  1. I think its so delishus you're doing this for us Goddess. It makes me tingle just to see a new post so you know I'll be back like all the time...tehe. Luv n Hugz Br♥tt

  2. Awww, you just love me don't you Britt.

    Well the feeling is mutual sweetie and I know you are giong to be a good girl and do everything I say without question. Isn't that right princess?

    *love and cuddles*

    Goddess Gracie xx

  3. OMG its like you can read my mind Goddess. I know you know what's right for me even better than myself and a good girl never disappoints men, her girlfriends and especially not her Goddess so you can count on me to treat everything you say as the absolute truth. I hope you have a delishus giggle day Goddess. Hugz n cuddles Br♥tt

  4. I sure will visit this blog a lot, Goddess Gracie!

  5. Such a lovely new site Goddess.
    princess is looking forward to following the discussions, training and personal development that you offer to your sissies.
    The files you have created so far have been absolutely transformational. princess is sure that her goddesses site will be the number 1 site for all sissies in no time at all.

    Love and Hugs
    Joanne xx

    1. Hi princess,

      I was wondering where one of my favorite sissies in the whole wide world had disappeared to! :P

      I am thrilled to read your lovely words on my files sweetie, I believe my next files will blow your little cotton pink socks off :)

      *huge hug*

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hi Goddess,
      My apologies for being so slow to write some comments about your new site - There are currently house-guests which prevent me from being online for any length of time.
      princess cant wait for your next files. The pink cotton socks have been blown off so many times that they have to be replaced. Needless to say - whichever pink item they are replaced by will also be blown away by your next effort.
      Joanne xx

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    For a long time now I have imagined myself as the pretty girl smiling or getting fucked by the big hunky man in any picture or video I see on the net. Which leads me to my question, what is the difference between a shemale and a sissy like me and the other girls in this forum?

    Many shemales on the net have big tatas and big cocks and I have often fantasized about being as well-endowed in the chest and as sexy as them. I have not felt similarly about their big cocks, especially since discovering what a blessing it is to have a 2” clitty through your teachings.

    Often times, shemales will do yummy spurties, fuck and get fucked and I am wondering if this is ok to watch or if it sends the wrong message? Also, is it even appropriate to look at a big titty, big cocked shemale or should we be confined to only limp shemales or only say those in a chastity device so there is no misunderstandings about how spurties should be made for a true sissy?

    Thank you for your loving guidance Goddess Gracie.

    Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany xoxo

  7. Hello Goddess Gracie,

    I'm so excited to be a part of a brand new blog like this and to progress on my journey with your guidance. i'm an attractive guy, 32, athletic and have a gorgeous big cock, too, but for some reason am so attracted by the idea of being a sissy. these little mental images have made it hard for me to get into a serious realtionship with a girl.

    anyway, when you said "good girls like to bookmark" this blog, i couldn't resist.

    kam xox

  8. Im kindof new to this place so im posting all over cuz i want ppl here to see me... Heh... I love attention... Here is where im goin to try to explain how committed i am to Miss Gracie. I worship the goddess... some ppl call it being pagan, or wiccan... But its all about feminine and masculine and in most of the rituals we do, im alowed to call the east corner, which is a feminine role... I constantly look for the feminine...

  9. So there's a declaration to be made here... o am a faggot... and i like being a fag, heh, its so soft and comfortable..but being as how mu transition to a female psyce is a religious event for me, taking on all things female to show respect and better serve the Goddesses will, I have simething i have to say...

  10. Miss Gracie is the perfect representation of the feminine ... She calls herself Goddes Gracie, because she is tje goddes... Miss Gracie, GODDESS Gracie, I offer myself to you. I worship you. honestly and as perfectly as i can...this is all so gracious of you, pitting this all together and offering so much for free... You give so much, you givee and give, and tjats the perfect definition of love... i love you, Miss Gracie, and i was wondering, is it ok if i call you mom?

  11. I love being a sissy but a bit afraid to be in public!
    Any tips?
    from your cum crazed bimbo

  12. Omg cute guys i want dick or naughty talk;) my bimbo hypnosis forces me to talk horny and idk what to do when i get horny ;) im always surpizing myself;) gigglez ;)707 489 2262

  13. Goddess Gracie, it is us sissies that are greatful for all you have done for us. giggle giggle. All sissies love your work and follow you delightfully. sissy crissy just giggles your guidance lets sissy out in public to shop and walk the streets at dust to show off her hot little plugged pussy and sweet long legs aching to be spread by the first man interested, giggle giggle. your the best Goddess Gracie keep up your wonderful work, sissy hugs and eskimo kisses..

    1. **MMM** you sound like you're positively **sparkling** girlfriend. Stay sissy, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. Dear Goddess,

      Just found your site (through WMM). I am excited, but at the same time - trying to figure out if it is for me. I am older (58) and still trying to figure out where I fit. I have been an 'up in my head', intellectual all my life, so the thought of becoming a bimbo is hard to swallow. The idea of a sisssygasm is thrilling. Can you suggest where I should start with your files? Can you help me figure out if this is right for me, before I become addicted to your files?


  14. Dear Goddess,

    One other issue I have. Though I don't have much interest in putting my clit in a vagina, it is a pretty good size for it (6"). Do you recommend shrinkage files, and do you have any?

    Lisanne (

  15. I think once you start these things, I think your unable to so them. As feeling good is what everyone's goal is in life.

  16. Goddess Gracie- this sissy worships You.Thank You for all You do. You are making the world a better place on sissy at a time.


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