Monday, August 6, 2012

Training Loop #6 - Sissy Cuckie

This brainwashing loop is intended for sissy cuckolds who want to fully accept their place as their wife or girlfriend's obedient little cuckie faggot. You will learn to deeply obey your wife and her large masculine lover on a permanent basis while showing both of them proper respect as a good frilly sissy should. All good girls know that women prefer to be with real men who have more than enough sexual experience to fully satisfy them. Your wife is no exception.

You will love to take your wife shopping for pretty outfits to wear for her new man, and you will be more than happy to help her apply extra slutty makeup so he fucks her long and hard the way she likes to be fucked. It is very possible that you will even develop an adorable schoolgirl crush on her hunky new boyfriend and your wife and all her friends will just think you are the sweetest little sissy in the world.

 You will be trained and conditioned to learn and accept that your wife is better than you on every level imaginable and you will do whatever it takes to please her without question. Naturally you will be completely banned from any physical contact with your superior wife as it is incredibly disrespectful for a sissy to touch a real man's woman behind his back. On the other hand, you will be allowed to flirt with your wife's lover at any opportunity and this is expected of any good cuckie.

This file will implant a deep need to serve and worship your wife and her lover, showing them absolute respect at all times. Yes princess, you may find yourself baking brownies and cupcakes as a nice present for your wife's lover, or even giving him presents and love letters on Valentines Day! Your wife will think this is just precious sweetie and it will well and truly prove what a little faggot you are beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt.

As a good cuckie faggot it is very important for you to remember that you have a worthless lump of nothing between your smooth thighs. Your wife's decision in choosing a massive throbbing penis over your shameful sissy nub is completely correct and you need to accept this as a natural part of life.


You will be coldly neglected by your wife as she flirts and kisses and cuddles and receives a good pounding from her masculine lover while you watch silently. Know that there will not even be a hint of a relationship between you and your wife as you are simply a limp-clitty servant who constantly tends to her and her lover's needs. Your wife can replace you with another sissy at a moments notice if you don't live up to the expectations of a good cuckie faggot, so I know that you will always show her the respect she so deeply deserves.

As with all of my training loops, you will listen to this on repeat for as long as it takes sweetie and over time it will condition you deeply and change you permanently.

_____Important note for those cuckies who aren't yet married_____
You can download an alternate version by clicking the word "Custom" where it says "Additional Types" (only displayed to those who have already purchased the file). In this version the word "wife" will be replaced by the word "girlfriend", other than that it is the exact same file.

Enjoy sweetie, and let me know all your little thoughts on the file after you listen.

Training Loop #6 -
Sissy Cuckie


  1. Replies
    1. you're very welcome sweetie, come back soon :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

  2. *giggle* omg Goddess Gracie my wife is so happy you maked this file coz now she doesnt have to hide her relationship with her real man and i can just be her little cucky faggot from now on :D

    thank you so much!!!

    sissy candice xoxox

    1. That is wonderful Candice, I'm sure your wife will be so much happier being open and honest about her sex life from now on.

      It is so unfortunate that society practically forces women to hide their need for adequate sex, hanging onto this silly idea that women are actually happy in their mundane, sexless relationships with little sissies who could never dream of pleasing a woman in the bedroom.

      The sooner sissies in these sorts of relationships simply accept their role as the little cuckie who cooks and cleans while wifey plays with her real man, the happier everyone will be.

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Mmm...I'm so happy that you're starting to live the dream of a cuckie faggot Candice. It sounds *YUMMY*

      Goddess, every time you say something I feel like getting on my knees and bowing in gratitude because it makes me realize how much of what I thought I learned growing up and as an adult has been wrong. You certainly *ALWAYS* know best.

      On my recent trip with wifey she had strong expectations of me pleasing her sexually after a longer period of sexlessness in our marriage. In an attempt to please her I did it four times away with her.

      Twice when I tried to act like a man to give her what she wanted I failed to please her with my limp clitty which actually made premature cummies in a semi-soft state. I thought it was fitting that I had to sleep on the wet spot in our bed where my cummies dripped *tehe* Perhaps if wifey was less conditioned by society she might have made me lick those cummies off the bedsheets before I went back to bed but she didn't. Shamefully, I wasn't smart enough to think of imposing that punishment on myself.

      The other two times wifey was able to have an orgasm but I was only able to succeed in helping her by imagining myself as the girl in our relationship *OMG I hope that is not wrong* On the bottom with wifey on top I was totally limp and she was getting frustrated with me. So I spread my legs and had me knees up in the air and positioned her body between my legs. Her knee at the base of clitty felt like a monster cock starting to penetrate my pussy and this image helped me achieve the tingle needed to please wifey if only briefly.

      When pleasing my wifey I tried to stay true to your teachings by not making cummies with a yucky stiff clitty myself. I did this the two times she had orgasms deriving my pleasure in both those cases by the mere act of pleasing her as best as I could. On one occassion I even faked cummies so my wifey could feel like we came together even though we didn't.

      I guess if I wasn't trying to be a real man I wouldn't have to engage in these shameful charades. Goddess, maybe this file will help me find a more appropriate partner for my wifey so that she can enjoy what I have been shamelessly denying her for all these years. Thank you for making this file *HUGZ*

      Hugz n tickles, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. Brittany, that was a most wonderful and beautiful post!!! <3 OMG i totally related to it! The long periods of sex-less-ness, making sissy cummies far too premature, everything! It is soooo hard to try to let my Girlfriend know my true sissy nature, but with the help of Goddess's files, i feel like i'm progressing every day! :0)
      little sissy jasinda!!!

    4. I agree Jasinda, what a lovely post! :)

      I am talking to Brittany via email and discussing all her little feelings in depth, we are going to try and find a nice real man for her wifey soon (and maybe one for Britt while we're at it!)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    5. *aww** you're both making me feel so *warm and fuzzy* :)

      Jasinda, I'm so glad we're friends though I'm not surprised because it seems like we're birds of a feather *tehe* I know with Goddess Gracie's help you'll one day share your true sissy feelings with your girlfriend. I think its *yummy* that Goddess has been able to help us both :)

      I feel so lucky that Goddess lets me email her to share all my little feelings no matter how silly. I know I don't deserve such special treatment and so I try to be on my best behavior by telling Goddess everything and trying with all my heart to do exactly as she says as she always knows best.

      Goddess makes me feel good about my situation by reminding me that its not my fault that I'm not a real man and so I shouldn't feel bad about not being able to satisfy wifey **aww Goddess knows just the right thing to say to make my heart melt**

      But to be true to myself and wifey I must be honest with her about my femme self and my desire to be a girl. Thoughts of hormones and breast implants swirl in my pink fluffy head alot now *giggles* I know the truth will have to come out one day and the right thing to do would be honest with wifey as I know the truth will set me free.

      So for now, I think I'm going to go back to a platonic relationship with wifey and work hard at feminization in the hopes that continued progress, peace and happiness will help me find the will to share all with wifey.

      Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  3. Goddess, thank You so much for this wonderful file. This is exactly what i've needed for soooo long! I've been revealing more and more of my sissy self to my Girlfriend over the last few weeks (thanks to Your wonderful files) and this is just going to help me sooo much! I've been letting Her get hit on when we're out, and it's such a humiliating yet super hot experience, having some guy hit on Her in front of me. Thank You Goddess!
    -little sissy jasinda

    1. You are very welcome sweetie, I had you and your GF in mind when making it :)

      I hope it helps both of you find the real man she desires.

      Good girl for allowing the nice men to hit on her sweetie, that is very correct behavior.

      Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Thank You for thinking of us Goddess. You are wonderful, and i am going to try to be even more of a good girl in the future!
      -love jasinda

    3. Mmm...what a yummy feeling Jasinda that you were the motivation behind one of Goddesses' files! I could just scream with happiness for you :) Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  4. Mmm, Jasinda it sounds like you are going deeper and deeper down the path of revealing your true sissy self to your girlfriend. How *yummy* it all sounds. How delishus if one day you've got your mouth wrapped around your girlfriend's man's balls as he is getting ready to shoot a load of yummy cum inside your girlfriend's mouth *tehe*

    Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. What a delightfully "yummy" idea that is sweetie :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Mmmm, that *does* sound wonderful, for both me and Her! *giggles*
      love jasinda<3<3

    3. Mmmm...and don't forget to lick up all the ooey gooey goodness off your girlfriend's face *tehe* Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  5. Goddess! I'm a new convert here having been completely hetero and my icky masculine pride 'caused me to think that I could resist your I have discovered Ali who's always been there just under the surface. I hope that I can become a true sissy and reveal myself to my girlfriend...Thank you so much for all! *giggles*

    1. Hi Ali,

      How lovely to have a new sissy to play with :)

      Those are very pretty giggles sweetie, do you practice them often?

      I think over time you will find a natural, pleasant way of revealing your true self to your girlfriend and you will both be much better off.

      Come back again soon sweetie.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hiii Ali!
      Welcome to the wonderful world of Goddess Gracie!! My advice to you would be to just let go and enjoy the ride! It's sooo wonderful you want to reveal your true self to your Girlfriend! I'm sure She will appreciate your honesty, She can probably tell already *giggles* ;) Goddess Gracie will be a wonderful help on this humiliating but highly arousing journey!
      sissy jasinda

    3. Goddess Gracie, I sent you an email...I'm anxiously awaiting your reply. I wait on every single word you say with adoration. My main goal is getting your approval at being the best sissy I can be!! *giggles*

      P.S. everytime I giggle, I get these weird warm fuzzy feelings in my chest. I'm not doing hormones so I'm not sure what it is *teehe* but it makes me feel all mushy :)

    4. Goddess Gracie definitely knows how to say the right thing *giggle*!! "I think over time you will find a natural, pleasant way of revealing your true self to your girlfriend and you will both be much better off". It's sooooo true!! A few months ago, i was so guarded and scared that i might slip and do something feminine in front of my Girlfriend, but now i'm just naturally making little slips and mistakes and the sissy in me is just becoming more and more open. It's sooo humiliating, and my Girlfriend teases me about it sometimes, but at this point it's just like eating or breathing, and it's getting more and more natural every day!!!!

  6. Sometimes ryan and his male urges surface but Ali finds a way to stuff it all down under her sexy heels!! All thanks to Goddess *tehe*

    I'm trying not to get disheartened 'cause I know it's only the start. I've dedicated myself to stop by and learn at least once a day from my fellow prissy girls-in-training and of course our teacher, The Lovely Goddess Gracie! *giggles*

    Although I'm already starting to home and constantly having urges to paint my toes (I've been practicing for a week!!!) and drool over studs all while staying on this site. Is this normal or am I going abnormaly fast...? Keep in mind ladies, none of this existed in my mind before last Saturday.

    Your sissy in training,

  7. I just wanted to add that I would love to start making friends here...if any of you fabulous ladies would like to chat anytime, do let me know and you can also email me anytime.

    Sissy Ali

    1. Sissy hasn't introduced herself yet, but she has been reading all your wonderful comments! You are such an inspiration to have become so mentally sissified in a matter of DAYS!!

      Sissy has been so busy off the internet and doesn't have much time to post comments, but she would love to chat with you about makeup and fashion and hot guys. Maybe she'll catch you in Goddess' new Sissy Chat soon!!

      Big warm hugs & butterfly kisses <3

  8. I apologize for posting alot....I forgot to reply to Sissy Jasinda. I'm not sure if She has noticed anything yet. But I'm starting to have a hard time keeping up the charade of explaining why I can't fuck her like a man. I'm starting to have trouble getting a hard-on (I've resorted to pretending like she is fucking me or just plaine thinking about cock...). I even tried to make it stand up!! (not that I want to, I just wanted to test...). I've only recently succumbed to Goddess Gracie's subtle orders. Is this something you ladies have experienced?

    Much love from your sissy sister Allie!!! Tata *kisses*

    1. Hiiii Ali!!!
      I've *always* had trouble getting my little sissy clitty hard and fucking like a real man *giggles*! It used to humiliate me sooo much, and it still does, but it also give me that warm pink sissy tingle when i can't perform like a real man. I used to make silly excuses, but now i'm getting better at telling my Girlfriend that i just can't get hard. It is ok though because as our sex life is dwindling away, we're having a much better time watching shows like Sex In The City and talking about fashion and stuff. Plus She went out with some friends last night, while i stayed home and cleaned! When She got home, She was soooo happy, but She only rewareded me with a fun tickle fight, i didn't even have to worry about sex!! *giggles*

      I would highly recommend Goddess Gracie's Honesty Curse file. Believe me, they will help you to be more honest in ways you don't even expect to. You owe it to your Woman to be more honest with Her, and She will probably appreciate your new-found openness. In fact, She can probably tell on some level already that your a sissy! Just keep up w/ Goddess'es wonderful training and everything will be ok! Talk to you later girl! <3 mwah <3
      -love jasinda!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the advice *hugz*!! I'm definatly gonna check out the hypno files. I know Her though and if I were to tell Her, She would probably leave. I wish I had a dominent Women in my life who I could be friends with and help her pick outfits for her dates with hunky studs *drool*.....anywho, just a sissy with a dream here. Thanks so much for the help girly!!! *higs and kisses* bye sweetie!!


  10. Dear Allie,

    Welcome to our playground. I am sure you will find lots of willing friends to play with here *tehe* including me **YAY US!**

    I think every sissy goes through their own process of self-discovery. Listening to the Good Girl series followed by Bimbo Blessing revealed many deep seated feelings and helped me re-interpret many life events in my own past that led me to one inescapable conclusion - that I had many more physical, cognitive and emotional connections to real women than to real men *giggles*

    Of course, Goddess Gracie's files helped me appreciate all of this. Without Goddess there is no way I would be where I am now because much of what I learned growing up and as an adult tried to force me into a male gender identity, perhaps based on the mistaken notion that big or small a penis is still a penis and is never a clitty.

    Unlike any other hynotist before her though, Goddess emptied my mind of all the contaminants obscuring me from seeing myself for who I really am and allowed me for the first time to see, feel and most importantly act on my feminine instincts.

    So my advice **HaHa me giving advice** is to empty your mind of all of life's fake messages so that you can begin to learn the truth through Goddess Gracie. Trust her words and don't question them as none of us is in any position to know what we have spent a lifetime failing to understand.

    Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. OMG!!!! The Brittany? who won the sissy of the month award??? WOW, I'm sooooo jealous girly!!!!!! Congratz!!!! *Hugz and kisses*

      Just had to get that out *giggles*

      as for sociaty....tell me about it hun, religion and sociaty have me shackled...but Goddess Gracie is like a the key unlocking them! Still got plenty of them on me. I believe that I would do anything Goddess Gracie would tell me as I feel like she knows best!! After all, my head is full of cocks and giggles!!! *tehee*

      I'm just so new to all this, I feel like I'm growing up again. except this time I'm not Ken, I'm Barbie!! *Giggle*
      (Why do I get fuzzies everytime I giggle???)

      Sissy Allie <3

  11. **tehe** you're adorable Allie **HUGZ**

    Not many of us get to grow up all over again and so being a sissy has some priviledges **YAY**

    I feel exactly the same way as you Allie and the more I "do" the more I lose the inhibitions that have prevented me from fulfilling my destiny as a true pathalogical sissy.

    Four weeks ago I was perhaps much like you - questioning my identity after too mnay signs to ignore - very curious to see how far I might go with what might just be another fetish?

    Well half an hour ago I just finished shaving all the hair off my entire body, trimming my clitty area and moisturizing for the second week in a row *tehe* My wifey saw my new look several days ago and said I looked like a girl but I said I liked it better this way and nothing more has been said *YAY*

    I have a trunk full of women's undergarments, clothes, heels, 38DD breast forms, makeup and a blonde wig and I get all made up and parade and dance in front of a full length mirror as often as I can *tehe* I know it is only a matter of time before I venture out on the street to prowl for hunky men with big cocks but I am not there yet *OMG I won't believe it when I do*

    Best of all right now I have a 7" fuchsia dildo that I can't keep away from my pussy and the more I play with it the more girly I feel **YAY** Two hours ago I made limp clitty cummies with the dildo deep inside my pussy confirming once and for all for me that I am no real man and happy that I am not **DOUBLE YAY**

    Keep up the great work girlfriend. We're all cheering for you!

    Love n cuddles Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. Awww, thanks sweetie!

      Does your wifey know? and what does She think if yes?
      Also, I so wish I had half your accessories hun!!! But honestly, I'm happy for ya!!! *HUGz!!*

      I have an embaressing question....I've been using a make shift dildo on my pussy *BLUSH...* and...I like it.....I'm just scared of hurting myself (like doing hazerdous damage) so I don't push too far, espcially when I'm using a makeshift dildo....but my clitty goes soft like right away which is great 'cause it gets hard and long but when I squat on that shaft it gets sooooo soft and cute when it's all tiny!!!!!! *tehee*

      I'm so happy I found this site, you girls have been so accepting and helpful! Especially Jasinda and Brittany. Much love sweeties!!! *mwah*

      Lets not forget our fabulous Goddess for without her gentle touch, most of us would be denying ourselves the truth still. I just wanna thank you Goddess Gracie, it's all your fault that I'm typing this with my gorgeous painted nails!! *giggles*

      Sissy Allie <3

    2. Dear Allie,

      No she doesn't know but it is only a matter of time before I must be honest with wifey. She has been very patient with my limp clitty and this pains me as I know my dishonesty is standing in the way of her finding a real man who will treat her right in between the sheets.

      Wifey is a better person than me and to make up for my failings as a husband I try to do more chores around the house to free her up to do things she'd rather be doing like watching a favorite TV show, reading a romance novel, lunching with friends or shopping for the latest fashions.

      We are in a sexless marriage but this is unsustainable and grossly unfair to wifey who really needs a real man to make her feel alive in bed again. Though a limp little clitty such as myself can offer platonic friendship and servitude, I know in my heart this is not enough to satisfy any real woman's need for a thick stiff cock.Goddesses' most recent file Sissy Cuckie is starting to make me appreciate that maybe I need to start working harder at encouraging guys to hit on wifey **OMG did I just have an epiphany?**

      Until I summon the courage to be honest with wifey about my true self I know her real needs will never be fulfilled. Having said that, the more I do to feminize myself, the more comfortable I get with the thought of sitting down with wifey and being honest about my feelings. I will never be a true sissy until I am honest to myself and to wifey.

      Allie, Goddess can explain best about other questions you have because she knows best. I do think however you should invest in a proper dildo because it will be safer and offer a more authentic experience for you **YAY** Remember also Allie that I never had a box of accessories *giggles* until I discovered Goddess 4 weeks ago. If you are painting your nails now, I'm sure you'll have your box even sooner than me **DOUBLE YAY**

      Lastly Allie, I think its important to know that though we offer our soles to Goddess we do it willingly and are not being "forced" into anything against our pink fluffy wills. Goddess is the light and the truth and we willingly offer ourselves to her and obey her without question because we trust her completely. Goddess opened the door but you are here with painted nails because you want to be. Accepting your sissy self as a personal choice sweetie will accelerate your progress and thats a good thing **tehe**

      Hugz Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. That last paragraph sounds like little Brittany is trying to do her best Goddess Gracie impression! How adorable. :P

      Goddess Gracie xx

    4. Dear Goddess,

      I am sorry for being so presumptuous to offer sissy Allie advice like I did. It was disrespectful and I will know my place better from now on. I hope you can foregive me and I am willing to accept any discipline you feel is appropriate under the circumstances.

      Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    5. OMG Brittany - I feel like I read my story in reading about your current situation! I too am a trapped sissy in a sexless marriage. I haven't shaved all my body hair yet, but I have set the trimmer to the lowest setting and trimmed all the hair between my knees and shoulders. You can barely see it. I set it on #2 for my lower legs and arms. I do mosturize everyday and highly recommend it to anyone that isn't. I feel sexier and more feminine everytime I moisturize.

      Acceptance is difficult, but it seems denial is impossible.

      Love, Melissa

    6. It's not the best feeling to know you're disappointing wifey but it is nice to know we have each other Melissa **HUGZ**

      If you love #2, I know you're going to love #1 Melissa :) Why not try it? I am shaving everything now - underarms, arms, chest, tummy, thighs, legs - it feels amazing.

      I have a little on my back which is hard to reach so might need to go to a salon for that **tehe** If I work up the nerve to do that I'll see about getting a mani and pedi too **giggles**

      Doesn't moisturizing just make you sparkle? The whole process is such a wonderfully feminizing ritual to do once a week :)

      Love you forever girlfriend, Br♥ttany

    7. Hi Brittany, I'd love to chat sometime since we have soooo much in common. I'm on yahoo IM at the name above if you would like to chat and encourage each other.


    8. Hi Melissa,

      **OMG** you're a sweetie and yes I'd love to have some YUMMY chat. I'm rarely on yahoo IM though so I sent you a message.

      Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany xoxo

  12. Hey Girl!

    Sounds like you and your Wife both need some well deserved mouth watering cocks!! *Giggles*

    Like, OMG!!!! *giggle* Reading your reply actually made me stop and think. Because for the past few months, that's how my relationship has been. I've done almost all the housework! I never gave it any thought that it could be my sissy tendencies bubbling underneath....I'm so shocked at this revelation to me!

    Of course, I came here willingly like all my other sisters, I just joked as I like to feel like a tease more often now *giggles* It's through no fault of Goddess that I am here. She has shown me the way and I'm walking down my yellow brick road wearing the same frilly dress with pig tails like Dorothy!! *tehee*

    This time I also painted my toenails also!! Although...with mediocare success. Having trouble with the toes *pout*

    P.S. I get this weird feeling in my chest when I giggle or talk about cocks and sissy things, is that the warm fuzzies all my sissy sisy's (sisters) talk about

  13. Mmm...where's my dildo when I need it *tehe* I'm so jealous you're doing your nails Allie. I have some fake nails and polish but haven't had the chance to use them yet. Maybe I should and soon *giggles*

    I have however plucked and trimmed my eyebrows, accentuated them with some color, used foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick *tehe* It feels YUMMY to get all made up, put on a wig and get dressed in sexy clothes with my breastforms *giggles*

    I learned alot from YouTube videos for applying makeup and maybe you can find something that will help you paint your toes nice and pretty the way you want *tehe*

    One thing I learned is that it feels yummy to look my best but it takes time so you have to make the time to do it right. Goddess speaks of this under her Dating Tips. The funny silly giggley thing is that the more you do the more you want until you don't even think about it anymore and are checking yourself out every time you see a mirror **tehe*

    Playing with dolls that you dress or make up or online fashionista games that allow you to makeup and dress your own girly girl avatar can also be fun ways to get creative and learn about color combinations that work well together or just to role play **giggles** These are things that are more common for little girls to grow up doing but that we miss in our pretend maturation from boys to men so I think they are important for our sissy psychies to experience and not in a trivial way.

    I'm sure Goddess will have many more things to say about all of this. Afterall, she does know best and as much as I think I might know I always find myself learning something new from Goddess. She is always in my pink fluffy head *tehe* and every day I try to empty my brain a little bit more to let more of Goddesses' wisdom penetrate me on a deep deep level.

    Hugz n cuddles, your girlfriend Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks for the advice sweetie!!! It's my day off today so looks like GG1 and GG2 marathon for this sissy all day long!!! *tehee* (I'm using my phone to listen while I do all my housework today!)

      I'm thinking about going out of town this afternoon and maybe picking some sissy accessories *YAY*...hoping this marathon will give me the nudge! Wish me luck girly!! *Giggles*

      I'm awating Goddess Gracie's further orders on what I'm allowed to listen to but having some trouble finding her other files?

      Last of all, everytime I'm alone I watch..Women oriented shows. like America's Next top Model (Jealous!) and E!, etc. just thought I'd throw that advice out there to any sissies who are still blosseming like moi! *Giggles*

      Anywho, long day of chores to do for this sissy. Tata!!


      Allie <3

    2. **oopsies** I forgot about your p.s. Allie.

      I find that I am alot more aware of my hair, mouth, breasts and pussy.

      I will run my fingers through my hair, purse my lips, touch them with my 3 middle fingers when giggling all the time now.

      When I get excited my clitty stays soft but my nipples start to feel erekt and my pussy will tingle. If I'm alone, i will often lube up my middle finger with my mouth and finger my pussy. I just can't help myself *giggles* and the more I do the more I want. I just feel like a little cock whore that can't be satisfied **OMG I'm such a slut**

      Funny thing is that before I discovered Goddess Gracie, I couldn't restrain my urge to masturbate. Now, I don't think twice about my clitty except to make cummies from a limp clitty with a dildo or cock inside my pussy *giggles*

      Toodles, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. Just let it all happen girlfriend and it will only get better **YAY** OMG I watch top model sometimes too but my favorite show of all this summer is Pretty Little Liars **tehe** Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    4. OMG, watching girlie shows is soooo much fun *giggles*!!! <3<3
      Since my Girlfriend is so much more assertive than me, we would always watch E!, Bravo, fashion stuff etc, but i'd protest and pretend to want to watch manly shows LOL!! Now, everyday i'm getting more and more comfortable being open about liking girl shows, and it's wonderful! I'm sure my Girlfriend likes having a little sissy faggot friend to talk about girly stuff with! Yay, i'm so glad i'm making friends with you girls, i like talking about this stuff! It's all thanks to Goddess Gracie! Love you girls!

    5. Love you too Girly!!
      *hugz and kisses*

      I do the same thing *giggle* she just thinks I'm trying to be nice but I pretend to complain *tehee* I'm sneaking here on the site while we watch Project Runway (Love the show!!).

      Have you seen the new chat box Goddess Gracie has given us??? Feels like own personal sissy playground *YAY!*

      Love and cuddles hun
      Allie <3

  14. Sounds really good its not something that is applicable to me but I'm sure lots of sissys will get lots from this.


  15. Sissy doesn't have a wife or girlfriend, but she has been listening to this for hours on end, alternating between the girlfriend and wife files.

    While listening to Goddess Gracie's words, sissy imagines living with a strikingly gorgeous wife, who quickly succumbs to the charms and masculine physique of a man she met while out at the club. Sissy's body tingles with feminine fuzzies at the mere thought of a well-hung stud entering her home for the sole purpose of fucking sissy's wife into total submission, and staying in sissy's house as her wife's permanent lover. The fact that sissy's wife has chosen a real man over sissy's mincing little self just nails in the fact that sissy is nothing when compared to powerful, aggressive hunks with enormous cocks, who can fuck pretty girls for hours on end, squirting load after load into their tight pussies.

    If sissy found herself in such a situation, she would be more than content to live as a sissy cuckie slave to her beautiful and absolutely superior wife and her REAL husband.

    Just the thought of waking up in the middle of the night to moans and creaking bed-springs from across the hallway makes sissy's mind burst into horny fluffies! *giggle*


  16. **tehe** maybe if Joy was a good girl, her wife and real hubbie would let her sleep under the bed **giggles** I love when you tell adorable stories like this Joy. You're the best story teller in the whole wide world. Hugz Br♥ttany x0x0

    1. Awww Brittany, Sissy is so flattered you like her little stories! *giggle*

      Sissy is absolutely horrible at creating brainwashing or hypnosis files, but she might make some of her own story/scenario-based files in the future. You probably wouldn't be surprised, but all of sissy's scenarios are about real men.. *giggle*

      She already has an entire script written out and could show you a preview if you would like. <3

      Hugs and sissy tickles

  17. **Mmm** what else would a tru sissy write about then real men Joy **tehe** Sure it would be **YUMMY** to see a preview of your stories Joy. Hopefully its not to much to read though. Even though I write alot **tehe** I'm not much of a reader **blah** I kinda just like looking at pictures alot **giggles** So if its long maybe send me in sum bits n pieces n I'll let you know if the stories make my tingle **giggles**

    Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany x0x0

    1. Ok girlfriend, here is a little snippet of a script sissy has worked out.

      "You gasp. Oh my god.
      Right in front of your face are five huge throbbing cocks.

      You're too surprised and scared to move, so you just stare, mouth agape, at the twitching penises above you. Attached to these five monster cocks are five tall, muscular men. All incredibly attractive and looking down at you with insatiable lust.

      Amidst your confusion, you suddenly realize what kind of facials this salon really gives. Now you know why your girlfriends couldn't stop giggling when they told you about this place..."

      The scenario is entitled "Glazed", and sissy is sure you know what that means.. *giggle*
      Now sissy just needs to find a good TTS voice to create the file.


  18. **Mmm** my mouth is watering as I read Joy. I bet some precum is oozing out of each of those big strong twitching cocks as I read **giggles** Sign me up for a facial at this salon any day of the week **tehe** I think your story is *YUMMY* Joy and I bet its as much fun to write as it is to read :) Thanks for sharing your special talent with me. I think you're an *AMAZING* talent.

    Love Br♥ttany x0x0

  19. Yeah, see, I wanted to share something about this very topic. please note I have not listened to this file so I have no opinion on it specifically...
    I kindof hate the term 'coming out' cuz its sortof a cliche and apt to be misinterpreted. but thats what it felt like when i told my girlfriend that i was going ahead with a transition. It felt like for that one second the girl in me stepped up and said 'my turn...' I don't think ill need the extra help from the Goddess here, as my girlfriend (now more like girl friend) and i have reached a cuckold agreement. were slowly and gently going over how we may respomd to her bringing a man home. She doesnt want to hurt my feelings or push me away. I know i already feel about her maybe the same way the Goddess would suggest I do in this file...
    K.Kiddy (still looking for my real name, ill know it when i see it)

    1. You **GO** girl!

      I know what you mean by a name. It's so defining :) Thinking of something close to K.Kiddy how about Liddy, Kitty, Kiki, or Keisha :)

      Toodles girlfriend, Br♥ttany xoxo

    2. Well, I lucked out there. I mean, my real male name actually is Kidd... its kindof a pain in the ass, ppk always asking what my real name is... like, this is a thimg that happens all the time.

      I kindof feel like i could keep Kidd as a feminine name, since its so rare its not really a masculine name...

      and even my sister, like, my birth sister calls me Jaycee all the time...

      Youre a cool chick britney...


    3. Hey girlfriend, you're pretty yummy yourself :)

      Well you're the first Kidd I know (other than Kid Rock *tehe*). Maybe the spelling with a "dd" was a foreshadowing - are you busty or fancy yourself that way **tehe** If you go with the theme maybe you spell it KiDD **giggles**

      Name selection is SOO personal. Does your sister know your true sissy character? Is that why she calls you Jaycee which I think is a delishus name btw :)

      I adopted my name based on input from an online person that helped me begin to see and explore my true sissy character.

      Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany

  20. Replies
    1. **giggles** whats on your mind Kidd? Love Br♥ttany x0x0

  21. oh you need to keep blogging! my sissy site is The world needs more pretty girls!

  22. This is so true and powerful...I will listen to this at least 30 mins a day but shooting for 60 mins a day


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