Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Training Loop #7 - Panties!

Yes sweetie, you are finally ready for my panties conditioning. It goes without saying that panties are a basic and fundamental part of any true sissy's feminization. That said, this file isn't one of those silly panty fetish files for occasional feminization dabblers - it is permanent brainwashing to ensure that you see the beautiful logic in wearing panties every single day for the rest of your life and eventually disposing of all your yucky unfeminine underwear, if you have not done so already... This file is extremely addictive and you will find it very pleasurable to listen to several times a day until panties are just second nature for you.


 You will find yourself building up quite the panty collection, whether you work up the courage to buy them from a nice lingerie store or prefer to discreetly order them online. It will be paramount that you have enough panties to wear a different pair every day of the week and you will find that doing this feminizes you in a deep and profound way.

The more panties you have, the more girly and feminine you will feel. You may even become addicted to buying fresh new pairs of pretty panties, from regular cotton panties that adequately cover up your limp useless clitty to slutty red thongs that barely cover your needy pussy so all the guys can see how badly you need to be fucked.

 Wearing panties twenty-four hours a day seven days a week will be required of you sweetie and you will have to dispose of all your nasty male underwear as soon as possible. Constantly wearing panties will seal the bubbly femininity within your body on a permanent basis and will ensure that you are one step closer to being a truly perfect sissy.

You will be more obsessed with panties than ever before and even the mere word panties will be enough to make your clitty tingle. Soft and silky panties will help keep your little clitty limp and tiny, the way all sissies' clitties should be, and wearing them every single day will feminize you very deeply to the point where you can not even remember a time where you didn't put on a fresh pair of panties every morning.

 Wearing beautiful girly panties will also make your wet pussy ache and yearn for a man's deep thrusting. Every time you pull up a new pair of panties, your pussy will tingle with a deep craving for sex in a way that only a true slut can feel.

You will wear panties whenever you are flirting with men you are sexually attracted to and doing so will just set your pussy on fire.

I don't think I even need to specify that this file is for true sissies only at this stage, but do not listen if you do not want to be compelled to wear panties every day for the rest of your life as a true pathological sissy. Remember that this is a brainwashing loop and for the conditioning to truly take hold you should listen for at least 30 minutes at a time, preferably several times a day.

Enjoy princess and be sure to share your thoughts with a pretty comment after you listen. 

Training Loop #7 - Panties!


  1. **MMM** I have been listening to this file for 45 minutes a day since it first came out every morning while working out at the gym. Like OMG I can't get enough of it. Everytime I listen, I want to listen more!

    The file encouraged me to pick-up some extra pairs of panties **tehe** so that I can wear a new pair every day. The latest panties added to my wardrobe are lace with some spandex in them and they look like they are painted onto my body **YAY**

    Best of all, they helped me discover I have a cameltoe which makes me just **sparkle** with excitement **DOUBLE YAY**

    Goddess thank you for such a YUMMY n DELISHUS file. I treasure it like all of your files as words to live by!

    Love all you girlfriends **THIS MUCH** Br♥ttany

    1. Oh my god sweetie, I am just sooo proud of how far you have come.

      It warms my heart to know that there are truly obedient sissies out there who understand their place fully and absorb my conditioning into the deepest part of themselves.

      It won't be long till your pretty wig and breast forms arrive in the mail princess and I think once you have them it will only be a matter of time before you are going out to dance and flirt with guys at clubs and you may even lose your virginity (finally!) to a big strong man.

      Remember to wear your prettiest panties when you go out looking for real men to please sweetie as you know they will just not be able to keep their big strong hands off of you and soft delicate panties will only drive them wilder with insatiable lust for your hungry little pussy and adorable giggly mouth.

      Keep up the great work sweetie and let me know when the goodies arrive!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. I think satin pink panties are something you should wear regularly - I'm sure you can get extra itsy bitsy ones that will give you the cameltoe look that I know you are very proud of achieving :)

    2. **BLUSH** Like OMG Goddess you're making me cry tears of joy. I love you so much.

      **MMM** It makes me tingle to think about my breast forms and wig arriving and knowing where they will lead me next **yummy fluffy giggles**

      After years of denial of who I AM, I have learned that "baby steps" work best for me to undo all the WRONG conditioning I have received my entire life. I feel like doing something, anything "extra" every day builds my fem-energy and maintains my momentum toward FULL feminization.

      It doesn't need to be much if its a busy day but it has to be something (e.g., we all have to tinkle so never sprinkle **giggles*, making sure your pussy ALWAYS sparkles by cleaning it and applying an appropriate lubricant, shaving body hair even just parts of your body when shaving your face and then moisturizing, etc.).

      Repeated consistently, these actions become second nature like you instruct and then you don't even think about them because they have been internalized into your psyche. At that point, you just NEED to do them and you start to think about NEW more advanced things to reinforce your changing image of your needs and what you believe defines you **YAY**

      Now its not just making your pussy sparkle, its treating your sparkling pussy to some dildo fun; Now its not just shaving a part of your body its shaving all of it including trimming your clitty area as well as exfoliating and moisturizing; Now its not just telling yourself you're a sissy but revealing your sissy identity more fully by dressing up and parading around in front of a mirror or by sharing your sissy identity to a stranger like a saleswoman, etc. **YAY**

      The constant throughout though has been opening my mind to your wonderful teachings and embracing them fully. For me, I pretend like I am looking in a mirror because the mirror never lies. I ask myself am I a TRUE follower of Goddess? If so, am I doing EVERYTHING Goddess is asking of me? Everything she would expect? If not, what is holding me back from what I want? Usually it is FEAR and so I return to your files to more fully empty my subconscious of those fears and fill it with your inspiring words, hoping for the courage to overcome my fear and act on what I know I NEED, WANT and DESIRE.

      One of the biggest fears I had to overcome was the fear of lost gratification from habitual masturbation. It dawned on me listening to Good Girls or Bimbo Blessing that masturbation was the mask that concealed my fear of feminization.

      I did not discover this myself but experienced it through the limpness you encouraged. In that moment I learned that "innappropriate male pride" was my biggest enemy and that it was my Goddess and not me who had the wisdom to help me because she knew me better than I knew myself. This I think is why mindlessness and total obedience to your word is so important and I try to live by this motto always **YAY**

      I think it is also very helpful to share in this blog our successes and struggles. There is much in common with all of our paths. Girlfriends need to lean on each other for support and to let each other know they are not alone. We all need compassion and support to reach those dreams that have eluded us our entire lives.

      Love always, Br♥ttany x0x0

      p.s., Goddess I will surely let you know when the goodies arrive and get those yummy pink satin panties right away. I know pink satin will require me to go into a specialty lingerie shop where I will willingly reveal that the panties are for me **YAY**

    3. :)

      *big warm fuzzy hug for being such a good girl*

      Goddess Gracie xx

  2. OMG!!! Brittany, that was a simply marvelous post!!!! I couldn't agree more about baby steps, and how doing just a little small bit of sissification every day is adding up to some *wonderful* results (giggles!!!!)

    OMG, Goddess, this file sounds sooooo wonderful! I love wearing panties (what sissy wouldn't?), but i've only had the courage to wear them out under my silly male clothes once or twice. This file i think will help me with this little hurdle (giggles). Lol, the weird times when i **try** to have sex with my Girlfriend, i get soooo distracted by her pretty panties, that i'm usually thinking of wearing them, and being groped and fucked by big strong hunks for the 20 or so seconds i manage to have sex (if my little clitty even manages to get hard enough LOL!!!!)

    I can't wait to download Your new files Goddess, it's always such a rush of excitement listening to Your new files, as they seem to make such perfect sense, even upon first listen!! I'm gonna get them as soon as i get paid!
    love little jasinda!!!!

    1. **BLUSH** Aww Jasinda you ALWAYS say the sweetest things to me. Thank you for being such a YUMMY n DELISHUS friend. You are going to love the new files when you get them :)

      Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany xoxo

    2. Good girl Jasinda, so proud of you sweetie :)

      I think you will correctly be wearing panties daily in no time, as long as you train properly and remember that good girls like to obey always.

      It's also great to see all my sissies being such nice girly friends and offering each other advice and compliments so both of you get a big pink star on your Sissy Report Cards :P

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    3. Thank you Goddess. Pink is so YUMMY. It's my favorite color and I love everything in pink. Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany xoxo

    4. Thank you for amazing posts, brittany and jasinda! You are so right Brittany about how smal changes to your routine can reinforce your femininity - clear lip gloss every day, moisturise with female products, even a light scent....OMG!

    5. **AWWW** thanx for the DELISHUS comment Susannah, you're a sweetie and I'd give you a great big **HUG** if we were together right now. Lots of love always, Br♥ttany x0x0

  3. Dear Goddess Gracie,
    OMG i luv this file!!! teehee!!!when i saw this file i bought it right away! i also bought compulsive clitty diddler!!! i luv wearing at least a pair of panties every day!! i really luv lace and satin panties as they feel so wonderful! thank you so much for the file!!! hehehexoxoxo i noticed yesterday i have more panties than yucky boy shorts. i do love to see hard cocks in tight boxer briefs, but my clitty and ass looks so pretty in satin panties!!

    bobbie s

    1. Hi Bobbie, so glad you enjoyed the new files so much sweetie and I hope you are wearing panties regularly and diddling away at your limp clitty as you have been instructed.

      You are very welcome sweetie and I think you deserve a big hard cock in your mouth and pussy followed by a nice long cuddle in a big warm bed with the hunkiest guy you can imagine for being such a good girl.

      Keep me updated on all your progress sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. hehehehe Thank you Goddess Gracie! i love to think about a hunky guy stroking his hard cock before has me climb on top of him to snuggle and fuck!


  4. **MMM** seems like everyone is having summer ending panty sales girlfriends. Victoria's Secret has a Panty Party 7for26 sale meaning any 7 YUMMY panties for $26. La Senza also has all kinds of DELISHUS sales. Your entire body just sparkles when you walk into one of these stores. And **OMG** the colors are just heavenly. I was in both stores yesterday but they were VERY BUSY and I couldn't get the help I needed so will go back sometime this weekend to properly introduce myself to one of the sales women to help with some selections for myself **YAY**

    **OMG** girlfriends the feel of a pink satiny thong was too much to resist today and before long I found myself shaving my ever receding muff, douching my pussy, moisturizing to a sparkling glow then playing with my dildo while wearing my pink satiny thong. Started out prancing around in front of the bathroom mirror, then gave that yummy 7" dildo a wet sloppy blowjob till my pussy couldn't bare to be ignored anymore. **OMG** it felt so good pumping that pussy pleaser into me, grinding up and down on it, pulling off of it to suck on it and lube it up before getting back on it. Before long I was moaning outload to fuck my pussy and make me cum and **OMG** my wishes came true with 3 yummy limp clitty spurties which you know I gobbled up **YAY**

    Love and hugz to you all, Br♥ttany xoxo

    1. I think Brittany should swish her little self back to La Senza and Victoria's Secret as soon as possible and maybe the salesladies will be free to give her all the attention her little heart desires this time :)

      Glad you are getting used to your feminine sexuality princess, I'm sure you will keep us updated on all of your progress and be sure to let everyone know when your breast forms and wig arrive! Yay!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. **giggles** OMG I did swoosh myself back to both stores today and picked up 7 pairs of panties, mostly thongs from Victoria's Secret and 3 pairs from La Senza. Everything is in PINK and it looks so YUMMY.

      Some of the thongs are just strings with a patch to cover my muff. I love them all so much, they make me feel so SEXXXAY. I couldn't wait and so tried them all on, dancing in front of the mirror with just a thong and heels.

      OMG my breast forms and wig have finally arrived and I will pick them up tomorrow. You know I'll have to try them on too **giggles** and dance in front of the mirror **MMM** I can hardly wait **YAY**

      Love Br♥ttany xoxo

  5. I was one of those feminization dabblers for the longest time. Trying on femme clothes sometimes just to see how it felt. but i was never obsessed. after listening since this file came out, my brain just feels so funny. its like my brain is fuzzy when it comes to certain things. when i sleep at night, almost all of my dreams involve panties(maybe its because i loop it at night while i sleep) and how i love wearing them. i think im going to be a silly panty wearing slut if i keep listening. its humiliating, but i love it. giggles.

    Love bimboandrea <3

  6. Ohhh Wow Brittany it sounds like you are having so much fun with your big dildo. I love playing with mine too, it feels so good once i have it inside me. Thanks so much for letting us girls know about the Victoria's Secret sale :) I will have to order some more panties tonight!

    I listen to Goddess Gracie's files all the time and now i don't worry about wanting to be a little sissy. I know i was meant to wear sexy things like panties, bras and so much more. I feel so happy now:)

    Yes Andrea, i think these kind of files just bring out our true nature, really. I used to try to fight these feelings but now i just let it go now. I feel so sexy when i wear panties and it makes me feel like being with a hunky guy....mmmm. I've started shaving again and now my underarms and chest don't have any yucky hair. I just have my legs to go now :)
    I feel so good i might have to find a guy to play with...lol

    Big Hugs to you Goddess Gracie, Br♥ttany and Andrea :)

    Love, Roxane

    1. **tehe** thanks Roxane, you're such a sweetie to say all those yummy things about lil me **HUGZ**

      I think the Victoria's Secret sale ends on Labor Day so hurry :)

      I hear you on the dildo girlfriend. I know the dildo is bringing me closer to wanting a real man's cock in my pussy. I honestly can't live without mine now and am actually starting to look for pussy plugs to train my pussy more fully.

      I only touch my clitty now when folded up into a cameltoe peeping through my panties or thong. I just use my index or middle finger or even both **tehe** running it along the cameltoe, lightly purring with pleasure hoping for a warm spurties :)

      Stiffness of the clitty is almost a thing of the past and I owe it all to my trust and faith in Goddess Gracie who is helping to channel 100% of my energy into EVERYTHING feminine.

      As I jiggled my breast forms in front of the mirror yesterday while wearing my HOTTT new blonde wig full of flirty curls, and just a g-strong thong and heels, I couldn't help think I am down a path for which there is no return and that I couldn't be happier about.

      I owe it all to Goddess Gracie who I trust completely to guide me. Goddess knows best and I hope you and Andrea find the same peace of mind through her that I have been lucky enough to find.

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany xoxo

  7. I'm curious about these types of files... Panties wereof course, the first thing i ever played around with that strayed boldly into faggot territory... heh... I was so young then. but I found over time that sexual feelings were all tied up in my closet crossdressing. I understand now that i can really only feel sexual pleasure if I'm 'thinking female' at the time of arousal...
    I'm pretty overwhelmed with files at the moment so ill get into the loops after five later when I've absorbed the ones I'm working on now...
    I really love them, they're literally a light in the dark...

  8. I am really nervous about posting on here to be honest, I have had bad reactions in general with my feminine desires (mtf tgirl) but for the last few months i have been wearing panties and a bra when i can get away with it...sadly though i have to wear them under my boy clothes most of the time though i have a pair or two of womans jeans. which right now i need to patch one of them and the other pair is now to big on me ^^. been losing weight regularly now and am hoping to continue can fit size 16 womens jeans i know that and a bcup bra almost fully but kinda thought it funny at first how i am losing weight but the girls aren't getting smaller and i just happened to have stumbled upon this blog and to Goddess Gracies files not but a day or two ago so most of this is from my own desires to be the best girl i can be. i will say though that i still look ugly in my own opinion but hey we are all our worst critics so kinda wish i looked more girly than what i do but i keep my legs shaved and pretty much everything from the waist down other than my facial hair which i wish i could be rid of all my ugly, nasty body hair and grow my hair on my head out long but somethings are just dreams for me still anyways kinda went a bit farther than i thought i was going to with this and not sure if anyone will even see it anyways but hugz to all who do.


  9. I am so embarrassed that I missed this wonderful and key file. I just downloaded it and Clitty Shrinker and I cant recommend them highly enough to be listened to one after another. I coincidently bought panties the same day so was wearing them to listen to the files which was wonderful. I was terrified of going into Marks and Spencers here in the UK to buy them so went to a little store. The next day, having listened to Panties I went into Marks and Spencers and even asked the sales lady to help me with the size and bought a multi pack of panties.

  10. My Darling Goddess Gracie,

    Thank you soooo much for the wonderful audio on "PANTIES" !!! .... It is just sooo powerful, positive and potent in motivating limp-wristed, effeminate, ass-wiggling, little, teeny, tiny, soft, limp clittie sissies like me to wear PANTIES every single day.

    Something always "clicks" in ms. kunt's feverish, weak, little sissy mind whenever she pulls a pair of soft, silky, panties up over her acorn size, almost invisible tight, little ovary sac and clittie. Your audio has motivated ms. kunt to "TUCK" her already "inverted", "invisible" clittie and tiny, peanut size ovary sac so that when she pulls those fabulous, fancy, satin, silky, lacy PANTIES up over the "tuck", it truly make it look like ms. kunt has a "CAMEL-TOE"..... Ohhhh !!!! ..... ms. kunt just gets so horny, hot and sexually aroused when she looks down and sees those soft, silky pink panties forming a sexy feminine "cracK" seductively surrounded by puffy, lumpy, soft LABIA that make it look just like ms. karli has a pulsating, hot, wet, dripping, moist, juicy, very fuckable pussy hidden inside those silky PANTIES.

    Looking down at that panty covered cunt makes ms. kunt's nipples and titties tingle so that ms. kunt imagines she has a pair of puffy breasts and ms. kunt can't resist slipping her finger down to roam lightly over her panty covered "Camel-Toe" fantasizing that it is the Big Shiny, Engorged Tip of a Mushroom-Shaped Black Cock-Head. This always causes ms. kunt to rub her pink painted fingernail in between her Labia as she gets so aroused that she is like a hot, little white bitch-in-heat and all she can think about is how much she wants to have her pussy fucked by a Big, Thick, Long Cock.

    Ms. kunt gets so hot and aroused that she truly begins to think just like a woman in heat and ms. kunt can't resist slipping her fingers down inside her silky panties so she can finger her hot, dripping cunt which is not aching to be fucked so bad that ms. kunt can't resist slipping her finger inside her hot, wet pussy and ms. kunt begins dreaming about sucking a Big Cock running her pretty pink tongue all over that shiny, engorged, Big Black Knob as ms. kunt slips two; then three; and finally four of her fingers inside her panty covered sopping wet pussy that just aches to be fucked by a Real Man's Big Cock.

    Panties just make ms. kunt feel sooooo good, sooo hot and soooo feminine. Her feverish little sissy mind can't stop thinking about having a Big Black Dom Daddy running his long , thick black fingers over the panty covered camel-toe in the front her panties and to slip his hands down inside the back of those soft, silky, lacy Panties so that he can tease, tickle, touch, fondle, grope and finger ms. kunt's dripping wet, hot, pulsating, tingling, hot little cunt.
    Ms. kunt just can't stop thinking about how good his fingers feel roaming over the silky panty front, manipulating and massaging ms. kunt's tucked, "inverted", soft, limp, little clit nubbin as his long fingers penetrate, probe and poke deeply into ms. karli's sopping wet, gaped open sissy cunt.


    Thank you for helping ms. kunt to luxuriate in her silky PANTIES.

    Your cock sucking, cum-loving, panty covered pussy princess,

    ms. karli kunt


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