Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sissy of the Month (July 2012)

It's been a fun few weeks since my blog was created, and we are just getting started princess. All of you sissies have been a sheer delight to speak with about fashion, dating and other pretty feminine things. I'm so happy to have been able to provide a place where true sissies can come to discuss all their little thoughts and feelings. I'm sure that most of you will agree that having this warm welcoming place where you can feel truly free to be your adorable girly selves without any fear of judgment or rejection is a wonderful reward in itself!

That being said, I thought it would be nice to have a little extra reward for sissies who show themselves to be particularly enthusiastic and committed to their feminization goals. This naturally lead me to the idea of a monthly post that would acknowledge and celebrate one particular sissy's efforts throughout the month.

The lucky girl who receives the honor would be awarded based on several important factors, including but not limited to the following. . . 

How much did she contribute to the blog? 

Were her comments relevant and helpful to other sissies?  

Was she consistently polite like a good sissy should always be? Or was she sometimes a little rude?

How pretty were her giggles? Did she giggle often? 

Was it obvious this girl had been deeply changed by Goddess Gracie's conditioning? 

Did she show respect for Goddess Gracie and always behave like a good girl?

Did her posts fill the blog with warm fuzzies like a good sissy's blog posts should? 

Based on the above criteria, anyone who has been following my blog will probably already have guessed who July's winner is! So without any further delay, I present to you. . .

Brittany has proven herself to be one of the truest and most natural pathological sissies I have ever come across in all my years. Her willingness to learn and obey has been truly adorable to see over the past few weeks. She has progressed further in a month than most scared little sissies do in a whole year! That said, she still has a long way to go, but I know that with my guidance and the loving support and encouragement of our community, she will get there one day.


Congratulations sweetie. I am so proud of you and I know that all of your little sissy friends are deeply inspired by your wonderful progress. It has been heartwarming to witness your progression over the past few weeks and I know you will only become more and more of a sissy over the next few months.

I'm sure the special girl will have a lot to say in the comments below (as always, lol!) but it would also be a nice gesture for all the other girls to share some kind words with her. It is very feminine to share kind words with your friends and that is why I'm sure the comments section of this post will just be filled with warm fuzzies and happy sissies giggling away and wondering who will be August's Sissy of the Month? We shall see in a few weeks time girls :)

Love from Goddess Gracie xx 


  1. Goddess Gracie . . You are most correct in naming BRITTANY Your "Sissy of the Month" as the first to hold that distinction and honor! Brittany is ecverything sissy . . she radiates beautiful sexy sissy allure more dazzlingly and brilliantly than the sun shines in the sky . . as the "Charter Sissy Of The Month" Brittany wil always serve as an inspiration and example to all of us . . not only for how she looks but for her mind and heart and soul which comes across as sissified beauty . . .thank you BRITTANy for being . . and for being who and what and how you are . . and thank YOU Goddess Gracie for shining Your light on the very best. :) (michael g.b.)

  2. and Goddess Gracie . . . You have a magical way of making a sissy feel special indeed . . . i am sure that every sissy will wish and dream to be Your next "Sissy Of The Month" or at least to one day be included in Your exclusive gallery of "Trophy Sissies" . . . there is a true and healthy "sissy envy" of Brittany in that she has become this worthy of distinction . . . Brittany deserves our respect and awe . . .and one day perhaps many of us will follow in her stiletto heeled footsteps. :) (micael g.b.)

    1. **blushes** aw michaelg.b. you are so adorable. I feel like I'm on a pedastal when you say things like that. That is what is so wonderful about this blog - you can just be and act yourself and people love you for it *giggles*. I still have so far to go but I feel more delishus about getting there with support and admiration from girlfriends like you. Thanks for being such a beautiful sissy. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  3. Congratulations Brittany!

    Your thoughtful and inspirational posts have been a source of joy and comfort to all of Goddesses sissies. The title of 'Sissy of the Month' is absolutely well deserved.

    Warm Hugs

    Joanne xx

    1. **HUGZ** you're a sweetee Joanne. Thanks for all your pretty compliments it makes me feel yummy inside and to keep doing more of the same **tehe** The world is a yummier place with girlfriend like you. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  4. Congratulations Brittany

    I can only hope I see my name up there somewhere. Your an inspiration to us all.

    1. I know you'll be up there one day too Mindy **YAY**. Btw, I just adore your name, it just seems so appropriate. Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  5. Well done and well-deserved Brittany. You have shown true commitment to the cause of feminizing yourself, and deserve our admiration and respect. I hope I can achieve even a little of what you have been able to do already.


    1. **AWW** thanks for the sweet n yummy compliment janL. I know if you let Goddess Gracie into your heart you'll achieve all your fluffy dreams and more. Looking forward to getting to know you better in the weeks to come girlfriend. Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  6. Fantastic Blog Goddess. It's so much fun.

    1. It's delishus isn't it Michelle? We're so lucky to have Goddess Gracie looking after us! Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. Kisses Brittany

    3. Thanks Michelle, come back soon sweetie :)

    4. Hugz n cuddles back Michelle :)
      Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  7. Dear Goddess Gracie,
    this is such a wonderful idea! :) every sissy bimbo will want to be Goddess Gracie's sissy of the month! brittany is such a wonderful sissy bimbo slut tee-hee-hee! i luv reading her comments and she always seems so sweet to the other sissy faggots. she is so lucky to have get a personal message from Goddess Gracie and is especially so lucky for Goddess Gracie to pick her!! maybe she can get a date from a real Man and suck his cock until he cummies in her!:)

    congratulations brittany!! xoxoxoxo

    bobbie s

    1. Thanks Bobbie, you're a total *sweety* for saying all those yummy things *hugz*. The best part was the personal message from Goddess and her seeing in me the signs of a true pathological which felt so *dreamy*.

      Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. oopsies I forgot "sissy" after pathological *tehe*

      Mmm...and I loved the part about gobbling gooey globs of cream covered cocks which I crave constantly *giggles*

      Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  8. Oh beautiful Brittany, sissy is so proud of you! Sissy just adores reading your accounts of good girl behavior, as they just make her tingle with warm fuzzies and cute fluffies in her heart.

    Just a few weeks ago you were a nervous little sissy and look at you now! Out buying pretty clothes, keeping your pussy well trained *giggle*, and even staring at hunky guys in the gym! Girl, I'm sure everyone on this blog agrees... you are positively sparkling!

    Sissy wishes with all her heart that a tall handsome boyfriend will come your way in the future. It's only natural for men to take notice of you since you spend so much time perfecting your feminine body and mindset. When you have your first encounter with a real man, please let us all know, we're dying to hear about it!

    Sweet cuddles and butterfly kisses

    1. OMG Joy you are such a cuddly snuggly sissy. There isn't much more a sissy needs when she has a girlfriend as yummy and fluffy as you *HUGZ*

      Thank you for all adorable compliments. They just make me sparkle just like you say and the yummy part is that the more sissifying you do the more you sparkle *tehe* so its like I can't and don't even want to stop. I'm like totally addicted just as Goddess Gracie would prophesize (I think) *tehe*

      I dream of the day of one day having my man to show me off to his friends as a prized possession and fuck toy, holding me in his arms to protect me, and mostly filling my wanting mouth and pussy with his big hunky cock and ooeey gooeey loads of delishus cum *giggles*

      Love you girlfriend, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  9. ** BLUSHES ** OMG Goddess Gracie, I think this is one of the yummiest and most delishus accomplishments I have had in my entire life! I'm feeling so giggly and fluffy in the head right now that I'm crying tears of joy *tehe* I feel like I was just crowned the winner of a beauty pageant *YAY*

    Well I don't want to babble because we all know that I can do that *tehe* so let me just say you and all my new girlfriends on this blog are the yummiest part of my day and aside from hunky men, fashion, make-up and giggling, the fluffiest part of my bedtime dreams *giggles*

    I have never felt prouder and more sure of being a sissy then I do right now (OMG Goddess am I really the truest and most pathological sissy you have ever know-I can't think of a dreamier complimint)and will continue to strive to live a life that Goddess instructs is appropriate and to TRUST and OBEY everything she says WITHOUT QUESTION. Nothing in my life right now makes more sense than living according to the will of Goddess Gracie and amidst all who love and adore her on this blog.

    Curiously, I just did a few things that can help me celebrate this special moment appropriately **YAY** Yesterday I shaved my legs and chest and manicured my eyebrows **double YAY** and today I purchased a brand new 7" silicone dildo with great suction so I now have something to ride, thrust against and stroke that is as close to a real man's hunky cock as one can get. I had a choice between black and strawberry and I picked strawberry *tehe* because it just looked so much more yummy and goes nicely with the pink cotton candy in my head and the strawberry hubba bubba that I love to chew *giggles*

    Ummm, so to celebrate I'm going to get dressed all sexy and put on some make-up and my blonde wig. Then in front of my runway mirror I'm going to practice walking, dancing, and giggling *tehe* Then for the most delishus part, a listen to GG-3 followed by some pussy fun with my new yummy dildo *giggles*

    Thanks for all the pretty comments everyone! I love you all to pieces, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. We love you too!!!!! <3333333333

    2. I am so delighted that the award has made you so happy princess. You truly deserve it! :)

      It is good that I make you cry tears of joy sweetie, with all that estrogen running around in your little body you must just be a bundle of fluffy pink emotions.

      And yes sweetie, you are easily one of the most pathological sissies I have ever known! It is truly remarkable.

      I am very glad that you now have the realistic dildo that I instructed you to get - it will be instrumental in your training and I'm sure that the day you finally meet a nice hunky man to fuck you, you will be glad you have had so much experience getting your little pussy fucked princess.

      Love and big warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    3. *tehe* I am a bundle of pink fluffy emotions Goddess and I have never felt better or more alive *giggles*

      OMG when you say I'm the most pathological sissy you have ever known it just makes me sparkle with yummy fluffy warm fuzzies

      Mmm, you know I always follow your instructions Goddess. My celebratory fuck session last night showed me what I have been missing by not embracing as authentically as possible the true cock obsessed sissy within me. Having my toes pointed to the ceiling and thrusting the dildo in my pussy just felt heavenly as did sitting on the dildo and shaking my tatas in front of the mirror like a true big-titted cock slut.

      Thank you for your yummy comments Goddess. I love you SOO much, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  10. Congrats Sweetie!

    You are showing us what is possible!

    1. Mmm..thanx're a sweetee. Hugz Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  11. Great Idea Goddess! And Congratulations to Brittany!

    This blog is so nice...

    1. Thanks Sissy. Hugz Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. Glad you like the blog princess, be sure to check back soon as I have some very pretty new posts on the horizon :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

  12. Oooh my goodness, what a surprize! i am so happy for you, Brittany!!! It must be an amazing feeling to get the prize and the gold medal. Congratulations and hugs! And Many Great Thanks to our Goddess Gracie for this lovely idea, her help, encouragement and strong training hand!!!


  13. *tehe* it feels like a won a beauty pageant janine. Thanks for your yummy delishus well-wishes and I totally agree with you - it all starts and ends with Goddess Gracie who always knows best. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  14. Congratulations to Brittany, It is such a natural thing to be as sweet and feminine as possible. But ti feels so wonderful to be praised by such a wonderful Mistress like Goddess Gracie for all your wonderful accomplishments. xx sissy jenni

  15. Thanks for your sweet and fluffy comments Jenny G. You are SOO right when you say it feels wonderful to be praised by Goddess - that is what I live for now. I know Goddess is generous with praise for those who follow her will without thought or hesitation and that is the secret wish I say to myself every night as I lay my fluffy head to rest. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  16. I usually like to reply to people's comments individually, but there are simply too many to reply to without leaving some girls out so I will just give a warm thanks to all of the good girls who have shown Brittany their love and support.

    It is so nice to see my sissies getting along so well and being such good friends to each other. I know Brittany appreciates all of the kind words as you can tell by her silly fluffy comments :)

    Remember: The same girl cannot win the Sissy of the Month award more than once every six months, just so that everyone has a chance! :P

    Love and hugs to each and every one of you :)

    Goddess Gracie xx

    1. OMG yes I do appreciate everyone's YUMMY n DELISHU love and support. I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world thanks to you Goddess.

      Love n hugz forever, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  17. Congratulations Brittany - I am very proud of you. I've read all of your posts and you certainly deserve the recognition. I'm honestly a little jealous which means I just have to work harder to be a better sissy :)

    1. *awww* you're such a sweetie to say all that Melissa. It makes me feel warm n fuzzy inside to think you actually read my posts and they are helping you want to work harder to be a better sissy. It's like *music* to my ears *giggles*. Thanks again and toodles girlfriend, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  18. Congratulation Brittany, sissy crissy just loves to see such hard work pays off. keep up the great work Goddess Gracie. sissy crissy dreams of making your sissy of the month.

  19. Thanks for the delishus comment sissycrissy. You're *YUMMY* and I know one day you'll be sissy of the month too. Hugz Br♥ttany x0x0

  20. Congratulations Sissy Brittany !!!....I have loved reading your comments and seeing the wonderful progress you have made down "THE PATH" of feminization......You are an inspiration and a model for all those tiny dicked little sissywhitebois who have not yet acknowledge, accepted or embraced her femininity......You are a perfect exmaple of what can be accomplished with the right guidance from Goddess Gracie......Look forward to seeing you continue to evolve down "THE PATH" of being the perfect little sissybitch fuck-toi for Real Men.

    Your submissive, slutty, cock-loving, little sissy cum-slut fuck-toi,
    ms. karli kunt

  21. **BLUSH** Oh my Ms Karli you have such a way with words **giggles** you are making me feel so yummy right now my whole body is tingling. I know I would never be where I am now without Goddess Gracie **tehe** I'm actually at work right now wearing my panties and hose and loving the feel of them in ways that boxers or briefs never gave me.

    I know everyone has their own path and I only started to make serious strides on mine by believing in Goddess and channeling my energy through a vow of limpness - I now call that energy sissergy *tehe* and it makes my tatas, breasts and pussy *tingle* and my cotton candy fluffier and pinker *giggles*

    Look forward to seeing you around the blog girlfriend, Br♥ttany x0x0

  22. My Darling Slut Sista' Gurlfren Brittany,

    Given your situation, with a family, and your age, your progress down "THE PATH" has been astounding. However, I will be curious how you handle the rest of your journey. I started more than 20 years ago and, initially, I allowed my wife to feminize and sissify me as sort of a lark. I had always said I will try anything, at least once. I was convinced that I could stop and walk away and return to my vanilla lifestyle anytime I wanted ..... and ... I did walk away dozens and dozens of times only to return. I discovered that "purges" simply intensified my desire to be more feminine....and.....that "THE PATH" only goes in one direction and THERE IS NO TURNING BACK !!!!.....What started out as a "lark" became an Obsession.....I began experiencing new feelings and sensations way deep up inside me.....those deep internal sensations and those involuntary Anal Orgasms (sissygasms) were sooo SENSATIONALLY AND DELIGHTFULLY DELISHOUS that I became hooked and tiny clittie became MARVELOUSLY soft, limp and useless and the center of my sexuality moved from my clittie to my boi-pussy.....I suddenly realized that I could only cum from deep, anal penetration and that the more I was fucked.....the more I wanted to be fucked.....I gradually became more and more feminine and loved to prance and mince and dress-up for my Real Man Lovers who would kiss me, caress me, grope me and play with me just like I was a little Baby-girl.....and.....I loved being the center of attention at Bachelor Parties, Fraternity Parties, Super Bowl Parties and anywhere that several men gathered who loved Gang-Fucking a sexy, hot, eager, wanton little sissy slut fuck-toi.....and.....the cocks and the sex were (and are) AWESOME !!!....I LOVE BEING A GURLIE-GIRL !!!......It wasn't very long before I could only get sexual release when my pussy was filled with Big Hard Cock and/or a Big Black 20 years, I am nearing the end of "THE PATH"....I have for some time fantasized about Hormone Treatments or Silicone injections in order to have real Breasts...and...I no longer see any use for my sterile, shriveled and testosterone-starved marble size ball sac.... and ..... I love the pix of castrated sissies because their little clittie looks soooo cute, adorable and tiny once those ugly ball sacs are removed.....and....for the first time, I have begun to tuck my clittie way back up underneath me because i LOVE looking down to see a camel toe instead of that thin, pin-size, ugly remnant of male genitalia ..... and .... I thought I would never get to the point of even considering SRS .... but .... it has slowly become a more acceptable and reasonable discussion because I now identify so much with being a female that I feel like I'm cross-dressing when I wear male clothes when I go back to my fake male daytime you, I have a family and children and I am not willing to risk their happiness by taking the next and FINAL steps down "THE PATH" of feminization.....but....I dream and fantasize all the time about removing my little testicles and creating a sexy, beautiful real camel toe with nice, pretty, puffy pussylips and a soft, velvety pink vagina.....Oooo....It is so much fun being a submissive, little feminized, pussified, pantydoll, fuck-toi for Real Men ..... ENJOY YOUR EVOLUTION !!! .... It is a sensational journey !!!.....once my children are grown, I think I will be ready for the final transformation, transition and evolution into becoming a the beautiful butterfly I've always wanted to be ...... a full-bodied woman with a real vagina.....Ooooo.....(Giggle, Blush, Tee-Hee)....I get chills down my spine just thinking about how sexy and erotic it would be to have a real pussy and real titties .....

    Your slutty little submissive sissy Princess Prom-Queen,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Dear Ms Karli,

      It is so encouraging to hear your story and I thank you for sharing it for all to read. It fills my heart with joy to think you are nearing the end of your PATH toward full feminization **YAY** It makes my heart skip to feel so many of the things you describe like starting sissification on a lark but it turning into a one-way obsession that just keeps instensifying.

      I am still a virgin but I can't keep my hands off my dildo. I love how it feels inside my pussy and all I want now is to make cummies with the dildo inside of me. What resonates for me is that sissification enabled me to walk away from a lifetime of masturbation that I always throught I couldn't live without. That past life is all but a distant memory for me now :)

      Your commitment to your family and your conviction to place their needs ahead of your own really resonates with me. Karli you are a SHERO of huge proportions and I think you are one of the most honest and bravest persons I know **HUGZ**

      I see hormones and silicone injections as part of my own progression but only after coming out, being with men and assessing the risks. I want so badly to be the person I was born to be, a person that Goddess Gracie has helped me discover and who beautiful people like you give me courage to become.

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany x0x0

    2. I think Karli may be a frontrunner for future Sissy of the Month if she keeps up the great work being such a wonderfully feminine little sissy.

      It's so lovely to have you on the blog princess, and it looks like you've already made a nice friend in little Brittany :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    3. **tehe** looks like Goddesses' foreshadowing came true, a perfect example that Goddess is all-knowing and infinite in her wisdom and knowledge.

      Karli is so deserving of August's honor. She is full of YUMMY n DELISHUS advice for all of us sissies and isn't afraid to speak her mind. You go girl!

      Love Br♥ttany x0x0

  23. My Darling and Divine Mistress Goddess Gracie....and....My Slut Sista' Gurlfren' Sissy Brittany,


    You are just such a Sweetheart Brittany and I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me.....You are such a wonderful little sisssy gurlfren' should know that I literally started to cry as I read your heartfelt and much appreciated words of encouragement because I know you truly understand the conflicting pressures......I just wish I could reach out and hug you and thank you for understanding my emotional dilemma.

    It just feels sooo warm and cuddly to be among gurlz/girls who truly understand and appreciate the emotional and psychological journey that sissies travel when they finally begin to acknowledge, accept and embrace their femininity.........At the beginning of the journey, it all seems so strange, so different and sometimes you all know, it somehow just feels sooo Right....and....soooo "Normal" and "Natural" ......that you begin to wonder why you didn't begin your journey much eariler in life.....

    In retrospect, at least in my case, there were soooo many signs, clues and "incidents" that I was born to be a feminized little sissy pussygurl.....In retrospect, I can't believe I was able to deny them and to ignore my true sexual nature and desires.....for those who know the story of my early boi years, I was clearly "The Queen of De Nile".....In spite of tons of evidence to the contrary, I just plain refused to accept the fact that I was a sissy faggot fairy Princess Prom-Queen....but, like so many other little bois, I had been subjected to a pretty thorough "Brain-Washing" by society and my community .... and.... I knew, in no uncertain terms, that I was expected to behave like a "Macho Male".....something that was obviously impossible for a tiny clittie, sterile, testosterone-starved little sissy like me....

    Nonetheless, I held to that society mandated image, in spite of numerous incidents that indicated that I was a female mistakenly born into a male's body.....I shared almost nothing in common with the other Boyz and was puzzled and confused by their constantly stiff cocks and all the talk about wanting to "fuck the shit" out of girls. I couldn't understand why they were always poking me and slyly smirking as they asked me if I had seen the ass or tits on some girl who had just walked by us in the hallway....and....I didn't really know how to answer when they asked me if I would like to have a "piece of that ass" or "fuck those titties" ???? ..... How could I possibly tell them that my tiny clittie was NOT hard ???....or....that I had NOT seen that girl's ass.....or....that my tiny pin-size nubbin was too small to stick between a girl's big tits......or....that she was a friend of mine and I was a bit offended by the Boyz disrespect for her and their coarse language.....I mean, if I had said what I was actually thinking, they would have called me a "sissy" or a "faggot" my small rural farming community.....nothing was worse than being called a "sissyfaggot" or a "cockcuker".....

    Of course, I suspect all of you understand this dilemma so well.

    Look forward to lots of chats and lots of sharing of our emotional and psychological experiences.

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your little fluffy pink sissy pussygurl,

    ms. karli kunt

    1. Aww **HUGZ** now you're making me cry Karli

      I know what you mean by wondering how you never figured things out earlier despite all the signs. I think its like they say, "hindsight is 20-20" I think life is like you describe for most of us Karkli. We are bombarded with all kinds of information that we may or may not be receptive too until an epiphany occurs that helps us make sense out of all the noise. Once that epiphany occurs though, its very different.

      Growing up I was never comfortable about guyz talking about girls like you describe either. I was late to puberty and always slight. I think I had a 28" inch waist when I was 21 and barely weighed 125 pounds. I loved tight clothes, failed to satisfy the few girls I was with with my tiny nub (1-2" flaccid, a little less than 4" erect) either because I couldn't get stiffies, they couldn't feel it if I managed to get stiffies or I went spurties prematurely. In the showers guys will call me cherry and I even got dressed and made up as a big-boobed bimbo in my teens but I never thought for a second I was a sissy.

      Short of being a virgin, everything screams sissy about me now. Today I was out buying a makeup bag, blush, concealer, hair remover for those hard to get at places, french tipped glue-on nails, an eyebrow brush, a 2x mirror, a little clipper for my eyebrows, and a yummy fuchsia and black handbag. I'm surounded by real women with my basket full of goodies in my shorts for all to see my smooth hairless legs and I can see the giggle as they pass me in the aisle and far from not caring I love it **tehe**

      OMG I also got my mp3 player today so I can have more **YUMMY** listening time with Goddess Gracie's files when exercising and the odd time I can get away with listening to Goddess while sleeping I will **tehe**

      Hugs n kisses, Br♥ttany

  24. Brittany thanks to Goddess Gracie files u r truly "YUMMY" and u inspire me to want to be a tribute to Goddness Grace
    kisses rustti

  25. **AWW** Rustti aren't you a sweety. Thank you for those simply devine words that make me feel all *warm n fuzzy*. I think we're both delishus examples of what Goddess Gracie is capable of doing. She is the most important person in my life and I am trying to devote myself to unquestionning loyalty. Thanks again for being so sweet and I'll look forward to returning the yummy favor when you're sissy of the month. Stay silly, love n hugz Br♥ttany

  26. My Darling Sissy Brittany,

    I was just re=reading your post above and suddenly realized you are still a "virgin"...... Somehow I missed that the first time I read your posting.....You are missing out on sooo much, Sweetie !!!.....I am really curious why you haven't yet opened up your sweet little boi-pussy for a Real Man. Please tell me, Sugar Plum !!!

    Your curious, adoring, little sissy gurlfren',
    ms. karli kunt

    1. **tehe** my path to full feminization has been a long one Karli and it only started to take on real meaning through a desire and commitment to finally start acting on what I knew and felt for a long time.

      All credit for that transformation must go to Goddess Gracie whose training files, guidance and patience have done more to "wake me up" than anything else in my entire life. I feel like and am honored to say I owe her everything **YAY**

      I know it is only a matter of time before I have my man Karli as I am having too much fun with my dildo and starting to really wonder what I am missing. My pussy grows more full of desire every day as does my resolve to more fully feminize myself and I know it won't be long before I am ready to strut into a club looking for some fun with some real men soon.

      Like a fine bottle of champagne, I ready myself with age till that moment when I am ready to be popped **giggles**

      Thanks for being such an adorable and thoughtful girlfriend Karli. Love you always, Br♥ttany xoxo

  27. My Sweet, Darling Little Virgin Sissygurl Brittany,

    Ohhhh.....that is so sweet, Sugar Plum !!!.....I think it is just so cute and adorable that you are still a virgin.....You have soooo much incredible PURE PLEASURE to look forward to experiencing.....However, you will not really be a woman until you have been penetrated, stretched, pounded and fucked by a Real Man's Cock and you really need to begin preparing for your "cumming out" party.....You need to carefully prepare that sweet, little virgin pussy by going out and buying three different sizes of Butt Plugs and/or Dildos......also.....BUY LOTS OF LUBE....KY Jellee works just fine, but if you want to save money just use CRISCO....start slowly with the smallest Dildo/Butt Plug and slowly stretch out our pussy until it is ready for the next largest size.....If possible, sleep with the Dildo/Butt Plug in your pussy all night long or wear it during the day provided you wear a Kotex Pad or Diaper in case of leakage.......You need ot get so you can take at least a 2 - 2 1/2 inch Diameter Cock which is about 6-7 inches in circumference cock. Once you have opened yourself up, you need to purchase a suction cup Big Black Dildo so your can put it on the corner of a night stand, desk or table and then ride up and down on it as you watch "Sissy Training Videos".....This will totally prepare your pussy for being fucked by a Real Man's Cock.....IT IS JUST SOOOO YUMMY TO BE FUCKED !!!!.....You will absoluely LOVE IT......I promise, sweetie......Once you have had THE REAL THING, the dildo/buttplug will seem like a poor substitute and you will want Real Cock as often as possible......I have never met a sissy yet who didn't learn to love being fucked by a Real Man's Cock.....I'm such a nympho slut that I love being Gang-Banged and take every opportunity to entertain two, three, four or more Big Black Cocks......I just can't seem to get enough.....and.....I know you will love getting fucked like a little girl because it will be a momentous and landmarke event in your Feminization Process !!!.....By the way, I find advertising on Crag's List and Yahoo Groups is the best way to find Black Bulls who crave fucking sissy pussy.

    Can't wait to hear the details of your FIRST TIME getting fucked,.....Giggle, Giggle, tee-hee !!!

    Your slutty little sissybitch gurlfren',
    ms. karli kunt

  28. **OMG** Karli Kunt you're such a **TOTAL** slut and I think I love you more now than ever **TEHE** I had no idea I had so much more work to do than what I have been doing with my 7" long fuchsia suction cup dildo.

    I have never worn a pussy plug before but the thought of doing it makes me tingle and sparkle all over **giggles** OMG it sounds like you'll have me fucking 10-12 inch cocks **tehe** from the sizes you're talking about. I have always admired big black cocks and so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I might one day have one deep in my pussy **tehe**

    Btw Karli, how do you get the suction cup on your big black dildo to work well enough through your own thrusting action? I have tried my suction on various sources like porcelain and rubber (but not wood) and the seal doesn't last well and the dildo always seems to have to be held in place by me **GRRR**

    **MMM** this blog will be the first I share my cumming out and loss of virginity with **tehe** I know it will be one of the most special moments in my life and it will change me forever so when I do it I want it to be extra yummy.

    Thanks for all the delishus advice my little slutty BFF. Love Br♥ttany

  29. My Darling, Sweet, Innocent, Little Virgin Sissy Brittany,

    You are just soo precious, Sugar Plum !!!.....I just love having you as a gurlfren' is sooo much fun sharing girl talk with you.....

    You will love wearing a pussy plug all night. You may have to wait until you are traveling out of town or your wife is out of town. However, it does such a great job of training your pussy to stay gaped open and it gives you such YUMMY Wet Dreams.....I always wake up horny, wet, damp, moist, sopping wet and ready to be savagely fucked when I sleep with a Butt Plug firmly up inside my hot little boi-pussy.

    By the way, I always practice "Pussy Maintenance" everyday by filling my little boi-pussy with a pure Aloe Vera Gel, using my fingers, after everytime I shower and before I go to bed at night. I buy the pure gel at Walgreens Drug Stores. It always feels sooo godd to stick my finger up inside my pussy when it is covered with Aloe Vera Gel and my little boi-cunt stays moist, damp and delightfully slippery all day long. Morover, the Aloe Vera repairs any abrasions from fucking myself with my Dildo/Butt Plugs and/or a Real Man's Cock. The Aloe keeps my pussy soft, supple and flexible.....all features that Big Black Bulls love about my hot little cunt.

    By the way, it's O.K. to let white guys fuck you and some actually have Big Dicks and are pretty good. But, on average, Black Cocks are bigger, stronger, longer, harder, thicker, last longer and shoot more of that "YUMMY" Man-Cum Sperm. In addition, Black Men tend to be more Dominant and seem to understand better how to treat a submissive, femme, little sissy pantydoll like you and me.

    Getting the suction cup to hold is a challenge. Mine seems to work just fine on the wood veneer of night stands, desks and coffe tables. However, I also got it to work one time on a mirror so I could look back and watch in slipping in and out of my gaped open pussy. I've never really tried it on porcelain or rubber. If yours does not hold on wood, then you might want to buy a different brand suction cup dildo. I think mine is a Doc Johnson. However, I must admit that sometimes when I get too excited or my pussy is leading too much lube so that it leaks down onto the base of the dildo, I will sometimes ride soooo hard up and down that it does come loose....However, the problem is usually solved by cleaning the base of the suction cup and then attaching it to a new dry spot on the desk or night stand. Gawwd !!!.....I love riding it while I am looking at "Sissy Training Videos" or while I'm talking on the phone with a Black Bull.

    I can't wait to hear the story of how you lose your are sooo right that "it will be one of the most special moments in my life"......Afterwards, you will wonder why you waited so long and you will soon learn to crave and desperately desire a Real Man's cock in your pussy as often as possible. It just feels sooo HEAVENLY !!!

    Can't wait to hear more about your progress.

    With Love, Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,

    Your slutty little sissybitch gurlfren',
    ms. karli kunt

  30. **Mmm** Hi Karli,

    **OMG** you're just making me tingle from head to toe with so many **yummy** details about looking after your pussy. With all the attention you pay to making sure your pussy is wet, ready n pretty **tehe** its no wonder the bulls are lined up wanting to fuck you **YAY**

    I love waking up horny. I know on some subconscious level I'm having hottt n steamie girlie dreams because I often wake up with my nipples sore n legz spread or on my tummy with my pussy slightly elevated as if ready to be mounted from behind **tehe** With only a little trimmed patch of muff I feel so sexxxay waking up like that in my birthday suit. I'll sleep in my birthday suit from now on until I am able to sleep in proper undies or a babydoll as Goddess requires in femine habits **giggles** I can only imagine how a pussy plug would take my night sleep to a whole new level **OMG it sounds dreamy**

    **MMM** I can hardly wait to trade notes about guyz cocks and how big, strong, thick, n hard they get, and how much creamy, ooeey gooeey real-man-milk they are able to produce annd how delishus it tastes **tehe** OMG just typing this is making me *WETTT*

    Every time I play with my dildo I practice my blowjob technique and it just makes me feel dreamy taking long licks up the shaft, kissing it all over, swirling my tung around the head, getting it all wet n stroking it, n of course **TRYING** to deep throat it **giggles** which I haven't been able to do yet **grrr**

    I can appreciated what you mean by maintaining your pussy with aloe gel. I don't do that yet but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't touch my pussy, if not with a dildo then with my finger all lubed up before and after with my mouth **tehe** OMG sometimes I'm fingering myself half an hour after sum dildo fun **giggles**

    I'm pretty sure this dildo won't be my last one **tehe** so if I don't figure out suction on this one I'll get more info before I get the next. I can see how you love to train with videos. I love when I am able to train with my mp3 say like with the Jason scene in Goddesses' Good Girl 3 file **YUM**

    Toodles my insatiably slutty little friend, Br♥ttany x0x0

  31. Ok, looks like you've been appointed... Heh... I'm a lil shy around you now... But... Could you maybe gimme some tips sometime on hair removal? I know I'm supposed tobspend hours getting made up and all but shaving both legs, both arms, face and some uh, private areas is really aot of work... I tried, like, veey but its pretty messy.. help?

    1. Ummm...why are you acting shy Kidd? We're all girlfriends here for each other **YAY**

      **Wow** hair removal. I don't think there is anyway around spending the time doing it right. Maybe if you could find a time and place to do it peacefully you could cum to appreciate the activity as the highly feminized ritual that it is.

      I started out by using hair clippers all over my body to remove the long strands from years of yucky accumulation. Just doing that felt so liberating **YAY**

      Now I shave my legs, arms, underarms and chest with a ladies razor but I'm not crazy about the stubble that develops so I am looking into hair removal cream which I think will give you about a 4 week reprieve and a much more smoother finish **YAY** You can't use the cream around genitalia, the nipples or on sensitive skin so it can't solve all your problems **grrr**

      **MMM** I love the pink ladies razor and I will even use it on my face when I can get away with it **giggles** If you shave your face twice in a day (say you want to play dress up at night) it can take its toll and irritate your skin so try to find a face moisturizer to combat this. You might even consider shaving in the evening or around times when you are planning to put on makeup as a close shave with plenty of concealer and foundation is necessary to hide stubble on the face **grrr**

      Hard to get at areas like between your legs or around your nipples require a little special attention. I like to use a bikini razor which is half the width of regular razor and a little better coated to protect you from cuts **tehe** For these tough areas I might also use the hair clippers or if there are only a few hair strands then my tweazers or the little battery operated contraption I use for cutting nose hairs **tehe**

      Shaving twice a week seems like a must and I try to moisturize my entire body 3 or 4 times a week to stay as soft n silky as possible.

      Exfoliation is also helpful to replenish your skin. If there are any women in your household already they likely have exfoliation gloves or brushes in the washroom that you can use when you shower. Just lather up with the glove or cloth and gently scrub over all areas you shave. Good to do that a few times a week staggered between shaves so you're doing it when your skin isn't sensitive :)

      Then there is manicuring your eyebrows **giggles** Thankfully mine are light colored and I wear glasses so I can get away with defining my arch which makes the brow light up when I touch it up with some brow paint **tehe** After touching up your brow, you can also apply a clear mascera to it to give it a waxed look **YUMM**

      OMG girlfriend, I can't believe I know all this off by heart. It just seems like second nature once you get into the habit of doing it.

      Have fun! Love you girl, Br♥ttany

  32. *veet, that's supposed to say*blush*

  33. although new at this site...i would like to congratulate Brittany for being the sissy of the month!!!

    1. **giggles** aww you're a sweetee Jessica n **OMG** I love your name. Everytime I hear your name I think of the big titted airheaded Jessica created by MzDominca. It was one of the first hypno files I ever heard and it like totally shaped the type of sissy I wanted to be. Love you girl, Br♥ttany

    2. Hi Jessy, you said in the chat last night that you sent sissy an email. She didn't get it, so would you mind sending one again?

  34. Hi Girlfriends,

    Well it’s been a month since I was Sissy of the Month and its seems that not a day has gone by that I didn't feel more sissy than the day before **YAY**

    I feel like I have experienced changes on a deep mental, emotional and physical level and this just leaves me feeling sparkling, bubbly, warm n fuzzy all the time **giggles** The changes seem to be coming fast now, not quite like wading into the water anymore but diving right in - either you want to get wet or you don't and I WANT to **DOUBLE YAY**

    I bought an mp3 player that has made it possible to listen to Goddesses' files every day and I think that has been a big part of absorbing her word DEEP in my psyche, accelerating my transformation. That is probably no more evident than in not having masturbated in a month now despite a constant urge to finger my clitty which I do all day without yucky stiffness. Since discovering my cameltoe I will simply finger myself with just my index or middle finger often with legs apart and head cocked back while lightly purrring **OMG it feels so good**

    Mentally, I see myself more than ever as a girl. Personal appearance is a total pre-occupation and daily rituals that I don't even think twice about include tinkling while sitting at home or out, shaving, exfoliating and moisturizing regularly, wearing panties except to bed **grrr**, manicuring my eyebrows to get that arch just right, and personal attention to toe and finger nails. My interests in fashion and make-up products and techniques have become near obsessive and I absolutely LOVE to shop now **giggles** I also love to play dress up and will take advantage of any opportunity to get all made up and dance and prance in front of a full length mirror.

    Emotionally, the WANT, NEED and DESIRE to be a sissy grow daily. Pussy stimulation makes me feel safe and secure in my femininity and my desire to find a man to satisfy that need even more grows. I am constantly checking out guys wondering what it would be like to kiss their lips, put my arms around the back of their neck and rub my body against theirs, feel their strong hands on my body or feel their cock in my mouth or pussy. I feel much less solitary and competitive and so much more communal and caring. I love sharing and commisurating with girlfriends on this blog more than ever before. I cry alot more easily now and it just happens. I don't even feel the need to resist it. Being who I am is also growing in importance to me and if I ever hide my true sissy character when I know I should be declaring it I feel personally ashamed of myself.

    Physically, I have been dieting and exercising every day to burn calories but not add muscle definition. So far I have lost 10 lbs **YAY** bringing me to 165 lbs overall and I have a goal of 135-140 by year end. As I look at my hairless body and tiny muff in the mirror I am ever aware that I do have perky little breasts with pink puffy nipples that I love to touch as much as my clitty and pussy. I am increasingly practicing my female mannerisms and am often looking for some on-line resources to practice these as well as to develop a female voice. The desire to be more physically female in figure and shape has recently taken a step forward with the purchase of 38DD breast forms and a very realistic blonde wig. I just received them and yesterday night was my first opportunity to wear the breast forms with adhesive tape giving me my first ever chance to experience the feeling of having female breasts **MMM** all I can say is it was delishus and very affirming of my sexual identity.

    Well girlfriends, there is strength in sharing our collective experiences with each other. It makes all our paths easier knowing we are not alone and that we have each other. I love being friends with all of you and love being in a place where there is only much love, kindness and openness. Of course, I would still be wandering aimlessly on my path if it weren't for Goddess Gracie and I will always love her for breathing life into my soul.

    Love to you all, Br♥ttany xoxo

  35. Hi Girls,

    Had a workout today which gave me a chance for some long over due time to listent to Goddesses' Eternal Sissy Happiness file **YAY**

    After the workout I had a sauna which I love because it gives me a chance to meditate on something, anything that pops into my fluffy cotton candy mind.

    Today, I meditated on my sissification and how much I have come into my true self these past few months. I don't want to say change over the past few months because I don't think that's accurate. Rather, its all the facades in my life that I have foresaken over the past few months that seems more appropriate to say as well as what I have re-claimed as something true to myself **DOUBLE YAY**

    So here I am with a body I keep completely shaved, moisturized n pampered, a muff I trim nice n pretty, toe and finger nails I polish now with a clear reinforcer, eyebrows I shape into a sexy arch, extra small panties and hose I wear to keep my wee clitty even weer **giggles**, lip gloss I wear to keep my lips soft, moist and wanting all on a daily basis.

    I have a clitty I love to keep soft and only do warm spurties with using a dildo up my pussy or by fingering myself. I have nothing but a platonic love of real women now and a desire or perhaps more accurately a HUNGER to taste cock that keeps growing.

    I have breast forms, a wig and a sizeable women's wardrobe including at least 30 pairs of panties now. I love putting on full makeup and getting all dressed up and prancing around watching myself in a mirror.

    I ask myself would a real man do any of this? Is there any other conclusion to reach other than that I am a sissy? Even my fluffy head can figure out that I must surrender to this fate to be a flaming sissy faggot if I am to be true to myself. To do anything else would just not seem right and highly inappropriate

    Love you all SO MUCH, Br♥ttany xoxo

  36. **MMM**Seeing how Goddess always speaks so highly of Ms Julie's Little Miss Squidgy (LMS) series I thought I would listen to it for myself.

    Like **OMG** girlfriends, this series is so **YUMMY n DELISHUS** I just don't know where to begin **giggles** Rest assured though, this series blends perfectly with the work of our Goddess so that I think listening to these files will take me (and maybe you) to new heights of feminizashun, sissificashun or bimboizashun or maybe all 3 **tee hee**

    I thought I'd tell you about the first file, entitled just LMS, and tell you about some of the other files (like Limp, Panties, Suck, Bimbo and Sissy Forever) as I experience them more fully and of course **giggles** only if you want to hear more so let me know?

    **UMM** so the first file is a curse file to test your manhood and help you decide where you belong in life **OMG** just like Goddesses' files you must beware the permanence of listening as the file is like an activation code for all the sissy tendencies you were born with but have been hiding all your life.

    The file will not affect real men but even if you are a real man and have any doubts then the file lets you take a test to decide for yourself. Its different for sissies though, especially those who have been hiding their true nature all their lives. For them, this curse file and the series is a trigger to live the life of a little miss squidgy who can't get hard for girls and who lives out her dreams of sucking cock and being fed with cum **OMG doesn't that sound YUMMY**

    **MMM** I failed the real man test miserably leading me to be sealed as a little miss squidgy forever **YAY** Although I was not surprised based on all that I have learned about myself from Goddess, it still felt SOO GOOD to be affirmed with the seal of a little miss squidgy **tee hee** I felt so proud :)

    **OMG** girls the file recounts some scenarios we had growing up that contrasts the roles we saw ourselves performing, how we dressed, and whether we imagined ourselves with a throbbing erection or a shriveled-up wee wee at the touch of a girl. These scenarios were like reliving my past and brought so much into perspective for me as I was never very good at sports, tried on panties and bras as a young teen and never had many sexcapades with girls and those that I did failed miserably more often than not. Like in Goddesses own work, these scenarios describe my life in such detail that I cannot help but realize how much more superior the insights and meaning assigned to events of Goddess and Ms Julie are to my own.

    Among many other yummy things Ms Julie also confronts listeners with a hypothetical bra and panty buying scenario that is meant to reveal something to the listener about how much of a real man or sissy she really is **giggles** If it turns out you're a little miss squidgy like I am, you'll not only be sure to never have sex with a woman again but you'll be constantly checking out guys, their bulges and wondering how big their penis and balls are **YUM**

    I know this file will be sure to invade your every thought and deed **YAY** much like it is doing to me right now **DOUBLE YAY** Best of all, I think it will help us experience our own Goddesses' work at a much deeper, fuller level.

    Love you all always, Br♥ttany xoxo

  37. Mmmmm, sissy has VERY fond memories of the LMS files. The first of Ms. Julie's files that sissy listened to was "Cocksucker: Cure or Curse" which made sissy the man-craving cock-hungry slut she is today!!! ***giggle***

    Sissy just loves how Julie's files use reverse psychology to affirm your sissy nature and drive you deeper into feminization.

    While our loving Goddess' files act as a motherly guidance to bring out and promote the growth of our innate girly sides, sissy thinks that Julie's files are truly hardcore sissy brainwashing.

    It's nice to see that Julie is back making files after a long absence. Along with Goddess' files, Julie's files are among the best of WMM.

  38. Hi Joy,

    I just love when you right back to me on my posts **HUGZ**

    I only discovered Ms Julie after Goddess but the first of her files I listened to was the cocksucker cure or curse and I remember how **HAPPY** and **CHANGED** I felt being sealed as a sissy.

    **UMM** for some reason I can't remember what reverse psychology is. It sounds complicated, can you explain it to me?

    All I do know is that the LMS stuff is working in harmony with Goddesses works and together they are triggering a pride in me to embrace everything sissy. Shame and embarrassment are now replaced with pride in a little wee wee, limpness, wearing girls clothes and makeup, being totally preoccupied with appearance, wanting to suck and get fucked by cock and have cum sprayed on my face, and not only acting like a dumb bimbo but permanently becoming one.

    I can hardly wait to work my way up through all of Ms Julie's files, write up to her newest file and then top it all off with Goddesses' the logic of limp to achieve permanent limpness. I have never **sparkled** more with the thought of achieving all that Goddess and Ms Julie offer to us.

    Love you so much Joy, hugz n kisses Br♥ttany xoxo

    p.s., I just rapped my clitty in self adhesive tape, tucked it into 2 pairs of extra small panties and hose, clear polished my toe and finger nails with some nail nutrition and freshened up with lip gloss before righting this up n I just feel YUMMY **giggles** Have a DELISHUS day :)

    1. Sissy is too fluffy in the head to explain reverse psychology ***giggle*** but it's like when Julie says that you are a real man and this file is only for true sissies. That you should have no problem turning off the file and laughing at it if you are a real man(while Julie and us know that that is the opposite of the truth)

      Omg that adhesive tape idea is SO YUMMY! ***giggle***

    2. **HMMM** I think I see what you mean now Joy. Its like when your mommy suggests you to do one thing knowing you'll do the opposite which is what she wanted you to do all along **giggles** Thanks for taking the time to explain for me - you're such a doll to help a girl in need. Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  39. **MMM** Hi Girls,

    I've had a chance to absorb the LMS: Limp file now several times **OMG** this second file builds masterfully off of Ms Julie's first file and makes permanent changes to the inner core of your mind, the subconscious that controls all your thoughts and behaviors, to ensure you will never be able to have sex with a real woman again **giggles** not that a real sissy ever could in the first place **tee hee**

    This file will take you on a yummy journey through the mind, first from the outer surface where your ego and highly socialized defense mechanisms exist, to the inner mind where your thought processing takes place and finally into the inner core which might also be called the subconscious **tee hee I sound like a doctor** The only part that you can't control is the inner core as that is the part that reflects your true self - the part the defines who you are. The inner core tells the inner mind and outer surface how to think and behave but the transmission can get muddled by conflicting signals from your ego and social pressures

    But Ms Julie penetrates all 3 layers of your mind, shutting it down completely so she can make some small permanent tweaks to your inner core that will help you live the life it has always wanted your to live - the life of a sissy.

    **MMM** with repeated listening you'll not only be a little miss squidgy that cannot get hard for any girl, hot or not, but you'll become hopelessly sissified such that you won't be able to stop yourself from using feminine gestures, making silly mistakes, crying, and speaking lispy and using silly words all the time. With the idea that you are a little miss squidgy imprinted on your mind, you will develop an unstoppable urge to tell every woman you contact that you are a sissy **giggles**

    **UMM** I'm pretty sure LMS: Limp has started to work on me as I have been horny and touching my clitty for the past half hour but it has stayed 100% limp **YAY**

    For any of you sissies struggling with limpness, LMS: Limp is a great beginning that will work magically alongside Goddesses' own limp training loop and (I'm assuming as I haven't heard it yet) her recent Logic of Limp file. If after all this you are still struggling with limpness, here is something I have been doing now for about a month that may be helpful.

    Get yourself some 2" wide self-adhesive body tape and wrap it around you wee wee and ball sac (one strip overlapping by an inch should do it). Next tuck your wee wee between your legs, securing it with a tight pair of panties (I wear extra small **YAY**). Now secure with a second pair of similarly sized panties and a pair of pantyhose **giggles** OMG girls you'll feel as smooth as a barbie doll between your legs. This will help control yucky stiffness even when fingering yourself, helping to train your brain to associate arousal with limpness. Before long you'll be able to finger yourself like a girl and have warm spurties from a limp clitty **YAY**

    Now for the cherry on top, imagine what it would be like with all this and listening to one of Goddesses' limp clitty training files?

    **tee hee** Love you girls, Br♥ttany


  40. Hi girlfriends,

    Just like with Goddess Gracie's work, the LMS series of Ms Julie just builds layer upon layer of suggestions and triggers that fill your head with all the pink swirly yumminess you love to dream about **giggles** It helps erase all traces of male ego preventing the real sissy in each of us from living the true life we want and need to live **YAY**

    Ms Julie's LMS Panties file, the 3rd in her LMS series helps the true sissy associate panties with all the things she has ever dreamed of - smoothness between her legs, an hour glass figure with breasts and perky nipples, and even a real pussy with an unquenchable desire to be penetrated by a real man's cock. But it doesn't stop there because the arousal felt by association is like totally intensified by actually wearing panties, something I got to experience first thing **giggles**

    Like **OMG** girls I was listening to LMS Panties in the dark in my eunoch style panties (clitty taped and tucked into extra small panties and hose) and immediately had to undo my shirt as I listened and firstly began to caress my tatas (unfortunately I wasn't able to wear my breast forms) and then undid my pants and fingered myself as I moaned uncontrollably while fantasizing about being penetrated by a big stiff throbbing real man's cock.

    Girls, this is just the beginnings of this file that will make you obsess uncontrollably about all that is associated with panties if you are not wearing them, leaving your only option to fill a wardrobe drawer full of panties and bras to make your life managable. Pretty soon you'll be throwing out all your male underwear as the thought of wearing them will just make you feel ill and yucky.

    This file is a great reminder that panties are a sissies best friend. If you're looking for signs that you've accepted your fate as a sissy, ask yourself what is in your drawer and what are you wearing around your clitty and pussy **giggles**

    Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany xoxo

  41. Hi Girls,

    **MMM** I spent the entire day yesterday and today doing yard work and listenting to LMS: Suck.

    Like **OMG** all I'm going to say is that this file comes close to breaking down every last shred of pathetic manhood you possess and leaves you wanting to suck cock so badly that you start identifying and visiting local places where you know guys are looking for a little sissy to suck their cock.

    The last couple days have been long and hard on me physically **giggles** and so I have not had the energy to carry out MsJ's assignment, though I did have the chance to stuff a 7" dildo up my pussy and have some warm spurties on each day **giggles** which I directly attribute to the **LUST** for cock that MsJ reminds me is a passion that burns deep within me **YAY**

    Several of Ms J's lessons cum full circle in this file and so I would recommend listening after you have heard Little Miss Squidgy, Limp, and Panties in that order

    **OMG** girls I have the most amazing pair of panties on right now. My clitty is taped and tucked within them such that I look eunoch like between my legs **giggles**

    This feeling is a welcum relief for me right now because the yard work over the past few days has been taking its toll on my nails. I haven't broken a nail but I'm getting hang nails and blisters and I just felt like crying today from how the hard work made my nails feel

    **MMM** I don't know if any of you have tried this but you can use a clear polish nail enrichment that will help your nails grow and looks somewhat subtle for every day wear (the polish makes your nails lustre in light but is clear and colorless). Wearing it is a yummy way to feel feminine all day without attracting too much attention as a sissy faggot nail polish wearer **tee hee**

    Love you girls, Br♥ttany xoxo

  42. Hi Fellow Princesses,

    Do you want to be sealed 4-ever as a dumb cock obsessed bimbo? If so then Ms Julie's LMS: Bimbo will have you **sparkling** for the rest of your life **YAY**

    In this file Ms Julie tames the male ego that has been protecting your male identity all your life and makes her realize how she has been holding you back all these years.

    Speaking to your inner core, her words then fill you with **All GIRL** from pretty things like glitter, unicorns n butterflies to really important things like fashion, makeup, pop-music, soap operas, celebrity gossip, giggling and **OMG** real men and their throbbing cocks that you just want to suck on like so badly **giggles**

    The more you are filled with important girly things the less room there is for all the silly old parts of you that are like just so boring like sports, politics, science, math and other things only smart nerdy people are interested in. Like **OMG** girlfriends, you can't even believe that you ever thought you were interested in such boring stuff. If you have a degree, it will practically turn to dust just like anything else you've learned, making you feel lighter, fluffier and happier **YAY**

    Its better to be happy than smart **giggles** and when Ms Julie's words fill you up so much that they **POP** inside your fluffy little head then her words penetrate every little neuropathway in your body, unleashing the girly girl bimbo within who prefers to be the centre of attention at every party, looking her hottest for all the guys to lust over.

    Knowing guys want to get off when they see you or watch you dance or jiggle your boobies for them is like so gratifying, its what makes all the time you spend in front of the mirror worth it. And like sucking cock is the BEST and like the only thing better is sucking cock and getting paid or taken out to shop or for dinner because while every guy wants their cock sucked only a guy that respects you would spend money on your after getting it sucked **DOUBLE YAY**

    Be prepared Princesses, this file like all of the LMS series will permanently affect you like forever and thats like a really long time so you must know you want this. Once you're sealed by Ms Julie as a **BIMBO** there is no escaping this lifestyle that if you know you're a sissy you'll just love **sparkle**

    Love always, Br♥ttany

    p.s., **OMG** I almost forgot that Ms Julie has some triggers for those of you worried that it might be hard for you to live as a cock obsessed bimbo 24/7 **DOUBLE YAY**

  43. Hi All,

    **OMG** I'm just **sparkling** today because after having been on pueraria mirifica capsules and cream from Breast Actives and using a breast pump from noogleberry for the past 3 weeks, I am now completely filling out my new bra **YAY**

    In other words, there are no longer any unsighly crease marks on my cups due to a lack of boobage **giggles** and you can actually see my nipples through the cups **DOUBLE YAY**

    I am also now half way through my second week of lip plumping and have and will continue to diligently plump every morning and evening till this Friday after which its as often as I want **YAY** The **YUMMY** news is that my mouth looks smaller as the lips have plumpened in the middle and have narrowed on the sides. When I pucker, I notice the added volume right away. I just feel naked now without something to **glitter** up my lips n make them ***sparkle**

    **OMG** I am so excited.

    Love always Br♥ttany xoxo


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