Friday, August 17, 2012

Training Loop #2 - Feminine Habits

This file is for true sissies only and should be listened to on repeat for at least an hour at a time. The purpose of the file is to help true sissies develop proper feminine habits in every area of their life. The more you listen, the more results you will see in your bubbly feminine life princess. Everything from your conversational skills to your bathroom etiquette and feminine sexuality will be touched upon, but do realize that these pretty changes will be completely permanent.

[Image]Normal masturbation is reserved for real men only so sissies with small clitties are not even allowed to think of jerking their embarrassing excuse for a penis as a real man would stroke his ten-inch cock.

Diddling away at your tiny nub when it is completely limp is the only way you are permitted to masturbate but it is also important for good girls to abstain from self-induced orgasms for as long as possible.

While limp-clitty masturbation orgasms should be kept to a minimum, it is very appropriate for sissies to seek out many pussy-orgasms from real men and their massive cocks.

Rough sex with dominant men is the correct way for you to have feminine orgasms deep inside your tight pussy and this should be enjoyed as often as possible with the men you are attracted to. Whether you are out on the street or dancing in a club, acting slutty and flirty and dressing provocatively is your way of telling men that you adore cock and you need it badly.


 Male clothes are a thing of the past sweetie. It is simply wrong for a femme girly girl such as yourself to be wearing icky male clothing so you should make it a point to dress properly like a real woman would.

 You will pay attention to the latest fashions and trends in order to look your best, but you will make sure that every piece of your clothing is female. Of course this includes feminine undergarments and there will be no excuse for any disobedient behavior. Even when sleeping, you will settle for nothing less than the prettiest cuddliest most feminine night-wear imaginable.

 To ensure that you are nothing but a mincing sissy, you will look at women not as sexual conquests but as platonic friends. Your conversations with real women will consist of fashion tips and make-up advice to gossiping about celebrities and whispering about hunky guys, as well as the ever-present topic that you are a complete and total sissified faggot with no desire or ability to please women sexually.

I wont spoil all the specifics but rest assured that if you train correctly with this file on a regular basis it will allow you to reach new heights of femininity. As it is a shorter file (15 minutes) I must reiterate that it should be listened to on repeat several times to gain the full effects. I should also restate that it is for genuine pathological sissies only and real men or women will not benefit from listening.

Be sure to let me know what's on your little mind after you listen sweetie. 

Training Loop #2 -
Feminine Habits


  1. Yesterday was a **YUMMY** delishus day that I just had to share with you Goddess and all my girlfriends.

    I was doing some chores while listening to Feminine Habits on loop. OMG after a few iterations I just wanted to get out and do some shopping.

    I first stopped in a jewellery store and picked myself up some clip on dangling black and fuchsia star earings to accessorize with my growing *yummy* wardrobe **giggles**OMG I just love them. Dangling earings are one of those things that are unmistakingly feminine and I could tell by the disapproving look from the saleslady that she knew I was buying them for myself but I didn't care. I just looked her in the eye, pursed my lips n sayed 'thank yew"

    I then popped into a place that was having a clearance sale and picked up a couple of fuchsia tops. Both fit nice and tight thought I didn't have the courage to try them on in the store. One is a designer t-shirt and the other is a crop top and they'll just look yummy with my booty shorts. OMG I also saw a tube top that I would love to wear if I had a strapless bra (silly me thought it was a mini skirt to begin with and that made me *giggle* out loud). I'm beginning to see how strapless or halter style bras can be so important for hiding bra straps with a top.

    OMG the saleslady in the store remembered me from a few weeks back and giggled when I made the purches as I am pretty sure she knew they were for me. I wish I had made that clear to her and was disappointed in myself for not being more honest as she looks friendly and someone who might be sympathetic.

    Lastly, I went to ******* and picked up a black pair of 4" pump heels on sale *YAY* and some makeup accessories (an eyebrow manicuring kit; a couple of eyeliners (taupe and midnight black); falsh lashes **YUMMY**; and a lighter eyeshadow that will work well with what I already have). At the checkout, the saleslady ran in the pumps first and asked if I could walk alright in them and I found myself instinctively shaking my head yes thanks *tehe* Then when she saw the other items she knew I wasn't kidding and her mood changed. I knew she was judging me but I couldn't care less. I loved what I got and I wasn't going to let anyone spoil it for me **YAY me**

    Well after all that, a girl has to have a fashion show and so I tried it all on in my own little private enclave and pranced and danced in front of a full length mirror admiring my look. I so wanted to satisfy my pussy lips at that moment as they were twitching in heat but timing wasn't great so I held off.

    OMG girlfriends, when I look at my shaved legs in pumps and booty shorts, my shaved tummy in a tight crop top with 38DD tatas I see a HOTTT slut looking for yummy cock. What I need to work on is my look. I don't have lots of facial hair but enough that afternoon shadow makes me feel YUCKY and not pretty. I think its time for me to also get some contact lenses too.

    Well after all that I then spent a little time manicuring my eyebrows and working on my arches **tehe**. OMG it takes alot of time and effort being your girly best but practice makes perfect and I have so much fun practicing that I could do it all day **tehe** I have yet to get completely made up and would love to have a safe place to do just that **SIGH**

    Worked out last night as you know I want to trim down a little then bathed, shaved my body and moisturized. OMG moisturizing feels so good I just love it. Its like making love to yourself with your hands **tehe**

    I know feminine habits will make gurly behavior more instinctive than it already is for me. I know this is already the case with going tinkles. Even in a public restroom I squat over a toilet **tehe** I don't even think twice about it **YAY** I'm not at the point of sleeping in undies n a bra though I want to so badly but can't do that until I come out to wifey. One step at a time though **tehe**

    Love you all girlfriends, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    p.s., OMG I found strawberry and cotton candy hubba bubba. Its SOO DELISHUS :)

  2. Good girl Brittany :)

    You've made remarkable strides towards full feminization in these past couple of weeks sweetie. It's great that you are finding new stores that you like and buying all the things that sissies desire.

    I knew the saleslady would remember you sweetie, I'm sure you made quite the impression on her the first time you met. Maybe next time you will work up the courage to be more open with her, I'm sure she already knows you're a sissy so there is no need for any silly pretense at all!

    It's also wonderful that you don't let the disapproving judgments of some of the cashiers or salesladies you deal with discourage you, I'm sure all the sissies reading your post will find it very inspiring.

    Keep up the fantastic work princess.

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. **SPARKLES** OMG Goddess I have missed you so much this past week and now you write such a **YUMMY** reply that makes me tingle all over and want to do even more.

    To hear you say I am striding toward FULL feminization makes me feel so fluffy and dreamy about what could one day be. You warned in Bimbbo Blessing that feminization would accelerate with listening and doing your will and as I do more and hear your encouragement and support I just want to keep going.

    I know silicone breasts and hormones carry risks but as my mind, body and soul slowsly transform I HUNGER and NEED to be the most perfect sissy I can be. I increasingly feel incomplete without breasts to call my own, without a figure proportioned more fully to be the object of every real man's desire as well as to be my silky smoothest always.

    I will listen to feminine habits on repeat in my workouts every day this coming week and I am hoping it will give me the added push to start making platonic girl friends that I can confide in. For any more shopping I will make it a personal goal to claim ownership to the salesstaff of what I am buying *giggles*

    I think I also really need to start learning to speak more like the femme faggot I am starting to feel like.

    Love you always, Br♥ttany

  4. Yeah, like, im still a bit shy about my voice too... And damn it all if I'm not having some trouble staying limp... Ive even youtubed some vids on how wrestlers tape their privates down for matches, bit that just led to me getting all tinglywatching strong men fight


    1. Hi sweet K.Kiddy,

      For me the voice part has been a challenge but it has been made easier by limpness. It's like limpness was my chakra from which I was able to draw an abundance of female energy. Amazingly, six weeks ago I would never have said this.

      What did it for me was not masturbating *YAY* I was a chronic masturbator my entire life and never thought I could go a day without making one or two spurties. But Goddesses' limp clitty training through files like Good Girls and Bimbo Blessing taught me the value of restraint and limpness.

      When I restrained myself to limpness I felt like all my excess energy was being channeled into more feminine thought patterns and habits and then suddenly I started to become a lot more aware of my breasts and pussy as major sources of arousal. From that point on I stopped thinking about my clitty, bought a dildo and have never had more fun **DOUBLE YAY**

      I hope limpness brings the same joy to you as it did for me sweety!

      Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany xoxo

  5. Dear Goddess Gracie and all my BFFs on this blog,

    Sorry to be posting on this new thread so much **tehe** but I just had to share this yummy story :)

    I was all set to work out today when I discovered I was going to have the house to myself so I stayed in for a little uninterrupted feminine time.

    While in my panties, bra and breast forms and chewing some hubba bubba I started listening to feminine habits expecting to train with it for an hour or so as I have done now the past 2 days in a row.

    Not even through one cycle, however, desire got the better of me as I listened to the section on keeping your pussy stimulated with a nice hard dildo and I instantly found myself in the washroom douching my pussy nice and clean. I still don't have a proper pussy douche but this method worked well and made me very excited to have a clean, silky smooth pussy to play with.

    What followed was nothing short of the most **YUMMY and DELISHUS** sissy sex I have ever had **giggles**

    Lubing the dildo up with jelly I teased my pussy hole with the big head, slowly finding the right angle of entry to take all 7 inches **OMG* it felt so good and after thrusting a bit I had to pull the dildo out and suck on the delishus boner that was driving me wild with desire.

    Before long I had the dildo lubed up again and back inside my WANTING pussy. This cycle of thrusting, pulling out and sucking and thrusting again went on a few times, each time making my clitty feel smaller and smaller but hotter and hotter with desire **YAY**

    Always in the doggy position, and alternating between standing and kneeling, and between thrusting the dildo into my pussy and thrusting my pussy on the dildo, I found myself play acting in Good Girl 3 and fantasizing that it was Jason inside of me. My whole body was glowing now and I could hardly hold Jason in my hand as my pussy juices were all over him and running down my pretty little pussy lips and down my legs.

    Suddenly I found my sweet spot and between moans of ecstasy out came the cummies which I instantly devoured with my free hand or pulled Jason out and collected from the tip of my clitty with the head of his cock to then suck off.

    In all I had 3 yummy limp clitty cummies that I won't soon forget as they made me feel more like the slutty girl I am than ever before.

    Love you all. Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany

  6. Good for you brit:)

  7. I just wish the whole world was as helpful and supportive as this place... I mean, Goddess Gracie just makes all the natural urges I've had my whole life seem just ok... And they are ok, there are straight men and straight women and gay men and women and its all wonderful... All of you here who've listened to this file know that Goddes isnt forcing us to do anything we dont want, and i mean really want, to do... sometimes i get very sad and so confused and while confusion is adorable for a sissy faggot, sadness is never fun...
    Geez chicks, I need a boyfriend so I won't feel so useless. ...

    1. I'm glad you feel so comfortable and at home here sweetie :)

      There's no need to feel useless or sad, that is silly talk! Though I understand why a true sissy might feel like she needs a big strong man around to look after her, and that is perfectly fine princess.

      Love and big warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. I wonder what the K stands for in your name sweetie? Maybe Krystal, or Kylie?

    2. The description above and the images you choose Goddess Gracie are heavenly as always!!! And your reply to KK speaks to me....Thank you!!

    3. Hi Susannah,

      I somehow missed your comment till just now, hope you didn't think I was being rude!

      Thank you sweetie, and do let us know how you enjoyed the file :)

      This file is now 100% Free for all to download as of today. Yay!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  8. **Blush**


    **HUGZZ** are for free here K.Kiddy **giggles**

    To get past those times when I feel sad, I try to flip it around and remind myself to not feel the need to apologize even to myself for something that is not my fault, rejoice in finally discovering who I am hoping for the courage to be that person, and pity those who would prefer I live an unhappy life in a lie rather than embrace the truth which will always set you free.

    I know there's a real man out there for someone as beautiful and sensitive on the inside as you K.Kiddy!

    Love you girl, Br♥ttany xoxo

  9. Actually, my first name really is Kidd... It's kindof a rare name i think my mom made it up... I'm Probly gonna keep it just cuz, it isn't really a masculine name and its kindof cute in a quirky way...

  10. **tehe**

    kwirky kiddy's kooch konsumes kopious kwantitities of kum **giggles**

    Hugz n kisses, Br♥ttany

    1. Lmfao. seriously that was a treasure:)

    2. **giggles** I'm glad you liked it girlfriend Br♥ttany x0x0

  11. Hi Girlfriends,

    It was such a YUMMY n DELISHUS week that I just thought I'd share it with you. It all started with Goddesses' Feminine Habits file but then carried over into her newest releases for training loop 7 on panties and training loop 8 for compulsive clitty diddler. Since these new releases, I have been listening to each for about 45 minutes a day while sexercising at the gym to burn some calories n get down to a nice trim 140lbs for my 5'7" frame.

    Well the YUMMY news is that training with the files opened my fluffy mind to further go down the path toward full feminization and so I went on an exhaustive search for breast forms and wigs in local shops this past week but couldn't find any so I decided to order some online so in 1-2 weeks I will be the DELISHUS new owner of some 38DD breast forms that with adhesives will allow me to go braless. I also ordered a very HOTTT risquee blonde wig and some pheromone spray to drive the real guys wild **giggles**

    Yesterday, I finished off my shopping spree by getting some yummy panties to start wearing more regularly. OMG the 3 pairs I got (blue, flesh and white) fit yummy tight and have a crease up the middle that makes me look like I have a very inviting cameltoe **giggles** When I first noticed it I tingled all over and my eyes even welled up with the excitement **BLUSH** Now I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror and the more I hike the back of the panties up between my pussy cheeks the more pronounced the cameltoe **YAY**

    OMG girlfriends, like next to our headlights, a cameltoe is one of the next best things for telling the world you're horny for cock and I'd love to find a colorful pair of booty shorts that could show this look off **giggles**

    **MMM** maybe the cameltoe booty shorts would go well with a matching tubetop in my new 38DD breastforms **giggles** Finish it off with a knee high stiletto heeled boot and some pheromone spray and I'll attract my fist gang bang **tehe**

    Well none of this would be possible without Goddess Gracie so thanx must go to her YUMMY inspiration.

    Love you all ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  12. **MMM** speaking of feminine habits I just picked up 3 pairs of the YUMMIEST neon pink panties I have ever seen. And OMG I got them at a summer clearance sale at 50% off which I think means half price (LOLZ I was never good at math). OMG whatever it is I LOVE shopping.

    One pair is a "one size fits all" booty short style and OMG it fits like a glove. I almost wonder if I could wear these as booty shorts with the white lace panties that give me that cameltoe look **tehe**

    **AWWW** I just tried this idea and noticed the panty lines through the pink booty short. Maybe if I get a g-string thong that will work? I noticed one in the shop where I got these so I guess I'll have to go back **tehe**

    The other two pairs are ladies mediums and feel silky smooth. Funny thing is that one pair fits a little big and the other pair fits a little small so a girl really needs to know her sizes **tehe** So looks like I have 2 more reasons to do more shopping **YAY**

    **MMM** Best of all I got my pussy douche that I will use with warm water. **OMG** I am so excited to use this as I love to alternate between a wet sloppy blowjob and yummy pussy pounding that ends in warm spurties that taste SOO DELISHUS **tehe**

    Love you girls, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  13. Can a girl have too much PINK? Like OMG I don't think so **tehe**

    I was out shopping today and saw the yummiest pink mini sleeveless dress, pink frilly mini skirt, pink belt with glittery studs, the most gorgeous pink handbag that looked like it came from Coach and OMG 5" pink pumps.

    And OMG they are all at summer clearance prices **YAY** I think I'm going to treat myself to them all in the next few days if I can find everything in the right size **giggles**

    Love you girls Br♥ttany x0x0

  14. Hi Girlfriends,

    Well I ended up matching up a hot pink tiered layered mini skirt with a cute little top that is black with pink flowers for decorations on the tummy and sheer pink shoulders.

    I also picked up a strapless bra so peeps won't see my bra straps through the sheer **giggles** I was looking for pink but they only had black and white. I probably should have gotten black but ended up getting white so might need to go back and get another. No matter, a girl always needs a white bra so no biggy **tehe**

    I was going to get pink heels but couldn't find the right match so will stick with my 4" black pumps for now **tehe**

    **OMG I think some pink costume jewellery (pearl earings, necklace and bracelet) will complete the outfit perfectly. Its just so hard to find clip on earrings. I really should consider piercing my ears **GULP** what am I saying :)

    Also picked up that pink sleeveless dress that is just painted on me and I know my new bra is going to just make my tatas pop out of that number. I'm going to need the pink heels with that fo shizzle **tehe**

    **MMM** shopping is so much fun. I was listening to Goddesses' Eternal Sissy Happyness the whole time I was out **YAY**

    Love always Br♥ttany x0x0

  15. I just listened to feminine habits today for the first time, I loved it so much I listened to it again. I will be listening to this two times a day for a long time, it got me so excited I contacted an old lover and will be seeing him this weekend. I cannot wait to serve his every whim. I am looking for more men toserve and I love you Gracie. I found you on warped minds and I am tmichellev, I would like to be added to your fan list if that's okay. Again, thank you, I fee so much beeter today.

  16. Yay Michelle!

    So glad you enjoy the file sweetie. Remember that good girls like to train every day.

    It's a nice idea to listen to the file even in the background while you do other appropriate things like housework, cooking, tending to hubby, applying makeup etc.

    I hope your meeting with your old BF goes well sweetie and you remember to behave like the perfect slut for him.

    Love and hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

    P.S. This file just became 100% free as of today, before it was a Premium file but it was uploaded exactly 6 months ago so it is now free for all to download.

  17. sigh...I am so in love with you Gracie....tmichellev

    1. **YAY for Michelle. Let us know how your meeting with the old flame goes girl. Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany xoxo

  18. oh yea yay michelle and love your post girl on wmm. So glad youre here in our group with GG the best teacher and mentor in the land. Hope we all hear how it went with your b/f but can tell you mine has commended alrighty in the changes he sees. Giggling all the time and playing with my hair while I talk about fashions heels and guys lol but he does notice how well I have been treating him . We cuddled and snuggled last night and he got rewarded. I think he adores me now acting as a bimbo and air head. I know I do giggles. You go girl

    1. **MMM** there is a **sparkle** all over this message Debbie that is just adorable and inspiring all in one **giggles** I am so happy for you girl. Keep **sparkling** Love Br♥ttany

  19. I think this works really well with Panties and Clitty Shrinker :)


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