Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eternal Sissy Happiness

This file is the spiritual successor and unofficial follow-up to Bimbo Blessing (which recently became 100% free to download!). It is vital that you listen to both parts of Bimbo Blessing before you proceed any further.
My previous conditioning will be strengthened and you will learn to ***sparkle*** and ***giggle*** constantly until you feel just like a strange mix between a silly little girl and a slutty bimbo desperate for cock and cuddles with her big strong man. Everything you have previously learned in Bimbo Blessing will be expanded upon and you will notice an increased emphasis on your ***sissy sparkle*** and how bright and giggly it makes you feel.

This is a very addictive file and the aim is to leave the sissy listener in a state of constant airheaded happiness and arousal, but be careful what you wish for sweetie. Many sissies will find themselves in a permanent state of giggly bimbo happiness and it is entirely up to the listener how long they choose to remain in that state. It is very important that you listen to the file on a regular basis, at least twice a day but preferably more!

As with Bimbo Blessing, this file is technically a curse but true sissies will see the effects as wholly positive. It is strictly for true hardcore sissies only, I cannot stress that enough. It is also important that you remember that good girls like to obey princess.

The more you listen to this file, the softer and fluffier your cotton candy brain will become princess. Good girls like to ***sparkle*** bright as can be whenever they absorb Goddess Gracie's conditioning, so be a good girl and ***sparkle*** bright for me today sweetie.

Eternal Sissy Happiness


  1. **MMM** I have been listening to this file at least a couple of times a day since it first came out and even when I'm not listening I feel as if I still am **GULP**

    I am SPEECHLESS about this file but I am having a hard time recalling its details other than knowing that I have never felt like I **sparkled** more about my sissy identity since starting to listen to it **YAY** and that the thought of ever being with a woman again makes my clitty shrivel even smaller.

    I feel different after listening to this file - like anything is possible including going out in public fully dressed as a sissy and finding myself a real man to open my mouth for or spread my legs for so he can spray his good girl juice inside my pussy or all over my face.

    I have never listened to a file that I felt resonated with me in so much detail. I felt like every minute detail understood me on such a DEEP DEEP level even more than I understand myself. I just wanted the file to continue forever and as it turns out the **sparkling** feeling I still have means this file has a reach on me far beyond listening.

    I guess the effects of this file explain my little shopping spree over the past few days. Tomorrow I can hardly wait to do a little fashion show and admire my new slutty look in the mirror **tehe**

    I think Eternal Sissy Happiness confirms for me that Goddess Gracie knows me like no other and I feel confident that her word alone is all I need to achieve my feminization dreams.

    Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  2. **MMM** what a YUMMY day so far. I woke up early with my legs slightly bent and spread and my hand on my soft clitty as if I was unconsciously readying myself to be mounted by a man **OMG** it just felt so right. Since listening to ESH so much, I can't believe I ever had sex with a woman before. It all seems like a distant memory and absolutely the furthest thing from my mind right now **YAY**

    I had some alone time so I put on my breast forms, adhesives and all this morning **OMG** I love the feel of my breasts jiggling all by themselves. I then tried on my new strapless bra (which also can be worn with straps over the shoulders or like a halter) with my new dress as well as top n skirt **MMM** I love them so much. I never got into makeup because I didn't have time **grrr**

    Next I just had to pull out my dildo n practice deep-throating. I was trying to force myself past the feeling of gagging but no luck yet **grrr** I'll keep trying but would love if anyone had any ideas **pretty please**

    After playing around I had a workout at the gym and a sauna and shower *OMG** I lost another 2.5lbs so I'm getting there **YAY** Its amazing what a motivation new clothes can be for losing weight **tehe** I have this YUMMY scented cotton candy shower gel that I just adore lathering up with. It just smells heavenly **YUM**

    In the changeroom, I got dressed with my "Heart Me" pink thong. Like OMG I didn't even care if some guy saw me putting it on and was kinda hoping they might to see what they'd do **giggles**

    The whole time at the gym I listened to more of ESH. Probably about 4 loops in total **OMG** I just love this file. Its pushing me past a tipping point in my sissification and I find myself wanting to listen more and more with each listen.

    Well thats it for now girlfriends. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    p.s., I'd love to hear from more of you sissyfriends. The blog has been a little quiet lately and I miss you all terribly :) Pretty please with sugar n sparkles on top for more of you to post something **HUGZ**

    1. Hi girlfriend, sissy just found it absolutely delicious that you woke up in such a sexy, cock-hungry pose like that! **giggle**

      It just goes to show how far down the rabbit hole (sissy hole?) you've gone to the point that your subconscious is fully accepting your feminine self.

      How did you feel at the gym after listening to ESH? OMG did you flirt with any guys?!

    2. **MMM** thanx Joy you're such a YUMMY friend to me and always so supportive **HUGZ** I could just eat you all up you're so **delishus**

      ESH is just making me **sparkle** all the time now and I find myself increasingly doing all the little wee things **teehee or wee-wee things** to express my femininity.

      Like **OMG** Joy everywhere I walk now I jiggle my hips. Doing it forces me to straighten my back so its actually good for my posture **tehe** n of course that means you stick your chest n perky nipples out too **sparkle**

      Just yesterday I bought some body tape to help to make my clitty invisible like a real girl even if just wearing panties. Within the next day or two I'm also going to go out n buy some extra smaller panties to tuck everything away **OMG I wish I could tuck it away forever **giggles**

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

      p.s., Right now the gym is a bit of a rush for me to fit in and with headphone listening to ESH it makes it hard to interact other than through smileys n eye contact **YUM** I smile at every guy I'm attracted to though and thats alot of them **tehe** It's funny but I feel like I've completely lost all sexual attraction to real women now. Sometime I wonder if I ever truly was attracted to real women at all but I kind of try to switch my mind off to distracting thoughts like that as they just seem irrelevant and inappropriate to my reality and are detrimental to my **sparkle**

    3. Mmmmmm jiggling your hips while you walk in public is SUCH a feminine thing to do! You GO girl!!! Have you been practicing walking in bimbo heels?

      Also, on the topic of deepthroating.. If you lay on the bed with your head hanging off the edge, your throat passage becomes straight, better aligning with the dildo (or PENIS) that you slide into your mouth. Try this out and let me know how it works!

      Love ya Brittany!!!♥


    4. **MMM** thanx Joy, I'll try that on the bed next time **tehe** I do practice walking in heels. I have 4.5" platform sandals and 4" pumps but I don't have a lot of room to stride **tehe** Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  3. Hi there Brittany. I've been reading this site for some time now but never posted, because pretty shy, hehe ^^.

    I'm just a beginner sissy right now, so I'm not as much of a good girl as you are, but I looove reading all about your experiences and stuff. You're such an inspiration!
    I've just started to accept that I'm a sissy and only listened a few times to GG1 and 2. I refused to believe I was a sissy, thought it was a bad thing, but the files made me start to realize that it's better to be your true self instead of pretending to be a man, even if that true self is a silly little sissy fantasizing about cocks, hihi :).
    I found this for your deepthroating problem, maybe there's stuff in there that will help you. I really hope you manage to do it! Deepthroating must be like one of the best skills to have! :p

    Also, I'm sooo happy Goddess chose to use one of the bimbo pics I sent her on this blog post, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy ^_^

    Oh well, maybe I'll start posting a bit more, if I get over my shyness :$

    love and kisses

    1. Hi Lucy,

      Aren't you a TOTAL SWEETIE for posting this message **HUGZ** I am just **sparkling** right now with the thought that I am an inspiration to you. Really you are just WAY to KIND but as they say, flattery will get you everywhere **tehe**

      Lucy, 2 months ago I was where you are now and if you commit to letting Goddess Gracie into your mind as you have already started to do you will notice accelerated progress that leaves you feeling more n more YUMMY n DELISHUS with each passing day.

      For me, doing something sissy every day, no matter how small, as well as committing to keeping my fem-energy maximal through a vow of limpness has made the difference. Each day builds on the next until Good Girl habits become second nature and you do them without even thinking **YAY**

      **OMG** girlfriend, thanks for the advice on taming your gag-reflex. I am actually one of those that doesn't like taking pills so I shouldn't be surprised that I can't deepthroat but I am going to follow some of the advice in this article, especially with taming the soft palate. Hurray I am SOO excited about following some of these recommendations n will be sure to share any progress I make :)

      Well girlfriend, I am certainly glad you overcame your shyness. Whenever I think of shyness, I think of a beautiful poem "Our Greatest Fear" by Marianne Williamson:

      It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
      Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
      Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
      It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
      We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
      Actually, who are you not to be?
      You are a child of God.
      Your playing small does not serve the world.
      There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
      We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
      It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
      And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
      permission to do the same.
      As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

      Stay sissy not shy girlfriend. Love you always, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. How adorable, little Brittany has made a lovely new friend! Yay!

      Welcome Lucy, I'm sure you will enjoy your stay very much sweetie.

      And Brittany, glad you love the file princess and it's always great to read your fluffy little thoughts that just feel so warm and fuzzy to share.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    3. Omg Brittany thanks for your lovely reply and that poem! I'll try to think of it every time I get scared of continuing my sissification or to do girly stuff ^^. And thank you Goddess for the welcome, and of course thank you for your blog and your files *teehee*.

      I still get "male" feelings sometimes, and sometimes I get a surge of male pride that makes me want to stop everything. Fortunately I've managed to resist to that urge until now, and I think Goddess Gracie's files are helping me push that male pride away, yay!

      Everytime that happens I remind myself that a real man wouldn't even have thought about listening to Goddess' files, a real man wouldn't enjoy being called a sissy faggot, and a real man wouldn't have several panties and thongs in his closet *giggle*.

      Also this week end I bought online a bunch of female clothing, and I think wearing those will help me erase those silly male feelings, yay! I'm sooo impatient to get them and try them on!

      Hugs and kisses

    4. Hi Lucy, hi Goddess,

      **YAY** I have a new friend who is just blooming before our little community's very eyes **sparkle**

      Lucy I'm so glad you like the poem and can draw some strength from it. For me, sissification begins with being honest to ourselves, something Goddess truly helps us discover and something you are well on your way to doing **YAY**

      I think you are SOO SMART to pick up on how silly and inappropriate "male pride" can get in the way of our sissification. I couldn't agree more and we must be vigilant in not letting it interfere with the revelation and acceptance of our true selves which I think is one of the building blocks of eternal sissy happyness.

      I think the reminder script you go through about what a real man would not be doing (**tehe** which is everything you're doing) is a great way to drive out your silly male pride once and for all.

      As I was reading what you do, I was thinking about one of MsJ's Little Miss Squidgy (LMS) files called Sissy Cocksucker Cure or Curse (parts 1 & 2). It might be fun for you to try this (you can get it from WMM) and seal yourself once and for all as a sissy before committing to limpness and full sissification under Goddess Gracie's tutelege. I did this myself because I understood our own Goddess drew some inspiration from the LMS series and it was a very powerful experience for me that I would recommend to any true pathological sissy still working through some of her doubts.

      **OMG** Lucy look at you ordering clothes online. You must be so excited I can feel your excitement radiating through your post **YAY for Lucy** Pretty please tell us when they arrive and what you ordered.

      Love you girl and of course love your Goddess and sissies everywhere **tehe** Br♥ttany ♥♥♥ xoxo

    5. Omg omg thank you Brittany, you make me feel so much better about becoming a total sissy. I'm starting to fully understand how natural it is for me to go through this process to become a feminized little slut *giggle*. It's just how I was always supposed to be after all!

      I'll totally check out these LMS files and see if they can help me, thanks for the great tip. You're such a nice girl ^_^.

      *teehee*, the clothes arrived today, and I spent a lot of time trying them on, it was sooo lovely! There's a nice pair of jean shorts that hug my butt and show off my legs, a few tops (half are tube tops *giggle*), mostly in various shades of pink.
      A super cute frilly pink dress, and I just twirled around while wearing it, it felt so nice! I also got a nice white miniskirt with a very cute belt, and a gorgeous baby-doll *teehee*.

      I was sooo happy trying everything on, it really made my day!

      Love you too Brittany, many many hugs and kisses!

    6. **Awww** you're welcome sweetheart!

      I hope in time we'll both discover there is no need to apologize or feel guilty for who we are. Toxic social norms that villify people like us who don't fit the "norm" are to blame for conditioning us this way. Thank goodness for people like Goddess Gracie to purge our minds of these toxic destructive elements and build up our own **sparkly** sissy pride.

      I hope the LMS cure-curse file (especially file #1) does for you what it did for me **giggles** After I sealed myself with the file, I never listened again. Since then, my only mistress has been Goddess Gracie and I LOVE it that way because I don't want my mind contaminated by any lesser influences.

      **OMG** Lucy your new clothes sound so YUMMY. Are the jean shorts like booty shorts? I have a black pair of high quality lycra booty shorts that I adore and hope to have the courage to wear to the gym one day **teehee**

      If you love the feel of jean short over your clitty and pussy, you should also try jeggings (half jean, half legging). They are like a legging that looks like a pair of jeans **OMG** they are so hot and look fabulous in heels and a halter or crop top. I love pink too **giggles** How far down does your pink dress go? Is it a mini or fuller length? Is it roomy or painted on **tehe** OMG tell me about the babydoll? Will you wear it to bed? I don't have a babydoll as I wouldn't be able wear it to bed **grrr** but would love to get one one day **YUM**

      Love you to pieces girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    7. Sadly they're not booty shorts, so they don't show off the bottom of my butt, but they're still pretty short and really make my thighs pop! *giggle*

      I really like that jegging idea, I'll try to remember to have it on my list next time I do some shopping ^^. The pink dress goes down to about half my thigh, so it's pretty short, though not short enough to show my thong when I bend over *giggle*. And it looks like that: (the one on the right). It made me feel sooo pretty wearing it!

      The babydoll is like that I can't wear it to bed now, but as soon as I can I'll wear it to sleep, hopefully it'll give me delicious dreams! *teehee*

      kisses kisses kisses

    8. **MMM** the shorts sound YUMMY Lucy and I can feel the **sparkle** n **pop** over every word I read. Are you shaving your legs yet? If not, you'll start soon enough **teehee** Seeing my shaved legs in shorts the first time did it for me **sparkle** Now I can't bear the thought of hair on my legs or anywhere else for that matter **giggles**

      **OMG** girlfriend, the pink dress and babydoll look **sexalicious** You should ride up and down the elevator of a busy mall wearing the dress and thong **giggles** You'd be sure to draw a few scandalous looks but I bet you'd be going home with a real hunk by the end of day too **tehe** Then you could change into the babydoll for him n tend to his every need :)

      I'm so impressed with your commitment to posting to the blog Lucy. Its such a YUMMY feeling looking forward to all the DELISHUS details about what you're up to next. Stay SISSY girl!

      Love you, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    9. I haven't shaved my legs yet :(. I'm actually already terrible at shaving my face, so I'm really scared to get hurt while trying to shave my legs. But at the same time I know it would feel sooo yummy to be all smooth everywhere!

      OMG just the idea of wearing the dress at a mall makes me soo aroused! I'd be blushing so so much! *giggle* And serving a real man in my cute babydoll would be like the perfect way to end the day! *teehee*

      Heehee thank you Brittany, I feel like actually writing about what I do and stuff makes it feel more real, so it helps me to accept that my nature is to be a little sissy faggot *giggle*.
      Also I forgot to tell last time, but one of the top I got is so tight and smooth that it REALLY shows my nipples when they get erect, and I just looove how that looks! ^^

      Yay sissies! *kisses*

    10. ***OMG** Lucy you are such a mincing little sissy faggot **teehee**

      There are alternatives to shaving like hair removal cream, strips **eek** and even electrolysis and laser hair removal **OMG** so many choices **YAY**

      But speaking from personal experience, shaving with a ladies razor is actually much simpler than a man's razor even in hard to get to areas like between your clitty and pussy. In fact, it never even occurred to me as I have cut myself with a man's razor on more than a few occassions unlike never with a woman's razor and that is probably because I was never meant to use a man's razor **teehee shame on me**

      **OMG** though Lucy once you shave your body, moisturize and exfoliate you'll be hooked. After I do that I just **sparkle** and feel like a new woman. The only part of me that has hair now is my clitty area and I keep trimming it to the point where its looking more like a lush little garden than an unkept forest **YAY**

      **MMM** it sounds like you are having so much fun with your new clothes **DOUBLE YAY** I feel the same way about writing and doing things making you feel more sissy. Baby steps each day and then they become like habits like wearing panties, shaving, walking with a wiggle, and then before long you are putting on makeup, breast forms and a wig **giggle** and you wonder how you ever lived without the feeling of a dildo or cock in your pussy to make you do warm spurties

      Hugz n kisses, ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    11. Oh I know it'll happen one day, it's not like I'm gonna be able to resist the temptation of shaving my body eternally. I'm terrible at resisting temptations of any kind anyway *giggle*. Your body must look and feel so pretty, all shaved and smooth like that ^_^.

      And thaaank youuu for the compliment, I love it so much now when people call me a sissy faggot! And it turns me on sooo much! :p

      *teehee* I do love my new clothes. I actually an internet female friend who makes me wear them and do poses and take pictures of it for her, and then tells me how pretty and feminine I look. It makes me so happy!
      She also sometimes makes me do humiliating stuff and calls me names like sissy slut, or cockwhore, and it's like my brain completely turns to mush and I become her little fucktoy to play with *giggle*. Hehe, it turns me on again just thinking about it *blushes*

      Love you

    12. Hi Lucy, my sweet adorable sissy friend **giggles**

      When you say terrible at resisting temptation I think of myself and how a state of mindlessness can be so helpful to remove those barriers that prevent us from living as we were meant to **YAY**

      **OMG** Lucy your online friend sounds so HOTTT. Please tell us more I'd love to know where you met, what she makes you do...stuff like that. I know how much I feel like I "need" approval and so can understand how much you might depend on this online misstress and the lengths you'll go to please her.

      Love you girl, ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    13. Heehee, well I met her on a forum a few months ago, though I don't even remember what forum or site that was exactly (silly memory!), and since then we've been chatting regularly ^^.

      She's really soo great! At first she knew me as a submissive boy (because we talked a lot about sex *giggle*), but the more time passed, the more she started to realize how much of a sissy I was, maybe even before I realized it myself.

      And now she mostly treats me like her little faggy friend, we look at pretty clothes and lingerie together. She also gave me tips on what kind of exercices to do to shape my butt and thighs and make my hips look bigger ^_^.

      She's the one who pushed me to buy my new clothes, and then made me do feminine poses and take pictures for her. I loooved it so much, and then she said she loved the pictures and I had been a good little sissy for her *blush*.

      And when she gets horny, she starts calling me her little fucktoy, telling me how much of a dumb little cumslut I am, that I'm just a warm hole for any random men or women to use. And she makes me say "yes" to everything degrading she says I am, but I don't even need to be forced because I can feel how true it all is, and omg it gets me hornier and hornier!
      And she makes me spank myself, and sometimes even record an audio of myself fingering my pussy while repeating how much of a slutty sissy faggot I am *blush* blush*.

      She just loves degrading and humiliating me...and it feels soooo good! *giggle*

      Omg I wrote a lot! Heehee, feels like I couldn't really stop writing about it ^_^.


    14. **OMG** Lucy you are alot less shy and so much more adventuresome than I realized **YAY**

      Btw, I'd love to learn more about those butt, thigh and hip expanding exercises **YUM** I really can't get enough of advice like that. As I work my way down to my target of 140lbs I would love to develop more shapeliness in all the right directions **teehee**

      **MMM** I think its so HOTTT that you so willingly degrade yourself for your mistress **giggles** I think its in every sissy's true character to become aroused in situations like that. I feel a little the same prancing around in the men's changeroom naked with a completely shaved body among all the real men with hairy chests, ripped bodies and big cocks **tehe**

      n **OMG** I just sparkle thinking of you taking pix, being called a dumb slut, saying yes to everything degrading, spanking yourself, recording audios fingering yourself. I don't know why we love such things but we do and I couldn't care less what anyone thought **teehee**

      Keep up the yummy work Lucy. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  4. Oh Goddess Gracie you have done it again. ESH is just delightfull **giggle** sissy is **sparkle** more then ever. sissy's limp clitty keep dribbling in my cute pink panties and nylons. sissy surrounded her self with all of her dildos for the whole time during your new ESH guidance. **giggle** **sparkle** thank you so so much.

    1. Hi Crissy :)

      I knew you would love this file in particular sweetie.

      I think sissy's dildos need to get acquainted with sissy's slutty little pussy and silly giggly mouth next time she listens to the file.

      Remember that good girls like to obey Goddess Gracie at all times sweetie.

      Love and big warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. Those are very pretty sparkles sweetie, do you ***sparkle*** often?

    2. **MMM** keep **sparkling** Crissy. As I read this I'm fingering myself through two tight pairs of panties and nylons which makes my clitty feel so soft n smooth between my legs **YUM**

      **OMG** Goddess your idea about playing with the dildos while listening to ESH sounds heavenly. Please tell us all about it when you do it Crissy **YAY for Crissy**

      You **GO** girl. Love always Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  5. Goddess, sissy can safely say that this is Your best file EVER!!! **giggle**
    Sissy just ADORES *sparkling* with feminine energy as she listens to this wonderful file and has been feeling very *sparkly* in real life.

    ESH just makes sissy have an intense craving to dress up in a tight tube top, a frilly little mini skirt, a lacy pink thong, and sky-high fuck-me heels, then walk the streets looking for men as if she were a bitch in heat. Oh wait, sissy is always in heat! ***giggle***

    What really hit the spot for sissy was that this file was really focused on big strong masculine MEN. Out of all frilly sissy feminine things, sissy is just absolutely ENTRANCED by men (not to mention the long, thick cocks and heavy, cream-filled balls hanging between their legs). When Goddess started talking about hunky guys dominating her supple body, her clitty and pussy immediately tingled with incredible joy! And as goddess instilled within her mind a deep need to search for men to fuck, sissy's body began uncontrollably trembling with lust! **giggle**

    After the file ended, leaving sissy's body quivering on her bed in a mind-numbingly feminized state, sissy began envisioning herself as a beautiful wife to a hulking stud of a man. In sissy's mind, her muscular hubby forces her legs up above her head to fully expose her sopping wet pussy hole, then gives sissy a passionate loving kiss (with ample tongue) as he completely ravishes sissy's slutty *sparkling* cunt with his 10-inch penis. sissy imagines being fucked like this for hours and hours, moaning in orgasm every time her husband plunges balls-deep inside her. Eventually sissy's man grunts loudly and empties a massive load of piping hot semen directly into the deepest part of sissy's extremely-sensitive pussy, causing a deeply-satisfying orgasm to rush through the entirety of sissy's slutty body. Sissy passes out then, and her husband embraces her in his big strong arms before falling asleep with his cock still buried in sissy's pussy and his large testicles nestled up against sissy's ass cheeks. When sissy's hubby lets go of her ankles, she unconsciously wraps her slender legs around him as she dreams, just showing how devoted and addicted she is to her real man. When morning comes, sissy wakes up to her hubby's erect cock lightly pressing against her bimbo lips and it all begins again...

    This is what sissy daydreams about every time after listening to Your amazing new file. You've really done it this time, Goddess!!!

    **soft marshmallow hugs and sweet butterfly kisses**

    1. It truly warms my heart to know that you have enjoyed the file this much Joy, thank you for your wonderful comment sweetie.

      I think you will find yourself listening to the file on a very regular basis as it has intentionally been designed to be extremely addictive and pleasurable to listen to.

      I knew you would love the added focus on guys sweetie and that is perfectly fine. Maybe one day I'll make a file that focuses exclusively on increasing a sissy's innate attraction to men. I'm sure you could just listen to me talk about guys for hours couldn't you sweetie? :)

      I think you would make a lovely sissy wife for any real man princess and those feelings you have are perfectly natural and to be embraced. I can just picture your Hubby ravishing you as you moan and whimper like a silly little slut, then of course you would cuddle all night and wake up extra early the next day to make him breakfast in bed, followed by more cuddles :)

      Big warm hugs always sweetie, good girl for being such a shining example to sissies everywhere.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Oh Goddess, sissy could just listen to You talk about guys for days on end!!! **giggle**

      It would be sissy's dream come true if You decided to make a file that completely focused on man-attraction. OMG!!

    3. I think I might have to make such a file one day sweetie. It would really hammer home all those differences between sissies and men, once and for all!

      I will add it to my shortlist for future files now :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

    4. **OMG** Joy you just have such a unique, vivid and compelling way of expressing your thoughts and feelings **YAY** Its like I'm right there in the room watching your hubby do what only a real man can do and what a real sissy would only dream of receiving.

      I CUMpletely agree **tehe** with your assessment of ESH. It is the pinnacle of Goddesses' work for me so far, taking the conditioning from Good Girl and Bimbo Blessing to new heights.

      Since listening to ESH, my every day now is even more consumed with my sissification. I've even started to check out spas for a mani and a pedi. I know Kimmy has ordered a laser for hair removal and I have even thought seriously about that. When she gets it, hopefully she can tell us all about it! I don't have my pussy plugs yet but I did buy a new tube of K*Y jelly **giggles** so you know I'm making good use of my dildo **YAY**

      Joy I just know you're going to make a real man so happy not only in bed but around the house as you tend to his every need and those of his friends as well. Stay flexible **tehe** because I have a feeling you're going to be needing it **YAY**

      Love you girl Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

      p.s., **OMG** Goddess, a new file devoted to just guys that contrasted the physical, cognitive, emotional and other differences between real men and real sissies sounds SOO YUMMY. DELISHUS details contrasting a big stiff bulging cucumber oozing with YUMMY man juice after penetraing and satisfying a real women to the heights of exctasy with a limp little nub of nothing more resembling a peanut would just be dreamy. The thought of maybe intimate scenarios between a real woman and real man where the listener had to decide whether they were one or the other to continue with the file would be SOO DELISHUS and so confirming of one's sissy identity. I think it is so liberating for a sissy to "seal" her identity once and for all as a true pathological sissy. It just makes me **sparkle** to think about that **YAY for Goddess** the Queen of all other Gods n Goddesses in the whole wide world **HUGZ**

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie,
    OMG i luv this file! *giggle* i always knew i was a bimbo sissy bitch, but now i want to serve wonderfully dominant MEN! *giggle* id luv to wake up next to a huge hunky man in the morning sucking his cock until he wakes up and cummies in my tummy! *giggle* i'd luv to find an older dominant Daddy who would take care of all my sissy needs and treat me like a little fuck toy with all his friends! *giggle*! it would make me feel so sparkly to be fucked by a group of older Daddies! then to be humiliated by wonderful Women for being such a horny sissy bimbo bitch! *giggle* i would dress in tight revealing tops, short skirts, and tall fuck me pumps to keep Daddy happy! i'd spend all my time cleaning and cooking for Him, so when he came home he would be rested to give me all his cummies! *giggle* i would give him wonderful blowjobs while he relaxed with a drink i prepared him! it would make me so happy to hear Him call me nasty bimbo slut names while i made Him shoot his wonderful cummies into my tummy! *giggle* all the Women in his neighborhood would know i was his sissy bitch and would humiliate me and call me names whenever they saw me! i'd feel so sparkly by all the nasty names! *giggle* thank you so much for the wonderful file Goddess Gracie!!

    bobbie s

    1. Yay Bobbie!

      Your enthusiasm is so lovely to see princess, though I must correct you on one thing.

      Sissies make cummies from limp little clitties. Men, on the other hand, ejaculate globs of virile, potent semen.

      Real men blow their thick ample loads onto good girl's pretty faces. They simply cum, they do not ♪ make cummies ♪

      So you see sweetie: cummies are something exclusive to sissies, not men. Silly girl!


      Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. To all those who have already bought Eternal Sissy Happiness, it would be nice if you left a pretty comment and rate the file on Warp My Mind as it's selling well but only has a couple of comments so far. Yay for happiness!

    2. **MMM** I love to lick cummies off the palm of my hand or tip of my finger when they dribble out of my soft clitty that just feels burning hot n ready to explode when my pussy is full of 7" dildo **hehe** The thought of that dildo being a real man's big stiff cock exploding good girl juice in my pussy makes me squeal and moan with **DELISHT**

      **OMG** Bobbie, I love the way your sissy mind works. Keep **sparkling** you GO girl!

      Love you, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. Dear Goddess Gracie,
      Thank you so much for correcting me! *giggle* sometimes i can be so dumb! i do see the difference between a Real Man's cum and a sissy spurts cummies when diddling her clitty. *giggle* i always dream of being covered in globs of thick cum from Hunky MEN!:) when i diddle my clitty in panties it makes me spurt little drops of cummies that i luv to clean up!*giggle*

      Brittany, i luv ur idea! thank you so much sis!:*


    4. **teehee** you're welCUM bobbie. Have a **sparkalicious** day. Love always, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  7. Hi Girls,

    Well I finally had a first "real" warm spurties that was more than a dribble. All week, I have been wearing tight panties and hose to stay soft completely as I touch my clitty.

    Just 15 minutes ago I was feeling so horny that I got up, loosened my robe and started fingering myself imagining I was doing it on stage in front of a group of horny guys.

    Just 1-2 fingers in my cameltoe and lots of girations and suddenly several soft clittie spurtie gushes into my panties **YAY**

    Eventually, my sissygasm worked its way through the 2 layers of panties and hose I had on and without losing any fem-energy I licked them all up feverishly **MMM**

    **OMG** I love being a sissy **sparkle**

    Love you all, ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  8. hello, s new gurly girl here!.... looking for help with makeup... etc... but I have watched a few other peoples hynosis training... loved them... wanting to try other training but I can't get wrapmind to work!.... is it required to have a prem membership or just register to view it... or am I just a silly to figure it out.... please help thanks

    1. Dear Stephanie,

      If you register at you can get all kinds of **YUMMY** suggestions about makeup. You can even upload a pic of yourself and try different looks with eyebrows, lashes, eyeliners, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lipliner, etc to see what makes you look hottest **YAY**

      Here are a few urls on applying makeup that I also found usefull for developing my own tecknique but there are many many more with a google search:

      I think you need only register at to get access to free files. Weather you get the free files or not this way though, WMM is like a totally awesome place that I think can be helpful to all us sissies.

      Stay **sparkly** Hugz n cuddles, ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  9. Grrr. Tried to buy the file at wmm but for some reason it didn't happen. Waited 2 days. Wound up buying clothes instead. Really want this file. Isn't there any way you can put your files on a second site for purchase?

    1. Hi sweetie, sorry for not replying sooner.

      If you have still not been able to successfully purchase the file, you can email me (email under contact info on the blog) and we can help you get the download working.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  10. Oh I just adore your site and files. Hugs for turning me on to WMM to help with my training into sissyhood.Hehe I am now sparkling as never before. Have been a long time cd here but now know my very being is wrapped up as a queer sissy faggot and practicing everyday now. I finally broke down and got my ears pierced so I can now I have a gigantic selection of earrings to pick from ( love loops and long dangling ones). Now I am filling my closet with more frilly and girlie outfits to replace my old blouses and skirts. Have even got my hair long enough that I can tie it up in pigtails. I am withdrawn from masterbation as a male and only now need to rub my clitty in my tight panties which I wear daily. And oh yes girls the site of a mans cock is all I think about. So nice to know now I am not alone. Hugs and kisses to all you posting and sharing your world with us.

    1. Hi Debbie :)

      Very pretty comment sweetie. It's wonderful that you already have your ears pierced, many sissies never build up the courage to do so, which is a shame as it such an exciting and feminine thing to do!

      Keep me updated on all your progress sweetie, you certainly do sound like a textbook pathological sissy to me :)

      Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hi Debbie,

      **OMG** girl I am so jealous you have your ears pierced for exactly the reasons you mention - way more selection. I had to shop far n wide for clip ons that dangle for me but the effort was totally worth it because there is no other feeling like it and I am sure piercing takes it to a totally different level. I dream one day of having ears n belly button pierced **YAY**

      I agree its so **YUMMY** to have a place like this to share n be guided by our all-knowing Goddess Gracie. Her conditioning has breathed so much life, **sparkle** n meaning into my life that I just can't believe how I ever managed without her before **BLUSH**

      I think we share alot in common even though I'm not a daily crossdresser (**OMG** I wish I was though). I just love doing girly things and over the past several months have been building layer upon layer of daily routines and rituals that are now second nature like keeping my body smooth, hairless n moisturized, keeping my muff trimmed, wearing extra small panties n hose to keep my wee clitty even wee'r **giggles** My latest project is nail care and **OMG** I've got my nails grown now just past my finger tips so they're worth filing and manicuring and it just makes me **sparkle** to show them off with a clear laquer finish **giggles**

      **OMG** I think about guys all the time two and have to remind myself not to get caught staring at the bulge in a guyz pantz or day dreaming about how big he might be under there **tee hee**

      Well girlfriend, I hope we can chat sum time though I haven't been getting on sissychat as much as I'd like to, I'll try harder to do so :)

      Stay sissy, love you girl Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  11. Thank you GoddessGracie and you too brittany for the encouragement hugs. I feel the need to wear the xtra small tight panties now to keep me shrinking and limp. No longer desire the male organ hanging there. Problem with withdrawal from masterbation makes me think of men's cocks constantly. Having that too Brittany? Now as a sissy I too am standing in front of the mirror way too often sparkling and dancing in heels and thinking of all the men to service out there.
    Omg Brittany arent long nails so fabulous and divine hehe. I have grown mine but still use the long stick on nails from CVS and adore seeing my hands with all the rings too. Long nails are a must for jerking off that overnight boyfriend before devouring his seed in my pussy cunt. Feel as though I have moved into whoredom as a full time slut but wouldnt want it any other way at this stage of life. Thanks again Goddess and Birtanny for noticing this little faggot sissy as a friend and servant

    1. **tee hee** Hi Debbie

      **OMG** girl I just went out and bought 3 pair of hot pink extra small panties to add to my drawer as there is nothing like the feel of smoothness between my legs. I honestly can't start my day any other way than knowing I'm looking n feeling my **sparkly** best.

      **MMM** I know what you mean about the desire for cock from not making spurties w your clitty. For me, the build up is for all things girly including what girly girls luv most - real men **giggles**

      I think I am living proof of the logic of limp for a sissy as I spent practically my entire adult life as a cumpulsive masturbator 1-5x a day but since discovering Goddess all that stopped n I don't miss it for a second.

      Instead, all my energy has been directed into becoming the yummiest sissy I can be on the inside n out and just like you say Deb, that includes thinking about cocks **ALOT**

      Aside from being like totally preoccupied with my appearance, I satisfy those constant desires with lots of dildo fun **giggles** witch aside from fingering myself forever till I have warm spurties is the only way I make cummies now **YAY**

      **giggles** I bought nail extentions but have not used them yet though I broke a real one not to long ago **grrr** n thought of using it but didn't. Are they hard to use?

      **MMM** I'm still a virgin for kissing n fondling and having a real man inside me Debbie but the urge is growing increasingly out of control for me **MMM** I can't wait for the moment to present itself to be with a man. Every day I do something a little more feminine n girly n a little voice inside tells me how proud she is that I'm finally living the life I was meant to live

      Well **tata** for now girl. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  12. Oh yes Brittany I understand exactly where you are in your evolution sweetie. Firstly is the oppsession with clothes and jewelry and all those divine fashions to wear. Dont be afraid of trying on the stick on nails just to see how wonderful it is to do everything in long nails like dressing or typing or whatever lol. You will feel so feminine and irresisstable in them. I wear mine all weekend long.hehe. Like I cant feel comfy without them or my cum fuck me pumps.

    I do know what it was like to be a constant masterbuter but once you start this regime of denial you will really enjoy the little cummie and spurties that come along with it throughout the day. Gives me the energy now to think all day of big cocks on hunky men and be the bimbo we truly are. The Bimbo blessing is truely a blessing and not a curse as you evolve further into sissyhood and fairyland.

    And yes the best is yet to come. Once you give up your virginity to that breeding cock you will experience the best sexual experience ever. Few peeps ever go back to ggs because it is so addictive as well and you wont want to masterbate again only to store that energy up. You will enjoy feeling that man of your dreams inside you taking your breathe away and you feel his total energy drained into you to share forever.No man will want to it any other way .

    It is all such a fabulous experience sis and be proud of what you do for others. We we born to be true sissy faggots as our role in life.Hugs sis

  13. **MMM** Hi Debbie,

    Girl, its so **YUMMY** to have a sister to talk to about all these feelings inside me. I feel like I'm going through puberty all over agayn **giggles**

    **MMM** you sold me on the nails and I'm going to try them on with some hot pink polish as soon as I can to see what I've been missing **OMG** what if I never want to take them off? I know I won't want to so I guess I'll see what happens **tee hee**

    **giggles** I never thought of myself as a slave to clothes n jewellery but you're like totally right! I never used to care about shopping n now its like one of my most favorite things n its almost like I just can't stop myself wanting one thing after the next when I see something I love **MMM** how dreamy it would be to do it with a girlfriend all day long

    **MMM** you're making me tingle all over thinking about being in a man's arms, slow dancing with my arms round his neck, dropping to me knees for him, or spreading my legs for him. Feeling the energy from a real man's cock entering my pussy sometimes just floods my mind till I can't think of anything else **blush** OMG I don't even care if that makes me sound like a slut its just what felt natural to say

    Tell me more about your own evoluation **pretty please** Debbie. Its all so exciting to hear about :)

    Love always, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  14. Oh my Birttany I am so happy that you are retracing your adolescence. Redefining who we are. I have been a cd off and on since i was 15 and must say that this experience in being a sissy tramp is the best ever. I feel I have lost most male traits now and walk and talk much more feminine. Yes butt out and chest up and keep the arms to your sides with loose wrist. I did take seminars in the tg community here on fem behavior.
    As a cd I would meet admirers at tg events and tclubs here in LA and also at parties. I was immediatley attracted and learned these men were not gay at all but wanted the ultimate in female blond bimbo. I was an instant success as a sub slave.
    Taking that background then into the sissy lifestyle was easy. Now I am not so obesessed with being passable on the streets as being a real woman and thinking like one.Read and listened a lot and learned what we are in this society. We are what most men want so badly ( even tho most of my b/fs are married).
    Now I love all things girlie like romantic novels, picnics, womens movies (yes I cry through them) and shopping . You will see those changes. And dont fear getting limp. Best thing to stay in control of sex and with added energy. Hope it helps and we can take up men on a later post lol.

    1. Hi Debbie

      **Sorry** I somehow missed your **YUMMY** update witch I like **totally** love to read girl!

      **OMG** Debbie you are the living embodiment of everything I wish for **YAY** for Debbie. I would love to know more about how you learned to talk more feminine and about some of the seminars you took. I myself was once looking at some online femine voice resources but I don't have the best ear for music as it is so not sure how successful I would be with DIY voice training **grrr**

      I love to hear how you say you have lost most male traits now. I feel in my heart its a matter of unconditioning the male ego and reconditioning our inner sissy and I feel like you are living proof of that. The more we lose old habits and develop new habits the more second nature the new habits become until we don't even think about them. Sitting down to tinkle is totally like that for me now. Hands off my clitty the moment I feel yucky stiffness is another. Constantly attending to my eyebrows, nails and ensuring my body is smooth n hairless is another, as are wearing very tight panties and hose witch help we walk with a wiggle.

      **MMM** please tell me more about what you read and learned about us and why sissies are so much more about what men really want? I must confess I don't read much and honestly not at all since the past summer when I had my bimbo epiphany. I'm not sure if thats because I am willing myself to be more mindless as that forces me to act on true inner desires, something my male ego tries to protect me from, but I do find it helps me even if it makes me look like a dumb bimbo to others. Even looking dumber is probably a good thing as it helps me learn my place **YAY**

      **OMG** I love chick-flix n romantic movies too Debbie. I have always been a crier and I do do it more freely now which makes me feel good. I never did like shopping but I do now and just find it so exciting to fuss over all the choices we girls have to look our yummiest best. I suppose if I was to read anything, romantik novels wood be the way to go as they wood be a fun way to fantasize about a girl getting her man much like I fantasize about getting my first man **giggles**

      I am totally embracing limpness as my path ahead girlfriend as I know in my heart its the driving force of my fem-energy. I have even grown to more fully appreciate the dribble of a sissygasm that comes from dildo fun as it still feels amazing but I notice no drop in fem-energy when that happens. I love to lik that dribble up and please don't think I'm too much of a slut but I often wonder what it would feel like to gulp down about 3 or 4 real loads of man juice at that moment.

      Sure lets talk about men next time **YAY**

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  15. Just love you to pieces Brittany. Cant wait to chat again with you so we can share these thoughts. I so wish girl we lived closer to one another to share these experiences but just know you are the best g/f a girl can have. Hugs

    1. Girlfriend you're making me **sparkle** n **glitter** I love you **SOO MUCH** two Debbie. Thankyou for being such a **YUMMY** friend. I also wish we were closer because then we could shop n do lunch n gab n gossip about makeup, fashion, celebs n best of all **GUYZ** Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  16. hi im bimbo bunni i stgarted hearing this file a few days ago and im like really liking it ive heard it more than 10x now i think this is my fav yet i luv it!!! this is getting me thinking about boys a little now also. thats all i can think of saying for now

    1. Hi bunni :)

      Did you know that good girls like to listen every day?

      I hope you are still being a good girl sweetie.

      You know it's so much fun to be a bimbo dolly for all the guys, so why fight it?

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  17. could someone ell me how to use the chat box ? also can someone tell me what file has made me call and or go into victorias secret dressed like a slut and get fitted for a bar and also which file has me standing along the side of the road in the AM dressed like a slut .. its cool and all but i cant stop doing it

    1. Hi sweetie,

      Open registration to the chatbox is currently disabled (a user who is permanently banned keeps popping back up every time I enable registration again which is why I've had to keep it disabled indefinitely).

      You'll need to email me with your desired username and I can either choose a password for you or you can come up with it yourself. My email can be found under 'Contact Goddess' near the top of the blog.

      Regarding the effects of the files - I'm 99.9% certain no file explicitly orders the listener to go into Victoria's Secret all dolled up and being fitted for a bra by one of the nice ladies, I think perhaps that is just how the effects of the files are manifesting with you personally as maybe that was always a deep desire you had (whether consciously or not) that the files awoke. For others it may manifest in different ways like giving free lapdances to all the guys at a seedy club or flirting with every guy you talk to like a total slut or buying slutty clothes and makeup every week (whether in store or online) and so on :)

      As for standing along the side of the road dressed like the slut you are, I think any of the bimbo files would likely be responsible for that! It's very likely a combination of all the bimbo files (Bimbo Blessing, Eternal Sissy Happiness, Sissy Sparkle and the Bimbo Brain Melt loop) might have such an effect on those particularly susceptible to my suggestions :)

      It's always wonderful to hear that the files are affecting little princesses such as yourself as intended and I hope you enjoy being the prettiest little whore for all the guys sweetie.

      Remember that the more you listen the greater the effects will be, and if you ever need to give your mouth and pussy a rest from all the big hard cocks you can always take a little break to give yourself time to recuperate :)

      Keep me updated sweetie and maybe we'll talk on Sissy Chat one day soon!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx


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