Monday, September 3, 2012

Sissy of the Month (August 2012)

Last month we celebrated Brittany's feminization and awarded her with the prestigious title of Goddess Gracie's first ever Sissy of the Month! Needless to say, she was deeply honored and has continued to sissify herself in new and exciting ways, even going so far as to purchase a realistic wig and big bouncy breast forms!

I'd like to think that the title of Sissy of the Month played a small part in contributing to her progress, and I hope this will be the case for this month's lucky winner as well.

Needless to say, Brittany is not eligible for Sissy of the Month twice in a row, so this month we have an equally deserving winner!

Without any further ado, I present to you August's Sissy of the Month...

Karli Kunt!

Karli is a sissy in the truest sense of the word. As a result of being born with Klinefelter Syndrome, little Karli has been blessed with perhaps the most microscopic clitty I have ever laid eyes on. She unashamedly refers to herself as a "sweet lil pussygirl" and has extensive experience as a submissive sissy to her superior Domme, who regularly brings little Karli to a health spa for humiliating (and exciting!) full beauty treatments. 

In the few weeks since discovering my hypnosis files and of course the blog, Karli has shared many wonderful stories with me and all her little sissy friends and I'm sure you will all have lots of nice words for the special girl. Who knows what effect winning Sissy of the Month may have on her? Perhaps it will spur her further down the path of feminization than ever before...   


Love from Goddess Gracie xx



  1. Congratulations Karli.
    You really are a great role model for all of goddesses sissies and truly deserve the recognition that sissy of the month provides .
    I have enjoyed reading your contributions and hope that with goddesses aid that I can be as fabulous as you

  2. Dear Karli Kunt,

    You are such a YUMMY n DELISHUS friend, I couldn't be more happy for you to be honoured as Sissy of the Month **YAY**

    You are not only a BFF that I would like totally invite to my first ever pajama party or share a big hunky man's 10" cock with but a big sister with all kinds of YUMMY advice for being the best sissy one could ever be **DOUBLE YAY**

    I have learned so much from you since becoming friends and your sweet lil pussygirl advice on dildos, pussy douching, pussy plugs, beauty spas, using lipstick on your pussy lips has made me a better sissy and helped give me the confidence to move closer to losing my own virginity. I know you have surely touched others with these same stories!

    Your intimate story telling about your Domme and the groups of hot hunky black men that have filled your pussy and mouth with streams of hot gooeey cum are so inspiring and make me want to touch myself in hopes of one day experiencing the same fluffy dreamy outcomes.

    I know winning Sissy of the Month will take you to new highs in your own sissification that I can hardly wait to hear about **TRIPLE YAY**

    I love you so much girlfriend.

    Hugz n cuddles always, your BFF Br♥ttany xoxo

    1. p.s., **OMG** isn't it so magical to hear Goddess Gracie speaking your name in your own personal file? I still listen to my file and it makes me tingle n sparkle all over **giggles**

  3. Way to go Karli! i am so looking forward to hearing how you celebrated! ; )

    i would love to see your tiny clit Goddess Gracie speaks so much of! Maybe you can post some pics up here?

    Congrats again!!!

  4. Congratulations Karli!!!

    Princess Jessica

  5. Well Done Karli!!!

    Please take care,


  6. My Divine Darling Goddess Gracie and all my BFF Sissy Gurlfrenz,

    Imagine my surprise and total shock on returning from my Labor Day Vacation to discover what an AMAZING HONOR has been bestowed upon me.

    Quite frankly, I am overcome with emotion !!!....I started crying tears of JOY when I read of my selection.....IT IS JUST SUCH AN HONOR !!!.....and.....I have worked so hard over the years and spent so much time trying to become more feminine in everyway and everyday.......This is just such a rewarding and fulfilling honor to be recognized as Sissy of The Month.....THANK YOU !!!....THANK YOU !!!.....THANK YOU !!!......

    This will help spur me on to become even more effeminate as I work on my make-up, my walk, my voice and all those little feminine mannerisms.....not to mention my serious consideration of castration and/or SRS as I ponder just how much of a woman I want to become.

    I have met so many wonderful sissy gurlfrenz on this site and I so look forard to deepening our relationship. I love Goddess Gracie's audio files and I try to listen to them everyday.....sometimes several times a day....

    For those of you who have inquired about pix of my teeny, tiny clittie, there are seveeral pix posted on my Flickr site. You can access those pix by going to the following URL:

    You can locate me on Flickr as Ms. karli kunt2

    Warm Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses,


    Your femme, sissy, pantydoll, pussygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Hi Karli :)

      So wonderful to hear how happy you are to receive the award sweetie. I think all sissies could learn something from you and it's adorable how you have offered such tremendous advice and encouragement to your little friends.

      I think castration might be a little unnecessary for such a bonafide pussygirl sweetie, maybe it would be better kept as a fantasy? I believe you're more than feminine and itsy bitsy enough down there without going to those extremes!

      Keep training with my files sweetie and keep us all updated on your progress along the way :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  7. Dear karli,
    Congratulations karli!!! you are such a lucky gurl!!! i hope u get plenty of snuggles and cummies from a hunky guy!

    bobbie s

  8. I am so happy to see all my sissies giggling and gossiping and congratulating each other in such an adorable manner.

    Sissy Group Hug time, yay!

    Goddess Gracie xx

  9. I had an important epiphany this weekend.

    I was sad and crying through most of the weekend only to discover that the main reason I was crying was that I was feeling sorry for myself. Upon further reflection, it was the last vestigages of "silly male pride" that were making me cry about not getting my way in a relationship where I should really have no expectation of anything but gratitude and complacency with subservience. This tells me I think I need to do a few things right now.

    First, I need to cheer myself up with some shopping **giggles** I would love to get a couple summer dresses and shoes off clearance and I think I will do that. A nice hot pink and then something with a floral pattern would be especially yummy. Of course, finding shoes to match is a must and I will be looking for a higher heel to go past the 4 inches I now have. **YAY** for shopping the cure for any girl's blues.

    Second, I need to return to the foundations of my training in Goddesses' Good Girls 1, 2 & 3 and Bimbo Blessing for much deeper conditioning that will help remove every shred of my silly male pride. I think a big part of this will be to start more routinely placing myself in embarrassing and humiliating situations where my sissyness is fully revealed to people. I now understand the importance of emasculating myself to remove all traces of inappropriate male pride that revolves around control, conquering and winning. Rather, I need to focus on more appropriate souces of sissy pride that will help me internalize values in which nothing but happiness is derived from feelings of inferiority, servitude to men and women, dressing up and acting like a cock obsessed slut, and being happy and giggly all the time **tehe** Walking around with pussy plugs, introducing myself to sales people and asking for help with sizing, and trips to the beauty spa MUST be part of my normal regimen

    The good news is that I am growing less and less conflicted about wanting to be with a legitiamte man. Perhaps this is why I am willing to do all the stuff I mention above. I day dream and fantasize about guys all the time now and am like totally checking them out wherever I am. When I look at a girl now it is stricly platonic and in an admiring way for how her body looks. I often feel like saying to nicely dressed or hot looking women how much I admire the way they look and how I wish I could pull off a look like that. When I play with my dildo I totally fall off in a daze where I imagine it as a real man's cock and start begging out loud for him to make me cum like a good girl. Interestingly, I am wearing a pink thong that reads "Heart Me" on my muff **giggles** That's all I want a guy to do with his big bulging cock.

    Love you always girls. Toodles, Br♥ttany xoxo

    1. **OMG** Eternal Sissy Happiness has just put so much into perspective for me Goddess. Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥


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