Thursday, November 22, 2012

Man Obsession

This file is strictly for true pathological sissies only princess. Prior experience with my previous files is strongly recommended as this file will build upon prior layers of sissy training and brainwashing. Listening to this conditioning file will help you to come to terms with your sexual attraction to masculine men. Some sissies try to deny their true selves and their deepest biological sissy needs and this file will help you to gain the self acceptance you need to really **sparkle** and be the best girl you can be. 

Needless to say, this file is all about men. If you decide to listen to this file it is very likely that you are deeply attracted to men already so we will take that attraction and turn it up to the absolute max. Strong sexy guys♥ will become the focus of your life and you will adore everything about them, from their toned muscular bodies to their overwhelmingly-dominant personalities.
All good sissies have the love for menfirmly planted deep down inside their sissy hearts and if you do not find yourself attracted to menat this point in your sissification, then this file will wipe those silly notions out of your mind. You will find that you have a literal craving to kiss, lick, suck, tease, and fuck men.
And of course, when it comes to the love of men, no sissy can resist the temptation of a lovely set of cock and balls. A strong virile penis is the most wonderful aspect of a man's body and if he has plump juicy balls that are just filled to the brim with his creamy juice then that's simply a plus for any good sissy he is about to fuck.

Men's giant cocks are not limp and useless like a sissy's microscopic baby clitty and this file will embellish upon that fact in great detail.

Princess you love to make yourself pretty for men because having a beautifully made-up face looks so much prettier when you're getting face-fucked.

Men love it when they look down at a little sissy and see her sexy mascara-clad eyes gazing up at him with unbridled love.
You will be further conditioned to deeply need the feeling of a man's hot cum splattering all over your pretty sissy face, pooling in your gaping sissy mouth, and sliding down your welcoming sissy throat.

A big thick gooey load of cum is a fitting reward for a sissy who has pleased herreal man so well. A man squirting creamy globs of jizz on your face is like a seal of love and approval for his good girl and you will come to intensely crave this reward from every man you are attracted to sexually sweetie. cum is delectable
[Image]From now on you will be triggered into Ultra Sissy Mode whenever you see a pretty girl with her boyfriend or hubby. This will lead to an extended period of time where you feel very feminine and have all sorts of silly feelings including burning jealousy towards lucky girls who get to be with such dreamy hunks. Yes princess, when you are in Ultra Sissy Mode you will be a bitch in heat and desperate for big thick cocks in your giggly mouth and tight pink pussy while your sissy clitty stays limp and out of sight. 
The first masculine guy that you meet when you are in Ultra Sissy Mode will leave you absolutelylovestruck and you will find yourself constantly thinking about him and writing his name over and over again in your diary surrounded by pretty drawings of pretty pink lovehearts. You will remember that sissies need to look their best for guys and you will learn to be more comfortable acting like a giggly flirty slut when in the presence of masculine menyou need men
Notice how your relationships with women have not been mentioned so far princess? That's because you will have absolutely no sexual attraction to females whatsoever after listening to this file. What little attraction to women you had left will be firmly stamped out like the last ember of a fire being utterly extinguished by my words.
your attraction to girls is gone forever
All of your sexual attention will be focused on men and men only from now on and that is not negotiable in the slightest. Your attraction to luscious penises and strong aversion to icky vaginas is simply a deep-rooted aspect of your sissy psyche since the day you were born and it's about time you accepted it as a perfectly valid fact of life. It may be hard to come to terms with this fact but it's an obstacle all sissies must overcome.

[Image][Image] It's worth mentioning that the first half of the file contains the conditioning and brainwashing while the second half features a fun fantasy scenario for all my good girls to use as inspiration for their real life sexual adventures.
You might even meet the man of your dreams...
As always, it is best to listen on a regular basis and follow all of my instructions like a good girl. This is a very long file at 68 minutes and these effects are lifelong sweetie so make sure before listening that you want to be a man-obsessed slutty sissy who wants nothing less than to please powerful well-endowed hunks for the rest of your life. you want it so much

This file is extremely powerful, especially when dealing with a sissy's highly-receptive mind so repeated listening will definitely cause forever-permanent changes in your sissy mind while altering your behavior around menand women.   

There is nothing I or any other professional hypnotist can do to reverse this file's effects after they have been strongly hardwired into your mind. Listening to this file can never be taken back and the effects can never be undone so proceed with extreme caution sweetie. throw caution to the wind

You may download the file from the link below. 
Please let me know how you feel about the file after you listen and I would love to hear about all your silly little stories about being triggered into Ultra Sissy Mode!

Man Obsession


  1. You took my sissy training to another level with this file.

    i will never forget listening to this file after a day dedicated to a Goddess Gracie Marathon, as i knew Man Obsession was due out soon and want to be ready. Logic of Limp, Good Girl 2, Bimbo Blessing..etc The climax (literally) was to end the day with listening to both Eternal Sissy Happiness and MAN OBSESSION for the 1st time back each.

    MAN OBSESSION is a cock lovers dream file! i tried my new toy and had many many many many sissygasms listening to your wonderfully helpful file!

    Wow this file is hot!

    1. So glad you enjoy it so much sweetie :)

      I know that you're going to find yourself listening time and time again and it will continue to be a wonderfully enlightening experience for you. Remember to keep me updated on all your progress hun.

      Love and hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. I believe my upcoming Correct Thoughts training loop (which I'm releasing today!) will work very well in tandem with Man Obsession and help sissies become the best girls they can be. It's a brainwashing file like all my previous training loops and will work best when listened to on repeat for at least 30 mins at a time, but preferably longer!

    2. i so can't wait to listen! it sounds like such a yummy file combination!

    3. Sounds like a **YUMMY n DELISHUS** time marathoning your mind with Goddess and your pussy with the next best thing to a big thick cock **giggles** Don't sissygasms just make you **sparkle** Brenda. I'm so **happy** for you. Love you girl, Br♥ttany x0x0

    4. Brittany, sissy has been wanting to use her dildo on her pussy, but she is so silly and unaware of how a sissy cleans herself before playtime.

      What kind of enema kit do you recommend for this? Sissy is just DYING to give her pussy the TLC it desperately needs (especially after listening to this file!)

      With lots of sissy love,

    5. **tee hee** I just use warm water in my pussy douche Joy **giggles**

      Fill it up, put a lil lubricant on the end and up it goes, release n repeat. Douching 3-4 times should get you **sparkling** and then you can enjoy pussy to mouth the way it was meant to be enjoyed - all messy **giggles**

      Make sure you use the right lubricant and plenty of it. My silicone soldier works best with a water-based lubricant. I loob up the head generously and then go slowly till he's all the way up into me and then I wait a minute for my pussy to get comfortable before playing

      Its worth taking your time to find a position that feels comfortable and natural and an angle for for thrusting that will allow your dildo to work its magic and find your sweet spot **YAY** If it feels uncomfortable, use more loob and take your time

      In my view, speed and @ of penetration aren't nearly as important as comfort and position so take your time to find what works best for you **giggles** That will also be great practice for when your with a real man and want to show him how great a lover he is by sissygasming for him

      Have fun girlfriend. Once you start, you'll never want to stop. I just did it tonight after getting my body all sparkling clean and smooth with a shave, moisturization, as well as DIY mani n pedi **YAY**

      Nothing makes you feel more like a feline in heat than a sissygasm

      Love always Br♥ttany x0x0

    6. Good girls for taking the correct measures to keep your pussies all perfect and clean for that special guy. It is so important for sissies to go that extra mile and really make it worth a man's time.

      I know Brittany's pussy just loves to **sparkle** when it is in heat and craving a thick hard cock inside it, and I'm sure she feels like such a good girl for keeping it all neat and tidy. :)

      So much love for all my sissies!

      Goddess Gracie xx

    7. **MMM** yes Goddess Br♥ttany loves to be a good girl. Br♥ttany luvs to keep her pussy all clean, supple n sweet for the big strong hard-bodied macho men she desires.

      Br♥ttany constantly shaves her pussy and clitty area at least once a week with a mirror to get at all the hard spots and generous lather to avoid knicking her delicate skin **YAY** Afterward, Br♥ttany then moisturizes the entire area and lubricates her pussy hole too as a good girl should always be prepared **giggles**

      But still there are other things Br♥ttany could be doing like bleaching her pussy and applying a light pink lipstick to her pussy lips **giggles** Sometimes Br♥ttany dreams of having a special spa day where she has this done **YAY**

      Br♥ttany knows her pussy isn't as tight as it was before her pussy tried its first dildo but its still tight enough so that her first man will know she is a virgin **giggles** Br♥ttany still doesn't have pussy plugs for daily wear and sometimes she feels like she could **sparkle** even more if she took this extra step.

      Br♥ttany treats her pussy now like a temple and pretty soon Br♥ttany will have her **pink sparkle** perfume to adorn that temple with a scent as **heavenly** and **fluffy** as she feels **YAY**

      Love n cuddles, L♥ttle Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    8. Omg Brittany, with the way you take care of your lil pussy, you should have NO problem finding a man to fuck

    9. **giggles**

      Funny thing is Joy that it just happened and I view it as pampering myself and my future man above all else **sparkle**

      Everything I'm doing just feels innately appropriate though I do feel some embarassment that my cute little clitty is not cumpletely hairless **grrr**

      I know one day I will sit on a man's face as I pleasure his joystick with my mouth **MMM** and when that moment comes I dream of him tasting a bald clitty scented in **pink sparkle** perfume **YAY**

      I don't know what prevents me from taking this extra step. Right now my clitty is nicely trimmed and though it looks pretty I think a man deserves the best I can offer him. I pray for strength from Goddess that she helps me fulfill my duty

      Love, L♥ttle Br♥ttany x0x0

  2. Given those gifs above, how long can it be before Goddess Gracie makes a hypnosis video? It will be legendary i predict in advance.

    1. Maybe one day sweetie :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. **MMM** those twitching cocks and gifs are a good reminder to Br♥ttany about the importance of getting all made up for her man and looking her sexy n sweetest bestest.

      Br♥ttany would never want her man to be looking down at her on her knees, mouth wrapped around his big strong erection, fingers massaging his cream-filled balls, eyes locked on his without looking her bestest.

      For Br♥ttany, that means a girl's lips have to **sparkle** with slutty lipstick n gloss, her fingers must be manicured and appropriately colored, and her eyes must intoxicate his with waxed brows, two shades of eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner

      Br♥ttany thinks no amount of effort is enough and gorgeous sparkly dangling earrings are a must as would be a tongue ring **giggles**

      **MMM** Br♥ttany has everything but the tongue ring to play her part **giggles** and has even dreamt of her man capturing her technique on a webcam to show the world over what a cock-obsessed pretty little faggot she truly is **giggles**

      **MMM** Br♥ttany wonders how she is going to feel after listening to Man Obsession

      Love n cuddles, Hot n Horny L♥ttle Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. Awww Brittany, you're so adorable when you fantasize about big strong men. You're totally right about looking your best for men. As pleasing men is our one true purpose and goal in life, we should do everything we can to improve our appearance, personality, and overall *SEXINESS* for the men that give light to our sexual fire ♥

      And OMG you've started referring to yourself in the third person like sissy does! YAY!!! -*hugs*-
      Doesn't it make you feel so feminine and submissive when you type/talk like that? All the guys will be sure to fall in love with you when they hear the sissy way you talk :D

      Sweet kisses,

    4. It started unconsciously. As I was editing my draft I noticed I was doing it, thought of you and so decided to keep doing it as a special tribute to your influence **giggles**

  3. Oh. My. God.

    Sissy can't even hope to give this file justice with her meager words. It's just that incredible.

    Sissy has always been extremely attracted to men. In fact, she could say that most of her feminine energy goes towards her innate lust for hot studs. And now this file comes along... Man Obsession completely blew sissy away.

    While listening, sissy's entire body tingled intensely at every sentence and her clitty stayed perfectly limp, tucked away in her tiny black panties. When Goddess started describing a man's heavy cream-filled balls, sissy almost fainted with extreme lust (sissy is totally enamored with men's balls).

    Eventually, sissy became SO incredibly aroused and entranced that she had her first *reverse tingle*!!!! She felt her clitty sparkle and tingle inwards, shrinking instead of growing at the intense arousal. The feeling was life-changing and sissy now believes 100% that she was born to please men sexually as a good girl. Sissy is also 100% sure that her clitty could never even hope to please a superior woman and sissy thinks that her spurties would probably even be completely impotent and sterile, unlike a real man's thick, virile, impregnating sperm.

    Sissy knows deep in her heart that she will someday find a strong man to take care of her, go on special dates with her, sweetly kiss her, lovingly cuddle with her, and vigorously fuck her to multiple orgasms, and this file just bolsters that strong desire and need.

    In regards to the scenario starting at the halfway point? Well girls, you are in for a deliciously sexy treat. Sissy will not spoil anything, but she will say that the scenario will leave you with the feeling of being intensely fucked like a slut, thoroughly used as a sissy whore, and most importantly, deeply in love with the idea of meeting that one special man of your sissy dreams and becoming his girlfriend and subservient sissy slave.

    Overall, listening to Man Obsession left sissy in a quivering little pile of hot pussy arousal and sissy sparkles, COMPLETELY addicted to studly men, TOTALLY subservient to utterly-superior women, and INTENSELY aroused at the idea of being enslaved to a man's throbbing penis and cum-filled testicles. This is sissy's favorite conditioning file of ALL TIME and she knows she'll be addicted to it for years to come.

    Be careful, because the real-world implications of this file are VERY real. Sissy now has a deep desire to search for a real man and service his cock!! She now knows it's her destiny and this file has simply allowed her to understand that fact. It's only a matter of time before sissy allows a large, powerful man to use her body to his satisfaction, and sissy is trembling in anticipation. ***giggle***

    Thank You SO much for creating this life-changing and totally INCREDIBLE file, Goddess. You are truly a "goddess" in every sense of the word and sissy will be devoted to you for the rest of her life <3

    -biggest huggles and sweetest kisses-

    1. Hi Joy,

      “Is there anything more wonderful than a young sissy, taking her first Bambi-like steps into the adult world?

      Soft-eyed.... smooth-skinned.... full-lipped.... innocent....

      The jungle is full of lions and tigers that will fall on tender young things like this and devour them whole - but some of us survive.”

      After reading your extraordinary description of this file sissy saw this quote on another blog and paraphrased it for you.

      sissy is so happy that you are evolving into the completely delicious and desirable sissy princess slut that everyone can see that you are. Your obsession with men and what only they can do to us sissies is utterly charming but not nearly as charming as your understanding of what you can do for them. You are such a cute and irresistible little tramp.

      The Goddess has taught that sissies should respect and love themselves. This includes making sure that they don’t do anything that is dangerous or harmful to their short or long-term health and well-being. It may seem to be an oxymoron in a world of mindlessness and bimboism, but your innate intelligence tells this sissy that you will be careful and that you will survive in your shameless and lustful pursuit of cock (at your own pace giggle,giggle).

      You go girlfriend.


    2. **OMG** Joy, reading your message was just so intoxicating. You're words are so infectious, they just make me **sparkle** with desire and want to hear more.

      **YAY** you had your first **reverse tingle** and that is a testament to how Goddesses' words are now reaching the core of your being, allowing you to be the person your silly male ego has been preventing you from being your entire life - a silly sexy boy toy **giggles**

      Joy, I think its **YUMMY** that you finally believe what all of us have known for some time **giggles** That you have a deep innate unquenchable desire for men. What's even more **DELISHUS** to think is that now you know in your heart that its true, that this desire will only grow even stronger leading your to sissify yourself even further so that all men see you as you want - as an object of desire **tee hee**

      Make room at the gloryhole girls, there's a new sissy in town and shes never satisfied unless one of her holes is being filled with a great big delishus cock **giggles**

      Love you so much girl and thanx for sharing your **sparkle** with all of us. So proud of you girl.

      Love always Br♥ttany x0x0

      p.s., I can hardly wait to experience Man Obsession for myself :)

    3. Awww thank you SO much Brittany and Morelle :)

      You're both so supportive and sissy looks up to you as shining examples of what a true sissy should aspire to.

      Love you both so much :D

      p.s. Brittany. sissy knows you will just LOVE the new file. Looking forward to your comment after you listen :D

    4. **AWW** you're a sweetie Joy and you know it takes one to know one **giggles** Counting the minutes to have some fun with Man Obsession **giggles* Love you, Br♥ttany x0x0

    5. Joy, that must be one of the best comments I've ever read on the topic of guys and sissification.

      It's so wonderful to read how deeply this file has affected you sweetie, it truly makes all of my time and effort feel worthwhile.

      I must agree with Morelle on the importance of personal safety. I have already discussed it with you privately and I know that you will always be safe and sensible when potentially meeting up with a guy.

      So proud of you sweetie, and I do believe that one day you will find that special man that you mentioned and he will make you feel oh-so-feminine and wonderful. :)

      Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. It's so fun reading all of your adorable little thoughts on Sissy Chat and I'm sure we will have a little gossip on there again soon. :)

    6. **MMM** Br♥ttany is so proud to know sissy. Br♥ttany thinks Joy would make a **YUMMY n DELISHUS** sissy of the month becus she is so adorable, huggable, inspiring and sissylishus **tee hee**

      Oopsies Br♥ttany hope that was ok to say Goddess?

      Love L♥ttle Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    7. Thanks so much, Goddess. You deserve so much for all the time and effort you put into this file. Really :)

      Brittany, sissy would be DELIGHTED if she was named sissy of the month.. but she thinks she still has a lot of work to do to reach her goals and be as femmy as possible.

    8. **MMM** we all have lots of work to do girlfriend. If it makes sense to say, I think femininity is defined more as a process than an outcome **giggles**

  4. Hi All,

    I have been listening to many of Goddess Gracie's files including this one and Logic of Limp. The only reason I haven't posted to be honest is the fact that I'm still very conflicted about sissification and I'm a terrible purger and I am a bit scared of being banned/excommunicated from this site if I purge and then try to come back. I have shaved all over in the past and met guys etc but I've been relationshipless for about 4 years, just obsessively looking at sissy stuff online and dreaming about it. Talking to a dominatrix a few years ago she said I seemed to want to run towards it and run away from it at the same time which I guess is true even now, I don't know which side will win out.
    Well this post has all got very serious hasn't it?!
    To change the mood; tonight on the London Underground I noticed a girl's bottom and thought wow that looks nice. Then immediately I thought, that really makes me want to feminise myself. In the past I might have used the lustfulness later when I got home but this time it came in straight away. I don't know if that's a result of subliminals in the files but it was intriguing.

    Jenny Sissy

    1. Oh Jenny, don't be afraid of being banned or shunned in any way. Most all of us have been where you are right now and we know very well how it feels to be torn between two worlds.

      You're always welcome here in Goddess' loving embrace

      Hope to speak to you in sissy chat soon!

    2. Hi Jenny,

      Joys right. Everyone has their own journey with more than a few stumbles along the way so don't beat yourself up when you fall off the bike.

      Life happens when you live it. Most importantly, know that you always have a home and friends here who will help dust you off and cheer for you to do what is in your heart to do.

      The fact that you are here should tell you something about what you want but acting on that preference may take time as you tame that Lordly Lion that has been protecting your inner sissy from sparkling all her life.

      You're the perfect you and once you figure that out the rest will take care of itself.

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany x0x0

    3. Hi Jenny,

      To reiterate what our fluffy little friends have already told you, there's no need to worry about being shunned or anything nasty like that! That would never happen here. You're always welcome here whenever you like :)

      Glad to hear that you're noticing the little changes as a result of the files sweetie, keep me updated on all your progress! And don't worry if you sometimes decide to take a break, even a silly little sissy is allowed to change her mind :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    4. We **LUV** you Jenny. Hugz n cuddles, Br♥ttany x0x0

    5. Thanks for all the support, didn't think I'd get so much on a kinky site, giggle. I find is supportive too, hope it's on your approved list Goddess. I was enjoying but it's still down at the moment :(

      JennySissy xx

  5. Yep Jen we have all purged at one time or another so welcome back sis

    1. Ooooohhhhh Debbie, sissy wishes you had not said that. It just reminds her of all the pretty clothes and lingerie she has put into dumpsters. sissy even gets misty eyed when she thinks of a particular camisole, teddy, negligee, vibrator or dildo that brought her horny little feminine ass so much pleasure before it had to go.
      But sissy can also now look back at her purges with a wicked smirk on her face, knowing those were just steps she had to take to shed her awful masculinity and become a happy little slut. (giggle,giggle)


    2. Oh yes sweetie now you can splurge on new toys and fashions with the knowledge that you are a full blown sissy now

  6. seeing this article made me realize there are real men with six pack abs etc out there, and then there are us sissys who men like to have suck there cocks and women like to use as a maid etc etcmmmmm:)

  7. Such an amazing file, i loved it, specially the story, i felt like i was living it, it's an incredible ride!
    I feel more of a sissy now than ever.

  8. Me too Sylvie. everytime I hear it I just want to put on my sluttiest makeup and grab the first hunky guy into my bed. OMG I am sounding like so much a tramp now after listening for third time. All I can do is think of dreamy men now with hard cocks wanting to plant their seed in my pussy and make long wet kisses all night while in his arms, snuggled up close
    I so like the way goddess gracie shows us how to flirt tease and seduce and then be rewarded

  9. Little changes as a result of Goddess Gracie's files....:)
    susannah xxx

  10. **MMM** I have finally had enough dedicated training with Man Obession to feel comfortable posting a commint on it.

    Among other times listening, I recently went to sleep for three nights in a row listening to it and I'm not even sure what kind of effect that would have on my subconscious absorption of the lessons in this file

    What I do know for sure though is that I am a lot more jealous of real girls and compare myself alot more to them now. For some time now I have been spending more and more time on my personal appearance each and every day and the amount of time I spend is only growing and I figures its 2-3 hours a day now. I love this me time and don't let a day go by without it.

    Seeing girls walking hand-n-hand with guys, kissing or being together just wants me want the same **so badly** Everywhere I turn I see couples and it leaves me **tingling** 24/7. Its a good thing I have my dildo but its not a substitute for a real man's touch and big throbbing cock in my mouth or pussy and I think more n more that its time to lose my virginity

    I love the scenario in this file because I can empathisize with every word said from feeling the incontrollable need to go out looking for cock, to all the attention to detail in looking my femme faggoty best, to experiencing the condesending or potential intolerant judgement of others for how I look, to finding that one man (and his friends) to sacrifice my virginity to because he makes me feel so special I just want to do anything to make him happy **YAY**

    I find myself wanting to experience this scenario more n more each day and that probably accounts for why I have now added a bra (on top of all else) to my daily wardrobe, why I am now on a Pueraria Mirifica breast enlargement program, why I am wearing girls designer clothes (jeans, belts) in public more n more n can't stop shopping, why I exercise in tights now (booty shorts and spandex tank top) and why I can't get enough of the feel of a sissygasm.

    **MMM** I'm still waiting for my lip plumper and can hardly wait to walk the malls with lips with twice the volume they now have **OMG** the thought of plump glossed lips makes me **reverse tingle** n **sparkle** in ways I never imagined

    Thank you Goddess Gracie for yet another **YUMMY n DELISHUS** file

    Love always, Br♥ttany

  11. Goddess Gracie has left so many important tips I would like to share with my friends and readers. Yes I have been in a serious relationship now for six weeks and we hit it off so well now I may move in with him. Although he is an older gay gentlemen let me say men are men whether straight or otherwise. They love the attention women give them and of course to be controlling at various levels. Bimbo Blessings is important here because they want not so much young as naive gurls that they can fashion and be the all knowing one while we simply follow their words and wishes. I have learned you treat him like he is all wise and knowing so you can obediently respond. Gads men love that about women and specially sissies that learned to behave like that.
    The there is the sex which you will love to adore and eventually find as Goddess Gracies says the vagina icky and no fun. I think most women wear out of the sexual role play early on and can fill that void so easily you would be surpirsed. Telling him how hot he looks and how you just cant stop thinking of kissing his lips and lovely cock. Give it all your attention and play with it whenever you can--even when he least expects it. Remind him how you dream of tasting his creamy goo all the time and how delicious you find it. Dont be afraid to leave little love notes with hearts and kisses on them for him to read.And of course the feeling of that male meat deep inside your male pussy as he pumps in furry his seed. They love hearing it so much. I love playing and sucking on his balls and armpits and moan with lust while doing it. Reminding him constantly how he pleases you like no other has ever.
    You dont need to be a passable girl or beauty queen to attain this. And yes most men are not going to be model hunks but the joy and pleasure is still there for both of you.
    So my lesson is being submissive and adoring to everything he wants will bring you both heavenly pleasure and may find your new role so much better than what you struggled with as a man. No defending your postions or competing but surrender yourself to his desires
    Yes Bimbo training and girlie behavior have brought this faggot to new levels of relationships even with my non sexual friends. You know girls what behavior turns on a guy so dont hold back .
    Well a few random thoughts just throwing out there now

    1. **OMG** Debbie, I just had the most **sparkling** revelation reading your **YUMMY n DELISHUS** heart-felt thoughts on total submissiveness, adoration and surrender to real men's and women's desires

      **OMG** its like I finally get it and it is something that Goddess has been preaching from the beginning of time but it never registered with me till reading your loving thoughts about life with your man **giggles** which sounds like totally **AMAZING** n a fairly tale DREAM cum true **YAY**

      It seems to me that a **mindless bimbo** would be one of the last changes the male ego would desperately attempt to resist and so I am going to recommit to listening to Goddesses' Good Girl and Bimbo Blessing series and maybe even MsJ's LMS: Bimbo file and unquestioningly put in practice all these files say to do.

      Embracing total naivity, obedience, servitude and adoration to all real men and women will be my new mantra which I already put in practice this weekend by doing more of the cooking and cleaning around the house as well as striving to embrace the idea of doing everything I was told without question, resistence or offering any form of explanation or defense.

      Indeed, in some ways being asked is too late and I feel that if a good sissy is to think at all, she should be thinking like you Debbie about how to anticipate other's needs as genuinely as possible to ensure others know they are loved adoringly and that they can count on their sissy to do as she is told without question

      I now realize also how in the past I could be a burden to others by my own narcissistic attitudes that were just selfish, innapropriate and completely opposite to what a sissy should be all about. I now realize this with a clarity that I have never had before and all I want to do is say sorry to everyone and anyone that I may have acted selfish toward and promise them things will be different from now on **BLUSH**

      Well girlfriend, thanks for opening my eyes with your beautiful comments and I will follow all your advice and can't wait to especially follow your advice on adoring your man in all the **YUMMY** ways you describe.

      Love you always, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  12. Oh Brittany you bring tears of joy to my eyes now

    1. **giggles** that makes 2 of us girlfriend. Love n appreciate you so much, Br♥ttany xoxo

  13. Awesome comments Debbie, thank you very much for sharing them.
    Goddess Gracie - I love this file so so much. It is absolutely wonderful conditioning. Thank you!!


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