Thursday, November 29, 2012

Training Loop #9 - Correct Thoughts

This is a brainwashing loop that should be listened to on repeat for at least 30 minutes at a time. As always, it is for true sissies only - no exceptions! It will reinforce the correct attitudes and behavior expected of a true sissy and will keep femininity and everything it entails at the forefront of your fluffy little mind. Several topics will be touched upon from a true sissy's innate desire for lots of cuddles and affection from masculine men, to a sissy's correct natural instinct to please women in whatever way that she can (strictly platonic of course!).

A sissy's correct behavior towards men is utter submission and servitude. You deeply crave sweet cuddles and warm fluffy snuggles and flirty giggles with dominant guys, and to achieve this you will have to correct your behavior and thoughts around them. You will be overtly flirty and feminine around masculine men, showing them that you are just a little sissy with a tight pussy willing to milk them to ejaculation.

Remember that a sissy with correct bimbo behavior will undoubtedly be the focus of any and all hunky guys around her who will grope and tease her slutty body. It is very important that men are sexually-enticed by your feminine body so you will wear nothing but the correct clothes and correct make-up from now on princess.

You will remember that good girls like to follow orders obediently and without hesitation from both men and women. Whether you are a sissy maid to your housewife neighbor or a sissy sex slave to a well-hung master you will have no power in the relationship, content to obey submissively. You will learn that uncontrollable giggles are just a part of your life as a true subservient sissy and they are nothing to shy away from whatsoever. It's simply correct for sissies to giggle and feel so silly and feminine.

It is also important and completely correct that all superior women in your life are acutely aware of your sissy nature. You will do all that is necessary to expose yourself as a slutty sissy girl to all women as it is simply appropriate for women to know how much of a sissy you truly are. Lying to women is incorrect and unbecoming of a good girl.

It cannot be reiterated enough that all women are utterly superior to you and this is simply one of the absolute truths that have been implanted in your biological sissy brain since birth. Whether you meet a clothing store sales clerk or a female co-worker, you will show the correct respect and admiration to every single woman you encounter from now on. Even platonic girlfriends will be superior to you in every way.

Real men use women as sexual objects to relieve the built up testosterone in their masculine bodies but you are not a real man princess. You are a sissy whose attraction to women was nothing more than an incorrect notion wrongfully imposed through peer pressure and society. This file will ensure that any remnants left of this failed excuse for attraction are fully eradicated and completely destroyed for the rest of your life. Women are superior to you and this is a correct fact of life from which you can never escape.

It's a good idea to listen daily sweetie and you can even listen while you are tending to your correct sissy duties such as cooking, cleaning or pleasing your female friend's big strong hubby or boyfriend when she is not in the mood. It's perfectly fine if you would like to listen over and over again until all the correct thoughts have been installed in your little mind and you no longer feel any silly resistance or denial that may have held you back from reaching your full sissy potential in the past. Best results are achieved by listening for 45-60 minutes or more without interruption.

You love my conditioning sweetie and your obedience is a foregone conclusion so you will do well to obey my every word. Let me know all the correct behavior and appropriate thought patterns that result from this file in a pretty comment below.

Training Loop #9 -
Correct Thoughts


  1. **MMM** as I listen to Correct Thoughts I am overcome with a deep seated realization that I am no longer fantasizing about being a sissy but that I am living as a closet sissy with an unquenchable desire to break free from all that is restraining me to live a fully feminized lifestyle.

    The name of this file is so perfect as it is not only true that femine thoughts, emotions and behavior make me **sparkle** brightest but the absence of them now make me feel **sad** and ashamed of myself for foresaking my femininity. I can't imagine life without my girly-girl sparkle and the distinction I used to draw between my sissy life and my pretend life is increasingly blurring as the little girl within asserts her aspiration to be free. To be honest, I don't even think about taking a **break** from being a sissy because its all I want.

    As I think about all the correct thoughts Goddess reminds a sissy of in this file, I **sparkle** with the delightful knowledge that many of these thoughts are becoming second nature to me. Not a day goes by that I don't want or try to look my prettiest, to be an object of desire to men and who flirts, giggles and creates any excuse for a cuddle whenever she can.

    Since embracing limpness for sometime now, I have grown accustomed to the thought that my clitty has more in common with a moistened vagina than penis, whether erect or flacid, and that its sole function is to make warm spurties as I think of big hunky men. I have also grown accustomed to treating my pussy as a temple of desire for a man's pleasure - a desire that grows naturally as my feminine mind asserts itself. I can't keep my outstretched fingers from touching either my clitty or pussy usually on my back with my legs spread or in a cowgirl positon on my knees and unlike ever before I moan outload without a hint of hesitation that this could be anything but natural and appropriate.

    What has been more recent and witch dawned on me listening to Goddesses' file is that I also play with my breasts alot more, caressing them to the point of being erect and very sensitive to my touch. I don't wear a bra daily like I do panties but I am increasingly feeling naked and unsupported without one. I am not sure what is holding me back, maybe it is not having a bra with a proper cup size (I have 3 bras now but they are fitted to my breast forms) but as my estrogen levels grow so too does this desire. One of my favorite parts of my body to moisturize is my titties and sometimes I fantasize about using a special udder cream on them to stimulate their growth and treat them with the TLC they deserve.

    Another revelation from the file is how obedient toward others I am becoming and how I am branching out to situations where I can find acceptance from others and within myself.

    I have always been a little self absorbed with a high need for approval from others but Goddesses' word is making me much more other regarding and subservient to the will of other real men and woman who I increasingly accept as my superiors and who I seek approval from now through obedience. I don't know what the reason for this is it just seems appropriate to who I am as a person.

    I love to **sparkle** and I know that a supportive pier group will be nurturing toward that feeling so it is no wonder that I love this blog but I notice that love is now taking me in two directions. One is toward alternative lifestyle clubs where I honestly believe I will experience my first public showing as girly me **YAY** The second is to expose my sissy self in public settings to gain greater acceptance of an identity that many superior real men and women may look down upon. I know the more I do this the more I will accept myself and the less need I will have for approval from a population that will mostly see me disapprovingly.

    Thank you Goddess for creating this **YUMMY** file that gives me goosebumps about where I am right now in my journey.

    Hugs n kisses to all, Br♥ttany xoxo

  2. So proud of you Brittany :)

    I know many of our sissy friends here view you as a huge inspiration, and it is wonderful to have someone who is so committed to her feminization and has what it takes to make all her sissy dreams a wonderful reality.

    There is no need to feel sad or upset in the slightest whenever you need to take a little break sweetie, just think of it as an opportunity to rediscover your passion for all things feminine all over again when you return from a brief hiatus. I believe occasional breaks are a good thing and I think you understand why as we've discussed this in private :)

    A sissy should never feel ashamed of herself unless she has done something wrong. Having to temporarily put your feminization on hold does not warrant any negative feelings sweetie and I want you to be a big girl for me and be happy, even when you are in your pretend "male" state.

    I do understand your enthusiasm and desire for permanent feminization sweetie and that is wonderful, but please don't let it have such control over your happiness :)

    I think a true sissy can be happy and feminine (on the inside as well as mentally/emotionally) whether she is wearing her prettiest clothing and sluttiest makeup or not! You can feel feminine whenever you like sweetie regardless of what you're wearing or if your nails are looking their best.

    Remember that even the girliest girls sometimes have periods where they don't **sparkle** as bright as they'd like to sweetie. It is no cause for sadness or shame and I want you to be happy :)

    I know you will train very hard with this file sweetie and I believe the effects will be evident over the coming weeks.

    And yes, your clitty is tiny and feminine, just like you Brittany :)

    Talk again soon sweetie and I know you'll keep me updated on all the fluffy little happenings in your life over the next few weeks.

    Love and reassuring cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    1. **OMG** Goddess, I just love you so much. You are **ALWAYS** so right and I don't know what I would do without your loving and supportive guidance.

      I will be a big girl and strive for all you ask of me, especially to not let my desire for total feminity to interfere with my happiness

      Thank you for saying I'm **tiny and feminine** Goddess. Your approval and feedback means so much to my development and always makes me **sparkle**

      As I embark on Diddle-Free December and listen to Correct Thoughts and Man Obsession, I wonder if I will be wearing a bra on a daily basis, frequenting alternative lifestyle establishments more so that I can overtly flirt more with men, and exposing more of my inner sissy to the public world

      Love and delishus warm hugz from Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. Yay for Brittany!

      Yes sweetie, you should be wearing a bra on a daily basis already. I think you should go to a specialist bra store and get all of your measurements done properly soon.

      Goddess Gracie xx

    3. **OMG** Goddess, I can't believe you think I am ready to wear a bra daily!!! It just makes me **sparkle** to know you think I have reached that level of feminization

      **MMM** of course I'm already completely hairless, and on a daily basis make sure my toes n finger nails are painted with a subtle polish, that my brows are manicured, my lips shine with gloss, my body is scented with perfume, n I'm wearing my panties n hose **giggles**

      Yesterday I wore my ultra sexy designer jeans in public that just scream sissy n when I wear them with padded panties they will maybe scream **fuck my pussy**

      So I guess a properly fitted bra seems like the perfect next step **YAY**

      Goddess, thank you for always believing in me. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  3. Oh yes Brittany goddess gracie is so right about going full time in a bra now. When I am dressed girlie I wear a 34c with my silicone breast but I am not always en femme cause I do work in male mode and feel like so uncomfy so I bought a A cup bra ,nude in color, and can wear it under my male clothes without detection all day. I have even slept in it and worn it under shirts sweaters and sweatshirts hehe.
    Also I found out to avoid lacey and frilly ones when doing this sweetie cause they can be itchy and scratchy so I keep my male bra simple and plain ( it does have a little bow in the middle). This will keep you girls aware 24/7 of your girlie sissyness which is so exciting throughout the day and night.
    I have also gotten a lotion cream of fennel which is a herbal cream applied to the skin all around your breast to increase estrogen and bring on breast enhancement. Chinese have used it for centuries and lots on the net about it but its too early to say whether it works but does feel so good yummy. So I have worn the bra to protect my outer clothing from staining and works pretty well. Would so love to get to a natural b cup someday(dreamy) and show off my boobies with pride and grace. Will keep you all posted on my development now. Hugs Goddess Gracie and all you lovely dreamy girls for now

    1. **OMG** Debbie my fluffy head is just swirling with excitement at the thought of this. Based on my last bra fitting I think I am a natural 38A but I will do as Goddess says and have a proper fitting to make sure **YAY**

      I think the unassuming plain nude colored is the way to go for every day wear for the reasons you mentioned - thanx for the yummy suggestion :)

      Ever since I read what you wrote I have been looking on the web at DIY breast enhancement remedies and even a simple 10 minute massage in morning and later at night can give you an extra cup size in as little as 30 days.

      Hands cupped on breasts without touching nipples, right hand clockwise n left hand counter clockwise maybe all you need to get you from an A to a B **YAY** Aside from being fun, I'm going to do it and let you know how it turns out :)

      Love you always, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  4. Dear Goddess,
    Thank you for teaching me and correcting my silly little thoughts. You are so lovely and I love your comforting directions and I accept your full authority over me **sparkles**. I feel it is so right for me to be under your control as you are far superior to me in every way Goddess.
    I truly hope to please you and reach the goals you set for me.
    I crave more training and conditioning. My life now has a purpose and a structure.
    Love and obedience,
    Kimmie XX

    1. **giggles** you sound like I feel Kimmie **YAY**

      Your words are an important reminder that Goddess Gracie is all-knowing, all-seeing and always knows bestest.

      She is the alpha and the omega and true sissies need only submit to her completely to live a more truthful, happy life **DOUBLE YAY**

      Love always, Br♥ttany xoxo


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