Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Sissy's Thoughts on 'The Logic of Limp'

I'm sure many of you have noticed there hasn't been an update on the blog for some time. I know some of you have been holding back tears in my absence and that is adorable but there is no need to get all anxious and worried when I'm not around for a while. I've just been very busy with other things! :)

I thought rather than the usual new file post I would make regarding my Logic of Limp file, I would post the fluffy little thoughts of one sissy after she listened to it. Her words also relate to my free Limp Clitty Training Loop which I am sure you have all had plenty of experience with at this stage.  I am positive that all true sissies will find themselves captivated by little Morelle's adorable words.

Thank you for making these files Goddess Gracie.  This sissy is totally blown away by all your files and feels, with your permission, that she might have something to share with sissies who might be having trouble achieving the shrinkage, limpness, and impotence they desire.   

This little ass-wiggling, prancing, faerie sissy has listened to a lot of hypno files.  When she accidentally discovered EMG's feminization files a few years ago they quickly became very addictive because she had never heard anything like them and was soooo hungry for the validation and direction that they provided.  The files spoke directly to her feminine soul.  She was finally getting the needed and precise attention she had been needing all of her life. 

As time went by, she noticed a delightful effect from the files that she had not expected. Her main objectives in listening had been validation and reinforcement for her compulsions to crossdress and her dream that maybe some day she would become a woman.  But then, one day she looked down and her awful clitty seemed to be a lot smaller. She also realized that lately it had taken longer to get an erection.  It no longer got hard immediately when she slipped into her panties and it seemed much easier to tuck and hide.

Well, needless to say, this mindless little tramp began furiously searching for every file that existed with "shrinkage" and "limp clitty" suggestions.  Of course, because she was/is such a prissy and conceited little bitch not all of them suited her.  Some were too slow, some of the 'tists had awful voices, some seemed too cruel for such a sensitive little pussy like herself, some she just didn't understand, etc. 

Then she found the "Little Miss Squidgy" files.  UH OH!!!  She couldn't help herself. They demanded her attention.  It’s just impossible to keep MsJ’s words out of the deepest parts of a sissy girl’s mind. 

MsJ makes a sissy come to terms with who she really is.  Her words just make sense.  It’s just so silly to fight reality, to fight true desires, true gender, and true sexuality.

"Little Miss Squidgy can’t make her little limp wee-wee get hard can she?”  No, she can't and she doesn't want to

"Cocksucking sissy princess isn't a real guy is she?”  No, she isn't and she will never ever be a real guy. 

"Cocksucking sissy princess gets tingles all over her body just thinking about cock doesn't she?” Yes, she's obsessed and preoccupied with thoughts of horny men and their cocks.  It’s just so delightful thinking about making a man hard and pleasing him.

The "Little Miss Squidgy" files should be enough to satisfy any ordinary sissy, but there are some of us who throw caution to the wind and find their horny little sissy asses in one silly predicament after another searching for just one more sissy thrill, just one more file to make a quivering little mindless sissy squirm in her panties.

That’s how this sissy found listings for Goddess Gracie.  OMG!!!!  The files look like they are for a truly depraved and lifelong/born sissy but the Goddess suggests there are even more outstanding sissy princess issues that need to be resolved.  How can there be any remnants of manhood left in this sissy after listening to EMG and MsJ? 

But, (while skipping thru and previewing the files) they sound so enticing and so seductive…..  the Goddess’ voice layered over the soothing soundtrack ….  so compelling ….all the talk about real strong men, their hard twitching cocks, and what they do with them with  ….  the talk about real men feeling a sissy up in public ….   oh my  …. no respectable sissy can refuse to listen to that.  Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to seriously listen just once.

Can you say, “Replay this file?”  Can you say, “Loop this file?” 

Well, if you are reading this it’s pretty certain that you have looped and replayed Goddess Gracie files over and over again.  How many times have you found yourself walking down the staircase to that space in your mind where you can be yourself again?  This sissy confesses to being there even now as she types.  The Goddess seduces her there so easily and opens doors to delights a sissy may never find on her own.

One of those delights is a little soft limp clitty.  When the Goddess talks about it, a sissy’s clitty wants to disappear forever.  There is no other ‘tist that has explained and discussed this so well.  This sissy usually prefers guidance from a male ‘tist with a strong masculine voice like EMG or Sarnoga.  That could be because they are such studly men.  The Goddess is more like an adoring mentor who has a feminine understanding of sissies that a stud just doesn’t have.   Only a woman can understand the deep-rooted cravings sissies have for attention and affection from strong virile men.  The Goddess knows what a sissy needs to do to attract men and guides and instructs in such a way that beginning sissies as well as more advanced ones can find something new to achieve that in the files every time they listen.

It’s hard (no it isn’t, gigglegiggle) to explain just how gratifying it is to have a soft limp clitty.  It doesn’t happen overnight but listening to the files helps so much.  A sissy’s clitty has matured throughout her life and it will take time to shrink and lose its rigidity but it will happen.  Subliminals and post-hypnotic effects can be so incredibly powerful and wonderful.  A mantra of The Goddess’ words playing in the back of your mind can produce results that you just don’t expect.  A simple thought like “there is not even a trace of a bulge in your panties, you look just like a girl down there sweetie” helps it happen.  Imprinting thoughts like that into your receptive feminine mind is what makes it happen and Goddess Gracie’s files are the most effective at doing this. 

Thank you Goddess Gracie for making this soooooo very pleasurable and easy.  Now if I can just get rid of the pesky occasional morning erec.,,,,,,,,   


I'm sure you will all agree that Morelle's little thoughts were so adorable yet articulate and it's very likely that her message above resonated with you very deeply as a true sissy. All of my good girls who have experienced the new Logic of Limp file should feel free to share their own fuzzy little thoughts about the file in the comments below. You can find the file below if you have not yet heard it.

The Logic of Limp


  1. It's so wonderful to read another sissy's feelings on the effects and conditioning of sissy hypnosis! Morelle puts it quite nicely how gratifying a soft, limp, worthless clitty can be, and how Goddess' guidance is of the utmost importance to keeping it nice and limp.

    "It’s just so delightful thinking about making a man hard and pleasing him." is SUCH a perfect quote from Morelle. As biologically-hardwired sissies, we are incapable of behaving sexually with women and it is impossible for us to get pregnant. Therefore, sissy believes that our one true purpose in life is to provide our bodies to men for PURE PLEASURE. Not to procreate, like normal women would, but to please men sexually in any way we can. We were born to fuck, suck, and be completely limp for strong masculine men :)

    Goddess Gracie is truly setting us sissies on the right path in life, and sissy will ALWAYS put her trust in Goddess' warm embrace.

    And on the subject of The Logic of Limp, it is an amazing file, that will definitely make some very nice changes to any sissy's utterly-useless nub of flesh between their legs.

    After listening once, sissy was horrified to see that her clitty still became hard from time to time. She almost cried!!! But after Goddess' kind, reassuring words, sissy has been looping the file for a few weeks and her clitty has been much more obedient! YAY! :D

    Sissy feels that this file has upgraded (or should sissy say downgraded) her clitty from a "pathetic excuse for a penis" to a "limp, tiny, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, laughably-small, completely-impotent sissy clitoris"

    1. Hi Joy,

      I am not surprised that Morelle's words resonated with you so deeply. It is just natural for a true sissy to relate to those little feelings.

      I think your fondness for masculine men is just adorable sweetie and I have a feeling you will be getting exactly what you need and crave from a very hunky guy one of these days, perhaps sooner than you might think :)

      Don't worry your fluffy little head about the occasional attack of stiffness down there either princess. It is normal for a sissy to feel tears welling up on the odd occasion that they experience such a silly and inappropriate physical reaction, but the important thing is that you want to be limp 24/7, and you are committed to achieving that goal one day!

      Remember that good girls like to train every day :)

      Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. ***giggle*** thank You, Goddess :)

      Sissy recently looked up listings for glory holes on craigslist and OMG it's like, SO hard to resist going out to meet one of those guys...

      Someday sissy will muster the courage to go

    3. **MMM** I never thought of a sissies one true purpose as you describe it Joy but **OMG** it makes purrrfect sense **WOW** you're just so smart, n **OMG** such a stud loving, cock-crazed sissy faggot **giggles** :)

      I **TOTALLY** agree about completely trusting the one and only person who knows best to guide us through our sissification **YAY** for Goddess Gracie :)

      Stay sissy girlfriend, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    4. It’s such an honor that the Goddess would choose to use this sissy’s thoughts for this post. The Goddess also found the perfect pictures for the page. They make sissy proud of her impotent limp clitty but jealous that her clitty is not yet as small as the one in the lace panties. That picture is so very sexy and it’s hard to believe that any man would not be aroused by it.

      sissy would also like to thank all the other sissies for their kind words concerning her thoughts. It’s so nice to find a place on the net with a Goddess and sissies that share this sissy’s feelings and plans for the future. This is such a nice friendly place to learn and grow as sissies. Not just as “run-of-the-mill” sissies, but as beautiful, sexy, confident, mindless sluts that are irresistible to horny studs.


    5. **MMM** you have such a magical, fluffy n sparkly way of saying things Morelle. I just luv when you share your **YUMMY** thoughts with us because I just feel like I learn something new or in a way I never thought about before. Love you girl, Br♥ttany x0x0

  2. Dearest Goddess Gracie, This is just a delightful file to use in my training. Your voice is beautifully soft and enticing. Sissy thanks you for your new release. Sissy cheers in the early morning to see your limp little clitty remaining always soft. Sissy loves to see her little clitty shrink, shrivel and hide away as it should for true sissies.
    Yay for sissy hugs and kisses to all sissies.

    1. Yay for my mysterious new sissy :)

      I think you need a pretty new name to go with such a pretty new outlook sweetie.

      Be sure to keep us all updated on your progress along the way.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Dear Sisters n Goddess Gracie,

    I started training with the Logic of Limp (LOL) file at least twice a day and sum times more a little over two weeks ago **YAY** In the past week, I have not had the same opportunity to listen **grrr** and so I can share a little of what it has been like on and off this **YUMMY** file.

    On LOL

    **giggles** I don’t even know what I’m saying as its actually hard for me to separate out the on n off period with LOL as I felt and still feel it affecting me on a **DEEP** level. It’s as if every word has some special place for me and a meaning that I seem to just innately understand as appropriate to my very identity.

    I feel as if the file is magnifying everything about me that is sissy to an entirely new level **YAY** as if I am wanting to stand on a mountain top and proclaim for all the world to finally know that I am a true pathological sissy.

    For instance, TLC for my body to ensure I'm smooth, sparkling and completely hairless is just a **DESPERATE NEED** since LOL and I just feel **YUCKY** if I'm not smooth all over. I almost feel compelled to have a bald clitty and the trim around it keeps receding the tighter my panties, especially thongs that are just big enough to cover my clitty. I'm almost trying to think of reasons why my muff shouldn't be totally bald and this only started with the LOL file. If I knew there was some great hair removal device I would like so want to get it.

    Since LOL, I also seem to especially just know and accept that a clitty that has failed to penetrate a woman's vagina as often as mine really has no business being anything but limp. Even my wife hasn't asked or prodded me for sex for a few months now but only since listening to LOL did I begin to appreciate why this might be: On some level I think she knows it’s more of an indignity for her to suffer the humiliation of being in bed with a limp dick husband than to just admit to being in a sexless marriage. Almost instinctively, I seem to have willingly embraced many more chores around the house as if to make up for the deceit I have perpetrated against her.

    Since LOL I literally spend time on my nails every day now and it is so important to me that they look their best. When they don't sparkle, I know I’m not at my best. And **OMG** they honestly look like a French manicure with about 3mm of nail growth beyond what I used to have and was able to achieve through daily use of nail enrichment polish. Part of me wants to hide the lacquer finish and nail length I can now boast but part of me doesn’t care as its part of whom I am and what makes me happy. I now wonder if there are other things that could be used to promote even more growth. I just find it so fulfilling to have pretty finger and toe nails and yearn for the day when I go out with them painted in the hottt pink polish I now have in my makeup bag **YAY**

    n **OMG** since the LOL I just have to have the double panties and hose now as I just **adore** feelings of nothingness between my legs. It is scary how long I can rub my clitty without any stiffness though I do get some periodically when doing it alone but it doesn't feel like it used to. If and when stiffness now happens I just instinctively stop, like I'm saying good bye and tata to an unwelcome visitor that has overstayed his welcome. Sometimes when I rub I stand up like I am performing in front of a crowd of guys and if I stop rubbing and dance more I sometimes feel the reverse tingle Goddess mentions in the file and then my entire body experiences a small convulsing feeling, as if my inner core is trying to break free from my strange is that?

    n **OMG** talk about subconscious behavior changes since LOL. I was walking down a crowded mall the other day and I suddenly noticed I was walking chest and bum out in opposite directions, wrists totally limp and taking short steps and wiggling my behind the entire time. Somehow it didn't seem to matter if anyone walking behind even noticed. It just felt like this was how it should be.


    1. …continued

      As this happened, I thought of this amazing pair of knockoff designer jeans I saw in a women's fashion store. They are a jean made of a Lycra type material and I thought how amazing it would be if I was wearing those whenever I wore jeans. I then sat down with my legs crossed to have a drink and I had to remind myself to not stare at guys bulges, wondering how big they might be if they weren’t wearing pants. I think about guys bulges all the time and just the thought makes my mouth water.

      Lastly, I think I am finally beginning to find purpose in what I have suspected for some time - I am getting progressively dumber and what little self worth and dignity I seem to have left I almost completely rely upon Goddess and interaction in this blog to provide. It arouses me and feels oddly comforting to feel humiliated and treated like someone of lesser status to a real man or woman. Unlike before LOL though, the arousal is more a feeling of **reverse tingle** which just feels heavenly and just so fulfilling I want to experience it all the time.

      Off LOL

      I dread weeks like the past one where I can’t find the time for conditioning. I feel like I am letting what is left of my male ego off the hook when this happens and that just makes me mad because I know I deserve better. Not that a sissy deserves much in this world but one thing I think she does deserve is to be the best sissy she can be.

      The one bright spot in the time off was that I did manage to find time for some pussy fun with my dildo **YAY** After several pussy douches, I played with my dildo inside me for a good 30-45 minutes and despite the intense fun only had a few dribbles of warm spurties. Despite a little initial disappointment, I came to realize that this in itself was something I should get used to and that suddenly made me happy **YAY** That is, while pleasing real men and bringing them to orgasm must surely be a sissies greatest purpose, I should not expect reciprocal treatment from the men I service as that would not be right. Though sissygasm with a real man’s cock in my pussy would be a delishus treat it should not be expected. So later that same day I fingered myself for what seemed like hours, staying limp the whole time until I started to reverse tingle and then spurted in my panties which I then licked up **giggles**

      Looking back at that exact moment I found myself saying like **OMG** who is this person because she didn't do or feel any of this 4 months ago before discovering Goddess Gracie. Yet not a day since has gone by where this little sissy hasn’t felt happier or more fulfilled and the LOL file seems to have brought this realization into sharper focus even while away from it.

      Still after a week way from LOL though I notice I'm having a little more hardness than I had while on it. I know that I could partly address this with redoubling my commitment to listening to LOL and though I know I will do that I also know that is only part of the prognosis.

      I think what all of we sissies really need to do to experience the permanent changes and happiness Goddess is readying us for is to commit to changing our behaviours in our real lives. For me LOL is calling out to me to expose myself to more humiliating situations to remove the last of the dignity and respect I have been misled to believe I should somehow expect from life. I know not all might agree with that but to me it just seems right to say and aspire toward.

      For me, a permanent limp clitty is a symbol of my permanent emasculation but that is not possible as long as I feel entitled or feel like I deserve some measure of dignity and respect. For that to happen, the world needs to know I’m a sissy

      Love to you all, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    2. Hi Brittany,

      Good girl for training hard and committing so fully to your feminization.

      I'm sure your newly sissified nails look very pretty and that is just one little thing you can do to really express yourself to the world. I think you should start wearing a subtle clear polish in public soon sweetie, just to work your way up to the future days where you will be wearing hot pinks and slutty reds.

      I do agree that humiliating situations are very important in allowing a true sissy to gain acceptance of herself so I expect you to put yourself in those sorts of scenarios regularly and this is not negotiable sweetie.

      Love and big warm hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

    3. OMG sissy just adores reading about your progression into a fully-fledged bimbogirl :D

      Sissy has not yet felt the "reverse tingle", sadly, but Goddess' files HAVE been affecting her everyday life a little bit. For example, whenever anyone says the word "sissy" or "bimbo", sissy immediately thinks about sissification and her train of thought goes WILD.

      It looks like the day that you fully express your sissy self to your wife (and the world!) is not far off!!

      Miss you in sissychat, girlfriend


    4. **MMM** thank you Goddess for your **YUMMY** words of encouragement and wisdom. I know you know best and that your words are for me to live by so I shall embrace them with fullness of spirit.

      Goddess, perhaps my head is a little too fluffy today but is the subtle clear polish in addition to the clear nail enrichment polish I have been using? It makes me feel so **DELISHUS** inside to know you think I am ready for polish and have decided I am to put myself into humiliating situations on a regularl basis to gain an even fuller acceptance of myself. I shall take pride in reporting back to you on my progress.

      Love always Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    5. **MMM** thanx Joy you are such a **YUMMY** friend to me. I know how committed you are and I know your **reverse-tingle** is not far off.

      Just like Morelle mentions above, with repeated listening to Goddesses' files eventually the message, subliminals and post-hypnotic suggestions bring you closer to your idealized self and you will experience all those things you now dream about experiencing.

      When it does, it will be like **magic** and you'll feel like you're floating on a yummy fluffy cloud **giggles**

      I know it will happen for you because you deserve the **BEST**

      I miss you too girl. Love you like crazy, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  4. Dear Morelle,

    **OMG** your letter is like music to every sissies' ears, touching the very core of our beings where basic needs, desires, wants and ultimately inner happiness is defined.

    I have never listened to EMG but like you I had listened to numerous other hypnotists before discovering Goddess Gracie. Among the more notable influences were Isabella Valentine, Mz Dominica, Mistress Candice, and Goddess Lycia, as well as countless hypnotic conditioning videos. I think you say it so very well **sparkle** In my case I was searching for validation of the little mindless, cock obsessed girly girl that I knew lay dormant inside me, submissive and afraid to stand up to my protective male ego.

    While effective on some level, these hypnotists and videos never got me past or forced me to confront the shame or guilt my male ego always made me feel especially after building me up to ejaculation. Indeed, with the benefit of hindsight, I think these influences may even have retarded my sissification. Namely, they turned me into the gerbil on the treadmill by allowing me to believe it was ok to expel the very feminine energy I needed to free myself from the cage I was living in.

    All this changed with the discovery of Goddess Gracie this past summer. It was Bimbo Blessing that I first discovered. I read the warning that this was a curse file and its effects would be permanent and forever and I remember thinking about it for a day or two, then listening only to the induction and stopping before the curse began, until finally deciding I was ready to listen to the curse, resolute in the idea that I would come to see the sissy curse as a blessing and become the "silly giggly permanently aroused and happy sex-obsessed bimbo who wants nothing but to dress up and flirt and fuck and gossip and giggle and dance girl" I felt I was meant to be.

    From the moment I listened to the Bimbo Blessing curse file I was transformed and wanted everything it had to offer more and more with each listen- I started to obsess over fashion, makeup, flirting, dancing, giggling, chewing bubble gum and wanting to dress and get made up like a sexy hot cock whore to prowl around for big hunky men to fuck me with their big manly cocks. Everything Goddess said in the file created a flood of memories that brought my past into perspective unlike ever before. Suddenly my inner core felt a freedom and this feeling spread through every neuro-pathway in my body affecting every thought, emotion and behaviour.

    Communicating with Goddess Gracie through this blog I then discovered that I had missed the essential Good Girl series which laid an important foundation that Bimbo Blessing built on so I shifted to these files and became further obsessed. Suddenly I was tinkling like a girl sitting down, giggling out-loud at the silliest things, performing more chores around the house, and willingly embracing an inferior status to real men and real women. My penis and ass disappeared and all I saw were a clitty and pussy that I was proud to refer to as such.

    Throughout, I remember the most troubling part of the Good Girl and Bimbo Blessing files was Goddesses' decree that all good sissies should strive for a limp clitty, a point completely reinforced in the limp clitty training loop and now the logic of limp file. This was a foreign idea to me and something I feared based on an adulthood dominated by being a compulsive masturbator. Obsessed with following and pleasing Goddess Gracie, however, I instinctively embraced the idea that I should aspire to limpness.


    1. …continued

      As it turns out, limpness was the greatest gift Goddess ever could have given me. As Goddess decreed, every time my clitty tingled I would take a time out and not touch it. Soon tingling in the clitty was replaced with tingling in my nipples, tongue and pussy which burned with desire now for cock. I never used a dildo before and suddenly I purchased one that offered 5" of silicone fun. The more I used it, the more I wanted it and everything else sissification had to offer.

      Days later, I went on a shopping spree and purchased panties and a bra to wear whenever I could around the house. I started out with a 38B bra but then discovered breast forms and moved up to a 38DD. Perceptions of what others thought of me became distant and I felt comfortable enough to go into a women's garment store and have a private bra fitting with breast forms getting wonderful advice that my experience growing up never allowed. Soon after I was trying on and buying ladies heels, booty shorts, camisoles and tank tops, panties and g-strings, then a blonde wig and make-up (concealer, foundation, lip stick and gloss, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara). I bought nail extensions and nail polish, trimmed my eyebrows and then shaved all the hair off my body except my clitty area where I left a little trimmed section *tee hee*

      Whenever I could I would get dressed up, listen to Good Girl or Bimbo Blessing, then dance sluttily in private before pounding my pussy with the dildo. In two weeks, I was now looking for a larger dildo and graduated to 7" of silicone fun which I still use.

      The more I used the dildo, the closer I got to my ultimate fantasy - making cummies from inside with a limp clitty. Months later, my pussy yearns for the dildo and warm spurties from a limp clitty with or without the dildo is all I know, desire or want. Meanwhile the feminine energy builds in me like a locomotive engine with no brakes and a seemingly endless supply of fuel, unstoppable on the increasingly frictionless tracks that take me to one sole destination – my destiny!

      Today, my body is smooth, supple n hairless with a gorgeously trimmed clitty that I keep tucked way daily beneath extra tight panties and panty hose. I subscribe to several makeup and fashion resources that consume my discretionary reading time, flooding my mind with things to buy or how to care for my personal appearance, especially my eyebrows and nails. I now have beautifully manicured nails **YAY** that I adore wearing with a clear lacquer finish daily because they just make me **sparkle** Rather than be embarrassed and ashamed of my tiny wee wee and limpness I now embrace and take pride in it, and increasingly look for opportunities to emasculate myself knowing full well that a sissy’s pride depends on shedding every last trace of dignity and self-respect that real men and women deservedly take for granted.

      I feel like Goddess Gracie is like a prophet – devine, all-knowing, delivering a message of truth to all of us sissies who have been marginalized in many ways by our own thinking. What Goddess offers is no quick fix but I trust her unconditionally to steer me in the right direction. I think the more time a sissy spends “living” the kind of life that Goddess Gracie professes; the closer she comes to living the life she was meant to live.

      Love ♥♥♥ Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  5. Hiyaaaaaa GOddess.. I am like soooo happy looking at this. OMG and the picture is soooo enviuos and sooo cute.
    Like i wanted to confess something about this file. I had met another sissy here and she had it purchased. But like, i was soooo bad and out of behavior and i.. like.. i... i asked her to send me the file for free... I am really really sorry Goddess.. Its just that i sooo badly wanted that file and like, being a student i was like not able to afford to pay for these files.. thats soooo bad of me..I really really felt bad after asking her for the file.. and like.. totally felt like betrayng Goddess. i was thnking about my stupid act all the time and like i wanted to apologise to you here in front of eveyone. Please please please forgive me Goddess.. I soo want to be a good and loyal girlie girl..

    Soon i am going to purchase this file and play it over and over and over .....

    1. Good girl for confessing to me sweetie - it's ok to make silly mistakes like that sometimes as long as you always own up to it :)

      Don't feel bad at all princess, I could never be upset with such an adorable little sissy girl and I am sending you big warm cuddles of reassurance right now.

      Yay for Nikki! :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. **HUGZ** Nikki that was a heartfelt apology witch tells me your beautiful and yummy on the inside **YAY**

      And Goddess, like **OMG** you are like the all-knowing, all-foregiving most wonderful and delishus Goddess in the whole wide world who inspires everyone to be their best no matter what **YAY**

      Your words of encouragement to Nikki really makes me feel like you truly do know best under all circumstances and that your words and instructions should always be considered the absolute truth even if we don't always understand them (e.g., like rather than preoccuppying her mind with silly thoughts of resistance about limpness, a sissy should just trust in your message that it will sissify them). I hope that doesn't sound two silly

      Hugz n cuddles to all, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. So adorable :)

      I can tell you are really **sparkling** today sweetie.

      Love and hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

    4. **tee hee** there you go again reading my mind Goddess **giggles** OMG its like you have a crystal ball that can look deep into my soul. Thank you for making me really **sparkle** now Goddess.

      I guess it all started last night by making my body all smooth n soft **OMG** I can't get enough of that, its the second time this week I did it and I wish I could have the feeling all the time without the need to always shave. n **OMG** my muff now looks like a little garden salad ready to be eaten with one small bite from a real man **tee hee**

      **MMM** guess I'm also sparkling because I got all my panties washed two and can now wear my favorites **YAY** OMG but the worst thing happened with washing becuase the dye from one of the fuchsia panties ran into a pair of hottt pink while air drying n I cood almost cry **grrr**

      Don't know what I'm going to do about that one but maybe I'll just toss em n get some more **giggles** I've noticed some other pairs already need replacing after just a few washes cuz they look a lil tattered or have lost some of their **POP**

      Part of me doesn't even mind that thats the case because it means another trip to Victoria's Secret or La Senza **YAY** only this time I can flash my nails at the girls and tell them how I'm looking for sum extra tite sexy panties for myself **giggles** OMG, maybe I could even go into the store wearing those tite designer jeans I was telling your about (I'd have to get them first tho) and even a tight pink t-shirt or blouwse **shop shop shop giggles** and even sum lipstik n gloss **OMG** I can't believe I'm willing myself into a few humiliating scenarios like this but it just feels two important not to do it any other way **giggles** maybe even doing it after a mani n pedi **YAY**

      Love to you always Goddess, your silly sissy Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    5. Thanks soooooo much GOddess.. Like..i totally feel like relieved now. I mean like.. i was soo feeling like bad about myself untill i confessed here.. I almost sense the feeling of cry inside when i saw your forgiveness here.. like.. it never happened before. the sense of cry that is .. but like.. this is sooo much different.. and i love it.. thanks to you Goddess.. I love you sooo much, i respect you soo much..

      Thanks Britt.. OMG you are such a idol to me. like.. you are sooo cute and like totally envious. I feel like sooo happy to bud under a sister like you.. Thnaks again..

    6. **giggles** you're a sweetie Nikki. Thanx for all your **YUMMY n DELISHSU** complimints. I'm always here for you girlfriend :)

      Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  6. Hugz girls and congrats Nikki for being so honest. I think youre just so sweetie and darling kisses. Men like have that trait of lying and cheating . Just look at the fact that 94 percent of all prisoners are men . The majority of women in prison are there cause they were supporting their boyfriends or family. This is another one of those male traits we girls must purge if we are to become glorious bimbos and lovers. I am so proud to know you and Brittany and GG.

    1. Hi Debbie :)

      That is a very interesting point you bring up about how unfeminine it is to be dishonest. It is certainly true that women typically value honesty very highly, so it makes sense that any committed sissy would try to emulate this feminine trait to the best of her ability. Nikki really showed us how feminine she is deep inside by being so honest and open.

      Big hugs for being such a good girl Debbie, see you in Sissy Chat again soon sweetie (maybe we'll even have a little gossip about guys)


      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. **AWWW** I'm proud to know you two Debbie **HUGZ**

      You no you're smart when Goddess Gracie complimints a thought you have Debbie **YAY** for one of the smartest, sweetest girls on the blog

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    3. Awee.. thanks a lot Debbie.. i feel like.. totally kinda releived.. like.. it felt like soo much bad to me in the inside. And i wanted to let it go and confess to Goddess.
      THnaks again Deb.. *kisses*

  7. **MMM** hi girls,

    I'm just **sparkling** right now n I can hardly contain myself so I thought I would share what happened

    **MMM** so last night I trimmed my one n a half inch wee more than ever before to make it look alot like the pik at the top of this thread except I have a little muff above my clitty. To get all the hair underneath make sure you use lots of lather to protect your skin :) **OMG** to moisturize between my smooth legs afterward just felt heavenly n so right

    Then i went out n shopped for sum designer jeans n though I didn't get any I know exactly what I want. They are a partly worn denim n spandex with elaborate silver embrodiery on the back pokets n trim of the 2 front pokets. Because of the spandex they will fit like a glove n its just a matter of going into the store witch is strictly a ladies fashion store n getting fit for the right size **OMG** I can hardly contain myself from doing this n really want to do it this cumming week

    **MMM** then a little birdie was telling me about a new perfume called **pink sparkle** by Kylie Minogue n so I went to her website ( where she has created several perfumes and actually has a 5 question test to help you decide what perfume is best for you n **OMG** the test sayed that **pink sparkle** was my perfume. I'm not sure exactly what that means but I think its pretty special and so I am going to try n buy it when I go out for my jeans this week and wear it as often as I can.

    **MMM** then lastly, I was sitting playing with my clitty in a very tight n yummy thong with a leopard print design frum La Senza today **OMG** girls it was literally 2 hours of playing with a clitty that did feel like a baby tortoise head inverting back into its shell. But then **OMG** it happened, my first full out warm spurties from a completely limp clitty in witch rather than feel a loss of femine energy I felt an increase **OMG** girls my legs were up in the air when it happened n I just gathered dripping finger after dripping finger of spurties into my wanting mouth, devouring it like a cum starved sissy. I then stood up, removed the thong only to see more globules of spurties witch I licked up feverishly **OMG** girls it tasted so good.

    I feel like this is a milestone in sum ways n a sign to get the jeans, the perfume, the man of my dreams n anything else Goddess is encouraging as that was on my mind in between moans while playing with my clitty. So many times in the past I have wanted to eat my cummies but after making them with a stiff or semi-stiff clitty lost interest. The true limp clitty spurty I experienced today has proven to me that it is not only more fun to do but that it can increase your female energy when done right, turning you into the cum-loving faggot you know you want to be.

    Love you all, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. OMG!!!!!! *YAY!!* -hugs Brittany so tightly-

      This is such a wonderful step in your sissification, girlfriend! It's like you just broke past the barrier of your old male self and stepped into full girlhood :D ***giggle***

      The fact that making limp spurties only INCREASED your feminine energy just nails down the fact that you were born a biological sissy with sissy needs and tendencies. Your sissy self will only keep evolving from here on out!

      The way sissy sees it, you're definitely not far off from letting big strong men walk into your sissy life. Then your sissy G-spot will REALLY get the TLC it needs, and your clitty will shrivel away and *reverse tingle* until real men see it as nothing more than a microscopically-miniscule sissyclit. ***giggle***

      Keep us all up to date with your progress, hun! We ALL love hearing about your sissy transformation :)

      Sweet adorable *huggles*


    2. Thank you Joy for such yummy, delishus and adorably sweet comments. I love you **SOO MUCH**

      The feeling was two good to be true and I now realize more than ever how smart woman are in the bedroom. I've heard a somewhat common complaint about sex from women is that there man doesn't take enough time. If those silly men wood only realize that taking their time would bring girls like us to even greater heights of extasy and want sex even more if not rushed then maybe they woodn't be in such a hurry.

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  8. OMG girl I am so proud of you. I know just what youre feeling and that increase in energy . Just rubbing a limp clitty in tight panties releases those warm spurties and cummies that taste so good too when watching tv. So much better not having a hard on now isnt it. Causes us to walk around all day thinking and looking at hunky men and dreaming.
    Goddess is so wise and learning so much too from these tapes when here I thought I knew it all. Now I am so like taken with being under control as a slut sissy and can hardly contain myself.
    Oh yes Brittany hope you get those spandex studded jeans so you can tell me the brand to buy on the net. They sound awesome like I got to have now hehe. I am so into those fashions that just tell the world like I am a slutty bimbo tramp here to service any man that wants me. Its like so awesome and dreamy to be feeelin slutty all day now. Hope you are all finding the same.

    1. thanx girlfriend :) tite panties, hose and pants n **OMG** how could you not be rubbing your clitty all the time. It's true that limpness also makes your pussy burn with desire and I know when my "pink sparkle" perfume arrives that one spray on my pussy will send me out on the prowl not only in those jeans but in heels, breast forms, cute top, wig n full makeup.

      Hugz n cuddles to one of my favorite sissy faggots, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  9. OMG g/f I have been telling the girls for ages now to try wearing extra small or tight panties and pantyhose for the restrictive feeling.. I just wear womens jeans now like as tight as I can get and yep it does keep me aroused throughtout the day. Spread the word sis. Been online today lookin for you so take care till then

    1. **tee hee** it all sounds as second nature to you as it does to me Debbie though you are shero enough to wear your sexxxay jeans out in public **YAY** You are just so inspiring Debbie. I am so happy I met you here.

      Love you girl, Br♥ttany x0x0

  10. Being limp and horny is the ultimate high for a sissy. To me it intensifies my attraction to cocks also!

    1. **MMM** I think you are **SOOO** right Brenda. For me, limpness makes my pussy burn with desire for cock witch so far I have been satisfying with 7" of silicone fun that I honestly can't get enough of. It amazes me to think that I ever got by without knowing this pleasure sooner **YAY**

      Even fingering my limp clitty to have sissygasms is so much more pleasurable than pretending I was a man and masturbating. I am so embarrassed now about the lie I was living as a pretend real man and it is no wonder to me now that the short-term gratification I received as a compulsive masturbator never brought me the enduring happiness I was looking for.

      That eternal happiness for me only came through Goddess and her message of limpness. Whereas I once stood and spanked myself to orgasm within minutes only to feel ashamed of myself afterward, now I finger myself sometimes for hours on my back until I sissygasm and then proudly devour each droplet of my sweet sissy nectar **giggles**

      **MMM** all this talk is making me so horny. Love n cuddles, Br♥ttany

  11. Oh yes Brittany I know what you mean sweetie. People ask this long time effeminate crossdressing faggot what she got from the tapes of goddess gracie. The answer is in the logic of limpness and bimbo blessings. I too was a big time masterbater that was concerned with the size of my cock and now have purged that from my life for the time being, I love staying limp all day and saving the energy to just stay mildly horny all the time now. Rubbing my clitty {no longer a cock} throughout the day and am pleasured greatly by the cummies and spurties that we so much enjoy licking off our fingers lol. I feel more feminine than ever yippee. Also using my dildo so much more now and enjoying it like it is a new experience after listening to the tapes on wmm and esp goddess gracies. I am so glad to have you girls here to share that with now. Stay pretty and sparkle sis

    1. I am sure we are the same Debbie in that all of these experiences now feel second nature and we wonder how we ever got by without them. I am **SOO** happy for you girlfriend. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  12. do you think it could happen to me?? hopefully

    1. Trust in the word of Goddess Gracie who know bestest and it will happen to you girlfriend. I did that 5 short months ago and my life has changed for the positive forever. Love Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  13. being a permanently soft, limp, pantied sissy is so wonderful!!! Goddess Gracie loves us so much to provide us with such clear guidance based on both logic and reality. i feel like this lesson has helped me to move past earlier self-deceptions to permanently and for always to accept who i am, which is the healthiest thing ever!!!! i am so excited to train with this file as i know the changes it will make in me are so what i need, permanently limp, ever smaller, internally tingling, obedient to all Women with their scary places. my soft pink sissybitch pussy is on fuzzy fire. thank You so much Goddess!!!!!!!!

    1. oh... and it also is so wonderful how this training helps sissies look perfect in a pair of panties with no unsightly bulges!

    2. I've been listening to this file regularly, and today I noticed that the inward tingle trigger is fully installed. My clitty doesn’t twitch when I see something arousing, but by my pussy does. :-) It is heavenly not having to worry about my clitty twitching in my panties. Thank you Goddess Gracie! xxxx

  14. Dear Goddess Gracie sissy crissy just luvs luvs loves all you have done for this sissy. this particular session give me great great joy and happiness.. giggles and hugs to Goddess Gracie

  15. i have been listening to this file a lot and everytime i get something new out of it and it helps me so much in developing a permanently soft limp little clitty that retracts inside my body . i love this file so much!!! it is so brilliant! thank You again Goddess Gracie. xoxoxo -- tinytina

  16. i have been continuing to listen to this file so much and it is so good!! why i like it so much is that it's like Goddess is giving me the talk i should have had from my own mother when i hit puberty and needed to understand about sex and boys and the little clitty between my legs and my fluffy little place in all of that. She does all of that in this, lovingly and patiently, and She has done so much to help me understand who i am and what my little place is. i suppose She could have just named this file "The Talk." Thank You so much Goddess, i am just a swooning little sissy for You and the big hunky men who want to fuck me.

    1. I know what you mean Tina. It is glorious. Thank you the logic of limp Goddess Gracie!! I feel absolutely adorable with my soft nothingness down there! :-) It's pure sissy heaven, and my pussy tingles every time I have arousing thoughts. Its so yummy and adorable that words can do this feeling no justice whatsoever. You are a sissy's Angel of mercy! xoxo

    The PM cream that Goddess Gracie discusses in the Happy Titties Training can also be used for the most terrifying malfunctions - a nocturnal erection - the kind of clitty malfunction that results without any sexual stimulus whatsoever. You typically won't have these very often during your limpness training. Maybe one per week at most, but if you awaken during one they can be frighteningly persistent even when you don't touch them at all. It is your body's way of preventing clitty atrophy which can have a direct impact on your 'shrinkage' training. Here's how to get rid of a nocturnal malfunction so you can get back to sleep without nightmares of hardness down there... ;-)

    Mix up some PM lotion that is double strength or more, and put it in your refrigerator so it is nice and cold. Unwrap you clitty, eg remove all the squishy nylon clothing that normally works perfectly well at preventing any kind of clitty malfunction. AFTER your peanut sack is completely exposed get the 'cold' PM lotion-cream out. I personally use estradiol gel, but the PM will work too.

    Next I use a large metal table spoon so my hands won't warm up the lotion-gel at all. You can put the lotion right on the back of the metal spoon or inside the spoon. I personally prefer the back of the spoon because it is much easier to spread and distribute the lotion-gel all over the peanut sak. Cover every square centimeter of sak. The coolness will kinda feel like it burns, but it is quite temporary. Within 3-5 minutes the gel-lotion will have warmed up, and you will be completely malfunction free! Sweet dreams!! :-)

    Reference link for Happy Titties:

    1. Naturally you will want to 'prepare' and put the lotion in the refrigerator long before you need it. The knowing that you are completely prepared will help you remain calm during the malfunction.

      Once you are completely limp, about 3-5 minutes after application, lock down the clitty in some very tight pantyhose or your favorite restraint and enjoy the blessed limpness... :-)


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