Sunday, November 18, 2012

Training Loop #4 - Lifelong Love

This file will encourage a strong sense of love in the listener, not only in their love for Goddess Gracie but for themselves and people in general. Yes princess, you will find yourself feeling extremely loving and with a deep need to express that love in whatever way you can.

As a rule, love for others stems from a sissy's love for herself, and this file will encourage and reassure the love you feel for yourself. Sissies cannot hope to genuinely love others if they do not have a deep acceptance and love for their true sissy selves and this is simply an integral part of any good girl's persona. Good girls allow the loving warmth inside them to grow and grow until it overflows, spreading its energy to others around them.

As a good sissy girl you should provide nothing less than sincere love for your girlfriends, albeit in a strictly platonic way as any sort of sexual love towards girls would be unnatural for a biological sissy such as yourself. Whether it be baking a yummy cake for a friend, giving your best friend a big hug after her boyfriend dumped her, or giving your closest friends personalized gifts on their birthdays, you will express your love for all the women in your life as often as possible.

It is a given that your warm sparkly love will extend to the men you are attracted to. Flirting with guys while dressed like a slut, pressing your titties up against a man's big chest in a warm embrace, giving men gentle massages to relieve their soreness from exercising, and giving hugs and kisses to strange men in the street are all perfectly valid ways of showing your deep love for men.

Aside from rough sex with guys, you will find that true love and warm intimacy between you and other men is a literal need that is hardwired into your cotton candy brain. You will begin to crave cuddles and sweet kisses and gentle caressing from the big strong men in your life almost as much as your crave their hard cocks in your little pussy and mouth.

 And of course, you will have a very sincere and intimate love for me, your Goddess. This love is not the same as your love for your girlfriends, or your love for men, or even your love for yourself...

Your love for me is akin to a little girl's love for her Mommy and you will feel so wonderfully warm in my loving embrace as I guide you on the path to true femininity, personal acceptance, and love for all human beings.

As the name of this file implies, it is a lifelong commitment to love for yourself and others and it will have wonderfully permanent effects on your sissy mind. It is recommended that you listen at least four times a day sweetie but it is fine if you would like to listen even more.

Please let me know of all your thoughts on the file (and be sure to fill your comments with love!)

Training Loop #4 -
Lifelong Love


  1. i was just listening to this file! i desire being in platonic friendships with women more than ever thanks to this wonderful file...not to mention increasing my romantic attraction to men. The warmest of faggot hugs for Goddess Gracie! ...i can almost feel a nice gay pat on my back as i imagine our hug. :)

    Did i mention i think about cocks more than ever thanks to Goddess Gracie?

    1. Good girl for having such correct feelings sweetie.
      I am sending big warm cuddles of encouragement to you right now :)

      Don't worry about those silly thoughts as they are perfectly normal things for any sissy to experience.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Hi Girls,

    Life Long Love is one of the files that I always had but never listened to until now and I am so glad I waited.

    The file confirms everthing I know in my heart to be true about myself
    * that Goddess is constantly on my mind n her love n approval consumes my every thought and action
    * Goddess knows best and will most approve of me when I follow her will
    * Goddesses' will is an expression of my will and I want everything Goddess asks of me
    * Goddess wants me to strive to emasculate myself so that I can be at one w my true feminine character
    * I love everything girly girl like hugs n kisses, giggling, makeup, shopping, love n affection, girlfriends n especially guyz
    * I love to share myself unconditionally with every girl whom I have a deep abiding platonic love for and guyz whose physical and emotional affection is like the air I breath

    Before listening to this file today, I was out the day before and finally got my designer jeans. Size 3 **YAY** and they just felt painted on n **SOO SEXXXAY** I then went on the website where I got my breast forms and inquired about ordering padded panties (one pink pair w 4 pads, and one nude pair with built in pads). I cannot even believe I'm contemplating padded panties so quickly after getting the jeans but I can't help myself, I somehow feel incomplete without them.

    Having done all this beforehand, I couldn't help but **sparkle** as I listened to Life Long Love thinking how everthing Goddess speaks of is now core to my being and how earlier parts of my life feel increasingly alien and unnatural

    Love and kisses to you all, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

    1. Yay Britt!

      I am surprised to read that you haven't had prior training with this file given how devoted you appear to be to me :)

      I am glad that you have those sexy jeans now sweetie and I'm sure the padded panties will just feel so right on you when you are wearing your breast forms and sluttiest outfit with just the right amount of makeup (aka lots!).

      Love and big warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Dear Goddess Gracie,

      **tee hee** the reason I haven't listened is because I have been preoccupied with immersing myself in your other files **giggles**

      Also, I think maybe my mind is a little fluffier than most n so I mite need to take more time with each file for the **YUMMY** message two completely sink in.

      **UMMM** so in addition two Life Long Love, I haven't really listened to Bra Training or the Honesty Curse. I figure I am working my way up two these **giggles** witch I guess means I still have lots two learn **YaY**

      Goddess, when I think about padded panties, hose, my sexy new jeans, breast forms, a hot pink top, heels n lots of makeup I start two reverse tingle n fee like I cood make warm spurties right in my pantz

      Love always n forever, Br♥ttany ♥♥♥

  3. I just so loved this file Goddess Gracie. Thank You for taking the time to make it. It really does bring smiles to this sissy's lips, and actually can feel that smile being turned into an O by a hunky guy's cock and seeing ohhhh the pure pleasure it brings him.
    Even more so, I can feel my love inside towards all, especially my dearest Goddess Gracie who is now inside my head always having such an effect on this sissy to behave in all ways that will please You, my love of my life, Goddess Gracie.
    Now to find a hunk.
    love to You Goddess and me and to everyone.
    I love You, rayelynn

  4. Dearest Goddess Gracie, Thank You soo much for the wonderful Hypno and Training Filess. I have been listebing to GG2&3, BB2, Training loops 1,2,&3 for 8 days now. I have not had a orgyspasm for 7 days now. Your files are sooo good. I am feeling more and more like a sissy fag. Thank you! I listeb to the training loops together while out and about, and do the Hypno when home. If I may ask Goddess, when is it alright to advance to other Loops and Hypnos. I am amazed how your voice and words ring inside of me. Thank you again Goddess!


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