Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good Sissies Obey

This file is for advanced sissies who have previous experience with my earlier files and are ready to take their sissification to the next level. True sissies only as always sweetie.

In direct contrast with my recently released Man Obsession, Good Sissies Obey focuses on a true sissy's need to please women in a completely platonic, non-sexual manner. I think it's a wonderful idea for sissies to train extensively with both files over the next few months.

You will learn that all women have absolute authority over your silly little self, and you will learn to love to obey like a good little girl behaving for her Mommy. Agreeing feels nice for sissies so you will learn to never argue with any female and accept that their superior intelligence dictates that they are correct at all times. It's just so much easier for you to giggle happily as you say bye-bye to the idea of ever having a mind of your own.

The simple act of being spoken to by a woman will trigger you into an extremely obedient and feminine mindstate, and this applies to all women sweetie. The second a woman says a word to you, you will be reminded of what a sissy you are and how much you want to please her.

The ultimate goal is for your compliance to become automatic and unconscious.
You will experience an increased desire to please women in any way possible, whether that be cooking and cleaning for them or just tending to the sexual needs of their big hunky boyfriends and hubbies. Your need for humiliation and emasculation will grow stronger and you'll learn that no amount of verbal abuse is ever "too much", it's perfectly fine for a woman to speak down to a little sissy and the sissy should simply be grateful for the attention. Strong homophobic language is used so if you are offended by the word faggot, perhaps this isn't the file for you.

One of the most important parts of the file is a direct test of your obedience sweetie and it will require you to make some fun little changes to your daily life that will make it easier for women to identify you as the simpering little sissy you are. Enjoy sweetie and be sure to let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen.

Good Sissies Obey


  1. Hello Goddess Gracie,

    I'm so glad to see you back with another wonderful file. Great job as always. I do have a slight problem with the strong homophobic language especially the word 'faggot' because of the historical connotations with such a word. As a member of the Black Community i know how difficult it is to reclaim powerful negative words such as this, so even though i do love the file i feel very uneasy when i hear that word, especially when i think of all the kids being bullied using this word at schools around the U.S.
    I guess it does depend on your upbringing and whether or not you have experienced any kind of discrimination before as i did growing up as a multi racial (African-American, Irish and English) kid in the U.K....for me a word such as this brings back many bad memories.
    However, i did want to say that since i started listening to your files; i have grown very close to two female friends and i much prefer this kind of relationship. There isn't really any pressure and i can just enjoy :)their:) company.
    I am also just starting to get my feet wet with dating men properly and i have a feeling i will be meeting a nice hunky guy soon:):):) I can't wait to discuss with them all of the sexy things i am going to get up to with my future boyfriend(s):) I really love love love being a sissy:):):)

    :):):)Have an Amazing Day:):):)

    Please take great care,


    1. Hi Roxane,

      I'm glad you liked the file sweetie :)

      I do understand your concerns about the word 'faggot' and its inclusion in this file (and some of my previous ones).

      It is certainly a very nasty word that I would never dream of using outside of the sissification realm, rest assured.

      I have found that an overwhelming majority of true sissies find it very arousing and exciting to be called a faggot by a woman. I can only assume that it's because it is such an emasculating experience for them.

      I think it's just a taboo little 'thrill' for some sissies to think of themselves as faggots, but of course it would not be okay to refer to a regular gay person in such unkind terms.

      It's somewhat common for hypnodommes (who focus on sissification, humiliation etc.) to use the word in their files, I'm certainly not the first to do it, but I do understand that it is always a bit of a risk and it's hard to say for sure if it's always worth using it for the sake of adding an 'edge' to my files if it is at risk of hurting someone's feelings in the process. I know many sissies find it very appealing but of course it will depend on the individual.

      I could always make an alternate version of the file that is completely free of that word if you like hun :)

      I could upload it to WMM as an additional file type, so that anyone who had already bought the file would have access to the alternate version for free (something I've done before with files like Good Girl Part 3)

      It wouldn't take long for me to replace the word (with 'sissy' or something like that) or remove a sentence here and there if need be, and if it would increase your enjoyment of the file and make you more comfortable listening then I would be more than happy to do so.

      Let me know what you think sweetie, I could find time over the next few days to do this for you and any other listener who would be interested.


      Love and hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hello Goddess Gracie,

      Thanks so much for replying to my message.
      I would definitely be interested in listening to a file without that word on it. It would allow me to relax a lot more and work towards being that sexy sissy who plays with all the hunky guys;)

      ;)Please have a great great great week:)

      :)Take 'Great' Care of Yourself too:)


    3. I'll try and find time to upload the alternate version sometime in the near future sweetie :)

      You'll be able to download it on the same page as the main version, the link will appear under the 'Additional file types' heading.

      I'll aim to have that ready for you by the early next week hun, hope you enjoy :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. A big thanks to Doll Bunny for her help with this post! It's nice to finally have a new assistant for the blog after such a long break. Hopefully I'll have more time for the blog in the coming months.

  2. Hello Goddess Gracie,

    :):):)Thank you so much:):):)

    I had a really great conversation with a guy i met online recently. I placed an ad but this time i made it a little more serious and hinted that i was really looking for something long-term if possible. I got lots of replies and just got off the phone with a really understanding gentlemen who is very caring as well.

    We texted each other at first and i made sure to use plenty of smiles and girlie language when appropriate. He then called me and we had a long conversation for about an hour. We talked about all kinds of things and i am really excited to see him on Sunday!!! I can't wait...it's going to be so much fun:):):)

    Again thank you altering the file for me. That is very kind of you.
    Thank you so much!!!

    :):):)Take Care Everybody:):):)


  3. Sounds exciting sweetie :)

    I'm uploading the alternate version of the file to WMM right now for you and any other sissies who would benefit from it.

    I just replaced the word 'faggot' with words like 'sissy' and 'princess'.

    It will be on the same download page, just click the word 'Custom' under the 'Additional Types' heading (note that it is still uploading at the time of me posting this comment)

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. Goddess, this little sissy is soooo happy that she downloaded this file!!!! Sometimes it's easy to forget while we're all sooo busy lusting over hunky guys that a huge part of being a sissy is being respectful and obedient to all Women!! This file is a good way to remind a sissy in no uncertain terms where her position in life it!!!! This sissy feels that it is important for a sissy to be emasculated and humiliated by doing anything a Woman wants and neither expecting or receiving *anything* in return (especially anything sexual lol!!!)! Since i've started Your training, my relationship with my Girlfriend has actually gotten much better and more intimate!!! I no longer concern myself with my silly little thoughts and desires and try to focus entirely on what She wants!!! I have no problem doing all the chores while She goes out, and i am more than eager to give Her a nice foot and back rub when She gets home. I'm sure She doesn't miss the 20 seconds or so of "sex" i used to try to give Her, but i'm sure She appreciates how much fun we have talking about fashion, and having nice platonic cuddles!! Thank You soooo much Goddess, i can not recommend this file enough, it may be my new favorite GG file (and that's saying a lot)

  5. Hi Jasinda,

    That is just adorable sweetie and I'm sure the signs are becoming harder and harder to ignore for your girlfriend that you are a true pathological sissy.

    It's good to stay focused on your sissification hun so be sure to keep finding fun new ways to be emasculated as much as possible.

    I know it just fills your little heart with **warm fuzzies** to know that she knows exactly what a little sissy you are :)

    So proud of all your progress sweetie, keep it up!

    Love and cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    P.S. I recently disabled Anonymous comments due to all the icky spam the blog had been receiving, and it seems to have put a stop to it! Yay!

  6. Hi Goddess,

    I just shaved all my body hair off after listening to this!

    (I was "JennySissy" in previous posts)

    1. Aww, that's adorable sweetie :)

      It sounds like the file is affecting you in all the appropriate ways.

      Keep me updated on all your progress hun.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. I will do.
      Right, I have changed my name back to Jenny Sissy on this new gmail account!

      Jenny Sissy

  7. Greetings Divine & Beautiful Goddess. You have brainwashed me & made me into a 24/7 bimbo slut & oooh I luv it. So of course I will obey all Your wishes & demands. I listen to Your files 2-3 hours a day & my thoughts are always with You. Oooh I luv to obey You. *giggles softly* Oh my I luv that my life has changed & some of my female friends says I'm more myself now thans to You. I look forward for the next file. *giggles softly again*


  8. Another great file and looking forward to another hot file! personally, i love to be called a faggot by nice ladies. It really helps keep things real, especially when i do something nice for a lady. It is a very nice reminder to think about cock. So please keep using faggot and any other words that will have maximum impact.

    subservient Brenda

  9. Hello Everyone:)

    I don't want to take anyone's enjoyment away from the files. I do like listening to them and i feel a little better about myself as a result. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, which makes us who we are as people. I know the origins of the word 'faggot' and it does make me feel uncomfortable. Hearing it actually takes me quite sharply out of a pleasant state and i feel very anxious.

    I experienced some extreme racism when i was growing up in England during the 80s and in addition watched as my Dad physically abused my Mum. When he left my Mum did the same thing to me, only not as frequently. My only escape was dressing up, it acted as a shield from all of the violence and bad things in my life. So i guess that is why i am the way i am.

    I am a good person and in real life, i stand behind my friends no matter what. My favourite part of the files is the one where you encourage us to form close 'friendship' bonds with women. I have gotten much closer to two amazing ladies because of this and i always love chatting with them about anything. ;):):)It's probably my favourite part about being a sissy:):):)

    I like the way Goddess Gracie puts together these kinds of files because there are no harsh words about women, which i have heard on other hypnosis files. I'm started to accept who i am as a person and i love the face that i'm able to help women with any problems they may be going through in lives. ;)I absolutely love taking care of people:)

    Again, i didn't want to ruin anyone's enjoyment of Goddess Gracie's fine work. She was gracious enough to record another version of the file, which i enjoyed immensely.

    So thank you very much Goddess Gracie, i really appreciate you doing that because it enabled me to stay in a safe place:):):)

    !!!Thank you so much!!!

    !!!Everyone, please take great care of yourself and your friends and families!!!


  10. Goddess Gracie,
    One night i blurted out to my lover that i would like to wear Her panties. The next day, She took me shopping for dainties of my own. We married and for 16 wonderful years, i was always in some degree of Fem in the home and pantie clad 24/7. We parted as friends but i miss very much having a Strong Willed Lady in my life. i was in Her service but, at the same time, liberated.

  11. Dear Goddess Gracie

    This bimbo dolly had a yummy reminder about the minimum expectations Goddess has for her full-time sissies while looping Good sissies Obey through her sleep over the weekend and early this week and its a good thing she did because she hasn't always made the extra effort EVERY day she has been making for some time now to wear panties that she has been to be wearing a bra, pantyhose, mascara, lip gloss and nail polish EVERY day without fail

    Though MOST days she does obey these minimum dictates of Goddess sometimes she gets lazy and does not but that will change from now on with doing all that Goddess expects of a full time sissy as this bimbo slut could not look herself in the mirror if she knew in her heart that she was not doing EXACTLY as Goddess expected to earn the privilege to refer to herself as a good girl

    In hindsight, this transgression is proof of what happens when a silly little air headed girl presumes to know what she is incapable of knowing and thereby attempts to think for herself instead of accepting the need to allow Goddess to do all her thinking for her which can only be made possible by emptying her mind like water being squeezed from a sponge before then being filled with the purity of Goddesses' thoughts

    The same reasoning applies to this fem little faggot's need to be completely deferential in all interactions with all women, whether little girl or grown up, and no matter what is said, how it is said or whether it be kind or rude, this girly girl resolves to treat each and every word as the absolute truth and the prerogative of a superior woman to say and for an inferior sissy to humbly and graciously accept as to do otherwise would presume an equality of social status and intellect that simply is wrong and inappropriate and which takes precious time away from the more valuable role this sissy could be playing offering servitude to those same women for her failings as a man

    As for men, like OMG this cock whore cannot stop thinking about them and is like a bitch in heat wanting to be mounted and stuffed with a big long delicious piece of man meat until it explodes with a yummy reward inside of this cum receptacle of a girl's mouth or pussy and though men are not a strong emphasis of Good Sissies Obey this big black cock whore cannot help but mention that as her femininity progresses with daily feminine rituals so does her attraction to men and her instinct to appear as attractive and desirable to them as possible in all the ways Goddess commands

    One such ritual is the near daily need for this cock whore to feel her mouth or pussy full of big beautiful black cock which she is temporarily satisfying with her 3 black dildo masters Tyrone (6"), Darnell (8") and just for a few days now Marcus (9") who fucked this girl's pussy for the first time yesterday and had this girl moaning and squealing in delight unlike ever before and all she can think about is how complete it made her feel to have his long, powerful, black manly shaft thrusting in and out of her white bald pussy while his gorgeous grapefruit sized balls slapped against her petite tooshie while her hairless little clitty inverted, shrank and dribbled warm spurties

    Love always brittany xoxo

    1. Ooh, Marcus sounds so yummy, Brittany. How lucky you are to feel that kind of power against your tooshie :)

  12. i loved this so much. it's just so right and natural and good. so silly sexy creamy fuzzy. and i love pleasing Goddess Gracie. yay!!! xoxxo -tiny

  13. dear Goddess..... i am now in pantyhose, which feel so wonderful. i think i may have figured out the bra thing so may have solution that will work at work. i am wearing mascara and a pale pink lipstick so i think i can wear that to work as well. i cut up all of my male underwear last week, but i found a last pair in the dryer and will cut that up as soon as i post this. i was at starbucks this morning and there was this really hunky guy sitting across the room. right in front of me was standing a really cute girl with short bobbed hair in the cutest pink running shorts. even though they were not looking at each other i couldn't help but notice that they were totally fixated on each other. i looked at her for a millisecond and while she was really cute all i could think was that she had a vagina and so not for me.... but the hunky guy was very very cute. i'd have loved to see his twitchy cock. *giggle* thank You Goddess Gracie, i love You so much!!!! xoxo -tiny


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