Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Files!

Hi everyone, 

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting some new material, so it gives me great pleasure to finally be able to share it with you!

I just released 4 brand new training loops that you can read about by simply clicking on the titles. . .





Perhaps the best news of all is that I decided to make the Sissy Affirmations loop free to all sissies! Yay! If you don't have a Premium account on WarpMyMind, you can download the file for free here instead (just enter your email address and put '0' under price) 

As with all my training loops, these files should be listened to for at least 30-60 mins at a time, preferably on a daily basis. The more you listen, the greater results you will see! 

I didn't have a lot of time to make this post as you can probably tell from the simplicity of it,  but the important thing is that all my readers are now aware that my new files are ready to melt their little minds into a fluffy pink puddle of warm fuzzies :)

Enjoy everyone and be sure to share all your silly little thoughts after you listen. 

Love from Goddess Gracie xx 


  1. the files are sooo awesome Goddess Gracie!

    As always you have more amazing pictures! omg, how much fun would it be to hang out with the ladies wearing a similar outfit and have some nice girl talk! Those ladies in the 1st picture totally made me sparkle!

    A very nice collection of new files!!

    1. I think it's just adorable how excited you got about the new files sweetie.

      I bet it would only take a couple of seconds for those ladies to know what a sissy you are as soon as they met you!

      Keep training like a good girl sweetie and I'm sure we'll talk again soon :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Thank you so much Goddess Gracie, i listen to you training files every morning to start my day before getting dressed. Goddess Gracie your files have made the most wonderful changes to my mind and body. I am happy and sparkling all the time and love my limp sissy life.

    thank you, sissy jenni

    1. Hi Jenni,

      You are more than welcome sweetie. It's my pleasure to help sissies **sparkle** and be correctly limp at all times.

      Be sure to keep me updated on all your progress hun.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Thank you so much for the new files x x x

    x x x

    1. You're welcome princess :)

      I hope you enjoyed them and are looking forward to more soon!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. It's difficult to know where to post because I've been downloading so many files and doing many sissy things lately. I guess this one could relate to Sissy Affirmations. A few days ago I went into a chemist/make-up shop and asked the sales lady to help me find a begginers set for myself. She was very attractive and I wondered whether a sissy deserved to be shown the stuff by her but there was no one else so I thought maybe it's fate. And she was soo nice and helpful, I apologised for being a guy asking but she smiled and said there was nothing to be embarrassed about. After a few minutes she said a colleague knew more about the subject and brought her over and she was just as nice and friendly as the first lady. It was a fantastic introduction to buying make-up! She recommended a large department store to get foundation so I moved on there. The ladies were incredibly stlylishly dressed there and were a bit offhand with a guy coming in so I now got a taste of belittlement in my make-up quest. To test the foundation one of the women applied it right on half my face in the store, I think trying to embarrass me for putting them through it. They got their money when I bought the product at the end though!

    1. Yay Jenny! That is such great news sweetie and it makes me very happy to know that you were so openly accepted by the nice ladies at the first store.

      I bet that buying makeup is going to become a regular occurrence for you now princess and soon you'll be able to do it without even a hint of embarrassment.

      So wonderful to hear such great progress!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  5. Dear Goddess Gracie

    OMG pantyhose are just a way of life now that this petite little pixie never wants a day to go by without feeling the yummy tight goodness of them against her smooth, shaved, moisturized and perfumed legs and whenever she goes into a store now she can't help but see if any pantyhose are on sale as a girl just can't have enough pantyhose in her drawer and she has to be so careful to ensure her toe nails are properly manicured as well as that she puts the pantyhose on and takes them off slowly and carefully so they don't tear but the best part of wearing pantyhose is that they are totally a girl thing and so they constantly remind this fluffy little floozy that only a girl would want to wear pantyhose and the more she wants this the more permanently she wants everything a girly girl wants

    And OMG Goddess the Cockslut loop now feels like its permanently on loop inside this sugarlipped sissy slut's head and this is leading her to worship her black masters, Mr Tyrone and Mr Marcus who are truly turning this girl into a big black cock obsessed whore as she has continues to only sissygasm or make warm spurties with one of her masters in her mouth or pussy and for at least 30 seconds after the deed is done after which she feverishly licks the warm spurties off her hand and though this girl loves Mr Darnell as well she feels spell bound by the power and majesty of her truly black masters though now that she has learned to deep throat Mr Tyrone she will turn her attention to attempting to deep throat Mr Darnell who is longer and fatter than Mr Tyrone and for her to deep throat she knows would make her heart gush with joy and a sense of pride that she was really able to do something meaningful for Mr Darnell like she was able to do for Mr Tyrone

    OMG Goddess the Sissy Affirmations loop reminds this cock slut of everything that means something to her from beautifying her body with personal care and makeup to wearing lingerie and clothing that makes her feel sexy and from being obedient to all women to the point of deferring completely to all they say, no matter how it is said and to embrace the idea of doing everything domestic in the home as if it was this cock slut's personal responsibility, to being flirtatious with all men so there is little doubt they are talking to a slut who can't take her eyes off his package and who could just as easily be on her knees servicing his long, hard cock until it was ready to spew its white, frothy reward all over her face and titties and what is better is that the more these affirmations become a part of the pink swirl inside this little girl's head the more appropriately she acts like yesterday when she wore her 5" heels, new skinny jeans that fit OMG like leggings, tight pink blouse with padded bra that leave little doubt this girl has titties, pink sparkle belt, girly girl bikers jacket that sits well above her waistline and matches her shoes, along with mascara, lipstick and gloss into a self serve gas station where she had to go in to pay and then to a wig store where she stayed an hour trying on authentic wigs for which there was just too much style and color to decide but for which this little girl will definitely return to purchase one from the dear sales ladies

    And OMG the Daddy's Princess loop reminds this sugarlipped sissy slut that she wants to have her own sugar daddy to spoil by keeping his house clean, decorated and full of yummy cooking, entertaining his friends in whatever way appropriate whether that be to serve food and drinks, table or lap dance for them or to otherwise serve their and her daddy's every need wherever demanded and until that day comes this princess thinks of Mr Tyrone, Mr Darnell and Mr Marcus as her Daddies who make her mouth and pussy feel empty unless one of them are inside of her and when one of her Daddies are pounding her pussy this cock whore is quick to beg her daddy to fuck her deep and to thank her for making her sissygasm and 4 feeling like a woman

    Love brittany xoxo

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie, i submit special thanks and deep gratitude for your important words in our training. Thank you for the emphasis on seeking large thick cocks. It is so deeply satisfying to service men with large cocks.

    All pathological sissies will be deeply impacted by the self-evident truths you graciously share with us in these loops. Your love, compassion for us, our satisfaction, and expression of our deeply feminine nature is profoundly evident in your loving words of truth.

    The perfect conditioning reinforcement crossover among the various hypnos and loops shows careful planning and deep consideration for our self-expression, personal acceptance, and continuous reassurance that it is perfectly okay to allow our true nature to be released from our self-imposed subconscious bondage and express our sissy-femininity in the world. Every sissy has gifts, attitudes, special abilities, and desires that can (when released) make the world more loving.

    Eternal thanks for your compassion and making this planet a more loving place to be.


  7. Oh My, I don't know how I haven't discovered this sweet sissy secret before. Wearing the pantyhose 'under' the panties makes the clitty lump completely vanish into nothingness. Plus it highlights the gorgeous panties we wear. And it feels so very yummy. Try it! :)

    Check your profile with panties underneath and note the clitty bump. Then try it with the pantyhose underneath the panties. Which is smoother and feels so wonderfully silky? Which way shows off your gorgeous panties, and makes your clitty completely invisible in profile?
    Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! Kxxx


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