Saturday, August 10, 2013

Training Loop #5 - Bra Training

Good girls like to wear bras princess and this training loop will have you wearing them daily in no time.

There is nothing more feminine than breasts princess, and a bra is essential to accentuate your beautiful sissy titties. For sissies who have not yet grown breasts of their own, a bra is perfect to give your body the look of a real woman.You will likely build up quite a pretty collection of various bras over the coming months, from discreet ones that you can wear underneath your silly male clothes to pushup bras that will make your titties very obvious to any guys that you are trying to flirt with.

Yes sweetie a bra will serve as a constant reminder that you are nothing but a sexual object for male use, and you may often find yourself acting even more feminine around hot guys while wearing one. No real man would wear such a girly undergarment in a million years princess and real women will not even consider having sexual relations with a sissy, especially one wearing a girly bra.

It is extremely important that you listen carefully and follow my instructions princess as the more you listen the greater success you will have. Wearing a bra on a regular basis will feminize you mentally, emotionally and physically princess and you will likely find that your breasts become a much bigger part of your sexuality till the point where they are just as important as your wet pussy and tiny clitty.

 Yes sweetie you will want to massage and stroke your breasts on a very regular basis from now on and that is perfectly fine, as this file will place a strong urge in your mind to grow real breasts of your own in order to fill out all your beautiful bras. 

You will crave to have real sexy breasts so hot studs can aggressively grope your soft titties while teasing your sensitive nipples as you squirm and moan in their masculine embrace.

It should be obvious that any sissy who is publicly groped is to receive the nice man's advances without any silly resistance, as men have complete access to your body at all times princess.

Having large breasts is the sign of a true man-obsessed bimbo and you desperately need to have them in order to be a good girl for your man. It is a primal urge of all real men to seek out women with large breasts to fuck so you will need to grow them extra big for all the guys.

Be warned that this file is a crucial step in utterly destroying any masculinity left in your sissy mind and all effects are permanent, so do not listen to this file unless you are a truly pathological sissy in desperate need of total feminization.

Enjoy princess and remember that you can listen to this as much as you like.

Training Loop #5 -
Bra Training


  1. I found this website almost a year ago. I'm so happy that you could help me Goddess Gracie, when I couldn't do it by myself. My brain was all sparkling, but not the kind of good sparks, more like eletric sparks, malfunction! ^^
    I started listening to the files and became addicted. I can happily say I've been on hormones for 8 months now, living and dressing as a girl for 5 months. I started just like the files suggested, telling people about it. First that I was attracted to guys, then I told some very close girl friends that I liked to dress as a girl and that I felt like a girl and wanted to be one. The files gave me the courage for taking the first steps and the hormones worked like magic, a sort of healing process in my heart, mind and soul. One day I just posted a picture of me in full girl on my facebook, that was unexpected! After that I started going out with panties under my clothes and wearing makeup a few times in public. Had some troubles with my family, so I came here to US (originally from Brazil) and the moment I stepped here I went shopping, bought all the girl clothes I wanted and been living as girl ever since! :)
    I cannot thank you enough Goddess Gracie, you are so kind, thx for all the attention and effort you give to girls like us! I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart! I stopped coming here cause I didn't have a computer with a good connection for a long time, only slow phones now and then. But I wanna be more present here from now on! I think when I came here long ago my mickname was dollyinside. Happy to say that this dolly is no longer inside and has come out! Say hello to Jessica Sparks!
    Thx so much Goddes Gracie! :)
    Still I feel the need to keep listening to them, not only I wanted to become a girl as I want to be a complete sissy and a full bimbo! Still have a long way to go! ;)

    ps: I wanna start buying the rest of your files as soon as possible but I'm wondering when the good girl part 3 is coming over! :)

  2. Hi Jessica :)

    So lovely to hear from such a good girl.

    It sounds like living as a girl 24/7 is the right path from you judging from how much you seem to be enjoying it!

    I'm so happy to read that my files have played a part in shaping your destiny :)

    Keep training regularly and the files will continue to condition your little mind into all of the correct attitudes and behaviors expected from a true sissy.

    Be sure to stop by in Sissy Chat for some gossip and giggles with all your little friends soon sweetie :)

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Hello Goddess Gracie, Just wanted you to know that i listen to this and all of your recordings all the time and they are really helping me. Thanks!!

  4. Hello Goddess,

    i used to not dress at all, but this last year have found myself trapped in feminising habits that seem to grow stronger. Daily bra wearing for increasing periods has left me with a constant feeling
    now of 'missing' my bra and feeling unusual without it on!
    Some of these sissy habits are hard to break! After dressing in women's clothes for at least an hour or two each day and getting aroused (but refraining from nasty satisfactions) i now find it impossible to become aroused without putting on my leather hotpants and a soft angora cropped cardigan (my favorites along with the lingerie and pantyhose that go with it) and when they angora does touch my sissy shoulders i simply melt into girly heaven.
    i fear that such habits are femming me irreversibly!

    chloe cashmere x

  5. Dear Goddess Gracie

    This black cock whore just loves the bra training loop so much as titties are one of the most visible expressions of a woman's body that a sissy like this little mincer obsessively dreams of one day having more than anything else in the whole wide world

    Though this cotton candy cock lover has bra inserts that allow her to boast anywhere from a B to a DD cup bra size, she only has a limited selection of bras that properly fit all of these possible combinations with a nude colored 38 A/B for everyday wear with or without one of the smaller inserts and one white and one grey 38DD neither of which has yet to be worn in public

    This fluffy little floozy is so thankful that bra training helped inspire her to find her inserts as well as to take the herbal supplements for breast growth that she started using in earnest over a year ago and is just one month into a new round of supplements that she hopes will help her finally build some real cleavage of her own very soon

    In the meantime though it is very obvious even to this femme little fellatio lover that her C/D inserts put a strain on her existing 38A/B bra that a girly girl should understand is not appropriate and so she hopes it is only a matter of a very short period of time before she finally gets the bras and matching panties in all the pretty colors (pink, yellow, fuchsia, valentine red) and all the proper sizes she knows she needs to look her sexy best

    She is also hopeful to one day find a padded bra that gives her that extra sexy lift to show off her own cleavage perhaps in a tight t-shirt with some appropriate message like "Princess" written across the front which she'd love to wear with a frilly little skirt, pantyhose, heels and some matching jewellery pieces (necklace, bracelet, earrings) which she knows she will one day get once she builds the courage to get her ears pierced **giggles**

    Love your girly girl brittany xoxo

  6. I never listened to this file because I was too scared of it making me wear bras in public but I've let curiosity get the better of me. And it's one of Goddess's hottest files! I can't believe that this is only the 6th comment about it. The sissies on here should be ashamed of themselves, get listening and commenting girls.


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