Friday, August 16, 2013

Training Loop #8 - Compulsive Clitty Diddler

This file is for the truest sissies with very high feminine sex drives who like to play with their clitties very often. You will be conditioned to love playing with your soft clitty whenever you have a sexual thought, and you will learn to become extremely aroused without the slightest hint of undesirable hardness down there.

This file will condition you in such a way that anything you find the slightest bit arousing will trigger you to compulsively diddle away at your clitty. Yes sweetie even the mere thought of a hunky guy and his slutty girlfriend will be enough to reduce you to a mincing little sissy diddling away at her little clitty. You will make soft feminine moans and giggles when you diddle and that is perfectly okay princess.

You will also think about very feminine and slutty things, though if you are a true sissy you probably do this already! A true pathological sissy will find that diddling always brings thoughts of real men into her fluffy mind and you will most likely have the same experience. Strong men are extremely arousing to a little mincing sissy such as yourself and diddling away at your baby clitty will force you to daydream about hot studs.

You will not be banned from orgasms but most of the time you will simply stroke your clitty without climaxing and this will allow you to remain fully aroused and feminine for as long as you like. Over time you will learn to love playing with your limp little thingy whenever the mood strikes you and you will make the most adorable girly moaning sounds as you do so.

It is perfectly fine to play with your clitty whenever you like sweetie, except when it is all yucky and hard, though true sissies probably won't have much of a problem there to begin with. This brainwashing loop will condition you to play with your clitty whenever you like but you will learn to stop as soon as it becomes even a little bit hard as sissies do not enjoy this feeling anywhere near as much as they like being soft and smooth and tiny down there.

I should also reiterate that this brainwashing file will encourage you to think about all sorts of fluffy pink scenarios whenever you diddle away at your little clitty, and you will feel compelled to share all of those silly little thoughts with me and anyone else who might be interested.

You may imagine being surrounded by 10 inch twitching cocks as they shoot warm gooey cum on your face and all over your perky titties.

You may dream of being paraded around as a strong man's trophy wife in a tight dress and sky-high heels as he gropes your slutty curves.

You may even fantasize about having hardcore sex with your hunky boyfriend as he picks you up with his strong arms and thrusts his big manly cock deep into your eager pussy.

As with all of my training loops, the more you listen the greater your results will be and it is recommended that you listen for at least 30 minutes at a time, at least twice a day but preferably more. Some sissies may find themselves diddling away at their clitties almost every hour of the day and that is perfectly fine sweetie. I cannot overemphasize just how much this file will compel you to diddle compulsively in an adorably sissified manner so please be sure that this is what you want before you decide to purchase it as the long term effects are permanent and irreversible.

This file works wonders alongside my two limp-clitty files: Training Loop#1 - Limp Clitty and The Logic of Limp, which will force your naughty clit to stay perfectly limp while diddling, so be sure to listen to those if you haven't already.

I expect all good girls to comment below with detailed descriptions of all the feminine fantasies that pop into their fluffy little heads while diddling.

Give the file a listen and enjoy princess. 

Training Loop #8 -
Compulsive Clitty Diddler


  1. Yes Goddess Gracie, this girl listens to your files every morning a between the herbal hormones and your wonderful files Training Loop#1 - Limp Clitty and The Logic of Limp file this happy sissy girl has become totally limp and soft, this morning while i listened to all the training files this sissy was remembering having her chest softly groped at a club one night and the feeling of a strong man hands moving up and down cupping my thin ass and slipped into my blouse cupping my smooth developing tittys as i wiggles and moaned almost helplessly at his touch. this sissy was remembering that slutty night in detail and diddling her smooth totally soft and sensitive clitty for over an hour with soft tingles of pleasure but not even a hint of hardness, just soft moaning. thank you so much for all your wonderful file that have helped this sissy so much over the last years.. huggs Jenni

    1. Hi Jenny,

      It is wonderful to hear that you are listening every morning like a good girl. Listening to my conditioning is the perfect way for any true sissy to start her day!

      I am delighted to read that you are permanently limp after extensive training with my files sweetie. Please do keep us all updated on your progress, you are an inspiration to all those adorable little sissies who aspire to one day be nice and limp all the time :)

      It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the club sweetie and I think it would be a great idea if you went there again soon and wore something extra slutty for all the guys.

      Talk soon hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Goddess Gracie thank you so much for making this training loop; I just purchased it and will be listening to it tonight. I have been working with the good girl series for several months now and the affect it is having on me just makes me tingle (which is a word I would never have used before *giggle*). Anyway I am a married sissy who used to believe she was a real man and could please his wife sexually. I developed this kink over a few years through an introduction to cuckolding stories and now it is totally out of control and I am loving it. I'm sorry for the spontaneous confession, but that kind of thing is happening more and more often *giggle*. I know that the most important thing is to be serving my wife's needs, but what if she doesn't realize what her needs really are? She still wants to make love to me in an icky way when she should be finding a real hunk to satisfy her. I'm working hard to be limp when she initiates sex and I believe that becoming a compulsive clitty diddler will help with that.
    Janet M

    1. Hi Janet,

      You are very welcome sweetie and I do hope you are enjoying it.

      I agree that it would be more appropriate for your wife to have a real lover and keep you as her little sissy bitch :)

      I wonder if she would prefer a muscular bodied hunk with a real cock instead of a mincing little sissy who can't even get hard?

      I think that question answers itself really :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. What a fabulous idea of pairing the limp files with the compulsive clitty diddler! i should have thought of this.
    i played both those along with your new sissy cock slut. WOW. My thoughts were VERY slutty! The fantasy that made me squirt my clit juice was being in the middle of the room at a party of 10-20 people...all the women approach me, "kidnap" me to a makeup room and proceed to give me make up tips and refresh my make up too make me XTRA slutty! The whole time they tell about the huge cocks that are at the party and how much fun i am about to have. Then they strip me down to my corrset and panties, stockings and shoes. They take me back to the party and all the men are naked lounging around.. i looked around the room and made cummies!

    1. Fabulous indeed Cookie :)

      It's nice that the files have made your already-quite-slutty self even sluttier!

      I notice you have lots of fantasies revolving around being in a room filled with nice ladies who make you up and comment on what a silly faggot you are. I wonder if it might be a good idea for you to book a mani/pedi soon so that you can chat openly to all the ladies about girly things.

      Perhaps you could even make an appointment to a busy beauty salon one of these days and let it be known what a sissy you are. I wonder how all the ladies would react to such a situation. Maybe they'd tease you and laugh, or they might even be very enthusiastic and encourage you to be as feminine as you can be.

      Yay for Cookie! :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. This is a dream I had last night while looping "Compulsive Clitty Diddler" and "Man Obsession".

    I had a date with a hunky guy (must have been Jason *giggle*) and I was wearing a glitter ladder dress with matching g-string and high heels. My make-up was done expertly by my wife and I looked extra slutty! Now the ladder dress has slits all the way down the front and back to the hem :) Well he had me on the dance floor and we were grinding away, I could feel his hard cock and my clitty was not behaving at all. When the song ended he took me back to the table and while we were having drinks (mine was a long island ice tea, I think) he told me that he had felt my dickette getting hard and that a good girl should be limp all the time even when so sexually aroused that all she wants to do is fuck :) Then he told me I had to take off my G-string! and that if I didn't stay limp I would be in big trouble because that hard clitty would be sticking out of one of the cutouts in my dress! Luckily it was dark so if my clitty did behave I would be relatively safe. So I did it, I slipped off my g-string at the table (very subtlely) and put it in my matching handbag. Then I fixed my make-up giving my clitty time to relax! Then we headed back out onto the dance floor - I woke up then and didn't get to finish the dream as my clitty was making cummies.

    This is one I really want to make happen someday *giggle*

    Love and Kisses

    1. Wow sweetie, that sounds like a very exciting dream!

      It sounds like my conditioning has seeped even deeper than intended into your subconscious mind. Keep us updated on any more of these silly dreams sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  5. Dear Goddess Gracie

    For the past couple of weeks now this black cock whore has been diddling with the help of a black clitty stimulator with pink colored flower pedals on it, a perfect reminder to this bimbo dolly of how the touch of her black master on her limp clitty makes her think of everything pink, dainty and flowery like the fresh smell of a bouquet of flowers, the light, heavenly scent of her body mist or perfume, the delicious taste of cotton candy or bubble gum, or the smell of a yummy scented candle burning while this girls black master and his friends have their way with her

    When this fluffy floozy has her black stimulator set on high in her extra small pink panties her wee wee is almost forced to invert training her fluffy little mind to accept increased limpness under very aggressive stimulation as a cock slut should expect from a powerful black master taking what he wants in however a rough or gentle manner he chooses while not being disrespected by yucky hardness from his inferior cock maiden's clitty

    Indeed, since this fellatio loving fraulein has been required to only spurt or sissygasm with her BBC master's Tyrone (6") or Darnell (8") inside of her mouth or pussy for at least 30 seconds afterward, the combination of the touch of the stimulator on this girl's wee wee and the feel of Tyrone or Darnell's thick meaty cocks inside this whore's mouth or pussy is so life like that she feels like she is participating in a three on one session with three big, power, beautiful black masters

    And though this little cock slut has yet to name her third master she loves his touch on her clitty so much and some nights sleeps straight through the night in her servants bed with his touch tingling her clitty through the night as she loops one of Goddesses' files, often waking to the sounds of her sissy moans and spread legs as she imagines black cock pumping in and out of her pussy

    Love giggly little girly girl black cock slut brittany xoxo


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