Monday, September 9, 2013

Training Loop #14 - Clitty Shrinker

This file was made especially for sissies with itsy bitsy little clitties. It will be most effective on sissies who are underendowed to begin with, but sissies with more regular sized clitties can also achieve significant shrinkage with repeated listens and dedication to their goal.

On top of the main theme of clitty shrinkage, other topics are touched upon such as real men and how their large erect penises differ so drastically from the silly little clitties of true sissies; how women view sissies with tiny useless little thingies down there; how women instinctively know if a sissy has a tiny clitty, and how it serves as a constant reminder of your adorable little place in the world.

And by now, you should know that your place in the world is as a man-obsessed  female-worshipping panty-wearing baby clitty sissy
Yes sweetie, you understand that it's nice for a sissy to just accept that her miniscule little clitty is completely useless without any hesitation. Resistance and denial are futile and silly princess, as anyone who sees you will know about your small clitty purely because of your sissy mannerisms and behavior.

You simply accept this reality and giggle happily to yourself knowing that you followed my instructions like a good girl.

It's also noted that the daily wearing of panties is essential for any sissy who wants to achieve significant shrinkage over the course of the next few months. In order for the full effects to be felt, a sissy must truly believe deep within her heart of hearts that her dreams of clitty shrinkage are achievable. Sissies must always have faith in their ability to become tinier and girlier than they ever dreamed possible.

This file will work very nicely paired with my other training loops including Limp Clitty, Panties & Feminine Habits. I would also strongly recommend pairing it with my recently released Limp Clitty Remix and The Logic of Limp, respectively.

Remember that you are to listen on repeat for an extended period of time to feel the strongest effects. It is generally a good idea to listen for at least 30-60 minutes at a time, once a day at the bare minimum.

Be sure to keep me updated on all your progress sweetie, but no pictures as you should understand that women do not want to see something so silly and tiny :)

Training Loop #14 -
Clitty Shrinker


  1. After a really frustrating summer of trying really hard with my sissification but for I-don't-know-what reason being completely stuck, in the last few weeks or even days I feel I've finally started to make a breakthrough. I've got so much to say it's going to take several posts to start to cover it all. My work life last year was so stressful that I didn't listen to "Panties" and I've just remedied this by buying it and also Clitty Shrinker, both last night. Well I am so embarrassed that I didn't know Goddess Gracie had produced such a mini masterpiece in Panties (and now also in Clitty Shrinker).

    Coincidentally I bought two pairs of panties yesterday for the first time in quite a while so that I lay in bed wearing panties to listen to the two files. As you can imagine the effect was incredible. I’ve loved the Good Girl files and Bimbo Blessing and got the feeling that there would be a time when I would be taken up completely by Goddess Gracie’s personality and files but due to all the stressful time I’ve mentioned above it never quite happened. Well I think you know what I’m going to say next; it happened! The repeated mentioning of the sissy’s need for humiliation and submission in the two files and the sensual repetition of ‘panties’ allowed this sissy to access the perfectly submissive part of her brain and she spent a couple of hours looping the files in a state of heavenly erotic bliss. From the first few words of ‘Panties’ sissy’s clitty almost made spurties in her panties without even being touched! Sissy steadied herself though and looped the files many times over.

    In the past I’ve thought it a little strange that sissies on here said they loved Goddess Gracie (wondering how they could say that having not met). Well after that wonderful time last night sissy can also say she loves Goddess Gracie :)

    Now every time sissy has got to a peak of sissy delirium in the past [she’s never got this high before of course] she has purged each time so I am a bit wary of that. However, if I do purge this time I am really confident that I’ve been able to access a truly deep sissified place within me and it is now always going to be there inside me and so long term the signs are very good.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Great feedback sweetie. It's lovely to read that the combination of 'Clitty Shrinker' & 'Panties' has had such a profound effect!

      It is certainly of the utmost importance that a true sissy wears panties every day, especially when clitty shrinkage and 24/7 limpness are serious longterm goals. Wearing panties regularly is one of the simplest and most effective ways for a sissy to reinforce her femininity and keep all of the correct thoughts at the forefront of her silly little mind. It is even more important that sissies wear panties (not to mention pretty outfits, makeup and all the things girly girls love) when they listen to my conditioning as the simple act of wearing panties will help you to get into the correct state of mind, not that such a simpering little sissy would need any assistance in that area :)

      I don't think you will need to 'purge' files anymore sweetie now that you are gaining more acceptance of yourself!

      Be sure to keep us all updated hun.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. I've also been listening to Limp Clitty Remix a lot; I wish there was a separate post on here for it that I could leave comments on. I love it, it's a real step up from the original file for me, a new experience. I love the sexy English lady's voice in the background that I just can't quite make out, he he. I also love the way it has Goddess's and MsJ's voices on it 'ganging up' on us, giggle.

      Thank you for your kind words via email Goddess! :)

  2. Dearest Goddess Gracie,

    Thank you so much for another perfect file to add to my daily listening rotation, Goddess Gracie. Over the last two years this bitty clitty sissy has listened to your training files for one to three hours every day, both when she wakes up in the morning wrapped in her tight pink panties and baby doll nighty and in the evening when she returns from work and lest her mind drain from the day listening to bimbo blessing or good girl 3 files, Goddess.

    Over the last two years with almost no cummies , never allowing it to even start to get yucky stiff and your wonderful limp sissy clitty and logic of limp training files this sissies already mini 4” clitty has shrunken to less than half that that size now. It is far smaller than this sissies thumb and as thin as her ring finger, even with hours of diddling and stimulating her pussy this sissies clitty never even begins to get stiff though softly stroking it and pinching it with two fingers causes a hot purry feeling inside. This sissy has become totally impotent and her clitty never makes a ugly bulge in her wonderfully smooth panties, Goddess Gracie.

    This sissy will add clitty shrinker to her files and hopes so much her little bitty clitty shrinks till it is totally pulled up inside her properly, Goddess Gracie. Thank you again Goddess Gracie for all the wonderful training.


    1. Hi sweetie,

      You are more than welcome hun. I always love to hear from sissies who have been training with my files longterm.

      I think your progression is amazing and inspiring to all sissies who want to one day be wonderfully limp and completely feminine both physically and emotionally.

      I think Clitty Shrinker will help make your clitty as itsy bitsy as it can possibly be and it will also reinforce your ability to stay limp at all times.

      I must say, tight pink panties and babydolls (preferably pink and satin!) are exactly what every true sissy would be wearing to bed every night.

      Warmest of cuddles for being such a good girl sweetie.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Hello Goddess Gracie

    First wanted to thankYou for just being You in heart, mind, body n soul.

    As well as having the beauty to show to the world a part of you. Very nice blog, as well as will be back:)

    If I may explain myself a bit. I've been cleared for SRS twice previous n have lived full time in female role for bout 13.5 years. My measurements are as of this minute/ 38/29/40 n bout 163 lbs. I have full B cups n so wanting implants but surgeon told me to strengthen my tummy muscles before he'll do me. I really desire a more CFM look n though I've been bisexual in the past I really no longer desire a boyfriend, but rather 20-30 of them:) paying preferably:))$$$

    My email if ever You'd like to chat is but go by staci and I'm on under stacirenea only one on there.

    The lifestyle just makes sense. Definitely a sub

  4. Hi really nice blog thanks for starting it. I am also on the path of becoming a sissy if anyone wanna chat with me can add me on yahoo messanger my I'd is

  5. After some digging around I found two methods to help add to this hypno. The first is an anti hemmoratic like Preparation H which lessens the blood flow to the area applied. Also a soak in a potassium alum stypic will have a similar effect. One 15 minute soak and application of each per day is said to really help shrink your sissy clitty so I cant wait to see how well it works when combined with Clitty shrinker

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    OMG this BBC whore now has a clitoral stimulator which she will only use for her limp little clitty. Its a LELO with all kinds of yummy settings and fits perfectly in the little pocket of many of this whore's pink panties to make her limp clitty tingle even more than it already does **tee hee**

    Best of all this little BBC whore spent about an hour chatting with the store owner James who she told all about her sissy self **giggles** When James introduced himself this little girl shook his hand daintily and told him her name was brittany **giggles** James gave this little BBC whore a pretty pink thong for free to use with the stimulator. It just felt so delishus to be treated so special by him.

    Last night and then today again the stimulator was used as this BBC whore sucked on the dongs of her men Tyrone and Darnell. As this BBC whore sucks one she gives a hand job to the other and when she is not moaning or sucking on them she is calling them daddy **giggles** Before long this whore's limp clitty is then making spurties but she doesn't lap them up with her tongue until meditating on the idea that her purpose in life is to serve BBC while her mouth remains wrapped around James or Darnell's big thick cock.

    Earlier today this BBC whore also took Darnell inside her pussy. His big fat 8" cock just felt so right and delishus pulsing in and out of this whore's pussy with long slow strides **giggles** Tyrone or Darnell are yet to give this BBC whore a sissygasm but she knows that moment will come if she works harder to please her men to deserve such an honor.

    This BBC whore is still searching for 10" Jamal and spent all her money on the stimulator so couldn't get the silicone breast forms that would take her up to a C/D cup that she was also eying the night she got her stimulator. The thought of having more noticeable titties with the help of these breast forms to show off in public is something this BBC whore cannot get out of her mind and its as if there is no more will inside this girl's fluffy little mind to say no to such actions and go back out and get those titties and then celebrate by giving herself what every girl wants - a little pick me up with a padded bra **giggles** and matching panties :)

    OMG Goddess it would be unforgiveable of this BBC whore not to say that this was all done after looping Goddesses' training loops on limp clitty, bra training, cocksucker and clitty shrinker over the past few nights **YAY** as this little girl is still sleeping in the maid's quarters on her own. This girl just can't get enough conditioning with Goddesses' files and begs to remain worthy of continued listening until her mind is so full of pink fluffy cotton candy that there is no room for anything else **giggles**

    This girl just feels so heavenly and is so aware now of her breasts, clitty and pussy and her need to serve BBC that she can barely think of anything else during the day. She knows its just a matter of time before she is out shopping for Jamal and more wardrobe things (OMG this girl just needs to see a sale sign and she is right there) while sporting her knew perkier titties under her yummy new pink blouse

    Love always brittany xoxo

  7. ....preparation H or similar ointment should ce considered for use as a lube for ones chastity-device....but what would any proper prancing pouffe yearn for more....special pills to shrink one's pee-pee down to a more appropriate little pink acorn to fit ones girls panties even tighter or ones to grow little sissy booby-buds to fill out a little pink junior-miss training-bra...

  8. My Darling, Divine Mistress Goddess Gracie, (Part 1)

    You and your followers may find it interesting to read a post on my Blog that provides links to scientific articles in professional magazines that document techniques and methods that have been proven to shrink a boi's penis. I have used these with great success. You will find the post at the following URL:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND YOUR AUDIOS. I just can't seem to get enough of them. Perhaps, because I knew from my earliest memories of my life that I was not like other Boys.

    I started cross-dressing at Age 4 when I was at the home of a neighbor woman who was a friend of my Mother's and was babysitting me. When I soiled my fake male clothes, the only thing she had to dress me in while she washed my clothes were the little pink,yellow, orange, red and blue flowery sun dress and silky panties of her daughter who was about my age. She laughed as she dressed me en femme and told me I was too pretty to be a boy and should have been born as a girl. I don't think she truly realized how accurate her words and perception would become.

    I loved the feeling of those silky panties so much that from ages 4-8 I began sneaking into the closets of my older sister and mother to "experiment" with trying on their feminine lingerie, skirts, blouses, dresses, high heels, even their wigs and their make-up. Whenever I was home alone, I loved my secret dressing time. I so loved the feeling of silky, soft feminine panties that I convinced my mother to let me buy silky "male" underwear. As I grew older, I gradually substituted girl's silky panties and my mother never said anything or prevented me from wearing silky panties throughout Elementary Grade School.

    By Ages 8-10, I was regularly touching, fondling, stroking and jerking off the bigger cocks of other boys. This happened because I was attending cub scout meetings at my friends house. I grew up in a small mid-western farming community and so after the meeting, we went up into the hayloft of the big red barn at my friend's house. There were about 6 boys and one of them had stolen some copies of Playboy from his dad so we started looking at the pictures and the boys all wanted to strip naked so we could have a "Circle Jerk". They were a little surprised when I stripped and they saw I was wearing silky underwear which probably gave one of the boys the idea of measuring everyone's cock with the challenge that the boy with the smallest dick would have to jerk off the other boys. I had the teeniest, tiniest little clittie so I was "forced" to jerk off the other boys. After this "incident', I stopped wearing silky girls panties because I was so ashamed and felt so guilty.

    (Continued in Part 2)

  9. Part 2 Continued

    As we grew older, the other boys cocks grew bigger and bigger; but, my tiny, baby-size penis-clit didn't grow at all. Even more emasculating was the fact that my thin, slim, runner's body began developing very puffy, teen age girl size B cup Titties and my narrow waist, my wide, curvy, "Breeding Hips" and well-rounded, bubble-butt, curvy ass looked very feminine. (I found out much later in life as an adult that I was born with Klinefelter Syndrome, a genetic condition that literally gives little bois the genetic make-up of being half male and half female.)

    I was so humiliated when at one of the sleep overs, the boy with the biggest cock (about 8" and very thick) was stroking his cock and looking hungrily at my curvy little bubble butt as I stripped naked. By the time I got down to only my soft, cotton boy's briefs over my sexy ass, he became so sexually aroused by ogling my hot, curvy, sexy, feminine ass, he asked me to sashay around the bedroom swinging my curvy hips and showing off my curvy bubble-butt by bending over so he could jerk off fantasizing about fucking me in what he called my "boi-cunt". The other boys laughed and joined in by verbally ordering me to prance around for their sexual pleasure. Some of them had seen me at that cub scout meeting in silky underwear and had stolen a sexy matching pair of black silky panties and bra that they insisted I wear as I pranced about. I was soooo embarrassed; but, was small and passive and reluctantly agreed to mince and prance about the sexy bra and panties for the sexual entertainment and amusement of the other boys. They all told me I was very sexy and that in a dark room, they would fuck me because my ass looked just like a girl.The biggest boy forcibly pushed me down on the bed, stripped off my silky panties, and started to rub his Big, Shiny, Cock Head against my ass threatening to actually fuck me; but, the other boys who were my friends convinced him to stop. However, I was so submissive and emotionally traumatized that I began fantasizing about what might have happened at night when I was home in bed rubbing my tiny little penis-clit. I couldn't stop thinking about his Big Cock touching my ass and couldn't help wondering what it would have felt like if he had actually fucked me.

    (Continued in Part 3)

  10. Part 3 Continued by Ms. Karli Kunt

    By the time I was 14-15, I was getting fucked on a regular basis by Older and Bigger Boys. This happened because when I was 14 years old, I was a surprisingly good athlete, as some genetic girls are, and I actually was selected as a Freshman to play on the varsity basketball team. However, this meant I was forced to strip naked everyday after practice to shower with much older and bigger Seniors and Juniors who had fully developed, big, thick, cocks like Real Men. However, I was only 5' 2" tall, weighed less than 100 pounds and my teeny, tiny penis clit had not grown even an inch since I was a baby. However, my titties and ass had become even bigger, curvier, sexier and more like the silhouette of a sexy teenage girl. Given the fact that after the exhausting exercise of basketball practice, my tiny clittie was flaccid and would retreat up into my feminine body so that it was actually "inverted" and virtually "invisible" so that when I walked into the showers, the older, bigger boys couldn't hold back their smirks and laughter. They teased me that I was in the wrong dressing room and I needed to cover up my feminine ass, little clittie and titties with a matching pair of silky panties and bra.

    When I walked out of the shower, I found a matching pair of silky pink panties and bra lying on the bench in front of my locker. Before I could react or say anything, four of the Biggies, Oldest Seniors with Big Dicks grabbed me, "forced" me to wear the silky panties and bra and then picked me up and pushed me out into the hallway outside the dressing room where the cheerleaders were practicing. They all started smirking, laughing and pointing at me. It was also transparent that the front of my silky panties was perfectly smooth with no tell-tale bulge, indicting I had a tiny penis.

    The Older Boys finally let me back into the dressing room; but, they found it endlessly amusing, entertaining and "fun" to De-Pants me at private parties, at the public swimming pool; or, even on jogging paths where they would "expose" my sexual deficiencies to the girls at my school.

    My public humiliation was so great that I was prepared to do anything to make it stop. Frantic to put an end to my nightmare, I confronted the Biggest, Oldest Leader of the group of boys who were hazing me. I pleaded with him to stop and promised him that if he would stop Publicly De-Pantsing me that I would Privately do whatever he wanted. Of course, he smirked and made me answer his suggestive, leering question: "Will you really do "anything"?" I was so desperate that I indeed said: "Yes, "anything" !!!!

    The older boy knew that my parents both worked, my older siblings were away at college, and I was all alone at home each day after school for about 3 hours.

    (Continued in Part 4)

  11. Part 4 Continued by Ms. Karli kunt

    He told me he was going to ride home with me the next day and test whether I would really do "anything". That next afternoon, when we got to my house, he gave me a bag filled with feminine lingerie, a plaid mini-skirt and white blouse, along with a long blonde wig, some make-up and some high heels. He told me to go up to my bedroom and get dressed for him while he foraged through my mom's refrigerator eating a snack. When he finally came up to my bedroom, I was nervously waiting, dressed en femme, shaking and anxiously waiting for what would happen next. Of course, he "popped my cherry" that afternoon and began fucking me on a regular basis after school.

    After a few weeks of fucking me, he had totally "broken" me to being his submissive little fuck-toi and had opened up my boi-pussy. I had become accustomed to him holding me down and fucking me as he would tell me what a nasty, cock-craving, little faggot, cum-craving sissy bitch I was. One afternoon, while he was holding me down, fucking me and telling me what a dirty, naughty, nasty, cock-crazed, little sissy fuck-slut I am, I hear him say in a loud voice:

    "O.K. boys, I think the little bitch's hot, juicy cunt is ready for you now. At first, I was so far into sub-space that It didn't really occur to me what was happening. I heard the door to my bedroom open and I heard several male voices behind me erupting into a chatter of verbal humiliation about what a little cock-whore I had become and what a sexy, hot, fuckable ass-pussy I had. Just as i was about to turn my head to see what was happening, the Older Boy pushed my head down into the pillow while the other slapped my ass as he rammed his Big Cock so deep into my boi-cunt that I yelped and squeeled with the combination of Pleasure and Pain so that I was unable to see what was happening; nor did I even care. At that point, I was so consumed by PURE LUST that all I wanted was to be fucked. By the time, he pulled out of my sopping wet cunt and yanked my head up, there was the shiny, engorged, Big, Mushroom-Shaped Apple Knob of a long thick cock of another boy rubbing right up against my lips as he ordered me to open up and suck him which I did. As he slipped his Big Cock into my mouth, I felt the Older Boy's cock replaced by the Big Cock of yet a third boy penetrating, probing, poking, stroking and fucking my hot little boi-pussy so deep, hard and good that the super sexual sensations of being skewered by two Big Cocks erased any inhibitions or inclination I may have had to object or try to resist what was happening to me. Obviously, it wouldn't have made any difference since strong, hands were holding my ass down, pinning my back down and holding my head as one of the boys skull-fucked me and they all laughed about what a filthy, dirty, insatiable, little Nympho Cock-Crazed little slut i was. RESISTANCE WAS POINTLESS !!! Those three boys Gang-Fucked me over and over and over that day bringing me to so many multiple, simultaneous Clitoral and Vag-Anal Orgasms that I was left shaking, shivering, and cowering in my bed after they left with my pussy and mouth filled with multiple loads of thick, creamy cum and my my face caked in sperm.

    (Continued in Part 4)

  12. Part 5 Continued by Ms. karli kunt

    After that first Gang-Fucking, the Older Boy began bringing more and more of his friends. Rumors started circulating about what a sweet sissy pussy I had, what a dirty little whore I was and what World class Blow Jobs I gave, so I started getting calls from other boys I didn't even know, sometimes from other small towns who wanted to cum to my house after school to fuck me and I always said: .... "YES" !!!

    Eventually, one of the boys Older Brothers, who was 30 years old and was married, heard the rumors about what was going on at my home after school and ordered his younger brother to bring me to a hunting cabin that he and four of his Older, Married Friends owned up in the isolated and remote woods bordering a National Park. When I got there, they made me a proposition I couldn't refuse. They said they wouldn't tell anybody what a slutty, cock-loving, nasty little cum-dumpster I was if I would agree to go through "THE INITIATION CEREMONy" to become a regular member of their "Hunting Club" that met on the third Saturday of every month. As I was to find out, the only "Hunting" they ever did was for nice, tight, velvety soft, moist, juicy, sweet little pink sissy pussies, like mine.

    When I was Age 18, I had my first sexual experience being fucked by A Big Black Cock when an older 35 year old Black Medical Intern on a vacation my family took to Southern California. While my parents visited relatives, they dropped me at the public beach each day. The Older Black Medical Intern made friends with me, lured me to an isolated, remote are; and, tricked, seduced, "forced" and "raped" me. This was a life altering event and I was totally hooked and addicted to Big Black Cocks forever..... but...... that's another story.

    Your slutty, cock-loving, submissive, little sissy panty princess fuck-toi,
    ms. karli kunt

  13. I wanted to become a sissy, help me please from intial level....please help me....I really wanted to become a girl/shemale badly....

  14. wow! i have klinefelt syndrome too it's like a blessing and a curse at the same time


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