Monday, February 10, 2014

Honesty (Induction)

 This is the introduction to Honesty (Curse)

This is a short warning that details exactly how serious the curse file is. Do not listen to the full file if you are not willing to experience the consequences of drastic mental transformation. It is a genuine curse file and the effects will stay with you for the rest of your life so please take the time to consider whether or not you're ready for such a  change.

It is extremely important that you pay attention to the warning near the end of this induction which will give you about 60 seconds to decide whether or not you wish to listen to the full file and become a totally honest and open-hearted sissy with all your female friends.

Read the Honesty Curse description for more details on the main file - this part of the file is only compulsory for the first listen, after that you may loop the main file without the introduction if preferred.

This introduction serves as your last chance to turn back princess... there's no turning back

Honesty (Induction)


  1. Attention all unsuspecting sissies,

    heed the warnings in this induction and other inductions you may come across when dabbling in the world of Goddess Gracie. i am being open and honest to anyone who will take the time to read this. The effects of these sissy files really work. Depending on whether you think all this is a blessing or a curse it doesn't much matter. The files will do their feminine work on the subconscious' of those who listen. So decide if you truly want what the files offer.

    As for myself, i am a married man who had buried certain feminization fantasies that i had as a younger man. After feeling a little kinky and playing around on the internet, i came across Goddess Gracie. i thought it would be fun to check out Her files. i was right, they were fun. They still are fun. They will always be fun as i am now trapped in the bliss of knowing what a cock obsessed mindless sissy whose little clitty stays soft and limp. i am also an honest little sissy who has been compelled to tell my wife what a failed excuse of a man i am and how i am much more happier being feminine.

    Warm hugs and cuddles to all who are on the same path i am now set upon, and of course the warmnest hugs and softest cuddles to Goddess Gracie. GG is simply amazing.

    sissy (robin)

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thank you for the wonderful, honest comment sweetie. It's so nice for sissies to be open and honest with women at all times.

      Warm cuddles for being such a good girl sweetie.

      Be sure to keep me updated on all your progress! :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. thanks for your story sissy robin. I would very much like to find out what happened after you told your wife about your true nature, because I'm in a similar situation with my wife. She's always known about my feminine nature and has been accepting and even paints my toenails in winter! But I also have a strong desire for breasts/hormones/cock and I've yet to let her know the depth of my sissy needs (sigh).

      hugs and sissy kisses

      ps- I listened to the "Honesty Curse" introduction today Goddess Gracie. I hope all goes well. My fingers are crossed. Much love to you.

  2. Goddess Gracie so far has convinced this girl that She has the best intentions for sissies like us. Each file I have listened to by Goddess has a lasting effect on me. I recently told my closest girl friend that I am not as male as She thinks I am and I make a better girl. I think She knew but doesn't to accept, and I said I am sorry, but it is true.
    I read the warning and am glad I have found Goddess Gracie.

    1. Yay for sissy Rayelynn! It's so lovely reading the pretty comments you have left on this and the other Honesty post sweetie.

      Remember princess, it's important to continue to listen every day for the best results. :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. So true, Rayelynn. It's so nice for us sissies to accept that Goddess Gracie has our best interests in mind and accept her teachings.

  3. Dear Goddess Gracie

    It is perhaps long overdue that this black pole plunger mentioned how special the warning in this induction makes her feel about the path of honesty she knowingly has chosen to commit to for the rest of her life and so she wishes to say how truly sorry she is for not being more appreciative for this file

    Like the induction to Bimbo Blessing the induction to Honesty Curse was a yummy reminder to this little mincer that the path to express herself for who she really is - a limp little girly girl with a deep seated need to worship big black cock - is a path of her own choosing that Goddess helps reveal to her through the conditioning effect of all her files

    It is for this reason that this BBC whore makes personal body care choices like maintaining an entirely hairless, moisturized and perfumed body, pussy that is always sparkling clean so as to be ready for cock, pretty polished finger nails of a length suitable for a French manicure if chosen, lips plumped and glossed, brows trimmed and eyelashes volumized with mascara, takes breast enhancing supplements to develop her own cleavage that can be shown off in sexy slutty tops or jiggled for a group of boys as this bimbo dances for them or can be used to wrap around a big thick delicious cock, wears padded panties and bras and uses inserts to develop that hour glass look to squeeze into sexy slutty clothes meant to attract cock, sleeps in a servants bed every night where she is able to loop Goddesses files while wearing a clitty stimulator in her extra tight panties to develop a limp, inverted wee wee, only makes warm spurties or has sissygasm with a dark black gorgeous and powerful ultra life like dildo in her mouth or pussy, and who is otherwise readying herself to offer her mouth, pussy and titties to any man and his friends with man sized cocks and meaty cum filled balls ready to spray their delicious rewards all over this cock whore

    This fluffy little floozy has so much more to be honest about - mentally, emotionally and physically - in her life but that decision gets easier every day the more she willingly accepts personal responsibility for all the consequences of what she is doing, which this file like your other files helps to not only make clear but also builds the courage to do increasingly on a 24/7 basis one irreversible example of which is the prospect that this girl's 38B titties will grow more shapely and allow her to fill out a bra all on her own while yet another is that people like her supervisor view with scorn her long girly nails as inescapably feminine and wonder when the French manicure will come

    Thank you Goddess for teaching this flaming faggot that if she is honest with herself she will be honest about emptying her mind and only letting her Goddess in which she now does during the day with a barrage of reminders of how to think, act, behave and communicate, and at night by looping Goddesses files so that the end and beginning of every day and everything in between is being conditioned by Goddess just the way this cotton candy girly girl wants it

    Love brittany xoxo


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