Sunday, February 23, 2014

Training Loop #10 - Pantyhose

This file is for true sissies only and it will brainwash and condition you to want to wear pantyhose every day, sealing your femininity deep within you and making you more submissive and aroused.

Wearing sheer pantyhose just feels right and good girls should be wearing pantyhose on a daily basis as the silky smooth feel of them on your tight pussy and limp clitty help remind you what a submissive sissy you truly are.

Pantyhose are as essential as slutty makeup and pretty clothes when it comes to the daily necessities of sissy princesses and you will do well to remember to wear them on a daily basis whether you're going out in public or staying at home.

Yes sweetie, wearing pantyhose will make you want to take cock in both holes more than ever before. You'll be driven to be more **flirty** and **submissive** when in the presence of real men to the point where you may find yourself walking the street all tarted up in search of cock. Wearing pantyhose will drastically increase your sex drive and cause your sexual encounters with men to be much more intense and fulfilling.

No real man would ever dream of wearing pantyhose princess so the mere act of putting a pair on is a wonderfully feminine way for you to accept your adorable little place in the world. You will be conditioned to (correctly!) wash all your pantyhose every week and buy new pairs on a regular basis, it is vitally important you always have a fresh pair to put on princess.

It will be so nice for you to get to talk to real men and women when you're wearing pantyhose sweetie, as you will constantly be aware of what a sissy you are and perhaps they will too!

 Women will think you're just **adorable** and men will get rock hard at the sight of your long and smooth pantyhose-clad legs, so it's a win-win situation for you princess.

It's perfectly fine if people notice the pantyhose sweetie but it's entirely up to you whether you want to wear it openly or not.

Remember that good girls like to listen to my conditioning every day and the more you listen, the greater your results will be. As always, it's best to listen for at least 30-60 minutes at a time.

Leave a pretty comment after listening sweetie, but remember to put your prettiest pantyhose on first!

Training Loop #10 - Pantyhose


  1. Oh Mistress I do sooo love wearing my pantyhose every day! I feel so feminine even when others don't know I wearing them. I love you so much!

  2. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    It has been a while since little little sissy looped your pantyhose, bra and panty training loops but it would be remiss of this little faggot to leave it unsaid that these files were nothing short of indispensable in this femme little faggot's journey to where she is today.

    OMG Goddess you are so right when you say the more you wear panties, a bra and pantyhose the more second nature they will become. The yummy little "extra goodie" to this story discovered by this little princess is that panties, bras and hose are just the beginning after which will come things like padded panties, waist cinchers and silicone bra inserts as i now also wear to satisfy a deep craving need for that coveted hour glass physique that every girl knows makes every guy stand at attention **giggles**

    Indeed, aside from wearing panties, bra and hose at the office or out and about, this mincing little princess has been inspired through Goddesses' teachings to now also include Kim Kardashian style padded panties that give this femme little faggot 2" of extra tooshie and 1" of extra hip on each side, a waist cincher to keep her tummy tinier until she loses the 30 pounds she needs to lose to get down to her personal body weight goal of 130 pounds, and silicone breast inserts that give this girl a bra cup anywhere from a B to DD depending on her mood and sense of adventure **giggles**

    As one can imagine, the list of additions only grows as the experience with expressing oneself femininely validates and reaffirms one's sissy persona, fueling the desire for more of what the trapped little girl inside has always wanted but was afraid to claim for herself. For this little faggot, the current focus is on becoming petite again and taking herbal supplements to develop her own cleavage to hopefully show off one day in the latest girly girl fashions for the whole world to see:)

    To all you nervous little girls take heart that like this femme little pop tart "fear" will eventually give way to "resolve" if you trust in the message of Goddess Gracie and do EXACTLY as she asks **YAY**

    Love always brittany **sparkle**

    1. omg! i just have to say this letter to Goddess Gracie by you brittany is so inspiring, so lovely, so yummy *giggles*. i had to read and reread it because it made me *sparkle* & *shimmer* inside. it also made me so happy for you.

      warm hugs,
      ~ robin

  3. I can't seem to only get so far into your CD's Goddess Gracie. Though not the brightest on computers. But I'd so love to show you as we'll as am on warp me site as well as fetlifecom under cindyjones313. Did send some pics your way on google plus today. Like 16 of them. Hoping I didn't offend you

  4. Mmm I can't help but love how You think Goddess Gracie


  6. I'm addicted to sissy Cock sex and swallowing MONSTER WIENERS everyone !!!! I'm a little MOMMYS boy !!

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  8. The link to warp my mind and sound cloud both don’t work. Is there somewhere to find this pantyhose file?


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