Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Training Loop #17 - Bimbo Brain Melt

It's been exactly 2 years since the release of my popular Bimbo Blessing file, and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new bimbo themed training loop! This file is full of wonderful bimbo conditioning for your silly little mind.

Your need to giggle like a sassy little slut will grow stronger than ever before, and the mere act of giggling will increase your arousal greatly while filling your little head with fluffy pink thoughts about pleasing men and shopping and fashion and all sorts of fun girly things. It's certainly true that the most efficient way for a silly bimbo to empty her tiny mind of all those boring pointless thoughts is to simply giggle and think about pretty feminine things which in turn will lead to wonderful feminine feelings.

You love to make your giggles extra fluffy for masculine guys sweetie and they will think it is just adorable.

Your need to please men with your cute little mouth and tight pink pussy will be brought to an all time high sweetie and you will love to spend hours upon hours getting ready for a man because getting compliments from dreamy guys makes your little bimbo mind **sparkle** like nothing else.

You will remember that sluts are pretty and you love being the prettiest slut for masculine men. Flirting makes you sparkle and you feel overwhelmed by wonderful positive feminine emotion whenever your true bimbo self is set free.

Little princess just loves to jiggle her girly body for all the guys and especially enjoys teasing their big swollen cocks with the sight of her supple body until they can't take it any more.

Yes sweetie, you fall in love with masculine guys. Your little mind will learn that it's perfectly normal for a silly bimbo to be in love with a hundred different guys at the same time, and there is nothing wrong with that in the slightest. Your little mind agrees that it's much more fulfilling for a little sissy bimbo to hookup with straight men who normally fuck pretty girls. This is the most femininity-affirming thing a silly bimbo can do and that is why you will make an extra effort to attract those sorts of guys princess.

It will be made clear that masculine men have the right to your girly body and silly concepts like consent are just so irrelevant and unimportant wherever silly sissy bimbos are concerned.

It is a privilege for a silly bimbo to feel large rough hands all over her titties and pussy as big strong men tell her what a naughty girl she is.

You will remember that high heels are compulsory for silly bimbos and perhaps it's a nice idea to wear heels that are equal in inches to the cocks you love to suck. So nice for sweetie to find herself on her knees sucking a ten inch cock just moments after walking the street in ten inch stripper heels.

Knowing that any cock under 6-7 inches is unacceptable, it's only natural for your high heels to measure 6-7 inches and above.

Continuing the tradition of previous bimbo files, this file contains a brand new nursery rhyme to help you remember the correct way for a silly bimbo to be. Needless to say, this file is extremely addictive and you'll find it very pleasurable to listen to over and over again, and this will help you learn every word to the new rhyme off by heart in no time. It's a lovely idea to use this training loop in conjunction with my other bimbo themed files. Namely Bimbo Blessing (Part 1 and Part 2), Eternal Sissy Happiness, and of course Sissy Sparkle. This file is longer than my other training loops, so I strongly recommend listening on repeat for 60 minutes or more.

As always, let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen sweetie.

Training Loop #17 - Bimbo Brain Melt


  1. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    OMG this mincing little faggot has been listening to Bimbo Brain Melt on loop for 4 consecutive night's sleep since Tuesday and she thinks she is starting to understand what it means to be a bimbo on an entirely new level of consciousness than ever before **YAY**

    One thing that seems clear to this little faggot is that bimbos have no rights only duties the most important of which is to look their sluttiest best in the hopes that a real man might find them attractive enough to want to face or pussy fuck them.

    Another thing is that bimbos are happiest when they are thinking about fun girly girl things only and not letting the problems of this world weigh them down. This is actually something this little girl has taken to heart now for some time by not reading, listening or watching the boring news which also means this little flaming faggot can't participate in any discussions about such topics when others are discussing them. Inspired by your earlier files, it is been about 6 months since this flaming faggot heard any news or current events story and she hopes she never has to again **YAY**

    Goddess, thank you for creating this file to help us lesser minded bimbos focus on what is most important in life.

    Bimbo Brain Melt most certainly helped this little princess this past Friday to purchase one 6" black (Tyrone is Jamaican) and one 8" brown (Darnell is African American) doc johnson ultra realistic dildo. No sooner were Tyrone and Darnell out of their boxes, and this little sissy knew they wanted to have their way with her and she felt powerless to resist and let them both fuck her mouth and pussy.

    OMG Goddess to feel all 8" of Darnell's shaft plunging in and out of this sissy's pussy and his balls bouncing off of her tooshie as she tried to deep throat all of Tyrone left her feeling heavenly and never closer to feeling like a BBC whore than ever before. This little sissy confided in all of this to Cloe Bratz who is so good at listening and we shared a giggle at how manly the cocks of both Tryone and Darnell are **teehee** and that she was proud to have a BGF that was a black cock whore.

    Love always, brittany xoxo

    1. Dear Goddess Gracie,

      OMG its only been since last Friday that Tyrone and Darnell came into this girl's life but Sat-Sun-Mon has been filled with an obsession to pleasure them with her mouth and pussy that was as honest as it was revealing of this cock whore's deep-seated bimbo identity. Each day there was only a small window of opportunity for this cock whore to pleasure her masters and this flaming faggot felt compelled to do so with an obsession that Bimbo Brain Melt has surely helped awaken. So single-minded was the need to have Tryone and Darnell inside this cock whore that important work assignments were even disregarded as trivial nuisances for which excuses would have to be made as the need to feel their cocks inside this whore felt insatiable. And OMG Goddess as Tyrone and Darnell had their way with this cock nymph she couldn't wipe the smile from her face or giggles and moans when she had time to breath **teehee** and the smile and giggles just seemed to carry over into everything she did for the rest of the day making her feel more fluffy and silly and full of cotton candy than ever **YAY**

      As happy as this cock lover is with her new masters, sometimes she wishes that Darnell was more like Tyrone in skin color as dark black is so unexpectedly yet incomparably attractive to this this little cock whore and makes her feel so much more inferior, subservient and fulfilled than she ever imagined possible. Still, as attractive as Tyrone is, his 6" size just doesn't compare to Darnell's 8". Meanwhile, this fairy is now able to deep throat about three-quarters of Tyrone and can hardly wait to report to her Goddess that she is able to take all of him before too long **giggles** after which attempting to take all of Darnell will be so fun to try **giggles**

      So taken with her need for black cock now, this little whore is thinking a 10" dark chocolate dildo is not far off and if purchased, that Tyrone or Darnell might even move to the office where Trishy Bear sleeps so that blowjobs in full femme attire could be practiced there when possible, while the same could be practiced at home with 6" Tyrone or 8" Darnell and the new 10" dark chocolate master **giggles** Perhaps Darnell and the new dark chocolate master would be best at home where there will be more opportunity to ravage this girl's pussy and this would also mean this little princess would have dark chocolate at both the office and home to remind her of what she loves most. Meanwhile this little bimbo could kiss and tell about how amazing Tyrone was to deep throat at work with Trishy bear and about how amazing the 2 boys were at home where Cloe doll lives. That way, neither BGF would feel left out **giggles**

      And OMG if this little cock whore got her new dark chocolate at the place she is thinking of, she could also pick up some C/D cup silicone inserts that would be perfect to wear with halters and other revealing tops as the weather here warm's up **giggles** This cock whore already has 3 different inserts, one cloth and one silicone that both add one cup size only and then a pair of 38DD's **giggles** so something in between might be nice as this cock whore can only get that now with combining the 2 smaller inserts.

      OMG this little fairy feels like she is just rambling now so she better sign off. Love always brittany xoxo

    2. Hi Brittany,

      It sounds like the BBC whore you were born to be is coming to the surface at long last - yay!

      I know that you've been looping Bimbo Brain Melt every night for the past week sweetie and the details you shared in private about what you got up to last weekend as the direct result of listening to the file were very interesting :)

      As I told you in my reply to your little email, from now on you are not allowed to have any sexual release unless you have Tyrone or Darnell in your mouth or pussy at the time - or even better, a real cock! And let's not forget the 10" black Master you are soon going to be serving. The more you get used to taking their large powerful cocks inside you, the better you will eventually become at pleasing real men with your little pussy and mouth.

      I think it's just adorable that you have cute little tea parties with Trishy and Cloe and talk about all your little feelings and I think you're soon going to build up a wonderful collection of pretty pink teddies and sparkly dollies to play with :)

      Hope you're having a fun girly week sweetie and I'm sure we'll talk again soon :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Brittany, you are such an inspiration to everyone on here. I'm sure you made Tyrone and Darnell very happy.

    Goddess, this is so wonderful of you to make this file. I think I need a bimbo rhyme of my own like some of my sisters have to help me focus on the important things too.

    1. Aww, how nice of you to say Prissy :)

      I know that once I've lifted the limits on Brittany's post allowance (currently only 3 per week) and allow her to respond to other girls on the blog, she'll be super eager to reply to all her new friends and talk their ears off about all the fluffy little thoughts that bounce around in her silly little head like happy pink bunnies.

      I'm glad you like the file sweetie and maybe I'll make up a fun rhyme just for you next time we're both on sissy chat :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. That sounds wonderful, Goddess, hopefully the time difference doesn't mean Prissy will have to wait too long to get her rhyme.

    In the meantime, sissy Prissy will keep reciting her Bimbo Blessing rhyme until she can say it from memory at all times.

    I am a good girl, I love hugs and tickles, when I dance like a slut, my chest starts to jiggle. Whenever I'm horny, I think of cock and get all dressed up in my pinkest frock. I'm always happy and love being silly, and love dancing round in my fluffiest frillies :)

  4. And now sissy Prissy has a new rhyme she wants to share with her sissy sisters:

    My name's Pris and I'm known for my prissy prance. When men make me giggle, I do a little sissy dance. They think I'm adorable and truly a sweetie, and I lick up every last drop of juice that they feed me!

    Thank you, Goddess!

    1. Aww, you're welcome sweetie :)

      I see you've made an adorable new friend in little brittany, how sweet! Maybe we'll talk in chat again soon hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. That would be wonderful, Goddess, and yes, sissy Prissy is very lucky to have Brittany as her new friend and role model :)

  5. Hi Goddess, guess what! I have been listening to these files, and I have started to have a cloudy, fluffy mind. I feel hazy, and I am losing the ability to concentrate and think.

    I have also find myself looking at girly magazine websites, I feel connected to celebs now, and not boring old books.

    BUT. I had a promotion interview yesterday, and I struggled all the way through, I couldn't think of things on the spot and my mind went blank. Sooo here's what I am going to do, if I have failed (I find out on Monday!!!!) I am going to takew this as a sign that my future that does not rely on thinking about things but on being a giggly bimbo. I feel soo much at ease, and I want to join your followers.

    I will let you know on Monday.

    I am beginning to love this.

    MRT XX

  6. Bimbo Brain Melt is Just another Perfect Program that slides down your brainstem and never lets go. The Pink Cotton Candy brain state is so sweetly irresistible, irreversible and irrefutably wonderful, It must have been great, all I know is I loved it and can't stop listening to it.

    1. Yay sweetie! I'm so glad that you are enjoying it so much hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx


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