Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New File: All Things Sissy! (Part 1)


 This file is to be paired with All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

The purpose of this file is to reinforce, strengthen and greatly intensify all previous conditioning. This is the definitive Goddess Gracie file covering everything that being a sissy entails in great detail and that is why it ended up being so long that it needed to be split into two parts!

Part 1 contains the induction, followed by some powerful Good Girl conditioning that reinforces everything little sissies need to know. The next section of the file concentrates in great detail on true permanent limpness and brings a little princesses obsession with having the softest tiniest most feminine clitty to an all time high. You will be more driven than ever to achieve true lifelong impotence down there sweetie and we both know this is simply the correct choice for a little sissy to make.

Closely related to a limp clitty is pretty panties to tuck it away all neat and tidy and that is why the third section of Part 1 focuses on regular panty wearing, making it more of a need than ever before for all good girls to wear panties every day and set aside time each week to wash them diligently so that they continue to sparkle. You will come to a very important, life changing decision about panties sweetie and this decision will be committed to by all true sissies who listen to this file and there will be no turning back... ever.

Your little heart just fills with warm fuzzies at the thought of wearing panties every day and those sissies who already do wear them this frequently will find that they are more turned on than ever before by the soft silky feel of delicate feminine panties. Such sissies will be brought back to how it felt when they first tried on a cute pair of panties and found that they seemed to feel so right compared to the unattractive and needlessly roomy feel of male underwear which true sissies have absolutely no use for whatsoever.

Panties and bras go together like little princesses and big strong men sweetie and that is why you will be encouraged to wear a bra as often as possible with 15 hours a week being the bare minimum for the first 4 weeks - after that you will be expected to wear them daily if you do not already do so. Your regular wearing of bras will greatly increase your obsession with growing a nice pair of feminine titties for all the guys to squeeze and grope and stare at princess and that is why there is a nice section in this file that concentrates on sissies who want to take every step they can to enhance their slutty bosoms for all the guys.

I know all my little princesses love nursery rhymes sweetie and that is why at the end of Part 1, there is a new nursery rhyme which perfectly encapsulates everything that Part 1 of the file has touched upon, from being a good girl to limpness to averting your eyes in the presence of pretty girls like a good little faggot to wearing bra and panties every day like true sissies should.

There are three more fun rhymes to help sissies remember the correct thoughts for little princesses to be having in Part 2 sweetie and they mark the end of each distinct section of the second half of the file.

There is only the odd mention of being a silly bimbo in Part 1 and that is because it is one of the main focuses of Part 2 which also contains a fun little mini-scenario which touches on a completely new topic I hope to delve into further in the future. By the time you get a few minutes into Part 2 you will find that you are in a state of sissy heat which will not fade soon after you finish listening - it will last for weeks and maybe even months and dressing up all pretty and giggling with big hard cock in your cute little mouth and tight pink pussy are the only ways that you can hope to satiate it princess. Part 2 is also available right now sweetie and it should be stated that this is a two-part file rather than a series and that is why it is strongly recommended for sissies to train with both parts as they are equally vital to your conditioning.

Both parts of the file combined add up to more than 2 hours long and I assure you it is a case of quality and quantity being equally abundant princess. You may think that 2 hours is a long time for a little bimbo to concentrate on the one thing sweetie but when you weigh up the wonderful benefits and incredibly positive effects the file has on you, I'm sure you would agree that it would still be entirely worth it even if it was ten times longer. Don't make the silly mistake of thinking that just because these are mostly familiar topics it is anything less than fresh and exciting - this is one of the most inspired files I have made and it feels brand new from start to finish and does not rely on the recycling of old ideas as that would be a waste of my time and yours sweetie, and it should be noted I spent more time on this file than any other I have made and took great care to make it perfect for you sweetie.

You should be aware that this file was carefully designed to intensify all aspects of your feminization sweetie and it will affect you on a permanent, long-term basis and you will even find that you are a happier, more easygoing person as a result of listening princess. This file is very addictive and true sissies may find that they set aside time every day to listen, and some may even find that they love the file so much that they loop it while doing other things like shopping or household duties or getting ready for pleasing a big strong man.

Do enjoy sweetie and be sure to leave a pretty comment after you've listened.

All Things Sissy!
(Part 1)


  1. Goddess, thank you for creating these files. You have helped me find myself. I will never ogle at a woman again. My body is for men. My dolly doesnt make cummies unless my HUGE dildo boyfriend makes it happen as he is pounding me. I used to meet pretty girls and get so aroused. Now it shrinks in shame because it is teeny anyway. I cant stop giggling.....princes sluttytits

    1. Hi Princess Sluttytits,

      You are welcome sweetie. It feels wonderful to create something that helps so many sissies take their feminization to the next level, and I truly feel I have done just that with Parts 1 & 2 of All Things Sissy! :)

      I can tell that you are the truest of pathological sissies sweetie and I say this based not only on your comments here, but emails you have sent me in private that describe all your girly little thoughts and feelings in wonderful detail :)

      I know you can be the best little cumslut in the world sweetie and I will be here to hold your hand every step of the way! I understand you are just a timid little sissy girl on the inside sweetie but I'm going to help you become more and more comfortable around big strong men and pleasing them with your little body is going to become everyday behavior for you over time princess.

      Love you sweetie :)

      Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Mmm id so be loving life

  2. OMG Goddess! These new files are SOOOOOO amazing. i think they are the best you have ever made. TWO hours of a pure sissy heaven. Good Girl series, Bimbo Blessing, MAN OBSESSION. The TRAINING LOOP SERIES ....once again you deliver like thunder, bringing refreshing, exhilarating, pure sissy joy at the end of two hours of sparkling perfection !

    1. Hi Cookie!

      I know you loved both parts so much sweetie and it is wonderful that you consider them my best files ever! I felt the same while making them hun, and to hear my sentiments echoed by perhaps the truest pathological sissy of them all only makes me more certain than ever before.

      I love to make frilly fairy faggots sparkle in that wonderful way and I think you are going to be in heat for the entire foreseeable future princess and that's only going to get stronger with repeated listens.

      So much love and warm platonic hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. dear Goddess

    this bimbo dolly would like to thank you so much for this yummy and delicious file which has helped this little cock whore to grasp her sense of purpose in life as a mindless sissy unlike ever before and which is rapidly taking her to the moment of truth with her supervisor whose critical comments about how unmanly this sissy is from nails that are too long, body parts that should not be shaven, preference for using an exfoliating cloth in the shower, watching girly girl tv shows, having little of relevance but silly musings to contribute to conversation, and wearing tights have become as routine as it is for the supervisor to have now long abandoned any expectation that this sissy satisfy her sexual needs unequivocally seeming to prefer her to perform more in the role of house servant by sleeping in the spare bedroom and simply doing as she is told especially with regard to the performance of household chores to the standard expected without complaint or hesitation as well as to not contradict the supervisor even when she ridicules or acts dismissively toward her

    omg Goddess this sassy little sex kitten just loved the upfront discussion on good girl essentials and perhaps most importantly feels comforted by the files reminder that women like sissies want to be objectified by men and will go to great lengths for men to see them as objects of desire capable of fulfilling all of their sexual desires and it wasn't too long after listening to the file that this cock whore finally got out and purchased that authentic Jennifer Aniston style wig that is brandy wine in color with some blonde highlights and which together with her 38DD breast forms and extra padded hip and tooshie panties gives her the confidence to increasingly go out in public as the pretty little princess she has always dreamed of being and to shop like one of the girls for all those little extra things to complete that slutty look she knows guys want as well as other things like having a makeover and mani/pedi with application tips and purchase recommendations appropriate to this girls color palate and importantly now to get her ears pierced which she thinks is long overdue but an essential symbol of her sissy identity and which will open up exciting possibilities for the purchase of matching earrings, necklace and bracelet combinations to complete the look that tells any man she is worthy of getting on her knees to suck his cock until he is ready to spray his creamy delicious reward wherever he chooses, whether her face, down her throat, deep inside her pussy, on her titties or somewhere else

    omg Goddess then there is the discussion on limpness which is the perfect reminder to this sissy of her inferiority to both men and women and to her rightful place as a piece of property to both whether that be to act as a dutiful house maid through the diligent performance of chores without complaint or hesitation as many women might appreciate or by making herself as desirable as possible to be fucked in the mouth or pussy as many men would like and with these roles comes an important responsibility to accept any attention, whether harsh or kind as viewed among equals, as a gift for an inferior sissy to cherish with profuse gratitude and which this bimbo sissy attempts to reinforce in her own life by never presuming equality by referring to herself in the 1st person, never capitalizing her own name like a proper noun, never being so bold as to presume she has (let alone is able to formulate) a complete thought worthy of being concluded at the end of a sentence with a period, by serving as a dutiful housemaid to her supervisor, regularly servicing her dildo masters Tyrone, Darnell and Marcus with her mouth and pussy, sharing whatever insignificant feelings she may have with her BFFs Cloe Bratz and Trishy Bear through regular hugs and cuddles and telling secrets, and of course mindlessly accepting all of Goddesses' instructions as her own, always doing as she says, and never burdening her by placing an expectation on her of any kind


    1. continued

      omg Goddess then there is the discussion of panties which this mincer has been wearing for what seems forever but not openly to her supervisor leading to the inescapable conclusion that this fellatio loving feline should be ashamed of herself for still having a dresser drawer full of disgusting male underwear rather than an assortment of panties of different colors, styles and materials which she has but keeps hidden from her supervisor who should be told even though she probably already suspects that this mincer thinks it more appropriate to keep her hairless little clitty inside a dainty pair of panties than an ugly baggy pair of boxers

      and omg Goddess the same goes for bras which this mincer has had for some time and which she wears often but not when visible through lighter clothing unless she is going out in girly girl mode in which case she has a delicious assortment of padded bras and bras to wear with inserts ranging from B, C/D and DD cup but somehow nothing short of the DD cup now seems appropriate to this sissy who never wants superior others to feel like they are not getting her best at all times and though she easily meets the 15hr per week requirement feels like her shaved and moisturized boobies which she has been trying to grow naturally for over a year now with herbal solutions including a 6 month supply of Breast Actives and now a further 6 month supply of Inno-vite Breast and Balance deserve the best support she is able to provide for them and so she is hoping through continued listening that Goddesses' file will inspire her to reveal her preference for wearing bras like panties to her supervisor as well as to make better use of other breast growth instruments in her possession like her noogleberry breast pumps and to gain the confidence to one day speak to a doctor about other options like hormones or breast implants

      lastly Goddess though not part of the file except in an indirect way, thank you for helping this bimbo dolly finally select an appropriate middle and surname befitting the type of sissy slut she wishes to emulate that being babette milkfield from the makers of the 3darlings website and for those who don't know here is babette at the shopping mall doing what all sissies do best

      love always brittany babette milkfield xoxo

    2. Hi sweetie,

      I never received a notification about your comments on the two most recent posts for some reason, so I didn't realize you'd even left them till now!

      Glad you're loving both parts of ATS sweetie and do be sure to keep listening every day. I hope you have lots of fun in early July when your supervisor is away, and I know it's going to be so wonderful finally having your ears pierced and getting a lovely makeover during that period.

      The wig sounds super pretty too hun and I bet it will be lots of fun to wear it out and about in the coming months as you grow more and more comfortable with being a little princess in public.

      Keep us all updated sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. OMG, thank you so much for creating this wonderful file! It is a truly inspiring file that touches all aspects we sissies already know, but enjoy listening to.

    I don't want to get into many details to avoid spoilers. I loved the entire file and the commitments we have to do while listening to it. The rhymes are a delicious way to remind us of who we are while not listening to the file.

    Thank you, Goddess Gracie! This file and the next (I will comment on that in its respective blog post) have really encouraged me to take my sissification to the next level! I love it and am sure I will soon be a better sissy for and thanks to you! :)


    1. Yay Helen! Glad you enjoy it so much sweetie :)

      I know that All Things Sissy is more than powerful enough to bring any little princesses feminization to the next level and I'm enjoying seeing the effects it's having on all my little sissy friends so far!

      Remember that good girls like to listen every day sweetie.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  5. Goddess this new series is just wonderful. I will not lye some of what you put down in part 2 is challenging, but that is why your the best because your making me into the perfect bimbo. I know, I am hooked to this file after my first listen, and hope I can achieve the new goals you have laid down for me. I think if I just keep listening your words will take me to this new level.

  6. Goddess Gracie.... omg!! after listening to this i was sitting on the edge of my bed with legs open wearing bra and panties when i just had to touch myself, so i diddled my clitty through my panties using my finger tips and then i just felt this strong need to suck my thumb while i continued diddling. when i looked down, there was a huge puddle of sissyjuice on my sheet even though i was completely soft and limp like a proper sissy the entire time and did not have a sissygasm at all. thank You for Your wonderful training Goddess. i just feel so emasculated.

  7. Goddess Gracie - This file set is intensely fantastic. I'm currently focusing on this set and your Acceptance (curse). Listening to these three files feels somewhat like pure sissieness injected directly into a vein in my neck. It is pure sissy heaven that most obviously leads to ultimate sissy heaven in the physical world pleasing cock on a regular basis.

    I send my love, hugs and gratitude for your miraculously powerful files and your genius. I feel like the luckiest sissy in the Universe. Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! xxxx

    1. Hi Karla,

      So glad you love the files so much sweetie :)

      Do keep training regularly and enjoy the wonderful effects :)

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  8. It's obviously time to buy taller heels, and shorter dresses. My time to shine has arrived. :-)
    Karla xxxx

    PS Thank you for the BBC emphasis, they really are the best in so many ways. Nothing makes a sissy beam with pride, and exercise skill like BBC. Servicing BBC is sissy nirvana.

    You are most definitely the greatest, most considerate, and most loving Goddess in the Universe, May you be eternally blessed in every way.

    1. Yay! :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Dear Sissy Sisters please note that subliminal versions of ATS 1 & 2 can be found on Warp My Mind.

      The subliminal for ATS 1 will make it quite clear to you how important permanent limpness is for all true sissies. Additionally you will learn that it is imperative that you should do everything within your power to make it so.

      To that end, and in obeyience of Goddess Gracie's conditioning I have researched everything I could find on permanent impotence. Ultimately, if you look deeply enough you will find subject matter known as hypnotic castration by those in the know. I have invested a quite a bit of time and money to acquire every such curse file I could find and use them at length to test their results.

      As a result of seven months of daily listening to Goddess Gracie's 'Logic of Limp' and all her loops regarding limpness and shrinkage, plus the in-depth hypnotic castration testing above; I currently have the limpest and tiniest clitty I have ever seen on a previously above average male penis without surgery.

      Permanent impotence and the resultant shrinkage is totally possible and doable. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      As always, thank you Goddess Gracie for being a most excellent source of wisdom and guidance for all true sissies. You are the best!! XXXX

    3. I wish I new how to find two answers four signing up. One is my URL n the other was thinking of putting goddess Gracie down in the alot. Any help is most appreciated

  9. I wish I knew how so to sign up for warp my mind, as I could shoo think it well help me get if this stoop. It's like I go to OBGYN twice yearly, as do I already as have been doing so for years. I love hypnos, as can't imagine a day without them. As far as my growing cock obsession, I just think that's natural as being TS as I a.m..


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