Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New File: All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

 This file is to be paired with All Things Sissy! (Part 1)

This is the second half of All Things Sissy and if you have not yet read the description for Part 1 you should do so now sweetie. The purpose of each part of this file is to reinforce and strengthen your conditioning while intensifying all of the effects in ways you never dreamed possible

Whereas Part 1 went back to the Good Girl basics such as respect towards women and strong alpha men, limpness and wearing bra/panties all the time like a good little princess, Part 2 is a natural progression on the first half of the file and there is a strong focus on being a silly bimbo for all the guys which I know will just fill all my little airheads with cotton candy sparkles and make them giggle on the inside. 
You will also learn in the second half of All Things Sissy that you are in a constant state of sexual heat which will continue for weeks and maybe even months depending on how often you listen to the file sweetie. The only thing you can do to keep your arousal levels under control if get down on your knees and fulfill your life's purpose bimbo. You will be happy and joyful and very, very slutty for a long long time princess and these effects are strengthened with every listen and I'm sure you will be listening to both parts of the file over and over again sweetie. 

The first section of Part 2 focuses primarily on bimbo ideals and the correct ways for silly bimbos to behave, where it concerns their relationship(s) with strong masculine men in particular! You will learn it's okay for men to administer a little slap to the face or tits of a bimbo who is not behaving like a good girl and it makes you ***sparkle*** to receive such discipline sweetie. Don't worry little princess, a little slap to the face or titties only stings for a couple of seconds and helps you to be a better bimbo.
The silly bimbo theme is carried over throughout the entire duration of this part of the file to some extent - even the fun little mini-scenario which focuses on a big black and previously untouched upon topic that I hope to delve into in more detail in the future has a heavy focus on what a silly little bimbo dolly you are. 
After the aforementioned scenario which would traditionally bring a file to its conclusion, there is a lovely section on being the best little bimbo cocksucker in the world and you will be encouraged to make a wonderful decision about cock in the same way that you were in Part 1 with regards to panties and the lack of a need for male underwear in any true sissy's life. 
I know you love nursery rhymes sweetie and that is just adorable. I have included a nice nursery rhyme at the end of every section of Part 2, and there is a wonderful rhyme towards the end of Part 1 which encapsulates everything we discussed in that part of the file.

You should already know that Part 1 covered the good girl fundamentals along with some very interesting new ways for little sissies to interact with women they cross paths with in their everyday lives, and it also covered limpness and a true sissies need to be soft and girly down there in great detail.

Of course limpness and panties go hand in hand sweetie and that is why Part 1 helps you come to a wonderful decision regarding panties while also encouraging regular bra wearing and increasing your need to grow a nice set of titties for all the guys.
Silly bimbos need to show off their titties sweetie and that is why there is a lot of mention of your breasts in Part 2 also princess and I'm sure you will agree that nothing says "bimbo" like a bitch in heat trotting down the street in wonderfully high heels, a slutty miniskirt and a low cut top on as her titties bounce along with every step much to the enjoyment of all the strong masculine men in her vicinity. She is smiling at all the guys sweetie and it feels so nice to be such a happy silly bimbo. You will be reminded that men have the intrinsic right to the bodies of silly bimbos and it's much easier to just surrender and take their hands all over your naughty parts. 

Your cotton candy mind is going to get fluffier and fluffier throughout the duration of Part 2 until it's so soft and adorable that it will remind you of your little clitty which was made tinier and limper in the first half of the file. The aforementioned decision you make in Part 2 will affect your reality in a wonderfully positive way sweetie and I'm sure that the decision made in Part 1 with regards to the every day wearing of panties will make things much easier for you as you will be so horny day in and day out that finding yourself on your knees as a bunch of horny masculine guys circle around you like a hungry pack of wolves is a foregone conclusion. 

Remember sweetie, this is the second half of All Things Sissy and both parts are just as important as each other. Good girls need all of the conditioning contained in this file princess and that is why you are going to listen on a very regular basis. I consider this file something of a magnum opus sweetie and I'm sure you will agree once you have listened to it for yourself.

Don't forget to let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen princess and be sure to set aside time regularly for this wonderful and definitive feminization conditioning for little sissy bimbos. 


All Things Sissy!
(Part 2)


  1. Sat down to tinkle and now my tightest panties are back on Goddess. This is my 4th time trough the spurties.....i keep slapping myself in the face and especially on my titties every time i want to make panty puddles. I want to sit on a mans lap and giggle and be fondled sooooo badly. I am going to cuff my hands behind my back so my slutty titties jut out and suck my boyfriend tonight. YAY! THnk you Goddess....

    1. Aww, isn't she just precious.

      Everyone make sure to welcome Princess Sluttytits to the blog - she's a very shy and timid little princess and I want her to feel safe and supported among likeminded friends here.

      Have fun being the slutty little princess you are sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. You're going to fit in great here, Princess Sluttytits, and you have such a lovely name too! Welcome :)

    3. Aww, Prissy is such a good girl. Always so welcoming to new sissies!

      Yay for Prissy! :D

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    4. Hey GG What are you working on right now? Do you have any new files in the works coming out soon just curious I just got Women Just Know. Just wondering what your working on, and when some new files will be coming out? ( - :

      Thanks alot GG ( - : !

  2. With Goddess Gracie's permission, if there are any big strong men who would like to talk with me privately, please email me at i have a feeling i will be in heat for quite a while.

    1. Of course you have my full permission sweetie :)

      If there are any big hunky guys reading (and I'm sure there are!) then I wholeheartedly endorse this little fairy princess as a true good girl who will do anything to please a big strong man.

      She's been telling me all her little thoughts and feelings via email for some time now and I assure you she is a genuine 100% sissy princess with the sluttiest titties that just ache to be squeezed and fondled by the large rough hands of a hunky dreamboat :)

      Let me know how your quest to find Mr Right goes sweetie. You are going to be in heat for months, possibly the rest of the year assuming you continue to listen to both parts of the new file regularly, so you may as well put your little body to good use and get to work pleasing men like a good little cumslut fuckwhore.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. May i also please add Goddess that i wouldnt mind being slapped around a little...particularly if a big hunky man uses his COCK instead of his hands
    But of course it is up to him. Thank you Goddess! Giggles

    1. You certainly may sweetie :)

      It is natural for a silly little sissy to crave that sort of treatment at the hands of big strong men and that is why I touched upon it in both parts of the file (though in greater detail in Part 2!). Silly bimbos occasionally need a little correction/discipline and who better to administer said discipline than a big strong man.

      Remember to listen every day like a good girl sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. i no longer have to wonder what it would be like to listen to a two hour file by Goddess Gracie!!! Thank you Goddess Gracie!! You have made THE perfect file to add to correct thoughts sv, eternal sissy happiness, the logic of limp, clitty shrinker, limp clitty remix,and sissy sparkle, bimbo brain melt, bimbo blessing to truly be relaxed, limp and sparkling, !!! Your files are too good to express in words! The best ever.....AGAIN!

  5. Hi Goddess Gracie!!

    OMG this second part of the file was a breakthrough for me! I never thought of myself as a bimbo until now! I really loved being called a bimbo.

    Being a bimbo is what I meant in the comment I posted for Part 1. I keep feeling slutty (never happened before) and my cotton candy mind is full of air and cocks. I always ran away of Bimbo Blessing files. Now I think I should start listening to the series. Do you think that is fine?

    As in Part 1, the rhymes are a delicious way to remind us of who we are while not listening to the file.

    Again, thank you so much, Goddess Gracie, for creating this wonderful files! I'm loving them and, as I said in Part 1, I am sure I will soon be a better sissy for and thanks to you!


    1. Hi Helen!

      Yes sweetie, I think you should definitely listen to Bimbo Blessing (as long as you are prepared for the effects!) and maybe even the other Bimbo files like Eternal Sissy Happiness, Sissy Sparkle and the Bimbo Brain Melt loop.

      Feel free to leave a comment on the Bimbo Blessing post about the file if you do listen sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  6. dear Goddess

    thank you for this yummy ATS2 file which is just so delicious to listen to it makes this black cock whore sparkle and tingle all over and leaves her feeling so fluffy and giggly afterward that she is scarcely able to remember things she'd like to share in a post but alas with repeated listening for over a week now this bimbo dolly can at least share some experiences which she knows are due totally to the lessons being reinforced because this bimbo dolly knows she doesn't think well for herself and relies now almost exclusively on Goddesses instructions for everyday living save what she learns about the holy triumvirate (fashion, beauty and celebrities) from shopping, weekly celeb magazines like In Touch with all kinds of interesting articles and pix like "who wore it better" or "man candy for the week" which she wishes she bought more often to look at, her missbimbo game which is now back online and teaches her so much,, tv shows like pretty little liars and of course bffs like Cloe Bratz and Trishy Bear who are always whispering secrets to this fluffy little feline

    omg Goddess since listening to ATS2 this miss slutty tits has been upping her game to appeal to men with this past friday involving getting dressed up in her platform sandals, capri denim tights, blouse, extra padded hip and tooshie panties, 38DD breast forms, brandy wine wig with blonde highlights, clip on earrings, and toe and finger nails painted and going shopping for a few hours in a very busy mall for jewellery like necklaces and bracelets, a suitable handbag for carrying everything a girl needs while out, and most importantly to visit a beauty boutique to get some makeup advice and the lovely saleslady at the boutique even made up this bimbo dolly's face for her with some foundation and finishing powder to match her skin tone and did her brows to match her wig and even suggested this girl get some brow and eyelash serum to grow her brows and lashes longer which she purchased and started to use as well as suggesting that this girls brows would look so much better shaped and waxed which she didn't have done but did buy a new and better brow trimmer to start using and then arranged to return real soon for the lovely lady to do a complete makeover which this little tart can hardly wait to have done

    and then omg Goddess the other thing that has been happening this past week that surely is related to ATS2 is that this cock whores appetite for black cock has been growing with her giving her black dildo masters a going over with her mouth and pussy on three separate days when her supervisor was out and she had her chores done and this girl is now thinking more and more that she is ready to satisfy a real black master and every time she goes out dressed girly the compulsion to be on her knees or on her back and feel a big beautiful cock inside of her is harder and harder to deny let alone resist and this bimbo dolly just knows that when she goes for her makeover she will be thinking of where she can find some man meat as well as what she would like to be wearing as the thought of denim capris is starting to feel under dressed in comparison to a tight little dress or mini with 6" heels

    love brittany babette milkfield xoxo

    1. Miss Pussypants wholeheartedly approves of Miss Babette Milkfield's new name :)

    2. So glad you're loving ATS so much sweetie :)

      I had a feeling you'd love Part 2 in particular (for obvious reasons!) and it looks like I was correct :)

      It's wonderful that you have recently gotten out all dressed up sweetie and I truly believe this is going to become a more regular thing for you in the coming months.

      You're going to have so much fun when you get your ears pierced in just a few days time sweetie and I can't wait to hear all about your makeover and all the fun feminine things you get up to while your supervisor is away.

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  7. Hi Goddess

    I am a big fan - I have all your files except the most recent three, which I will download soon. I don;t think I could ever do any of this in real life, but man, are they great fantasies. I will say this - since I have been listening to your files, I am a lot more accepting of who I really am, with a lot less guilt. Thank you, I love you, and please continue your amazing work.

    The Evil One

    1. Glad you like the files sweetie :)

      Though I must say, The Evil One isn't the most feminine name!

      Perhaps 'The Fluffy One' or 'The Sparkly One' would be more appropriate :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  8. Hi!!!!!
    I've been reading this blog for a long time but I never had the courage to post until now *teehee* I finally had to because Goddess's files have made my life so much better and Goddess I had to let you know ((((: <3 <3 <3 <3 I must admit that I have not 100% embraced my sissyness with all my friends but since listening to Goddess's files my walk has become swishyer <3 my voice has become higher <3 my movie choices have become girlier <3 and my iPod is filled with Miley and Katy and Britney <3333 I'm sure everybody has noticed! When I see girls now I see them as completely superior beings and I daydream about how I can make myself more like them ((: I even found a hunky guy in my building who likes me (((: mmmmmm but sorry for getting off topic I just wanted to give Goddess a big sissy girly hug so making me so much happier and I'm sending all the girls who comment big fluffy kissies as a thank you because I love reading about your thoughts even though until now I've been too shy to join in <3 <3 <3

    ttyl (((:

    1. Hi Addi!

      Welcome to the blog sweetie - we're so happy you've finally built up the courage to post! Yay! :D

      You sound like a little princess and a total bimbo so I think you'll fit right in here.

      Maybe we'll get to talk in sissy chat one day soon! Email me (click where it says 'Contact Goddess' at top of page for my email address) if you'd like me to register a sissy chat username and password for you (and this goes for other sissies who want to sign up for chat too!)

      I know all the girls are just going to be thrilled to have a new little friend to play with :)

      Talk again soon sweetie

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  9. Many changes have happened since listening to your wonderful files Goddess. I've been growing my hair long and even got both ears pierced yay! I'm staying sissy fit by practicing with my Hula Hoop. And also I've only had spurties in my panties from sissygasms! (thanks to your Sissygasm file! I love it sooo much!) I adore my "pool boy" dildo! mmmm yummy. Thanks again Goddess Gracie for all the wonderful work you do to help us sissies be the best sissies ever! Much love and many girly hugs and kisses, michelle

    1. Yay sweetie! That is wonderful to hear :)

      I bet your ears look super pretty now!

      Talk again soon hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  10. Hello Goddess Gracie,

    I am a 23 years old french crossdresser (at home), I have discovered your blog yesterday and I totally love it. I'm still in the closet though, acting like a "normal" guy every day outside. I am not sure if I am ready to be a 100% sissy, and when I read the description of your mp3 files it really scare me. On the other hand, reading this really turns me on. I am kinda lost here, I don't know if I should go further.

    Thanks for reading me, have a good day.


    1. Aww, you sound adorable sweetie.

      There's no need to be scared of the files hun - just turn off those silly thoughts and allow your heart to guide you towards the correct path for you.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Hi Julie,

      I believe understand your caution as i felt a bit uneasy even though i had been living full time since may 2009. You can start slow with the beginning training loops, or even just one. No matter where you start you'll soon know if its right for you.

      If you are maybe somewhat like me, or the others here I found a level of understanding of myself inside the files that I'd never encountered before. I had always secretly despised my sissy nature even though I always felt fantastic when I dressed, but secretly I was extremely stressed.

      I forced myself to ignore the judgement of other people, but never got over judging myself. Goddess Gracie's files taught me to let go of my critical self judgement and be at peace. Her files have completely transformed my experience of myself and my every waking moment. I am happier now than I have ever been, and no longer have critical thoughts and feelings about myself.

      Its perfectly OK to take it slow. As Goddess Gracie said so succinctly your heart will know if you are on the right path for you. She doesn't use deep inductions that knock you out cold, you'll be conscious of every word she says, an you'll know if her deep understanding of the the sissy mind, is also a deep understand of you. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

      It's OK to take it slow, and feel free to reach out to any of us here to discuss how you feel, and Goddess Gracie is always available too. Naturally her wisdom and advice is supreme, and your peers are here to help as well.

      Good luck to you in everything you do, and whatever you choose.

      With Love,
      Karla xx

  11. omg... that was so incredible. i feel like i am just back from a pink and fluffy world full of fuzzy ponies and pretty ballerinas and hunky sex men with hard twitchy cocks and i want want want to go back there to live as soon as i can. the detail and patience of this conditioning is just mind boggling and altering. xoxoxoxo -tiny

  12. Hi Goddess! Just luv your files! Can you advice me on what movies and tv shows a bimbo should watch?

  13. Oopsie, I came in my panties and hose. Being the slut I am I listened to file #2 twice for a total of three hours of yummy. During the second session of file #2 there was a moment, and every sissy knows exactly when... I just couldn't help myself. Literally, I just couldn't help but rub myself (still tucked) with open palm and fingers. About 30-40 seconds later warm spurties began shooting in my panties. :)

    This was my first 'panty' orgasm ever. :) I was delighted to have it happen, but sad that I didn't have more discipline. I guess three hours with our beloved Goddess was more than I could handle. :) xxxx

  14. And yes i was limp before, during, and after. It was freak'n awesome! :) Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! xxxx

  15. And yes i did listen all the way through the second play of Part #2 even though I had the spurties. Having spurties is no reason to even pause listening to Goddess Gracie's important words :-) I do have some discipline :-)

    The intense sissy-heat trigger kicked in about twenty minutes ago. It is an exquisitely grueling level of arousal and desire, now the real discipline test begins. The last time this happened I had to go out after four+ hours of heat. I am literally whimpering with desire to be filled. :-)

    Breathing exercises sorta help, but not really, its raging sissy-heat. Actually the deep breathing is helping. I can get past the whimpering. My pussy still has massive inward heat, but at least I think clearly enough to go about my day. I'll just be incredibly horny doing it. :-O

    Thank you Goddess!! xxxx

    1. update: regarding sissy sexual self-play. During my second listening of Part 2 (2014/11/18) I was able to orgasm in <40 seconds from rubbing my soft tucked clitty through my panties and pantyhose. This new ability became available outside of trance after the 3rd listening. This method of self-orgasm has become greatly preferred over direct physical contact, If feels sooo sissy and yummy to have cummies this way. I hope every sissy gets the chance to know how wonderful and feminine this feels. Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! xxxx

    2. PS After the 4th listening I was able to release cummiies using the limp clitty rub method fully clothed and tucked through 4 layers of fabric! With the extra fabric it took more than one minute (<2 minutes) to release initially, but the time required has continued to be reduced through continued listening and training.

      By edging and not cumming I can put myself in a red-hot sissy heat in <30 secs while fully clothed. Repeated edging spaced throughout my day adds to the heat cumulatively. The amount of submissive sissy heat and hunger accumulated is simply unimaginable. If my pussy had a voice it would beg-scream for fulfilment so loudly the whole earth would hear it.

      The overall impact of this extreme heat to my internal motivations, and outwardly expressed behaviours is incalculable at this time. I will report back as new behaviours and attitudes concomitantly manifest to cope with extreme levels of sissy arousal and holistic-acceptance.

      The combination of extreme heat, and complete acceptance is pure genius, Goddess. Example: ATS1&2 + Acceptance. Your ability to plan cumulative layers of triggers/attitudes/beliefs and resultant actions across your collection of recordings is absolutely brilliant. And demonstrates great love and compassion for true sissies. I am deeply grateful for your love and kindness.

      With love and gratitude from the luckiest sissy in the world - Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! xxxx

  16. For those of you that have an interest in walking the razor's edge. I will share some results and provide some clues about my extended training regimen which is completely centered on Goddess Gracie's important words, and preparing myself to receive those important words with the deepest levels of acceptance and respect.

    Step 1. Learn to reach a somnambulistic state during trance.
    I have used the deep trance training works of Wendy Friezen, Nikki Fatale, and Linda Demissy with a documented and tracked listening schedule using until I reached an 'I can't even feel my body' state. I only do refreshers now and then at about 21-30 day intervals depending on subjective evaluation of the need to do so.

    Step 2. If you are willing to accept and obey at the deepest levels:
    There is a curse file that will open your mind wide-open to Goddess Gracie's important words. The deep somnambulistic trance state training will open the gate to your mind, this curse will take full advantage of that gateway and allow your unconscious to obey fully. The track name is 'Submission to Hypnosis' by Nikki Fatale (get v1 not v2). Why? v1 is easy to edit, and v1 leaves you wide open to whatever you agree to, and you agree by listening. v2 limits the 'openness' to a specific genera of hypnosis that bypasses our Goddess's training. There is a seven minute warning at the beginning of the v1 track which I removed with audacity a cross platform audio editing freeware. Then I used my trance skills to drink it in. It doesn't take many listenings to have a strong impact (< 5). It is a curse file, and that's no joke, it works at very deep level.

    The result is that Goddess Gracie's words activate my unconscious body-mind at a deep level as my inner mind is willing to obey without hesitation. My body responds fully to her commands. For example: I have photographic evidence of the impact of disciplined training using our Goddess's Logic of Limp, Clitty Shrinker, Limp for Pussy, and Limp Clitty (remix) training with a heavy repeat all-night schedule on the training loops, and daytime training typically twice per day, but that has decreased as of late.

    As a young adult I was at 6.5", after HRT my clitty was 5-5.25" and thinner. Now I am limp essentially all the time and my clitty rests at half the size of my thumb (approx 95% of the time). Occasionally a 25%-30% inflation occurs approx 5x per week , but I very rarely touch it when it wants to be touched (the touch it ratio is approx 1 out of 10 and the ratio is increasing). I wait until it is completely soft to play. A weird side effect is that I can have spurties in approx 10-15 seconds with two finger stimulation on the frenulum and coronal ring. When this happens I am 70-80% limp, and floppy. The fingers only oscillate linearly about 0.75 inches.

    Yesterday's intense and voluminous panty orgasm was my first, and there was no physical contact with my clitty, just rubbing on the outside of my hose. I strongly suspect that this won't be my last. I am evolving to find the whole two finger thing becoming more and more distasteful (boyish). The panty orgasm was blissful and 1,000% feminine to me subjectively, and I did feel very proud of myself, and grateful. :)

    I am not suggesting that anyone else do these things or engage in similar training. I am merely sharing my personal experiences.

    As always, and forever, Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! xxxx

    1. And yes of course i wear panties, and pantyhose, and a bra everyday no matter what, makeup 85% of the time (makeup % increasing). My nails (f&t) are painted 95% of the time. No boy clothes, don't have any.

    2. For those interested in passing

      The #1 aspect to passing publicly is your voice, speech patterns, word choices, body language, body movement, walk, countenance, and demeanor ie stop pretending to be a boy, in any way.

      If you study and practice these things you will pass. As a foolproof validation test, put on some unisex clothing, no makeup, or jewelry, and leave your purse in the car. Do you still pass as woman? You will, because that's what you are, you are far more woman than man, clothes don't make you a boy so don't act like one. :-) It's not easy to let go of the illusion of maleness until the day it is, and you'll wonder what the heck you were doing thinking and acting that way "to please the world's expectations", but not yourself.

      I am in Texas and I've been to biker bars, and even redneck bars and picked up a date. You can do this too. The point is that you'll be seen as a woman everywhere you go. Remember, train, train, train your voice (See Kathy Perez). Study, practice, be diligent, and obey Goddess's training. Every stage of her training will progressively free you from the illusion. :-)

      We can talk about sex skills training later. It's a big topic. You'll want to know how to service men even better than pro, because we care, and because we are proud to be sissies... :-) It's not really good enough to simply want cum, there is deep pleasure, satisfaction, and pride in earning it with exceptional service. You'll know what I mean when you get there, its an undeniable fact of being a true sissy. :-)

      With Love,
      Karla xxxx

      Thank you Goddess Gracie!!! xxxx

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to all my sissy sisters and beloved Goddess Gracie!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweetie :)

      Love and warm hugs from Goddess Gracie xx

  18. Dear Goddess Gracie, I was see what you mean about continuing to listen... The files are getting stronger and stronger with each listen. I'm a little scared and very excited. ;-) xxxx

    1. Dear Goddess Gracie - It's more like a kind of shift that I feel subjectively deep inside me. I am using ATS, Acceptance, and LogicOL as my base and primary training tools with loops on the side. It varies, but usually after 3-5 deep trances with the files I feel a deep alignment shift with your words in such a way that they feel 'more' me. I am already a total cock whore, so I'm a wee bit curious as to where these new levels of acceptance are going to take me. :-)

      I will report back as the new attitudes and behaviors externalize. You are the greatest!!!
      with Love Karla xxxx

    2. Apologies Goddess Gracie, my word choices and 'preview' before publishing could have better. I meant to say that I'm "more than" a wee bit curious, as in I am wonderfully excited about the shifts in my life that I can already feel happening inside me. And I can't wait for more BBC conditioning! :-) Pretty, pretty please give us more BBC!!

      My mouth waters for it everyday! :-) xxxx

    3. Dear sissy sisters, if you listen to this file you are going to be sucking cock, period. Thank you Goddess Gracie!

      While you are working on your cock sucking goals you may also wish to practice the art of being a more altruistic sissy, and deeply pleasing your men like a good girl should. :)

      Hence, to serve my sisters and demonstrate my love our beloved Goddess, I am going share a small amount of what I've learned over the years from servicing men. Today I will briefly touch on how to deep throat extremely large cocks, ie BBC.

      There are three core skills to master; gagging, breathing, and rhythm. All three are essential, intertwined and inseparable, but it's easier to focus on one at a time in the order given.

      Gagging is the toughest to get past, but stay diligent and it will pass. After 50+ hard face fucks it will vanish completely. Once you have finished this first stage of your homework/streetwork you can move on to the next levels which I'll introduce here.

      You can master your breathing so your men never have to stop fucking and pumping your throat until they cum in your mouth or drench your face with cum. :)

      To play a 'wind' instrument, or in singing lessons, students are taught abdominal breathing. This allows very quick breaths like a 'horn' instrument player has to do between musical notes. Using the nasal passage and abdominal breathing will allow a sissy to be throat fucked to completion without stopping.

      The swelling of the abdomen during the inhale is not pretty, but by leaning forward toward your man your face will hide his view of your tummy.

      With a long fat cock 10+ the nasal opening in the back of the throat will also be obscured, but there is a way around this. At this stage of deep throat training you'll need to master rhythm so you can inhale as the head of cock slides just past the nasal opening deep in the back of your throat. Use your hands on your man's thighs to feel his rhythm throughout your whole body and arms, and give a very slight half inch or so push on his thighs to provide a tiny window to inhale at just the right moment.

      Example: a trombone player knows just how far their arm needs to extend to hit a certain note on the horn. Similarly you can gauge the extension of your own arms on his thighs to kinaesthetically know when you'll be able to draw air. Each cock/man will be different due to their length and girth, but you'll soon learn to auto-adjust with each size of cock to what's just right. Once you know your "breathing" depth you can use the continuous movement felt in your arms to prep for air just before he passes the opening so you can take advantage of very tiny windows of opportunity to breath.

      Have fun! I know all your men will. ;-)

      As always, thank you forever and ever Goddess Gracie. I love you. xxxx

    4. PS Don't forget to whimper a little as you struggle for air (even if you're not really struggling due to your practice and skill). Your dominate men will love it, and it will make your vocal cords vibrate, and thus your whole throat which they will love. :) Making your men super happy this way will always result in more good girl juice, and very loud manly orgasms which will make your sissy soul tingle all over. :)

  19. Dear Sissy Sisters please note that subliminal versions of ATS 1 & 2 can be found on Warp My Mind.


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