Sunday, October 12, 2014

New File: Acceptance (Curse)

Brainwashing in its purest form, this file is a curse which has extremely positive effects on the lives of little sissy princesses and silly bimbos alike. You will learn what true acceptance means and your little mind will understand that there is no turning back. You may already feel like you have reached some degree of acceptance regarding your sissy nature and that is wonderful, however this file will allow you reach true lifelong acceptance of not only your sexuality, but also your fluffy little place in the world and everything that entails.

Yes sweetie, you will be taught to accept everything just as it is and this will make your life so much more pleasant and joyful. So nice to surrender to reality and just let it be. Happiness and positivity are big focuses of this file sweetie and you will learn to become a happier, more positive person and these effects will not soon fade upon reaching the file's conclusion. You will treat everyone in your life with kindness and love but you will also learn to not care about the approval of others because your self-love and self-acceptance allow you to follow your heart and not get caught up in the misperceptions of those around you.

You will learn true acceptance of your place serving real men with your little pussy and happy giggly mouth and you will learn true acceptance of your place where women are concerned. You will learn to fully accept the platonic sisterly relationships that true pathological sissies have with women and you will be so happy that you aren't expected to go anywhere near their frightening and utterly contemptuous vaginas that look like they could just chew a sissy's soft little clitty to pieces.

Those sissies with a strong bimbo side will have that strengthened tenfold and your acceptance of your bimbo self will come just as naturally as your acceptance of your sissy sexuality princess. You will find that saying the word "sparkle" out loud in your most feminine voice allows you to enter a new mode of existence that can continue for as long as you like and be unlocked whenever you say that special word that silly bimbos love. There are blankness and amnesia triggers at a couple of points throughout the file sweetie so don't worry if you seem to blank out completely and forget everything you heard up to that point - it will only make you more eager to listen again shortly after and all of the effects will take hold in your everyday life whether you remember every detail or not.

Though the effects are wonderfully positive, this file is still a curse and you take full responsibility for the decision to listen. Any events that occur in your everyday life as a result of listening can just be accepted happily and eagerly as it's just so much more pleasant that way sweetie. You will learn that your love and acceptance shield you from hate, negativity and resistance and this will allow you to lead a happier life filled with positivity and joy. You will learn to be happy exactly as you are and not try to be anything that you aren't. You may still want to work on things like your physical appearance to be more pretty and get to please more men, but these things are merely bonuses rather than things you need to achieve in order to be satisfied with who you are.

Naturally this file is extremely addictive princess and you will find yourself wanting to listen on a daily basis and perhaps you will set a goal to listen to it more than any other file I have made. Do not take the curse lightly princess as though the effects are wonderful, you may find that you have little to no control over them once they start to take hold of your little mind. One listen is more than enough for the effects to take hold but true sissies will find themselves listening time and time again and the effects will grow stronger and stronger with every subsequent listen. Enjoy sweetie and remember to share all your fluffy little thoughts in a comment after you listen.

Acceptance (Curse)



  1. Goddess has made her sparkliest most addicting most brainwashing file ever. i can already feel that i have to listen to it over and over again Goddess and i love how it makes me want to love myself and everyone forever and to be the sparkliest sissy ever. i am so glad that i am becoming a cock addicted sissy cum slut growing out my titties for all the dreamy hunky men to grope while they are fucking my throat or pussy. this file reinforces and extends everything that Goddess has already implanted into our minds, extending and intensifying the feelings and removing any doubts whatsoever that this is the correct path for pathological sissies like me who are turning into sparkly bimbos. i so love to *sparkle*.

    1. I knew you would just love the file sweetie :)

      You will find yourself listening to it on a daily basis for the next few weeks or even months, sometimes several times a day.

      The curse effects will grow stronger with every listen so be careful what you wish for sweetie as you might just find yourself on your knees showing kindness and love to all the guys in a slutty mini dress and matching heels being force fed their hard thick cocks that will just make you **sparkle** like never before :)

      Keep me updated on all your progress with the file and also your pueraria mirifica treatment sweetie :) We want those titties to grow nice and big and firm for all the strong masculine men you're going to be pleasing with your little body.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. oh thank You Goddess!!!!! i do want to listen again so much. it's kind of funyy that i keep forgetting that it's a curse *giggle* and then i kind of remember too.... such a ditz. i just think being on my knees in front of a dreamy man with his hard twitchy cock sounds like the sexiest thing ever!! this file is so strong Goddess. like nothing else.

    3. Hope you're doing well since we last spoke sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Dear Goddess

    **sparkle** n **giggles**

    This bimbo cum slut has now listened to the Acceptance Curse for several days now and overnight on repeat in the maid's quarters once which as you know is where this girl has been sleeping for over four months with only signs of approval from the supervisor that she remain there and not return to the master bedroom which she emphatically refers to as "her room" and for which this girl now only has limited privileges to use

    Everything about the Acceptance Curse deeply resonates with this cum slut's psyche helping her appreciate her inner sissy "as is" as well as affirming her resolve to make her cum-guzzling bimboization her "raison d'etre" for living and to commit herself to never allow anything again to interfere with becoming a real life bimbo cumslut with barbie like proportions who all the guys want to fuck and which she is only too happy to oblige

    Some of the yummy and delicious things this hoe now feels inspired to more fully commit to after listening to the file includes

    Immediately, this hoe will
    - begin and end every day by saying the word **sparkle** in her girliest voice so her mind is devoted 24/7 to the bimbo lifestyle
    - treat her current career as a boring, mind numbing activity worthwhile only for the paycheck needed to maintain her current financial commitments and a necessary distraction until such time as a proper career like housemaid, housewife, porn-star or stripper is possible
    - recite the mantra "This girl has a heart full of love and acceptance and a brain full of cotton candy - she is most comfortable being told what to do, always makes the girliest choice in every decision she makes, and doesn't just crave big cocks and cum-filled balls for her pouty lips and tiny little pussy but needs them to feel complete as the sparkly giggly bimbo cum-slut she is " off by heart 10x in row 10x a day in her sexiest girliest voice
    - only date guys with cocks confirmed to be at least 6-7 inches and refer to all fuckable men only as Daddy from now on
    - continue with present herbal therapy, laser hair removal and body shaping vaser treatments for a smooth, supple hour-glass figure
    - restrict herself only to girly girl sports of skipping, hula hoop, yoga, pilates and cheerleading
    - resume the regular purchase of a weekly celeb magazine like "In Touch" for which every word including advertising are to be read cover to cover
    - reaffirm the daily wearing of panties, bra, clear nail polish, mascara, lip gloss and perfume

    By the end of 2014, this hoe will promise to
    - get her waist down to 30 inches and her weight to 140lbs through diet, exercise and vaser body shaping
    - continue with laser hair removal of face and begin laser hair removal work on back
    - have a 2 on 1 session where two Daddies are milked by this cum-slut's pussy and mouth at the same time, unload, and then switch positions to do it one more time
    - have a BBC date with a Daddy who has an 8-10 inch cock
    - post more pics to sissy social

    Sometime in 2015, this hoe promises to
    - get her waist down to 28 inches and her weight to 130lbs through diet, exercise and vaser body shaping
    - complete laser hair removal of face and back and commence arms, chest and under-arms, bikini and buttocks areas, and total legs
    - have a 4 on 1 session with four Daddies whose cocks will be milked by this hoe's pussy, mouth and hands until they are all ready to deposit their cum down her throat
    - have a BBC date with a Daddy whose cock is 10-12 inches long
    - have her Daddy video her stripper dance followed by a POV look at her sucking her Daddy's cock till he cums in her mouth
    - assess the continued efficacy of herbal supplements vs hormone replacement therapy
    - have a come clean discussion with her supervisor about her true pathology as a girly girl bimbo cum-slut

    Thank you Goddess for such a yummy file that is inspiring this cum whore to take her bimboization to new heights

    Love always brittany babette milkfield xoxo

    1. Hi sweetie :)

      I'm so glad you're enjoying the effects of the file so much! Your mantra is adorable sweetie and I think the other girls could do well to recite a similar one every day, or even the same one if you're willing to share :P

      It's so wonderful to see how fully committed you are to your feminization sweetie but try not to feel like anything unrelated to the silly bimbo lifestyle is too boring to be endured - it's best to just accept these things for what they are and know that the time will soon come for you to be your mincing little fuckwhore self again :)

      I know you can achieve all of your feminization goals with a little perseverance sweetie. I'd reply in more detail but your message is just so long that I don't know where to start :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Mmm such juicy warm inviting temptations through reading others thoughts to actual hypnosis. It's like I do have a Platonic girlfriend that I'm really close with. But appreciate that she knows me more as I am. Being TS myself on HRT decades now. It's like I've virtually nothing worthy of any Superior Woman as am happy as never liked living the lie.

      I do find I love the acceptance and other thingy. As it's like as crazy as it is, I never really understood it up to this point as Ms Linda tried to guide me there few years ago I think. It's like happily losing inhibitions and pursuing goals. I find sexy hot clothes to be a must for me this year. Be myself is like everything to me. I'd give up everything as I have at times throughout my life. When I've transitioned to fill girl world in my past. Never giving up

  3. OMG what a wonderfully powerful file!!

    I've listened at least 8 or 9 times already so I'd definitely say it's addictive ***giggle***

    I've been having lots of yummy thoughts about my bestest guy friend imagining his cock and how it would feel to tease and suck it <3

    Thoughts of big muscular guys and their cocks have been entering my silly little mind all throughout the day. But my absolute favourite part is that I've just been out dressed all girly for the first time ever, yay xxx It made me sparkle so very very much ***giggle*** I went to the shop and thought I'd be daring and buy a bottle of wine. When the big black shop assistant came over he was clearly flirting when he asked if I was 15 and I panicked and out came a quiet '23' in my manly voice. OMG I felt so embarrassed, I'm so sorry Goddess, I'll do better next time I promise xxx

    Thank you so much Goddess for this wonderful file!!

    Loves and hugs, Rosie xxxxx

    1. Hi Rosie,

      It's lovely to have you here sweetie as a relatively new sissy who is already making wonderful strides towards becoming a fulltime fuckdoll for big strong men.

      It's adorable that you're having those thoughts/feelings sweetie, though it may be best to focus on guys that you're not platonic friends with if possible :P

      I know from the email you sent me that you went out dressed up and a nice man called you beautiful sweetie and I know that just filled your little heart with warm fuzzies and made you **sparkle** in such a way :)

      Sounds like the nice gentleman at the store was also interested in your little body - maybe you'll need to go back there soon with a more feminine look (perhaps some clear polish on your nails, nude lipstick, a little mascara and a hint of pheromone containing perfume would be a good start!) so that there can no doubt he understands exactly what you are :)

      Keep enjoying the file sweetie and remember to prepare yourself mentally for the effects to grow even stronger over the next few weeks and even months.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. @Rosie
    Don't worry about the store clerk, we've all done it. Our physical-emotional survival during our young lives was often based on "pretending" to be men, it takes a while to un-thread that survival instinct. Please go easy on yourself as you may find that the knee-jerk survival instinct is often context dependent; meaning that you may master one context and have another context still trigger extemporaneous male-voice regression.

    Keep going out all day and your feminine self will soon shine through in all contexts. Again, please go easy on yourself, your body-mind will adapt quickly when given the opportunities. ((Hugs))

    Thank you Goddess Gracie!! This file is wonderful. xxxx ((Hugs))

    1. Aww, thanks for your kind words Karla :)

      If anything this experience has inspired me to continue working towards embracing my femininity. In fact I went out again the night after and had a short conversation with a guy who pulled up in his car and managed to speak in a girly voice, although it was such a scary experience and I giggled so much when I got home.

      These experiences have shown me that I've definitely got what it takes to be the girliest girl I can and inspire me to keep letting my feminine self shine though!!

      Hugs and kisses xxx

    2. Karla is an experienced sissy with lots of wise words for everyone here so be sure to listen to her girls :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  5. >>> "...this experience has inspired me to continue working towards embracing my femininity. In fact I went out again the night after..."

    AWWWESOME!!! I am extremely proud of your awesome courage. It can be so scary to dissolve our boundaries. I am delightfully inspired by your actions. The reward of unleashing our true selves is so deeply wonderful, and yummy! The more we unleash our true selves the more we open the world for the sweet and cum loving sissies that will follow us.

    I can already taste the cum in your near future. :-) :-)

    Thank you Goddess Gracie for our creating a such a lovely and pleasurable pathway to our self-realization and deep sexual gratification. Love always and ((hugs, hugs, hugs)) xxxx

    1. Glad you like it sweetie :)

      Just a note: It's better if you click "Reply" under the comment you want to reply to, otherwise your comments appear as the most recent one and can get separated from the comment you're replying to.

      It's just easier to read and respond if you reply under the specific comment rather than at the bottom.

      Hope you continue to enjoy the file sweetie and thanks for looking out for all the girls here :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Thank you for the note of instruction Goddess. I will use the reply link henceforth.

      >>Hope you continue to enjoy the file sweetie

      There is no doubt that I shall Goddess. it contains truths that my heart has wanted and needed to hear-and-be for a long time. I will report back to you with my progress and integration. xxxx

  6. O!M!F!G! Please read the description again because it is EXTREMELY accurate!! You will say the same thing after you listen! OMG! The best got better! Enjoy every giggle moment!!

    1. I know this little cumslut has been enjoying the file very much :)

      Told all my friends about you at brunch the other day sweetie - they were very amused :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable lunch! It so exiting to know!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love this file. I have been in a constant state of sissy heat, and intense acceptance. I got dolled up nice and proper before work today. There's a restaurant-bar near my workplace that caters to blue collar guys. I dropped by during lunch to see if could find a big hunk for dessert. It's pure fun, I love hitting on a whole table full of guys. All you have to do is flirt a little, make a fluffy comment, and laugh with them. Then go sit at the bar by yourself, have a few drinks, smile as guys pass by, and wait to see who drops by to continue the conversation. Its the easiest thing in world to do. The trick is that when you laugh out loud all the guys will notice your fun loving demeanour. It's not just the guys at the table that you flirted with that get it, every guy there notices. You never know who, or how many will saunter up to the bar and flirt. It's pure sissy heaven.

    BTW: Dear Goddess Gracie, if we ever meet in person; please beware that no matter where we are, or how public the place is, I am going to drop to my knees and kiss your feet.

    Love and hugs xxxx,

    1. Please be subtle. If you make this process overt you can get some very nasty looks, and even upset the management. Be subtle with the smile too. Your smile is fantastic tool, but it has to be tempered a bit to keep the freaky-guys away.

      If you go directly into the seduction phase in the establishment please be extremely subtle, people will be watching. It's best to be very casual and get a number.

      Its not that we care about being seen. Its about getting "tagged" as that kind of gurl and the climate can get frosty. Protect your garden, be subtle, have a blast.

      Your smile is one of your best seduction tools. Practice smiling with your eyes, guys drink it in like honey.

      You can even smile with your heart through your eyes which will help with put a light or a twinkle in your eye. Guys can feel it.

      Try it, they do feel it, you can see the way it affects them. To check the man's unconscious response watch his pupils. Check his pupils when you send out your heart-felt femininity through your eyes and heart into his whole being (wrap his whole body completely including this auric field), his pupils will dilate in that same instant.

      You can even meld your energy with his in your imagination. This will create a warm relaxed sensation (in you) that is curiously handy for creating rapport. Remember to pace and lead him where you want to go. Pacing his breathing will build rapport quickly. Try it.

      Have fun, be safe
      Karla xxxx

    2. Re-reading my post it is unclear. If you practice working the whole room instead of just one guy you will develop a mechanical efficiency at picking up guys quickly. A sissy in heat isn't interested in conversation or drinks. We want his cock and his cum. Consequently we will end up leaving the establishment quickly with a guy in tow.

      To observers this will look like a prostitute picking up Johns. I am probably one the worst persons in the world for giving advice about being subtle since I'll suck off a guy in public without even thinking twice about it. Curiously I've never had anybody watch, they just glance, then look the other way, and keep walking.

      I'm passing along the 'subtlety' advice here because there are some really neat bars in my city where I am no longer welcome. If you can. try to look like a normal girl meeting a guy. Normal girls don't act immediately, they get a number.

      If you are pressed for time or you are in a situation where you know you are not going to get laid you can play (entertain yourself) with practising seduction. The reason for the 'exercises' above is that sometimes its just not appropriate to put your hand on a guys cock even though that will "seduce" most guys immediately. For example; an office party, your relatives funeral, etc. When you are faced with such restrictions you can still practice seduction.

    3. When I say pressed for time I mean that sometimes you have just moments to make an impression on a guy. Like a guy in a quickly moving crowd. Practice sending sultry warm fuzzies with just a glance. Some guys can be seduced with just a glance, a touch, a smile, a single sentence, your walk, etc. Most every guy has a magic formula that will turn him on. Practice using your charms! It's worth the effort!!

      Please don't let our extreme desires for feminine appearance overshadow learning feminine skills. Learning how to flirt and seduce men is crucial skill for most every sissy. Some very lucky sissies are smoking hot and pull cock like a magnet, but every sissy can augment her looks with the skills of seduction.

      Once you have the attitudes, and sexual skills to please men, you will want to know how to reel them in because tight pussies need big cocks ;-)

      (((Hugs))) xxxx

    4. Very interesting comments sweetie :)

      Glad you're enjoying the effects of the file so much!

      Talk again soon hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  8. I've had two long posts I've typed out lost without posting on here :( Did anyone else have trouble getting the google id to post??

    For now let me just say this was the best file for a long time, maybe the most effective ever?!

    Jenny Sissy x

    1. It's unfortunate that your posts were lost like that sweetie.

      I think the same may have happened to me at some point, maybe when I wrote the comment before being logged into my google account or something like that.

      Now I always copy long comments before I post them in case of something like that happening, that way I can paste it if it somehow gets erased.

      Glad you feel that way about the file hun, several sissies have said they feel it's the best and most powerful file yet and that was my aim when making it :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Yes, Jenny it has happened to me too, and I'm sorry you lost them. I know it hurts :(
      The initial Google handshake (1st 'Preview' button click, or 1st 'Publish' button click) is when it was lost for me.

      The way around it is to type a word or two then click the preview button. The initial Google server response will lose the 1 or 2 words you've typed, but your know connected with Google. The value showing on the "Reply as: " will have your Google user name showing and selected. After that initial Google identification handshake completion your blog entry text editing will be safe.

      As a backup you can copy your entire blog entry text into your OS's "clipboard" before clicking preview, ie select all, copy

      Your text will still get lost on the 1st preview or publish, but you can then paste it back into the blog window with a clipboard paste and all subsequent previews will hold your draft text safety.

      on Mac
      * ) to copy all text in the blog post
      * Click preview to complete the Google handshake.
      * to paste your copied text back into the blog entry text-box.

      on PC
      * ) to copy all text in the blog post
      * Click preview to complete the Google handshake.
      * to paste the clipboard contents

      Mouse Method
      right click - choose 'Select All'
      right click - choose 'Copy'
      click 'Preview' or 'Publish' for the fist time
      right click - choose 'Paste'
      click 'Preview' or 'Publish' again to publish or preview without loosing the text

      How to tell when your text is safe?
      * The 'Reply as:' list box will display your Google user name and there will be a 'Sign Out' button underneath your blog text


      Yes, I find the file extremely effective as well. For me, the previous conditioning built a substrate which this file coalesces, locks in, extends. The file is intensely warm emotionally, feels great, and has a highly addictive pull.

      I suspect that it maybe nearly impossible to not love this file. It is a strong installer and exudes permanence.

      Karla xxxx

    3. Apologies - the control key sequences to 'select all' and such above were stripped out of the text when the text was published. Sorry. :(

    4. PS Thank you for this file Goddess Gracie!! It is life altering fantastic!!

    5. Dear Goddess Gracie - I've spent considerable time listening to ATS & Acceptance. I've recognized that although I do occasionally make special trips to walk the streets at night it, and I should do this more often; there is a more immediate and self evident truth.

      If I'm breathing, I'm looking for cock(s) to please. Hence **every time** I leave my home I dress for cock. This means I spend a little more time on my appearance, coordinating my outfits, adding extra touches to my make-up, freshening my lipstick regularly, etc. The end result is that I look great, and feel great, and I'm more prepared to spontaneously service cock no matter where I am.

      You are the best!!!
      With Love Karla xxxx

    6. By self-evident - I mean that to say that once I accepted myself via this file, then it was obvious to me.

  9. Thanks again for the file Goddess:)
    And thanks for the help Karla, you are becoming the regular go-to-girl for all of our issues :P

    My original post went into detail about Bunni coming back into the fold:) Hey ho, that post is lost now, never mind.

    J xx

  10. You are most welcome, Jenny.

    I'm sorry about the lost posts.

    K xx

  11. The effects of this file are somewhat subtle, and a little bit sneaky in the most adorable way. Once I got past the raging sissy-heat this file creates I thought I was 'over it'. Not at all... I learned fairly quickly that using my new super-power (saying 'Sparkle' out loud in my yummiest good-girl voice) triggers an insatiable desire for cock that can lead to some very unusual, but delightful behavior.

    I soon learned that saying, 'sparkle' before going to work is a not a great idea unless I want to find myself servicing guys in the men's room... Yikes! While my boss was talking I could hear his words clearly, but my visual cortex was enraptured with the desperate desire to suck his cock, and its all I could see in my mind as he spoke.

    Lesson #1:
    With great power comes great responsibility... Sparkle responsibly! ie in appropriate settings.

    A month later, after learning to 'keep it down a notch' I found that I have spontaneous sparkle powers and using the word out loud is generally unnecessary, and only needed for major events like a 12 guy gang bang. :) Otherwise I sparkle like the Sun all the time.

    Example: A few weeks ago a woman friend of 10 yrs who I've never heard use the word told me directly that, "its wonderful to see you sparkle!" Seriously, that is a direct quote. I've never heard her use that word before, and I've never said it in her prescience.

    Note: This file will make you Sparkle! You don't have to 'try' to sparkle, you simply will from the inside-out.

    Back to the present. My desperate need for cock and cum has tamed greatly (ie I don't feel feverish), and now it is simply a constant and ever present hum & song that underlies every aspect of my being. :-) Now, it is entirely manageable, and it has a delightful effect on my everyday behavior. My sissy-heat is now somewhat like gravity, and an omni-present aspect of being.

    Example: I am used to quick hookups because somehow alpha men are aware I'm a cum slut from 20 yards out. Yet my 'alpha-radar' has become far more polished after listening to this conditioning.

    I totally love myself, and my smile is ever present. Somehow this has changed things for me externally as well, it may seem subtle, but it's definitely measurable. Here's an example from tonight.

    One of my platonic male friends wanted to go out for dinner as his wife and children were out of town for dinner. He does work on my car and home, and I love his wife too. Sex was right out. I dressed conservatively, and didn't wear any make-up besides lipstick. He drove so I was free to drink.

    My friend had tea with his dinner, and he soon had to go to the rest-room. While he was gone for just minutes I got up and worked the small bar within the restaurant. I made my presence known, and engaged the patrons lovingly and summed up the cocks in the room. Then I got two tequila's and returned to our table in the restaurant.

    Just before the server brought our check my friend returned to rest-room again, and I went back to work-play in the bar. In the four minutes I had to work bar, I got the phone number of the hottest alpha guy there. :-)

    Our beloved Goddess may call this file a curse, but this sure feels like a blessing to me. :-) When my new acquaintance calls for a date, I certainly won't tell him about this file or my beloved Goddess, and how could I... because my mouth will certainly be full ;-). But needless to say I'm sure he's going to feel entirely blessed as well...

    Love always,
    Karla XXXX

    Thank you Goddess Gracie!!!

  12. How to Work an Entire Room/Bar in 8 Minutes or Less

    Start by doing some homework. Read books on body language especially courtship and preening. Its not precise, but gives you a guide and tells you how to 'broadcast'.

    Study NLP and nuero-semantics to learn pattern interrupts, and anchors. Study books on sex, and even massage. This will build your sexual confidence. Every guy has sweet spots.

    When do you have time to read? Anytime. I've read books about sucking cock sitting at a bar. Its a great conversation starter... :-) Be extremely subtle about it, but give it a try. Its great fun.

    Most everyone is in 'everyday' trance. Spice it up! Pattern interrupts (unusual actions) will break their trance and get their attention. Here are a few clues via a quick recap of my bar-work tonight. Develop your own style, and have fun!

    Some items will seem over the top, yet there is a reason for everything, and it comes from years of practice. If you have any questions, just ask. Start small and work your way up to the more daring tasks.

    STEP ONE - Introduce yourself to the entire room in a big way!

    Example: hitting on a full table of guys, and laughing out loud with them. Get noticed! Hitting on five guys at once lets the whole room know you're not shy and approachable. Tonight I used a far more subtle approach because its a family restaurant. My methods will work anywhere.

    Tonight I got up and located the manager. My friend wanted Serrano peppers. He'd commented that he'd received jalapeƱos the last 6 times, and didn't believe they had serranos. The manager was open to my approach, and had the service staff respond. From that moment forward the service staff was exceptionally attentive.

    Side Note: Never burden the wait staff! Always appeal to their sense of kindness and generosity. Give them opportunities to shine for their inherent compassion, and never impose! This is not about getting 'service', its about providing 'opportunity'. My friends can show you the multiple letters we've received from the management thanking us. We've even been hugged by the wait staff when walking in the door. Fill out recognition cards, and give compliments about your service with the staff and managers.

    Be your sweet sissy self. You are a giant ball of love, so share it!

    Back to current: The service staff was highly responsive to our table with big smiles all around. The rest of the restaurant/bar will notice, and this sets curiosity in the minds of the patrons, why is that table special? This is a subtle pattern interrupt. Always allow kindness and compassion to emanate in everything you do.

    When I went to the bar my service person accompanied me to the bar to insure that I was well taken care of. This sounds quite simple, but it is another pattern interrupt as others in the bar will notice. Remember, you want to get noticed! Stage one is getting people curious about you, and it 'opens' the door to introductions. Available guys will notice!

    STEP TWO – Engage others and solicit participation

    Here you'll use two conversations. The overt one, and the covert one as you subtly observe the responses in others. A RADAR system emits a ping, and tracks the bounce back. Here we'll will do the same with your words to observe the affects in others, and find the horny cocks.

    This step gets into detail so I'm going to sign off, but we can continue at a later date. Please consider the homework, it will pay off in cocks and cum and happy men. Which naturally results in a happy sissy :)

    This will get you started.

    Be safe, and have fun out there!! Be your sweet sissy self, and share your love.

    As always, thank you Goddess Gracie!!!

    With love,
    Karla xxxx

  13. Geesus - This file is powerful. :-) This file and ATS2 are completely kicking my sweet little butt... :)

    Thank you Goddess Gracie!!!

  14. I do listen to ATS 1&2 together as a good girl should, but ATS 2 floors me every time. :-) Listening to those two file plus Acceptance regularly creates serious internal shifting at an identity level. :)

    Goddess Gracie you are the very best!!!

    With Love Karla xxxx

  15. Dear Goddess Gracie - Out of love and acceptance for myself and my sweet sissy sisters all around the world I would love to have your permanent and irreversible conditioning regarding total acceptance of being a BBC cumslut. I know the conditioning in ATS1&2 and this exquisitely loving acceptance blessing have already brought me to this place, but I had a head start because I have always been a cum whore.

    Sissies are so much better than women at pleasing big strong men sexually. Girls want jewelry, gifts, and praise, but sissies just want their man's cum. Most girls don't like to swallow, but sissies crave cum all the time. Women like to dress up to 'hook' "a" man, but sissies dress like a whore all the time to please all men, and express their inner being. Women don't wear their high heels to bed, but sissies always want to look like a whore for all their men. Getting fucked in heels is dreamy, etc. etc. I dare any prostitute to match the cock-sucking skills of a seasoned sissy. We love sucking cock, and given enough cocks most all sissies will become truly extraordinary cock sucking cum guzzlers. The number of reasons why sissies are better at serving BBC better than most women is nearly endless. :)

    PS I love your curse files (blessings) the most. Sissies are subservient creatures that shine line the sun under a big strong man, or on their knees under a group of big strong men. Being 'cursed' to be our true sissy selves is anything but a curse, it is a gift from the heavens.

    I wish you eternal and infinite blessings for the love and acceptance you have shown to all sissies all around the world. Karla xxx

    Most porn stars and bio-girls do it incorrectly so its easy to pick up bad habits from watching women. If your knees are too far from your man his thrusts will hurt your throat. If you suck off multiple guys banging your throat this way you'll get very sore very quickly, ie you'll be too bruised in the back of your throat to do it again the next day, or later that evening... :(

    Instead of what you might see in the videos, try my method, it works! Wrap your hands around your man's thighs and gently pull him closer to you. As he gets really close he'll almost trip and he'll intuitively spread his legs adopting a wider stance where his legs are on either side of you NOT in front of you.

    Giant black cocks have a tendency to hang heavy. Being underneath him creates an extreme downward angle for his cock, not straight out. This downward angle will intuitively force you to look straight up at your man, and him down his chest at you. His cock will go straight down your throat at this angle like a sword swallower. Use your pretty hands around his thighs to pull his cock down your throat.

    If you need too, ie he hasn't done it already. Place his hands behind your head in the most gentle sissy way. Lightly lift one of his hands from your shoulder with an open hand ie fingers and thumb spread apart (hand open) to apply just an ounce of pressure. Like moving a feather. Don't grab his arm, simply guide it towards bottom back part of your head, in the nook of your head and neck. You can accept a few thrusts to show him you like his hand there very much and it turns you on. Then gently lift his second hand behind your head if hasn't done so already. Many guys won't do this automatically because most women would freak out a little.

    Being underneath him, instead of in front of him has another benefit. His balance will be much improved when he cradles your sweet sissy head. If you are too far in front of him it will pull him off balance as he has to reach-out when he is thrusting. When you are underneath him he doesn't have to reach, and his hands will naturally land in perfect cradle at the top of your neck and around the base of your skull. He can easily do this with both hands and it will put you a yummy vice like grip as his big strong hands will overlap cradling your sweet sissy head where your neck and skull meet. His arms will automatically be at comfortable angle for him, practically hanging.

    You'll be so close to him that his elbows will practically touch his sides in this position, and this allows a very strong grip with very little effort on his part, ie he can prevent your head from moving at all as his hips thrust his thick meaty cock down your throat without even moving his arms. TRY IT! You will love it. It is incredibly subservient and will make you shimmer and tingle all of over with sissy goodness. Sparkle-ON you beautiful diamonds... :) Karla xxx

      If you still have a gag reflex the D.T. technique given above won't be very fun at all. :(

      You can get rid of your gag reflex permanently if you work at it. Get one of your Johns to fuck your throat while you lie on your back on a bed. Let your head hang back. Ideally you want zero degrees of inclination, just a straight shot down your throat as he thrusts. My bed height is high and an idea fit most of my guys. The top of the mattress is 33 inches (84cm) off the floor.

      You can put your hands, palm open, against his thighs (finger tips pointing down) so you can give him gentle resistance when he gets too deep or gets fired up and starts fucking you too hard. I don't recommend doing this with more than one guy per day until your throat adjusts.

      Some Johns will like this exercise more than others, as some guys don't have a lot of patience or self-control so pick a favorite that is willing to work with you as learn. Try to relax and breathe through your nose. Listen to and work on the timing of your breathing. There are good times to breath during his stroke, and other times that have a tendency to choke you. Relax, listen your body like a meditation.

      Learn to inhale using only your stomach so your upper body can remain completely motionless as you train. The only thing moving should be your hands on his thighs, and try to be sparing with the the push back and train your John so only an ounce or two of pressure from one of your finger tips is enough of a signal him to ease up.

      Try alternating your breathing style so you can take little sips of air and remain calm, or the opposite take a big draw of air in an instant. When he is about to cum his pace will increase and your opportunities to breath can diminish.

      Learning to sip air during his rapid stokes can help you learn not to panic. Once he's at his frantic pace he'll usually cum fairly quickly so just relax and wait it out. After he cums you'll have plenty of time to take some deep breaths. Try to relax as much as you can during your training.

      The desire to panic will be natural at first. Teach your body to relax. Talk to your body in your mind and reassure yourself that everything is going to be OK, tell your body and mind to relax. You can even use a simple non-verbal command like "relax" to your body and mind. The mental mantra can help keep you calm. Once you've calmed down your focus on your breathing will be much easier.

      Try to train at least once per week. Within a few months to a year you'll probably find that your body will simply forget how to gag. I am a living example. I simply don't have a gag reflex anymore. There is literally nothing I can do to make myself gag. I've even used this little fact as a party trick at bars and gatherings to pick up guys... yes, I know, I am a cumslut :) Karla xxx

      Because it is calming, but most importantly so you don't choke and drown. What? When your mouth is full of cum and you inhale through your mouth you'll pull his cum right into your lungs. This will force your body to cough violently and you'll most likely scrape his cock with your teeth during the uncontrollable cough. This will make your John very unhappy, and it hurts like hell too.

      Be a good girl and breath through your nose sweetie... :)

      When you get to a point that you are sucking extremely large cocks that fill your entire throat completely your nasal opening will be completely covered so you'll have to switch to a combination of side-mouth sipping, side-mouth gulping, and flawless timing with your nasal breathing. This technique allows a single inhale to take place over several to many strokes of his cock. This is a highly advanced technique and there is no reason to tell you how to do it until you are ready. Just breath through your nose for now, and practice sipping, and gulping using your abdomen in a peaceful state of mind. You know where to find me when you're ready. Now go suck some cock, and be a good girl... :) Karla xxx

      If you're thinking the nasal breathing is unnecessary, please consider the context. We're talking about hard-core deep throating and full-on face fucking. Have you ever seen someone at the bottom of a pool for a minute and half? What's the first thing they do when they finally get to the surface. They GULP for air!

      You just might find yourself in the situation where your first chance for air is when he's shooting his load or just after, hence the cum-choke. Train yourself to gulp air through your nose using your abdomen to pull the air in. Relax. If he is extremely deep you won't be able gulp through your nose either so you have to relax and wait to breath. Breathing through your nose will teach you how to consciously control your breathing rather than being haphazard about it.

      When you're ready I'll tell how to you how to use the base of your tongue and throat muscles to seal your throat and catch his cum before you swallow it. Show him his cum before you swallow, it's nice bonus for him. :) If he is extremely deep you won't be able to catch it, and squeezing his cock with your throat will be uncomfortable for you so you'll want to listen to his breathing to determine when he's going to cum and adjust the depth of his cock to just right depth to where you can still catch his cum.

      If you are doing the double handed D.T. mentioned above he's going to shoot down your throat and there's really nothing you can do about that. But you can practice catching cum with your tongue base and throat muscles while you're doing your gag response training when his cock is at just the right depth, or some leisurely cock sucking when he cums really deep. Throat catching is a good technique to have in your toolbox. :) Try it with some water to practice, it's easier than you think and it will impress the heck out of him.

    4. >>> "large cocks that fill your entire throat completely...your nasal opening will be completely covered"

      By "nasal opening" I'm referring the air hole in the back of your throat, not your nose. Exceptionally thick cocks will cover it completely by filling the entire width and capacity of your throat. Hence no air if you don't know how to cope.

      Few women will ever learn how to service a man at this depth of surrender. Sissy cumsluts are a different thing altogether. Kxxx

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  18. i love this file so much!!! after listening to it i just can't stop rubbing my titties and wishing it was a big strong Man groping me and then feeding me His thick warm good girl juice which i would completely swallow. it makes me feel so happy and sparkly to be a happy sissy cumslut who needs big cock in my mouth and pretty little pussy. *giggle* i love You so much Goddess Gracie!!! You are so amazing at brainwashing sissies 4 real!! love love love You!!!! i just feel so happy and sparkly. xoxoxoxo -tiny (princess tiny clitty)

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Dearest Rina, happy belated birthday wishes! :) May this be the most wonderful year of your life with an endless abundance of blessings forever more... Goddess Gracie's content allows all of gurls to progress as they themselves feel guided. You can query your subconscious mind for the answer that best suits you using the tools taught by Lee Pulos Ph. D., APBB program called "The Biology of Empowerment" I personally use his pendulum and applied kinesiology techniques to guide my transition and sissification. The works of Dr. David R. Hawkins apply as well.

      I personally purchased both at the same time as they seem to represent two sides of the same issue. I relate ATS1&2 to 'content' while I see 'Acceptance' as context. Stated differently, I see ATS as 'what to do', and Acceptance as 'why we do'.

      I grew up in a highly religious household overflowing with toxic judgement for people like myself so 'Acceptance' as critical for me, and it rapidly brought a deep sense of peace to my mind & soul. ATS then gave me 'actions' to do that expressed the new and glorious freedom that I felt from accepting myself as I am. So both Acceptance and ATSx will deeply affect how you how you look and how you feel.

      I've listened to ATS1 less than ten times, and the very first listening brought permanent changes to my life. I threw away all male underwear except one (a historical memento of sorts) the very first time I listened to the file.

      Goddess Gracie has an exceptional gift for explaining things, and it was immediately clear that this was simply the right choice for me. Similarly I wear a bra every time I leave the house, doing anything less would simply be denial on my part.

      ATS 2 is completely different for me and extremely advanced sissification that I've listened to for months on end without mastering it. Acceptance is also an advanced file, yet it is also foundational like the 'The Logic of Limp'. I suspect that I will be listening to Acceptance for the next year or so.

      My short answer is ATS 1&2, but listen to your heart. Acceptance is a blessing beyond description and it maybe what is best for you. My long answer is 'get all of them' because your personal happiness and fulfillment are totally worth the investment. I wish you the best of luck no matter which path you follow.

      Note: No matter which path you choose you be blessed beyond your highest expectations because all three files are overflowing with love, acceptance, and a deep understanding of who we are on the inside, and how to release the sweetness inside of us so that we can truly be. Karla xx

    3. BTW True acceptance on the deepest levels will affect how you look, move, and act. I have listened to 'Acceptance' since it was first released and I've dieted and exercised to the point that I feel terrific! Several months ago I was wearing size zero jeans (28 inch waist), and now I wear a size 7 which are 'girl' size jeans (27 inch waist). Guys check me out wherever I go... Pick the files that feel right to you as a continuation point in your sissification & feminization and push forward. You will love the result. :)

    4. After you have stocked up on the GG files you plan to use for your conditioning, please keep in mind that you can increase the depth of the conditioning and speed up the effects of GG's conditioning by using any 3rd party hypno that affects the 'critical monitor' of the unconscious mind. Examples are the 'Submission to Hypnosis' curse by Nikki Fatale and the 'Easy to Accept' loop by Siren. Easy to Accept comes in two flavors Evil & Nice and it is a short 2 minute loop (and free) that can easily be added to your GG playlists.

  19. I so love you all so so ado very much as do i so find myself in total devotion as i find it all so very pleasurable to all my senses

  20. Wow! Be careful with this file - it might seem lame and that it's not hypnotizing you - but it does it covertly - i.e. the words you hear are tame and not really saying much - it's all the words that you don't hear that are working their delightfully evil magic on your subconscious mind! Very well done - and the mastery of this file can be easily overlooked when searching for files that more obviously seem to work!

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  24. Thank you so much Goddess! This file has changed my life. For years i have gone through the binge, guilt, purge cycle over and over. It helps that i have a supportive girlfriend who likes me to wear panties. Since I have been listening to this file i have bought dozens of panties and I have been wearing them every day and night for a week. I have shaved and tan in a brazilian bikini bottom. My mind is becoming more excited baout the thought of being with real men! Cock excites me like never before! Thank You Goddess! I love you!

  25. There! That's better! i'm sorry Goddess, he he. i posted my previous comment without an avatar, so i had to delete it and repost it.


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