Thursday, March 12, 2015

New File: Bimbo Blessing - Redux

A brand new take on the original Bimbo Blessing concept, this file is a curse that has the most wonderful effects in the world for little sissy princesses. Rather than make a direct sequel, I thought it best to create a wonderful new Bimbo Blessing that is more powerful, more refined and more effective than the original file that was released this time three years ago. The first section contains the induction and warning in keeping with the spirit of the original BB, and the rest of the file contains nothing but good old fashioned industrial strength brainwashing and conditioning for sassy little bimbo cumsluts. Do be warned that this file is a curse (yay!) and the effects are permanent, irreversible and unavoidable once you have listened. 

You will discover that you become happier, dumber and a whole lot hornier and it is entirely possible to find yourself in a perennial state of bimbo heat as a result of listening. You will be encouraged to avoid sexual release wherever possible so that you can spend hours upon hours dressed up all pretty and looking for big strong men to please. Yes sweetie, diddling is not forbidden but you are strongly discouraged from diddling or playing with your pussy to the point of sexual release as it's just so much more fun to keep your feminine sexual arousal levels high at all times. That said, your levels of sexual arousal will be so high that even if you do diddle yourself to the point of warm spurties in your pretty panties, the intensity of your arousal will only momentarily decrease and you will return to a state of heat in no time. 

I'm sure you don't need to be told that this file is going to leave you craving cock and cuddles with big hunky guys like never before sweetie. Yes princess, you will be left feeling oh so girly and happy and silly and this is not a short term effect. You will be triggered deeper into bimbo heat whenever you see a pretty girl sweetie and this effect will be strengthened tremendously if she is with her boyfriend or hubby. You are going to learn that bimbos have **tiny thoughts** sweetie and you will experience several floods of tiny thoughts in your precious head throughout the duration. There is a brand new nursery rhyme for all my little princesses that will help you to remember the correct ways for bimbos to think and feel and you will learn it off by heart in no time sweetie.

It's important for bimbos to set goals for themselves and you may find that aiming to suck a dozen cocks in the coming week is a wonderful goal for you princess. Your craving for cock simply must be fulfilled sweetie and you remember that it's essential that bimbos spend hours getting ready for their man and anything less is unacceptable. You understand that the effects of this file are wonderful and it will leave you feeling happier, more joyful and carefree in your every day life and you also understand that this file is like bimbo crack in that it is possibly my most addictive piece of conditioning ever. Yes sweetie, whenever you listen you are going to be thinking about the next time you will listen whether that be later on the same day or else the very next day - the choice is yours! 

As with the original BB, the induction and warning do not need to be listened to every time you listen, which is why I have uploaded the body (all of the conditioning) as an 'Additional File Type' which you may download at no extra cost after purchasing. The body is the equivalent of Part 2 of the original BB and it's a good idea for silly bimbos to loop this part of the file over and over for wonderful effects that are just lovely and magical

This file is very extreme needless to say but it is free of some of the more taboo elements found in the original BB so that it is more representative of how my conditioning has developed in the past 3 years. I do touch upon personal safety so that you are less likely to put yourself in a dangerous situation as a result of listening and anything I tell you to do is merely a suggestion that you may or may not decide to act upon. That said, you know that bimbos love to obey the rules sweetie and you are going to be a very obedient little **sparkle girl** for Goddess Gracie. Remember to leave a pretty comment after you've listened sweetie.

Bimbo Blessing: Redux


  1. this file is so very very good and powerful. i have been really pink and fluffy and sparkly since listening to it and happy that i am becoming more and more of a sissy bimbo and i think all of the time about big hunky men and pleasing them with my little body, like the silly little sissybitch that i am. i am so glad that this file is a curse because it makes me happy and it cannot be reversed and just gets stronger and stronger. also not making spurties has kept my estrogen level very high and i am spending more and more time as the a sissy sparkleslut. thank You very much Goddess for this wonderful and addicting training!! xo -tiny

    1. Yay tiny :)

      I know you are a good little sparkle girl sweetie and I know you're going to have so much fun training with this file every day for the foreseeable future.

      Hope you have lots of fun pleasing men with your little body sweetie and do keep me updated in private when you receive more responses to your dating profile :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. First time commenting here, but i would like to say that the description of the file is amazing as always. I have already bought 3 files this month and i will have to wait to get this one(cant spend all my money on files because i bought a babydoll and few panties. Maybe it is a good thing, because i can listen to these 3 files more before getting this one.

    1. Welcome sweetie - I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with those files and eventually BBR too :P

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Hi Goddess, hi sissies. I hope you don't mind me posting this in the comments for your latest file - but maybe this will be of benefit to other sissies. If I was going for just limpness in as short a time as possible which files do you think are indispensable for that (pairing them down to the smallest number of files which are vital to such a task)? And what percentage of time should I be listening to each one? Hope this is ok!


  4. I love this file! It is wonderfully potent conditioning. Thank you for this wonderful Blessing Goddess!

    @JennySissy - Hi! you can get a chat/login handle from Goddess Gracie (see her contact link). Limpness is wonderful goal and fully attainable.

    The Logic of Limp is absolutely essential if you are seeking permanent limpness. My favorite GG Limpness Playlist is: The Logic of Limp, Limp for Pussy, Clitty Shrinker, Pantyhose, Sissygasm. The entire track list takes about 1h16m. Its best to listen every day. On heavy flow days when time is minimal I listen to the 'Logic' track by itself 35 min.

    To the best of my knowledge 90%+ of GG files address limpness from various psychological angles and life contexts at some point during the file, and every word she every speaks about limpness seemed to help me understand more fully how 'limpness' is essential, awesome, and truthful. I recommend listening to all of her files including this wonderful Bimbo Blessing Redux file.

    Tip: get some small footless tights or pantyhose one size smaller than your normal size (trim the pantyhose to mid thigh). Wear two layers of 'extra tight nylon/spandex/Lycra 24x7 to 'prevent hardness' during the beginning of the training. I find it substantially better to wear the pantyhose under panties. The panties will block some of the 'squish' of the pantyhose. Test for yourself. How small is your limp lump when wearing panties under pantyhose? How small is that lump with pantyhose first, then panties on top. To me the difference is about 3/4 inch (2-3 cm) in profile. Pantyhose first is smaller.
    Tip: Work on your trance training (learn to go deep, deep, deep). There are many good sources. All psychological and physical changes seem to go faster with deep trance. Nikki Fatale 'Submission to Hypnosis' is excellent. After just 5 listens to 'Submission' my GG trances had far more impact.

    My Timetable: After 60 days I was experiencing limpness conditioning effects like the reverse tingle (which is awesome!). The limpness aspects grew stronger and stronger over 5 months and continue as I continue to listen. At 150 days I felt permanently limp, but at 180 days even limper and conditioning like "the more aroused you become the softer your clitty will be" became visibly active. I tested periodically (approx every 14-21 days) by sitting in front of a BBC&Sissy fuck fest or similarly arousing material. I sit and observe the affects on my softness and my levels of desire to touch my clitty, desire for warm spurties, and the end result. Goddess Gracie's limpness conditioning totally works and the effects do get stronger and stronger the longer you listen and train yourself over time. I found myself getting happier and happier with myself and my limpness as the conditioning takes hold more and more. Good luck with your softness! -- Karla

    1. PS In my experience, the limper I become, the more sexual arousal I can handle. Like a battery that can hold more of a charge, or a sweet sissy mouth that can more and more cum... Extreme sissy-heat and sexual-arousal plus complete limpness will Sissify you profoundly. Thank you Goddess Gracie! :-)

    2. Wow Karla, thanks for that awesome post; I will try my best! Sorry for the delay, have been under the weather. I have a chat name Jenny Sissy; Goddess called me Jennykins once or twice so I thought I'd use it the other day :)

    3. You are most welcome Jenny. It is an honor and a pleasure to share. I'm sorry you have been under the weather. I hope a big strong man face fucks you long and hard and shoots a huge load all over you... :D

  5. thanks so much karla, i am now using the panty part of some pantyhose to really help my limpness training, which has been really successful. i am working now on the reverse tingle and clitty inversion and the pantyhose really do help. and i have also found that the more limp i am the less i want to, or am able to, make spurties. i actually tried to diddle myself hard the other day (sorry Goddess) and completely failed, in fact it was kind of unpleasurable and i will never do it again. i do like running a finger over my clitty through my panties sometimes (but always for less than a minute), but that never changes my limpness. i also love logic of limp and have listened to it a lot. i will definitely get some of the others you mention though (esp clitty shrinker <3) as i think one can never have too much Goddess Gracie!

    1. you are most welcome tina. i'm delighted that your training is progressing so well. i personally see it as a tremendous success that you've noticed just how yucky it feels for a true sissy to try to get hard... :)

      regarding diddles: My favorite method is palming. to learn how, it seems easier to have a single layer of clothing (pantyhose are my favorite) between my hand and clitty. With my clitty completely tucked and my itty-bitty peanuts lodged up inside my body, i rest my palm on my pubic bone with my fingers touching the pantyhose. Then I use short 1.5-2 inch (approx 4 cm) strokes with my palm's heel landing solidly on my pubic bone. This will causes a thumping sensation in my skeletal structure (like I'm being fucked hard by a big man). There is no direct contact with my clitty and it remains limp. However I can have jaw-dropping heart pounding orgasms this way with no lube, or direct clitty contact. All of the spurties go inside my pantyhose and it feels like I've been creampied with cummies leaking out. eg. it feels like getting redressed after a gangbang and having my undergarment full of leaking cum. :)

      if i'm in extreme sissy heat a mind blowing orgasm takes about 30 secs to achieve this way. If i'm medium horny about 2 minutes is required. the first time you do this it may take up to 4-10 minutes to teach your body how to cum this way. after a little practice doing this through two layers of clothing is just as easy as cuming with one layer of clothing.

      i totally agree that a sissy can never have too much Goddess Gracie!

    2. ps if anyone has difficulty cumming this way I suspect that's it's not because you can't but that your level of sissy heat is not high enough. Listen to 'all things sissy 2', or 'acceptance', or this blessing redux file or better yet all three for several days in a row and you will reach a state of sissy-heat where your pussy is practically crying out for cock to fill it. then try palming, the climax is intense and complete. its the next best thing to a sissygasm and there is no contact with your clitty, and no yucky hardness. :)

    3. dearest tina, if you get a chance, pretty please leave some feedback here for our sissy sisters on your experiences with palming and whether or not it works for you. my hope is that new comers and experienced sissies alike can discover for themselves that our clitties are completely unnecessary for fantastic orgasms and extremely intense edging - karla - xo

  6. i did try this almost right after reading your description.... i don't think i did it quite right, but after pressing down on my pubic bone just 4 or 5 times i already felt like if i kept going i would be making spurties in my panties. i didn't want to do that so i stopped but the feeling kept going anyway until i had this really intense whole body spasm/contraction and then nothing and then another and another. my clitty was perfectly soft and limp and i felt really super girly afterwards, i definitely plan to work with this more and will leave more comments as i have more experience. thank you karla for sharing this!!!!!!

  7. thank you for sharing your experience tina. i appreciate your sharing very much.

    it is my hope that our sissy sisters recognize that our limp little clitties are, not only completely useless to women, they are even useless to us. we can have far more powerful orgasms without ever touching our clitties.

    it is my belief that centering our attentions on our clitties for sexual release even when they are completely limp promotes self-denial of who and what we truly are, and provides unconscious resistance to exploring the fullness of all our other gifts for sharing kindness, love, and acceptance with all the world including ourselves. i hope all of our sissy sisters share your courage in trying something new and wonderful. being a limp sissy faggot opens whole new worlds of opportunity for giving and and receiving pleasure. may Goddess Gracie be blessed in every way for all eternities for loving us all so much.

  8. Hope you don't mind me posting this here Goddess, there's no other way to post something on here except the latest file place.

    I had a very weird dream last night with a shocking end, I don't know what it means. I was sitting in a car waiting to drive some people to some event. After a long time two girls turned up. The first I knew from just a few years ago, I had fancied her and she liked me, (she had a bf then and I probably would have been too sissyish to ask her out anyway :P) she smiled, I smiled and they got into the car. I didn't see the other girl's face. We were in a parking lot, I drove off. There was a family walking up ahead with a little girl being led by the hand by her father. She started to stray off ahead, threatening to get too close. I said to the girls 'hang on I need to concentrate that girl is..' suddenly she had pulled away and she went under the slow moving car. I stopped and reversed. The girl was lying hurt on the ground (her condition unknown) with the father looking down at her. Then I woke up. Any Freuds in the house?!

    Jenny Sissy/Jennykins

    1. One methodology of interpretation states that all of the characters are aspects of and reflections-projects of self and thus accessible for inquery. A light meditative state can be achieved rather quickly by closing your eyes, taking a few deep relaxing breaths, and gently rolling your eyes up inside your head (no strain, do this very gently). This eye technique is said to shift the brain into a theta brain wave pattern where dream aspects are more available to you. (tip: the eye roll can also help you to drop into a deep trance quickly for hypnosis).

      Next. With loving respect in heart and mind replay the memories of the dream like a movie in your body-mind. After a run through ask the characters, and objects (the car, under the car, etc.). to identify themselves, eg what do they represent? A thought, a belief, a way of being, a fear, a strength, a quest, a question, an answer, a person, a history, a future, etc. Let the inquiry be wide-open as the mind is flexible in its representations.

      It is a safe bet that your inner-mind is trying to help you in multiple ways. Through a dialog with the symbolic expressions of your unconscious mind you give voice to your inner-mind so your own mind can speak to you directly... Good luck! - Karla xx

  9. Thanks for that Karla [as usual with all my sissy questions :) ]. I will give it a go just as soon as I can tear myself away from the files, he he.

    I'm certain the dream is to do with sissy stuff, just not sure what it means. It probably doesn't matter if I 'solve' it or not, it just shows that there's a lot going on in my mind with all this. My mind could be worrying that I'm harming my sissy side or my mind could be worried that I'm harming my male side or it could just be a reflection that I'm in a challenging situation. The main thing as always is to try to just live in the present and try to do what you really want to do. Not always easy though!

  10. Your bimbo curse/blessing Hypnos have changed my life Goddess!!!! In two weeks I have gone from married hetero man to dreaming/thinking about cocks constantly, growing sissy wardrobe, and looking to get a wig and makeup so I can start fulfilling my purpose of sucking cocks. Thank you!!!!!

    1. Goddess, I think that someone needs a pretty new name here....

  11. Hello dear Goddess and girls =D ... I just wanted to shared that I've just got this file. So I think that I'm going to have a fun time. I'll be around here again =)
    Take care everybody!!

  12. Hi Everyone

    Sorry this dolly is so shamelessly late in sharing her tiny little feelings about BBR

    To begin with this dolly didnt know what redux meant so she had to look it up in a *dick*tionary only to find out that it means **brought back** which gave her the idea of looking back at her own conditioning and progress as a cockslut under Goddess to see how much she was living up to the ideals called upon all sissies to follow in BBR

    Well OMG there is so much to get excited about about when listening to a file feels like watching a movie of yourself and BBR has helped this dolly more fully embrace certain truths like that
    * listening to the file is truly a blessing and not a curse
    * her mind is occupied only by the tinyest uncomplicated thoughts which grow smaller the more she accepts her bimbo self
    * intelligence is unattractive unless it is in recognizing that a bimbo is most comfortable doing what she is told to do with a smile on her face or cute little giggly laugh
    * she only says yes to cock and the more the better leading her to shamelessly flirt with any Daddy endowed with a big thick cock
    * being objectified makes a bimbo **sparkle** and is a yummy affirmation of the time spent getting ready for a date as it means Daddy will want to fuck her more
    * limpness and not diddling is preferred especially since it ensures a bimbos estrogen levels always remain high
    * the word **SPARKLE** will be the first and last word this dolly says out loud every day and probably a few times in between **giggles**

    BBR also makes this sparkleslut want to rededicate herself to certain goals like
    * becoming dumber by isolating herself from reading or listening to news or current affairs as she has for some time now so she has no opinion other than a blank or confused expression or compliment to a superior explaining something she didnt know about
    * increasing her cock tally for 2015 from the 40 she has sucked or fucked already to something more befitting a cockslut and certainly a much higher tally for every year thereafter
    * making cock her priority 24/7 by always being willing to drop everything no matter how important it seems when an invitation for cock presents itself
    * being more open and honest to everyone in her life so she can not only have a boudoir complete with makeup table and dressers and closet full of girly clothes but so she can also start talking to medical professionals about taking more permanent steps to express her femininity more fully for all to know :)

    OMG Goddess the new nursery rhyme is delishus and a good reminder that cock size and girth is everything and this girl can think of no greater validation of a bimbos worth than to satisfy many cocks at the same time with six in a lineup being her personal best but she has also had the yummy pleasure of a cock in her pussy her mouth and each hand at the same time **giggles** so sometimes a little less can feel like a little more **sparkle**

    Love cockswallowbabs xoxo


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