Thursday, June 11, 2015

A cutesy reminder :)

Hi sweeties, 

Just a quick little update for all my girls.

As you should already be aware, I have a new file out called Women Just Know and little princesses everywhere are benefiting tremendously from the effects!

In less exciting news, the premium cbox for sissychat recently expired and I didn't have the money to renew it immediately. I thought my girls were going to have to go without it for nearly a whole week, but an anonymous and very kindhearted sparkleslut has done us all a wonderful favor and renewed it for another 24 months! I hope you're all still on here giggling and gossiping away in 2017 and beyond :P 

Speaking of wonderful and invaluable resources for little princesses, Sissy Social is back and better than ever after upgrading to a powerful new server. I encourage all my girls to sign up there if they haven't already and be sure to join my Good Girls group as well (you may need to sign in to view the group). They have a donate option to help with monthly server costs and some of you may want to consider doing so :) 

I hope all my good girls are doing wonderfully well and enjoying a lovely warm summer, or a nice cozy winter if like me, you're in the southern hemisphere. I have more on the horizon for the near future, and I may even have heard murmurs of an exciting new hypnodomme coming soon to a set of headphones near you - but more on that later :) 

Love from Goddess Gracie xx 


  1. Love the picture, Goddess is definitely a fairy godmother in this little bimbo princess dolly's heart :)

  2. Dear Goddess

    OMG the first time this girl listened to WJK she felt compelled to go into a womans fashion store she had been browsing in a few days earlier and try on a couple to die for pink body hugging mini dresses and afterwards she had a conversation with the nice saleslady about how much she loved the store merchandise to which the saleslady smiled saying she knew as soon as she saw this dolly browsing a few days ago which just made her sparkle

    This dolly thinks its so yummy and delishus that Goddess can inspire such kindness and devotion from her sparklesluts to keep the cbox going so all the pretty little sissies here can continue to share their tiny little thoughts and make friends and this dolly would just like to say thank you to everyone for making Goddesses blog such a warm cuddly safe inviting and fun place to be **YAY**

    OMG yes this dolly is so happy sissysocial is back online as she was going through withdrawal without it and she loves participating in Goddesses and other yummy groups there where she loves to share her little thoughts

    OMG Goddess this girl can hardly wait to hear about the exciting new file but in the meantime she is continuing her conditioning with BBR and WJK a little more before sharing her tiny little thoughts about each file in a separate posting

    Love cockswallowbabs xoxo

  3. omg Goddess..... that is all so very exciting! the picture is super cute and really true... *sparkle*. and so many thanks to our sissy sister who donated the money for the chatbox. so sweet! having Goddess deep in our hearts is such a source of constant joy and contentment. yay for Goddess and yay for my giggly sparkly sisters! love tinytina

  4. Hi Goddess, I want to participate at sissy social, and at sissy chat, but I couldn't 😔 . At sissy chat it tells me all this when i click profile:

    Password protect this name

    You are currently using the name Rina.
    You cannot register your name on this Cbox. Contact the owner for more information.

  5. I loved that image. I wish I could look like her. Kisses :-****

  6. Hi Goddess Gracie,

    i am a new sissy on here :) and love it so :)

    Goddess Gracie, i purchased this tape and Sissy Pride and i cannot stop talking with Girlfriends and just about anybody, what a sissy fairy pantywaist i am :) how much i love to be sissy girlie. i have been more consistent applying my make-up. i have been working on my brows and using colored brow brushes. i use a powder base, some tinted moisturizer. i am still trying to find a mascara that works best for me, brightening my lashes but still thin, and certainly not clumpy :(

    i use lipstick and lip glosses regularly.

    Goddess Gracie, i am thinking next of Good Girl 3. i am a pathological sissy from a very early age and now 60, i am just finally letting myself go girlie :) i wear Women's tops and bottoms daily, lingerie daily. i have been having my body hair lasered, which is so the best. i am silky smooth. i love being a sissy girlie :) yay!! Listening to Sissy Pride along with Your latest tape She Just Knows makes me feel all warm and gooyie inside and lets me not worry how big sissy i am and how big a fag i am :)

    Goddess Gracie, i really like Sissy Pride because it is very focused on female habits. The tape's practicality, and the feminizing daily routine of Women, was so clear and concise, and necessary, as they are habits that all Women and sissies would do, but would never cross the mind of a real Man.

    Goddess Gracie i love how You help this sissy understand how Women see Men, how They are attracted to Men, why They are attracted to Men, the clarity of different view points has really helped me to understand and begin thinking of Men as a different species than me, and how would i attract one :)

    Goddess Gracie, seeing and feeling it from the Women's perspective, helps me to know where to go, and how to get there.

    Thank You so much,

    a very grateful sissy fairy pantywaist michelle :)

    1. Welcome sweetie :)

      We do already have a girl called michelle (though she's more active on the sissysocial group than the blog) so I was a little confused by your post at first. Perhaps we'll have to come up with a fun nickname for you :)

      I'm glad you enjoy the files you've heard so far sweetie and do encourage you to continue your training as all of the files can be considered quite essential and necessary for the complete and permanent reconditioning of little princesses fluffy pink minds.

      If you like the Sissy Pride loop, you'll just love the Acceptance curse.
      Sissy Pride was made to complement Acceptance which is definitely one of my most essential and lifechanging works to date.

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. It's appropriate for you to think of yourself and Men as two very different things - in fact, this is simply reality :)

    2. Hi Goddess Gracie :)

      Thank You so much for Your response. i love how You have reinforced my need to accept the simple reality :) that sissies and men are two very different things :)

      Oh Goddess Gracie, i am transitioning. i have been listening to many of Your files including Acceptance Curse, as many of the feminization tapes as i can. i especially love the ones that stress feminine everyday behavior like wearing perfume, lipstick, mascara. i love doing my brows and use a tinted moisturizer. my wardrobe lacks any male clothes. i think they are still somewhere in the house, i just never see them LOL

      i have met with an endocrinologist and a family practioner, both of whom are sissy friendly and We/we are discussing hormones and spironolactone, even an orchiectomy. it is so fun and amazing. i love living as a female and being such a sissy fairy gumdrop.

      Goddess Gracie, yes, i am a different gal from the other, more active one. i am sissy fairy pantywaist michelle or michellesfpw i am a little precious gumdrop who loves to be soft and tiny and so girlie and a complete fairy yay hugs xoxo

      Thank You so much Goddess Gracie, Your sissy fairy pantywaist michelle sfpw :)

  7. Hi Goddess Gracie :)

    Hope You are having a nice day :) i love listening to my tapes and moving forward with my transition as a fully feminized sissy fairy pantywaist :) because that is what i am :) Yay!!!

    Goddess Gracie, i especially love the tapes that encourage transitional re-habiting with wearing the proper undergarments, applying make-up and perfume, shopping in Women's stores and being so femmed, encouraged to try on outfits.

    Goddess Gracie, before i lost my prostate, i used to be like so many sissy fairies, habitual sissy tinkleberry touchers, making messy sissy cummies. When i did that i had met a PSO who trained me to wear feminine pads and liners in my panties. i loved that so. i bet that kind of training would really turn sissies into total fags, impotent little sissy queers in no time. i know it did for me :)

    Goddess Gracie, i have been caring a purse for five, six months now and as i turn my wardrobe completely female, i am in the fall season and everything i am purchasing for slacks have no pockets. OMG, Goddess Gracie, that is so sissy queer. i have to carry a purse no matter what.

    Wearing slacks and nice tops, and tunic tops, and mary jane's and cute flats, carrying my purse with my makeup on, earrings, perfume, my hair is shoulder length and full of long curls, i am totally a sissy fairy for sure. i have had laser work done on my face and there is no shadow whatsoever.

    Oh Goddess Gracie, a couple of sissifying ideas :) The other is for when calling a retailer i always use my rightful, sissy girl name of michelle.

    Oh Goddess Gracie, i love being a sissy fairy pantywaist so, so much. i am so glad now i am totally female. Oh, what a relief!!!

    Hugs to You, Goddess Gracie, sissy fairy pantywaist michelle sfpw :)

    1. You are a good girl sweetie and I am so happy with you! :)

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  8. Whatever gets me off this stop I'm stuck on, is a good thing. Transitioning full-time as I have twice, is like I know there is no perfect time to transition, but I just need this to be my final attempt at just plain being me.

    So thank-you Goddess Gracie, as I for one thank-you


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