Monday, July 27, 2015

New File: Training Loop #22 - Limp & Tiny

This file contains hardcore brainwashing and conditioning for all my pink little princesses, especially those with adorable tiny little clitties that don't even get hard (giggle). You will be conditioned deeper than ever before to love the feeling of utter tininess you carry within you and you will find it more arousing than ever to be a dickless little fairy princess who rubs her soft little clitty through her pretty pink panties and thinks about strong barrel chested hunks with ten inch cocks that love to fuck pussy hard.

You will be reminded of your little place once again sweetie and you will fully accept that your tiny little wee wee shrivels up and retracts whenever you speak to nice ladies. Additionally, this effect will be felt when in the presence of hunky masculine men, only now it will be combined with strong feelings of lust emanating from your tight little pussy that seem to grow stronger and stronger the limper and tinier your little thingy is.

Yes sweetie, you will notice that your pussy begins to uncontrollably suckle inward (almost like it was trying to milk an invisible cock for every last drop of precious cream)  as your little clitty retracts and tingles inside of you when you are around manly men. When you touch your soft little wee wee sweetie you will always have large cocks and masculine men at the forefront of your little mind, along with everything else girly and feminine and oh so delightful.

Your pussy will crave cock the more you diddle away at your soft little clitty sweetie but you understand better than ever before that you are to cease touching your clitty immediately in the extremely unlikely event that it becomes even somewhat hard, for even a few seconds. In scenarios as bizarre as this princess you will simply wait patiently like a good girl for your clitty to return to it's correct permanent state of irreversible uselessness, then you may resume diddling it between your thumb and pinky like a good little sparkleslut.

This file is addictive and extremely powerful sweetie and you will find yourself listening over and over again and it may truly feel as though your clitty is shrinking smaller and smaller with every passing day (yay!) whether it is a cutesy little 3 and a half incher, or you are truly blessed like some special girls whose clitties are so timid and frightened of scary devouring vaginas that they have gradually shrunk to under an inch already.

You will be reminded of a few techniques to help you shrink your clitty up so it can be smaller than ever sweetie and that will just be wonderful and lovely for my precious pussygirl.  Remember to listen on loop for as long as you like (preferably 30-60 minutes at a time!) for the most profound effects sweetie and it's nice to leave a pretty comment after you've listened like a good girl.


Training Loop #22 - Limp & Tiny


  1. i really really love this file and since i started listening to it i have just craved having Goddess' words in my sparkly little mind all of the time. i am such a lucky sissy now that my little clitty is always soft and under one inch so diddling with just my pinky works so good and is the most perfect reminder that i am a silly little sparkleslut for Goddess whose little place is on my knees or on my back with dominant men with big cocks that just want to cum inside of my pussy that just seems to want to suckle every last drop of cum out of a cock. i am so grateful to Goddess for knowing our little minds so well and making such powerful conditionings to help us find our little places as good girls for men. <3 <3 <3

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    1. Aww, you're welcome sweetie :)

      Stay tuned for something even more exciting very very soon!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Neat I just started listening to your material about a month ago. Your one of the few goddesses that does it like super professional.

    I was wondering if you could make some files w/o the biaural beat in the back ground I been up 3 days listening to your real addictin files.

    I been using subliminal recorder to try to make your files silent sound it seems because of the bass I was havin problems with real choppyness.

    I just got a 250$ soundcard and it's just simply awesome now the audio doesn't cut out. *yay*

    But yeah yeah, you got me hooked now *sparkle sparkle* can you release something w/o the biaural so I can sleep while listenin to your tracks? I'm assumin your usin alpha waves since those bypass the conscious but are not conducive to sleep listening.

    Bonus question: about how long of listening to your files until you can see some real noticeable effects.

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  5. **MMM** one listen to limp & tiny every morning and this sparkleslut thinks more and more not only about a chastity device but also breast growth corset training eyebrow waxing eyelash extensions body waxing manis and pedis and anything else girly to express herself in all the ways a pretty little sparkeslut wants to be noticed by the Daddies she so desperately and shamelessly wants to be with **blush**

    Thank you Goddess for making such a yummy and delicious training file to make any sparkleslut feel so proud about her sissy identity **hugs**

    Love babs xoxo

  6. Such love and adoration

  7. A truly beautiful and warmly compassionate Woman. Your such a blessing I live how You think

  8. Please contact me I'm a transgirl and lost out with all the other people


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