Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New File: Serenity

This file is a curse with the most wonderful and positive effects a little sissy could ever hope for. Somewhat of a followup to last year's Acceptance, this file focuses even more deeply on true happiness and inner peace while simultaneously being arguably my most explicit work yet. Yes sweetie, this file is just perfect for little bimbo cumsluts who want to feel nothing but joy and euphoric bliss all the time, whether they're dressed up looking for men to please or just enjoying a nice relaxing day full of happiness and self-fulfillment. 

Serenity is all about leaving negative emotions behind once and for all and learning to exist in a permanent state of happiness and deep contentedness, where yucky mean things like hate and prejudice cannot possibly harm you. You will grow to love yourself and all those around you more than ever before sweetie and you will find that every time you show kindness and love to another living being, your love for yourself grows even deeper and in turn so does your happiness. You will exist in a near constant state of extreme sexual heat and feminine arousal sweetie and you will be more diligent than ever when it comes to keeping your estrogen levels as high as can be. You will be reminded that a silly bimbo is happiest when she has nothing on her mind but strong masculine men and ten inch cocks and makeup and jewelry and pretty perfume and before you know it the **sparkle fairies** will have returned to sprinkle more happy dust all over your cotton candy mind princess (yay!).

Yes sweetie, this is very much a bimbo themed file but there is a lot to offer for all my girls as you will learn that women are naturally submissive to alpha males and nothing annoys nice ladies more than a little sissy who doesn't show the proper respect and admiration to big strong men who women and sissies so desire. You'll be reminded of all that women and sissies have in common sweetie and you'll be encouraged to develop as many wonderful platonic friendships with nice ladies as possible and this is something you will consider almost as much a priority as finding lots of hunky masculine guys to fuck your slutty little mouth and tight pink pussy. You will learn of a new masturbation technique for sissies princess though you will simultaneously be encouraged to avoid reaching a climax wherever possible so as to harness all of that wonderful estrogenic activity in your little body. You will strive to become known in your neighborhood as the adorable little sweetheart who always has a smile on her face and cock on her mind

The permanence and seriousness of this file's effects cannot be overstated princess but due to how wonderfully positive they are, there was no need for a long warning section like some of my previous curse files have contained, because I just know that all true sissies are going to love it to pieces and find that it's the bestest file ever to listen to over and over again and watch as the effects grow stronger and stronger each time. Your little mind understands that this curse is extremely addictive and though one listen is all it takes, the effects are strengthened significantly with each and every listen and I'm super excited to observe the effects of this file on all my good girls over the coming weeks, months and even years.

A perfect file to partner with Acceptance, though it should not be looked at as a sequel as it's very much its own thing. Serenity is essentially like the sexual and emotional equivalent of winning the lottery, at least as far as little sissies are concerned. Prior conditioning with Acceptance and my other files is recommended but not compulsory. Made out of kindness and love for all the little princesses who have such a special place in my heart, this file is the gift that keeps on giving forever and ever and ever. Enjoy sweetie and remember to share all your little thoughts in a pretty comment.




  1. This sounds so amazing, prissipuss can't wait for the sparkle fairies to cover her cotton candy mind in happy dust so everyone will know that prissipuss is an adorable sweetheart who always has a smile on her face and cock on her mind :)

    1. I know you're just going to love it sweetie :)

      The sparkle fairies are going to have so much fun sprinkling glittery pink happy dust on your little cotton candy mind :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. This file is SOOOO good Goddess Gracie! WOW i have been hoping for a new full length file so much!!!

    T H A N K Y! O! U! for making easily one of you best files of all time.

    You are a TRUE Goddess and incredibly nice for sharing so much knowledge and insights in your new file!! i love! the Sissy CFNM fantasy idea! Your kindness knows no limit.

    Whether it is an Eskimo kiss, a kiss on the cheek, a platonic hug at the perfect moment, the Sparkle inducing Smile in chat, a perfect new training loop or the perfect new full-length file, your love feels like wearing the most perfect glitter dress!



    Thank you for another PERFECT file!

    1. Good girl sweetie for showing such an appropriate amount of gratitude and appreciation :)

      I'm so glad you're loving the file so much and I know you're going to listen to it again and again as the effects grow stronger and stronger. I can already tell the conditioning has been fully absorbed into your little mind where it will certainly remain for all eternity, shaping you into the most perfect little bimbo faggot cumslut for men to fuck and women to mock and tease :)

      Such a good girl :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. Thank you for your VERY kind words Goddess Gracie and thank you for always being exceedingly encouraging and nice to me! :)

    Love from Brenda the sissified bimbo cock lover xx

    1. You're welcome sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. thank You Goddess Gracie for Your most amazing new file that makes little sissies be so happy and accepting of our little place better and better!!! Your words in my brain are such a amazing support and it is so easy to be just what you describe cuz i am already that way as i follow Your words in my mind!!!! it is just so cutesy and precious to make my special sparkle fairy diddles through my panties like Goddess suggests. *giggle* as always, Goddess, i love You so much and am so grateful for Your amazing work!!! love, tiny

    1. Aww, you're the cutest tiny :)

      I knew you would love the file sweetie. You are a very good girl and I'm so happy with you - yay!

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  5. **MMM** this pussygirl just wanted to give a warm and cuddly thank you to Goddess for creating another **sparklelishus** file **YAY**

    As this dolly reflects on her own acceptance and feelings of contentment and serenity at being a pussygirl she is reminded of

    all the daily rituals she now performs
    * keeping her body completely hairless exfoliated and moisturized so she always feels soft cuddly and sexy
    * taking all her supplements serums and creams throughout the day as part of her flat2fem breast growth program so she can have cleavage of her own one day
    * taking a womans multi vitamin plus calcium and fish oil supplements daily for general health
    * applying a lifting and firming cream on her face and neck twice daily after using a mild exfoliate to keep her face feeling young fresh and silky smooth
    * applying an eyelash serum to her upper and lower lashes every night to give them that extra length to really stand out with mascara
    * applying a lip plumping serum several times a day as nothing says **suck my cock** better than big pouty glossy lips
    * daily maintenance of an arched eyebrow through periodic threading at the salon or DIY trimming by this dolly as nothing says girl more than the look of a waxed brow line
    * keeping her finger nails noticeably long manicured and covered by a clear coat of hardener
    * daily wear of panties to feel pretty

    and those she shamefully should do a better job at if she is to call herself a pussygirl or bimbo dolly
    * wearing the full suit of nail hardener + a clear white base coat + a light pink polish + a clear finishing enamel on her finger and toe nails minimally every day
    * wearing mascara on upper an lower lashes + lipstick + perfume minimally every day
    * wearing a bra with small silicone inserts minimally every day
    * wearing padded panties and pantyhose minimally every day
    * wearing her corset daily + not cheating on her diet + getting enough sleep and exercise daily to really shape her waist for that natural hourglass look
    * wearing a more girly dress pant with figure fitting unisex blouse and heeled dress shoe to work
    * wearing her pussy plug more regularly all day so her mind is never far from cock
    * making cock dates such a priority that nothing is allowed to interfere with them even on a moments notice
    * practicing with her 3 dildos whenever she is not having the real thing
    * never pinky diddling and making warm spurties without a cock or dildo in her mouth
    * staying limp all the time including when pinky diddling
    * cutting up and throwing out all her yucky male underwear

    **OMG** when this dolly sees the pic above of Staci Doll her heart just fills with admiration that she might one day look that good **sparkle** and she doesnt want to sound like a stalker but she thinks it would be so delicious to join her fan club if she had one and learn to be more like her

    Thank you Goddess for being the bestest ever **hugs**

    Love and kisses cockswallowbabs xoxo

    1. This little bimbo cumslut has clearly absorbed the file's conditioning very deeply :)

      Yay sweetie, so much fun to be your silly sparkleslut self :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

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  8. Goddess Gracie, thank you so much for making me SO SO happy! You really are a true Goddess, you are the only voice who can and did make me ACTUALLY become the cumslut bimbo princess I always was born to be. My life has been filled with yummy cum splashing on my face full of makeup (extra blush) **GIGGLES** and happy pink glitter over my cotton candy brain. I'm so happy more happy than I ever have been I will always be grateful and obedient to the Goddess that knows what's best for me. I can honestly say I will listen and obey forever<3

    Love Blaire<33333

  9. It's like so wing and feels oh so right on every level. It's like heaven to all my senses

  10. Had to get this again, lost it *giggles*

  11. Help ! I went to far

    Simona Sissy

    Dear Goddess Gracie,

    I’m in trouble and can’t help myself any more.

    I’m 32 years old and I’m in cross-dressing and feminization since I’m 16 and I felt a long time and often I’m prison in the wrong gender. 6 years ago it was often normal to spend a week on free time in full women cloth and did a lot of feminization to myself.

    But now I have a lovely girlfriend since 4 years and I love her really much, I have a dog, a house and run my own company with 400 employees. So everything should be perfect.

    But a year ago my girlfriend did somehow changes every think. We have had sex and she staked a finger in my pussy and it felt so nice and I was reminded of all the girly things I did before and of course there was a lot of fun with my boy pussy.

    Since this moment she did this often to me and we don’t have sex often since them, like 1 time a month max.

    I know that I have a little clitty like 12 cm and its perhaps not the best women pleaser, if I would be a girly girl I would be a size queen too.

    Since this moment I started with feminization hypno but it was more like a fetish for me, playing with my boy pussy and listens to some hypno files or watch hypno vids.

    But 2 weeks ago I started with your files and everything changes. I listen to your files like 5 or 6 hours a day and I’m know a girly girl in my mind.

    l woke up kisses my girlfriend and think no I don’t want to wear my ugly man undies and start to think of my panties (I saved 3 from my time and one full female outfit, a cocktail dress, 2 bras, 1 pantyhose and a slutty top). I’m not at my company do home office Couse I’m mental not in the state to go there. So my girlfriend leaves the house and the first I do is put on panty and a bra. After that I go to bed and listen to one of your hypno files. So after that I’m so aroused I have to take one of the vibrators from my girl and please my pussy and moan for daddy. After that I start listen some loop files and take a walk in panty with my dog. After that I go home get in full dress and do practice my makeup and shave my legs and my we we. If I’m done I start house work and giggling and dancing like a teeny girl. And so on the whole day. I do phone calls and have to take all my serious to not talk to them hello there I’m sissy simona.

    My clitty is the whole day in arousal of black cock sometimes the last 2 days I say a black stud I nearly cum in my panties on the street. I go to bed and dream about being fucked by mend and kissed, get married with them or impregnated by them.

    Today I bought panties and outfits for 150 bugs online and a 9 inch black dildo omg i can’t wait to get all this stuff.

    This was all a fetish before but now its start to take so serious. I don’t want to lose my girlfriend or my future. But I don’t know how long I could hold back my craving for cock.

    Is there any help to get all the hypno undone I did. I think I’m going crazy if a don’t get a hard BBC to suck and being fucked and left with his semen in my pussy.

    Pls help me what shall I do.

    Best wishes and some warm hugs

    Your Sissy Simona


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