Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New File: Training Loop #24 - BBC Obsession

You already know that women everywhere love black men sweetie and you're going to learn just why black guys are so supremely attractive in this very enlightening brainwashing session. Yes princess, you will learn to crave big black cock like never before and you will remember to treat your BBC superiors with the reverence they deserve as you worship their large beautiful penises that you just know could fuck a hundred pussies a week and still be stiff and twitching for more. . .

The huge contrast between masculine black studs and little sissy princesses will be highlighted more than ever before and you will learn why it's natural to feel more feminine and precious in the presence of such hunky black alphas. Your little mind understands that women go that extra mile when they are dressing up for BBC sweetie and you know that sissies are like women and therefore will naturally behave in much the same way. You will find that you are more flirty and giggly around black men and the mere sight of a masculine black man will be enough to trigger you into a state of bimbo heat where all you can think about is black cock and looking pretty and giggling as you bounce up and down on BBC like a happy jiggly slut (yay!)

You will crave the luscious warm cream that black men bestow upon their good girls sweetie but you will learn that immediately swallowing the yummylicious treat is not acceptable and it is required that you keep your mouth filled with your BBC master's cum for at least 30 seconds, smiling warmly at every BBC hunk in the room before you can feel that you have earned the privilege to swallow. Your obsession will grow and grow and you'll find yourself falling in love with practically every black guy you meet or even see in the street (yes sweetie, love at first sight does exist when it comes to little sissy princesses and big black alphas!). You will daydream about being kissed and fondled by big hunky black men before they fuck your pretty face and fill your pussy with their thick gorgeous cocks

You may even find yourself fantasizing about being impregnated by big black studs in much the same way as women do sweetie and your ultimate fantasy may be to be a black owned sissy wife for your BBC alpha and all his hunky black friends. You don't need to be told that this file is extremely addictive and it's best to listen on loop for at least 30-60 minutes at a time. The choice will be left up to you whether you want to still pursue sex with non-black men in the future sweetie or go exclusively black as many girls do. Whatever you choose, you will find that your obsession with BBC is for life and must be satiated one way or another. Enjoy sweetie and be sure to let me know all your cutesy little thoughts about BBC studs and the file after you've listened.

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  1. Dear Goddess Gracie

    OMG as this dolly listens to the BBC Obsession trainer she cannot help but think of what it would feel like to have ten inches of pure heaven inside of her pussy or mouth

    Her first and only BBC experience with Daddy Jamal allowed her the delicious privilege of pleasuring nine inches of exstacy with her mouth as he watched his football game and she knows she must have done something right as he even stopped watching to tilt her head back to spray his reward onto her face and mouth but Daddy Jamal didnt end up fucking her so she is yet to have BBC in her pussy outside of the very firm and thick Doc Johnson nine inch Mr Marcus dildo she has played with completely insider her pussy on many occasions **giggles**

    In training with the file for several days now this dolly is so tempted to make a decision to pleasure BBC exclusively because she knows by doing so it would call upon her to up her game to attract the kind of man who could have any woman which if she was successful in pleasuring would the highest compliment she could ever imagine receiving

    This dolly maybe thinks the file is calling upon her to make an extra effort to beautify herself in ways a BBC Master would desire but to still be open to other Masters whether black or not as long as their cocks are of sufficient size to be called big and she is maybe thinking that means a minimum of eight inches to start with **sparkle**

    This dolly thinks any big cocked Master would like a girl with a little more cushion for the pushn and so she is going to work on growing her caboose and chest while shrinking her waist through a diet rich in healthy fats along with proper exercises like hula hooping and wearing a corset so in addition to everything else she is doing to beautify herself she can be everything her BBC or BWC Master wants in a woman **gush**

    This cum guzzler is hoping the building of fatty tissue around her tushy and chest but not her tummy will have the desired effect and also offer a good base to work from in the event she one day is lucky enough to have a Master who wants to make her dreams come true by paying for her to have HRT therapy and maybe even big bodacious implants **gush**

    Thank you Goddess for making such a yummy file which she thinks together with sissy pride will contribute to a stronger commitment on her part to express her inner most sissy self on a daily basis **sparkle**

    Love cockswallowbabs **sparkle**

    1. Good girl for leaving such a pretty comment babs sweetie :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Thank you SO much for your continuing to share your kindness and training ideas! You insights and perfect advice are incredible and inspiring! This is a file to treasure!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Yay Sissy Queer Brenda! So glad you enjoyed the file so much hun :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. I'm sure you'll be super excited to read that I just put out yet another new file! A 15 minute training loop called Bimbo Heatwave for all my silly bimbos. Available now on WMM - there'll be a separate blog post for it soon.

  3. i listened to this file and the bimbo heatwavie and omg Goddess i so wish a nice Superior Black Man would want to make me his little bitch and have me take his massive cock however He wanted me to. i just know He would make me sissygasm over and over again as he pounded my pretty little pussy and throat. caressing and slapping my titties and bending me on one position or another so that His beautiful cock can have better access to my holes.... i just want to do whatever He says and let everyone know that He owns me i can' wait until i see his massive Cock next to my inverted little clitty nub and he makes me scream like a well fucked bitch. thank You so much Goddess for this training. so grateful.

  4. Aww, yay sweetie - so happy for you :)

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  5. My Darling Goddess and Divine Diva Goddess Gracie,

    Thank you soooo much for helping us little pussy princesses to realize that our velvety soft, moist, juicy, pink boi-pussies need to be hidden inside silky, lacy Panties because our gaped open juicy boi-cunts are perfect for swallowing, clamping down on, massaging, milking, squeezing and pleezing BIG BLACK COCKS.

    Ms. kunt is listening to your loop on "Panties" right now and it is reminding me of the raw female, insatiable lust ms. kunt's sweet, little pussy always feels when she simply thinks about wearing silky pink panties to parade, prance and mince in front of a Big Dick Black Dom Daddy in order to seduce him into fucking my hot little cunt just by pulling my panties to the side so he can access my hot, dripping, sopping wet, hungry, pink boi-pussy.

    Your "Panties" audio reminds me of how I was first "Broken" by a Black Dominatrix who was a BFF of my sweet, innocent, Catholic School Girl Virgin Bride who became so sexually frustrated that she confided our "little problem" to this Beautiful Black Domme who first taught me how much I love wearing silky Panties and dreaming about having my hot, wet, dripping, cock-craving "cunt" inside my silky panties.

    Once in silky panties, ms. kunt's weak, feverish little sissy brain caused ms. kunt to be obsessively and compulsively focused on finding Big Black Cocks to fuck the velvety soft, sweet, pink, hot, dripping pussy hidden inside my silky Panties. Whenever ms .kunt pulls silky panties up over her teeny, tiny, clit-sized, micro-mini clittie and her sensitive, soft, pink boi-cunt, it was if something "clicked" in ms. kunt's weak little feminine mind and all she could think about was sucking Big Black Cocks and Begging them to fuck her hot, dripping wet cunt hard, deep and long until I began having multiple female-type whole body, intensely internal, toe-curling orgasms.

    My Black Domme taught me to always wear silky panties when sucking Black Cocks and begging them to fuck me. She taught me to pull them to the side to give the Real Man's Big Dick easy access to my cunt; but, to reach down to make sure those silky panties were pulled up tight against my shriveled, sterile, tight, little acorn size ovary sac and tiny "inverted", "invisible", soft, limp clittie so that they were totally hidden from the Black Bull's view so that visually he would see only my hot, cock-hungry, pulsating, pink pussy wet, juicy and ready for him to fuck it deep, hard and long. As he fucked my hot, dripping cunt, ms. kunt felt like such a horny little bitch that as his Big Black Cock slammed into her cunt, ms. kunt felt sooo feminine and couldn't resist rolling over so the Dominant Real Man could press the tip of his cock against my dripping, wet cunt as he looks down at my little femme bitch face so he can fill my pussy with his Big Cock and hot cum as he leans down to kiss me and fill my soft, warm mouth with his big tongue so that both my holes will be penetrated, probed, poked, and fucked as those silky Panties rub so pleasantly against my smooth shaved, hairless, hot, wet pussy as he began spurting, squirting, spewing and spraying his thick, copious loads of potent, virile, male nectar male milkshake into my eager little boi-cunt pussy.

    Thank you Goddess for one of the most powerful audios I have ever listened to.

    Your slutty, Panty loving, cock-craving, cum-swallowing, femme princess fuck-toi,

    ms. karli kunt

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie,

    Please make a full length BBC worship file, nothing makes me feel more girly than superior black men. I love this file, but I need to go deeper, I need to dress up and be the only sissy for a BBC gangbang, I need to sissygasm with a room full of superior black men watching me ride black cock and I need your help to get me there.

    Thank you for reading


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