Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New File: Training Loop #25 - Bimbo Heatwave

This file is very intense and will leave little bimbos in a state of constant sexual heat that simply must be satiated by finding a man (or men) to please. You will be drawn into a deep and prolonged state of extreme feminine sexual arousal and simply fantasizing about dreamy hunks and thick twitching cocks will not be enough to satisfy your ever present yearning for large rockhard cocks in your slutty little mouth and tight wet pussy. You will be reminded of how to behave around men sweetie and you will remember that nothing is more important to a silly bimbo cumslut than looking pretty for all the guys and you will learn several new methods of making your femininity more permanent and impossible to hide and you will learn how to cope with and embrace the mild humiliation this may cause you. 

Yes princess, your little mind understands that humiliation is good for bimbos as it teaches them humility and respect for their superiors as well as reminding them of their little place and that is why you will grow to love and accept the humiliation and come to realize that it makes you a stronger person who has the inner strength to be herself even if it can be a little embarrassing at times. You will come to understand why it's so nice for bimbos to giggle softly around big strong men even if they're not saying anything particularly funny and above all you'll remember to smile at guys you are attracted to sweetie as this is one of the most feminine things a bimbo can do to express herself to the world.

You know that silly bimbos fall in love with masculine guys sweetie and you'll find yourself fantasizing about kissing tenderly and lovingly and being held in the strong manly arms of a dreamy hunk whose powerful masculine presence practically reduces you to a gooey pink puddle of warm fuzzies. Good bimbos love to **sparkle** and even shimmer a little sweetie and my sparkle fairies may even pay you a special visit every time you listen to this extremely addictive and infinitely relistenable file if you are a very good girl. You will go further and further into a state of heat as you listen sweetie and this will be magnified with subsequent listens though you understand it's a good idea to always listen for at least 30-60 minutes at a time for the most profound results. 

While you are listening you will think about setting aside time in your very near future (whether today, tomorrow or later in the week) to truly let your hair down and be your bimbo self to your fullest and truest extent without a hint of compromise. This may mean dressing up and remaining in a state of extreme arousal for 24 hours or more sweetie. Your estrogen levels will be sky high while you are in a state of heat sweetie and I would strongly recommend that you avoid making a spurtygasm or even a sissygasm on your first listen as it's much more effective to allow the conditioning to be absorbed fully without interrupting the process for the sake of a momentary sexual release. Yes sweetie, you may diddle whenever you like but spurties are best avoided until you have looped the conditioning a little so that it can affect you more deeply and on a much more long term basis than if you were to make cummies prematurely like the silly little sissy you are. 

I must reiterate sweetie that the real life pursuit of cock and cum is a strong focus of this file and you won't be content to just fantasize about it - you need it. By listening to this file you're committing to the need to be fed cock after juicy cock until the warm luscious cream is trickling down your face onto your slutty titties as the nice men comment to each other about what a filthy slut you are. Now be a good girl and remember to decide on an appropriate time to have a whole lot of bimbo fun over the coming few days or even weeks sweetie. 


Training Loop #25 - Bimbo Heatwave


  1. omg Goddess this file just makes me feel like just the sluttiest little clittybitch. i am just aching to have a nice Man's huge penis penetrate my pussy as far as it can go and shoot hot baby cum deep inside of me! i want to have spurtygasms just imagining it but i know that nothing can compare to really having a Man deep inside my pussy or my throat fucking me like the submissive thing i am. i am so happy that i will be able to dress as my slutty self more and more often now Goddess and can't wait to start dating big men who just want me to be their bestest good girl ever!! i am not sure why i feel this Goddess, but this felt like the most emasculating training ever and i mean by that it just took me an even larger step to accepting who i am, what i need, and how best to get it from all the real Men out there. of course, a side benefit is that i feel more and more in love with You, Goddess, with every training!! -- princess tiny clitty

  2. prissipuss absolutely needs to be fed cock after cock until Tasha and Jocelyn are covered in warm sticky cream and she looks like the dumb happy slut she is :)

  3. fifis beautiful Princess Wife absolutely LOVES files like this, as it it makes fifi even MORE submissive to Her Big Strong Real Man Boyfriend. fifi has become Her stand in fuck toy for Him.

  4. dear Goddess

    thank you so much for the bimbo heatwave file

    it is so delishus to listen to and is giving this dolly the confidence to want to express her sissy self more visibly for everyone to see her for who she truly is whether new acquaintances or friends or family members

    meanwhile listening to the file has brought much into perspective over the past few years as this dollys professional career has stalled with many failed attempts to get ahead and she cannot help but think this is related to her mind growing fluffier and emptier and more cock craved such that she cannot motivate herself to expend the extra effort to excel anymore at activities she just finds so boring and meaningless and in the end nothing but a big distraction from working on herself so all daddies with big throbbing cocks see her as an irresistible fucktoy and all the real women as serious competition for their daddies

    this dolly hopes bimbo heatwave will give her the confidence to more fully embrace her girly girl identity unlike ever before and not be distracted by what others who may not approve of her think

    love babs xoxo

    1. Like omg, I shoo hope this isn't my problem, as Herr I'm like last 4 months, my motivation on my job, has been like so watt shown, as being to get back to work.

  5. Good girls for leaving such adorable comments sweeties :)

    Glad you're all enjoying the file and hopefully looking forward to a very happy holiday season!

    Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  6. Dear Goddess Gracie: Can you make a absolutely truely depraved hour long Christmas File, complete with mad subliminals and content.

    It's all I want for XMAS would really appreciate more mind-fuck-ulation content that takes each and every aspect of Christmas, and turns it into some sick depraved fucked up shit, hehe.

  7. I have the feeling you would not ever dissapoint. But can you make an absolutely mind fuckable track that will scramble your brains like the 1980's drug commercial? I'm not completely sure, But dammit I believe in YOU <3.

  8. I simply ashore your hypnosis, as whatever gets me moving in a positive direction is always a good thing. Being TS, on HRT, sometimes we just need that extra push at times.

  9. I'm pretty much on edge most pod the time regardless, as being on female hormones as long as I've been on them, ours like my idea of arousal is rubbing my nipples, licking my lips n moaning ever so gently, as I get these shivers n tingles throughout my clitty n throughout my body. Very rarely get cummies, but when I shoo, I lap it up n find myself wanting more. It's me on hormones.

    I must say I love the last pic, as sissifyyourself blog Shiny Pink had a post years back I never forgot called "Dirtified", like omg, it was shoo hot n shoo serene. As did they both become addicted to cock n loved the snowball. This post is from stacipennel. Not sure why this other email keeps coming up

  10. Like omg, often times I find I could so bee a total slut for cock n snowball. It's like I for one can't help but lick my lips, rubbing my nipples n moan ever so lightly. To incredible

  11. yay goddess! this file is heaven for my bimbo brain! thank you for setting me down the path to become my true self. i know i have a long road ahead of me but with goddess help i can become the ultimate cumslut cockwhore for all the hunky guys! thank you goddess! <3


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