Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New File: Training Loop #29 - Sissy Overload

This file is very intense and just perfect for true pathological sissies. You will learn your little place better than ever before where women are concerned sweetie and your submissiveness towards nice ladies will be made stronger than ever as you learn to be more open and honest about who and what you really are. 

You'll enjoy being emasculated by all the nice ladies in your life and you will have a strong desire to make yourself useful to them in whatever way you can i.e. cooking, cleaning, and even tending to their hubbies sexual needs when your nice friend is on her period or just not in the mood to do so herself. Prepare to become more submissive and sissified than ever sweetie as you learn to embrace being a pussified little cutiepie for women to dress up and gossip with before they take you out for a night on the town and feed you cock after scrumptious cock while they laugh and make demeaning comments to each other about their cute little friend. 

My precious little princess will also hear all about how women adore and respect men, but your little mind understands that little sissies are not privy to the same level of respect and admiration that women have for strong masculine guys. You will come to appreciate more than ever how wonderful it is to be given the opportunity to become useful in some way to nice ladies who would otherwise already have enough sweet female friends and gorgeous manly lovers to ever have any need for a little sissy princess in their lives. 

This file touches on just about everything sissy-related making it a very powerful and effective piece of conditioning that works best when listened to on repeat for 45-60 minutes at a time, preferably at least once a day. As the name implies, Sissy Overload is not aimed at casual sissies who aren't truly committed to being the girliest girls they can be, it is for true sissies only and may seem quite hardcore or extreme to the inexperienced and uninitiated. I don't want to spoil all the fun details sweetie as it's much better for you to discover everything that the file entails for yourself. Enjoy princess and remember to leave a pretty comment like a good girl.  


  1. omg Goddess, this file is soooooooo good. You are completely amazing Goddess Gracie. it is so amazing that You are helping out little minds so much to become what we want us to want so much for us to be.... omg that was so silly. *giggle*

    1. Aww, how lovely to read such a pretty little comment from princess tinyclitty herself :)

      It's good that you know how tiny and silly you are sweetie - so much better that way :)

      Love from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. prissipuss loves being a pussified little cutie pie for nice ladies to dress up and order around to their heart's content. I must obey them completely, they know best for me.

  3. I love you. I'm gay now

  4. This file is so wonderful!!! Thanks so much for posting it :):):)

  5. Ohhh, i forgot to say how much i love the bit about being 'friends with nice ladies'. One of my favourite things about being a sissy, is my strong friendships with with women;) I have two really close lady friends who know everything about me! I love them both so much:):):)

  6. dear sissy sisters and Goddess

    cockpetbabs just adores the new Sissy Overload training loop and as her fluffy little mind gets brainwashed by its life changing message this dolly grows more and more accepting and wanting to share her true sissy identity with the world and not just as she loves to do when she can get dressed up all pretty to go out but in every day interactions in the yummy hope that this gives her the confidence to eventually start living the sissy lifestyle 24*7

    fucktoybabs has known for some time now the importance of assuming responsibility for more and more of the household chores until it is known and expected by everyone that she looks after all the domestic chores in the home and it excites her to know that this is now happening with increasing regularity with cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping and errands and it just makes her **sparkle** to be seen by her superiors in this way

    as this dolly has become more and more accustomed to revealing her true sissy identity to sales staff when doing a quick bit of shopping for makeup or a bra fitting or womens clothing she is beginning to think she would like to pull together an ultra feminized wardrobe beyond simple leggings or booty shorts to wear in such circumstances so that her sissy identity is more fully revealed and on display without a wig or as much makeup as she would normally wear on those days where she has more time or is going out on a date and she just knows that through continued brainwashing with Sissy Overload that she will do this **sparkle**

    omg fuckdollbabs heart melted to hear Goddess discuss the lack of suitability a sissy feels with calling herself gay as her effeminate qualities make her feel more straight than anything else and she can barely sit still thinking about what term Goddess may one day come up with to help all sissies with this oh so important issue

    lastly cumguzzlerbabs cant believe how her avoidance of news and current events over the passed several years has left her with little more than giggles to offer in many conversations with superiors and she just knows that continued brainwashing with Sissy Overload and other files of Goddess is going to inspire her continued interest in topics that only girly girls find interesting **gush** and which increasingly find her contributing more in girls than boys circles like at a recent work event where all the men were discussing boring work topics or sports that this dolly couldnt care less about much rather preferring to chat with a group of nice ladies about summer clearance sales and yummy kitchen recipes **gush**

    love cockswallowbabs xoxo

  7. I'd like to look like that bi mbo


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