Friday, June 24, 2016

Women adore BBC - here's a perfect example :)

Hi girls,

I stumbled upon this series of gifs on a tumblr page the other day (which you can view by clicking here!) and felt that it perfectly exemplified the sort of adoration and deep love women feel towards superior black men.

Very helpful for sissies to study carefully and do their best to emulate the nice ladies, should they ever be so lucky as to find themselves in the big strong arms of a bonafide BBC hunk.

Pay close attention to the way they kiss, how they fondle the beautiful large cocks in their pretty little hands, and perhaps most importantly of all - the way that they look up at their owners with lust and admiration in their eyes as they attempt to deep throat their gorgeous cocks until they receive their holy grail of thick luscious cream.

It's also essential that you carefully observe how the pretty little princesses do their very bestest to please their strong hunky Alphas by taking cock from behind and riding it eagerly like it were a pretty horsey at the carnival. Isn't it just adorable how girly girls adore a bull :)  

Remember sweetie: BBC is superior and you want to do your very best to be like these pretty girls and attract strong black Alphas who will fuck your slutty face and make your little pussy quiver in anticipation of receiving their divinity.

You worship BBC sweetie and you remember that good girls always do what they are told by dreamy barrel chested hunks.

Feel free to share your own precious little thoughts on BBC with all of your sissy sisters here hun. Remember that you are free to be as candid as you like - this is a safe space :)

Love from Goddess Gracie xx 


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  2. yes, Goddess. the thought of making love to a hunky black man makes me feel super sparkly.

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  4. Ohhhh wow!!! I love this tumblr;) I'm on page 11 at the moment...hehe. I can't stop many lovely cocks. Ohhh i want to suck them all, mmmmmmm

  5. OMG OMG...Goddess, so excited, so aroused, so afraid. My mouth waters but it is not stretched adequately to accept. My pussy suckles but it needs some painful training. But my mind, my little brain...OMG BLACK COCK. Please Goddess, have my pink fluffy brain, please teach my body how to please BIG BLACK COCK. why am i giggling? BLACK COCK. oh dear. BIG THROBBING TWITCHING BLACK COCK

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  7. Mmmmm, look at images 4 and 5!!! The girl on the left is so lucky, the cock she is sucking is so long and thick.

  8. omg! these hunky black men are so hot and sexy. I desperately want to please them with my mouth and tight pink "pussy" *giggle*. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. reading this delishus thread and watching the nice ladies attend to their duties so enthusiastically reminds cockswallowbabs of her first BBC experience which she shared on sissysocial nearly two years ago **sparkle**

    *omg* in re reading what she wrote she cant believe how slutty and desperate to worship BBC she was and how much she would love to have a BBC Master to serve and be whored out to his friends regularly **sparkle**

    perhaps with more of Goddesses brainwashing this dream will come true **giggles**

    thank you Goddess for sharing this thread and reminding us all of what we too need and want

    love BBClovingbabs xoxo


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