Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New File: Bimbo Mantras

Continuing on from my recently released Sissy Mantras, this is for all the silly bimbos who **sparkle** for big thick cocks and love to look pretty for strong masculine men. This file is 25 minutes of extreme bimbo brainwashing and it is not to be taken lightly sweetie - you will be utterly helpless to resist the effects as you listen close and repeat after me like a good obedient bimbo. You will learn a number of extremely effective mantras that will help you set your inner bimbo free like never before, allowing you to **sparkle** bright as can be and be a happy horny slut with nothing on her little mind but big thick cocks and looking pretty. 

Yes sweetie, your little mind will go bye-byes and the only things you will be able to think about will be cock and fashion and flirting and kisses and cuddles with hot guys and before you know it sweetie you will be in **sparkle mode** on a quest to find the yummiest cock(s) to please with your slutty little mouth and tight pink pussy. You will repeat the conditioning phrases over and over again in your prettiest bimbo voice sweetie and you will find yourself utterly entranced and trapped in an extreme and prolonged state of bimbo heat that can only be satisfied by dressing up all pretty and pleasing strong masculine men like a good little whore. 

Your cotton candy brain will be paid a special visit courtesy of my **sparkle fairies** who will sprinkle happy dust on your little mind and make it all pink and glittery - yay! These effects will not soon diminish sweetie and you will find yourself feeling very airheaded and extremely aroused and desperate for cock for days or even weeks after you begin training with the file. This will be especially true if you choose to utilize the file correctly and listen every day like a good girl. This file is going to make you extremely happy and horny and flirty sweetie and you are going to have the time of your life enjoying all of the wonderful, pleasant effects that are just lovely

The effects of this file are very insidious sweetie and you will realize after a few weeks of regular listening just how deeply it has affected you and enhanced and improved your bimbo personality and made everything all pink and sparkly. You will reach a greater level of self-love and self-acceptance than ever before upon training with this file little princess and that is just one of the countless wonderful effects it will have on your little mind. You are going to enjoy every second of your happy giggly life my sweet little bimbo and you are so excited about making yourself all pretty and sucking big yummy cocks like the dumb little cumslut you are. Enjoy sweetie and remember to listen again and again and you will find that the mantras begin popping into your little head even when you're not listening - how exciting! You'll also start to make up your own and that will be super fun and awesome! 

 Happy Holidays everyone! :)

Love from Goddess Gracie xx


  1. I for one can't help but love and cherish this Goddess. It confuses me why it's so wrong and yet feels so right, so true, so wonderfully delightful

  2. my little cottoncandy brain is so sparkly, Goddess. being a good girl makes me sparkle so much and it is just all so yummy and wonderful! Your mantras are like little songs that are always making me smile so much. love, coco

  3. dear Goddess... i feel like with every file there are more and more of Your important words in my little mind making me be a good girl and helping my mind function correctly. Your files are so full of all the things i need to think about and i really really think You are amazing. like You just understand what sissies need so well and Your files are like medicine that works at many levels to help sissies be happy and ourselves. i am so grateful for Goddess!

  4. dear Goddess and all you good gurls

    omg a file like bimbo mantras is such an important file to listen to repeatedly by someone like a bimbo who doesnt think well for herself because when she has to make a decision all by herself which is tough enough at the best of times **gulp** all she has to do is ask what the bimbo mantra would tell her to do and then she can just do it **giggles**

    in this dollies opinion though the benefits of a bimbo mantra will only come with repeated listening to the point that the listener is instinctively living out the mantra lessons without thought in her every day life just like a real life bimbo would **sparkle**

    some might think poorly of advice that sounds a lot like brainwashing but this gurl sees it as a blessing and a necessary way for educating or bimbocating gurls who dont think well for themselves about how to think and act appropriately as bimbos that is not really different than how one might study science to become a scientist or practice cheers to become a cheerleader

    bimbocation has inspired this gurl to set some of her own goals for this coming year one of which is to volunteer her time at a local glory hole once a month with a purse full of condoms to show her superiors how grateful she is to them and another related one includes milking the yummy cum out of 200 cocks **sparkle**

    thank you so much Goddess for blessing all your good gurls with bimbo mantras **hugs** love babs xoxo


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