Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New File: Size Matters (featuring Mistress Stella)

You're finally ready to hear the full uncompromising truth sweetie: women love big cocks and a little sissy like you could never even begin to satisfy us with that soft little clitty. This 20 minute file is an honest interview with Mistress Stella on the importance of penis size. You have a lot to learn today sissy.

Those sissies who haven't yet fully accepted their little place beneath superior women and men will discover some important facts today where the matter of size is concerned. Sissies who do know their little place will love every second of listening to Stella and I discussing penis size and the specific ways in which big hard cocks differ so drastically from the dainty little bitchclits of true pathological sissies.

Stella goes into great detail as she recalls her past experiences, both with limp little thingies and wonderful large cocks. You'll hear all about how her Goddess pussy gets so wet in a matter of seconds for well-hung studs, and how the opposite occurs when she's in the presence of a mincing sissy who is perhaps a little "underendowed", to put it kindly.

So-called "men" who don't necessarily identify as sissies but are aware of their inadequacies where penis size is concerned also have a lot to gain by listening. Perhaps "men" like that may even come to an important realization about their true calling in life: to serve and obey.

Stella lays out some very important ground rules for how little sissies should interact with superior Goddesses and strong masculine men. You don't need to be told that you will obey her and take everything she says on board like a good girl sweetie. Good sissies know their little place and you'll have a better understanding than ever before of where you truly belong after listening and absorbing 
all of Stella's wonderful honesty.

If there was ever the slightest doubt in your little mind that size matters a great deal, there won't be after you hear what Stella and I have to say sissy. 

Size Matters (feat. Mistress Stella)


  1. Hi Goddess! I just wanted to reach out and say that your files have quickly taken me on a new and exciting path to bimbohood! I can't really explain why I've started to wear makeup shave all my body hair, but maybe it's because I've listed to Bimbo Blessing 2 too many times. I'm a huge fan and can't wait to purchase your new file! I'd love to talk about a custom recording too, if you do that! Feel free to email Thank you! <3 Jess

    1. Hi Jess,

      Sounds like Bimbo Blessing has brought about some very exciting and positive changes for you - yay!

      Keep listening to all the files sweetie as true sissies need all the conditioning their little minds can get in order to sparkle and function correctly.

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

      P.S. I don't currently make custom files sweetie but that could change at some point in the future.

  2. I really loved this file!!! I enjoy any conversations about cocks...giggle but it is good to be reminded that as a sissy you don't have a Real Man's Big Cock instead you have a little clitty.

    However, you'll find that having a little clitty;) comes in really handy when you want to start dating men because you will concentrate more on making sure your cock sucking skills are up to

    You might not have a Big Cock!!! but you can use your mouth and sissy pussy to please Hot Horny

    And then you can also concentrate on building friendships with some Lovely Ladies:) You can talk about guys you're dating, shopping, art, sex anything really. It's really wonderful!!!

    1. Yay! It makes sense that such a silly little sissy would enjoy a file like this sweetie :)

      Sissies with itsy bitsy little thingies certainly do tend to be some of the most prissy and sissified little cumsluts, which is one of the reasons that a little babysoft bitchclit is truly a blessing for true pathological sissies :)

      Yes sweetie, every sissy needs lots of nice lady friends to help her dress up pretty and talk about dreamy guys and hunky movie stars they're nursing a crush on.

      Nice ladies who know all about your little bitchclit will feel at ease around you (and this goes for any little clittied sissy reading) knowing that sex is simply not even a physiological possibility.

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. dear Goddess Gracie and Mistress Stella

    thank you for this yummy file which this dolly just purchased and can hardly wait to listen to **sparkle**

    since becoming a devoted follower of Goddess almost 5 years ago this cumguzzler has known her proper and appropriate place is on her knees with her wanting pussy up in the air tingling for the indescribable pleasure of a big thick cock plunging in and out of it or on her back with her legs wrapped around her studs back taking all of his manhood deep inside of her **gush**

    this dolly is so thankful for the blessings of a tiny little bitchclit because it helps her know her place not only in service of all the real men with throbbing large cocks in need of a receptacle to unload in on demand but also because it gives her something in common with all the real women of the world who share similar interests and who may also have the need of a housemaid to do her chores so she can do more of all the things she wants to do

    even tho this fuckdolls tiny little bitchclit has been nowhere near a real vagina for years now she also knows there is never enough she can learn from superiors like Goddess and Mistress whose teachings are turning her into a 247 fuckdoll cockpet and housemaid **gush**

    love and kisses cockswallowbabs xoxo

    1. Hi babs,

      You're welcome sweetie and I'm sure you'll just love it to bits when you listen :)

      How exciting to think it's been almost five years now. Time flies when you're full of cum :)

      Yes sweetie, a tiny little bitchclit can certainly be a wonderful blessing for a little sissy like you. Not even a hint of a bulge in your pretty panties anymore (if there ever was to begin with). Yay! :)

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  4. OOOhh My Goddess Gracie.....OOOhh YES YES YES..... Soo Wonderful.....Of course.... Bigger is ALWAYS better,,,, and Just sooooo Delicious...... !! OMG !! OMg !! How I LOVE... sooo delicious...!!!! and ...I LOVE you Gracie....

    1. Aww, how adorable :)

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx


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