Saturday, June 24, 2017

New File: Manhood Eraser

This file is a curse sweetie and it is not to be taken lightly. An extreme mindfuck for advanced sissies and newcomers alike, Manhood Eraser is perfect for good girls who are very familiar with my conditioning but it will also have wonderful, powerful effects on listeners who are just getting started. Perhaps my most emasculating and sissifying work yet, you'll find it incredibly easy to slip into a deep comfortable state of inner tranquility as my important words fix your little mind and make it **sparkle** and function at its full potential.

As with all of my curses princess, this file has extremely positive effects on little sissies everyday lives and you'll find that you will be spending lots of time in the coming weeks and months engaging in activities that are very appropriate for a little sissy princess such as yourself. This may include playing dressups like a good girl, practising your makeup application so that rough masculine hunks will want to fuck your face, shopping online and at the mall for pretty panties and other important girly girl accessories, and most importantly of all: flirting with strong manly guys and arranging hookups with men that you feel would make for compatible sexual partners. Typically these would be men who are masculine, dominant and have wonderful large cocks.

This file is for all the quivering sissies and bimbo cumsluts who need hardcore brainwashing so that their little minds can work correctly and they can experience the correct thoughts and feelings about everything that relates to their fluffy little place in the world. The title may confuse little airheaded sissies at first because needless to say they possess no manhood in the first place, but many sissies go through phases where they slip back into denial of their true selves. Those who are accepting of their authentic sissy selves 24/7 will find the effects of this file equally beneficial because it will trigger them into a state of complete and total pussification that will not soon diminish upon the file's conclusion.

You will be more of a sissy than ever before in your day to day life sweetie and you will be more and more comfortable expressing your true self to the people around you, caring less and less what ignorant and narrowminded people might think about you. Your slutty pussy will drip with lust for strong masculine men just like you were a real woman whose physiological response is much the same - you will hear about the things men enjoy in life and we'll also discuss women and sissies in great detail so that your little mind can benefit from all of the helpful information I graciously share.

Extremely addictive as always, this file will be utilized on a very regular basis by good little sissies who do as they're told like good girls. The foremost effects of the file are a prolonged state of sexual heat, deep feelings of submissiveness towards both women and men, strong sexual attraction towards masculine men, extreme lasting happiness, feelings of euphoria, improved mental and emotional well-being, inner peace and serenity, seeing yourself as a girl, thinking like a girl at all times, automatic obedience towards women and strong masculine men, and greatly increased sense of self-love and pride in your sissy self. Enjoy sweetie and remember to leave a nice comment after you've finished listening.


  1. !!!Ohhhh Wow!!! Manhood Eraser is Totally Amazing!!! I've been listening for 5 years now Goddess Gracie, and i'm always so relaxed after finishing the file. I'll admit to hiding myself sometimes, which does cause a bit of depression from time to time but i know deep down...i'm a lovely, beautiful, incredible sissy girl.

    Women love to be friends with me and Men like to do other things with

    Gosh, that lady in the first picture is so lucky!!! I love how she goes from tasting one guy's balls to the other. Ohhh that must be heaven!

    I like how the young lady in the second picture is teasing the guy a little but i think he knows she can't resist his big thick meaty cock. Ohhh i would love that in my pussy.

    The lady in the third picture has such lovely hair;) And i can catch a glance of a nice top too;) I can't wait to try making my ass jiggle like that for a Horny

    The fourth lady is really getting fucked so hard by that guy's big cock. I'd love to have big boobs like that, then they could swing from side to side as my pussy is being pounded by a big thick wonderful cock!!!

    I've sucked lots of cocks but i've only really been fucked by a guy once and i was a little tight because i hadn't trained my pussy well enough:(
    I really need to be way more consistent with my Dildo/Pussy Plug Training!!!

    Thanks so much again for the file!!! I really loved it!!!

    1. Glad you're enjoying the new file so much Roxane :)

      Remember to listen regularly for lovely effects that are just wonderful for your fluffy little mind sweetie.

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Oh Goddess Gracie, i love this so much !! Thank You so much for creating such wonderful files for pathological sissies. it is amazing to revel in such feminity. i love this so much along with Good Girls, Honesty, Sissy Pride. Oh Goddess Gracie, i love complete feminization, yay :)

    1. Aww, yay michelle :)

      That's wonderful sweetie.

      I knew that this file would particularly appeal to a quivering little sissy such as yourself :)

      How lovely that my brainwashing has made your little mind so much sparklier and created all of the correct thoughts a true pathological sissy such as yourself should be experiencing.

      Remember to listen regularly for the bestest most wonderful results sweetie.

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  3. hi Goddess... omg this file is so amazing at fixing my sissy brain just so perfectly and everything just seems so amazing and wonderful because eventho the file is a curse and can never be undone, it's effects are so perfect. i think all the good girls are so super happy at what Your important words have done to help our silly little minds accept who and what we really are... submissive little girls who need men to please. love You Goddess!

  4. dear Goddess

    thank you for another yummy file **hugs**

    Goddess is so right to warn listeners that this is a curse file because its effects feel like they can never be undone but the silver lining for a true pathological sissy is that any curse that makes a sissy see and accept herself for who she truly is can only really be a blessing **sparkle**

    this girl certainly feels blessed to be cursed by this file as it has made her embrace her sissy self unlike ever before and to accept all the correct thoughts her fluffy little mind can handle about dressing up and putting on makeup and shopping in malls and knowing her proper place with women and big hunky men

    she is so preoccupied with the girly girl life and knowing her place that it is all she thinks about and all she wants to do and these feelings keep growing and she cannot and does not want them to stop as they make her **sparkle** and feel like nothing else is important

    thank you Goddess for helping this dolly realize her true purpose in life through Manhood Eraser

    love babs xoxo


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