Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kindness & Love (Free Download!)

This file is just perfect for true sissies and girly girls alike who love to express kindness and love to the world. Whether that be platonic kindness and love such as the type shared between BFF's or fluffy little puppies, or the type that good girls love to show to hunky masculine men, you will not hesitate in showing how much kindness and love you have for the whole wide world princess. The effects of this file are extremely positive and just lovely for little princesses who feel warm fuzzies in their little hearts when they are nice to another living being. 
You will learn to be more loving and caring than ever before and you will learn not to care if the occasional mean judgmental person thinks you're a total slut for cuddling up to all the guys and flirting like crazy. You love yourself sweetie and this self-love gives you greater capacity for loving those around you. You will enjoy having glittery happy dust sprinkled all over your little mind courtesy of my sparkle fairies and perhaps that will magically change to shiny pink horny dust if you are a silly bimbo at heart. Yes sweetie, this file is wonderful for simpering little sissies and silly bimbo fuckholes alike. Yay!

You will just love feeling so happy and warm and positive as you become the sweetest little honeypie for nice ladies to dress up and strong masculine men to fuck. You will be reminded to always feel thankful for your blessings in life sweetie and not dwell on the things you may have in the past pined for, instead learning to be truly grateful for what you do have and allowing deep longlasting happiness to unfold. Your kindness and love will allow you have lots of empathy for those less fortunate, remembering how lucky you are and learning to love your life like never before. This file is just as much about enhancing your every day level of happiness and contentment as it is about being a silly little whore who loves to sit in men's laps and giggle. 

You will be encouraged to be yourself sweetie even if that means being a total fuckdoll cumslut at times, you will also be reminded that there's a time and place for everything and it's perfectly fine to make room for all the things you love, rather than limit yourself. You will learn to be a hundred percent at peace with who you are sweetie and your resistance against silly pointless things like guilt, shame and negativity will grow stronger than ever leaving you safeguarded from such unpleasant and unnecessary feelings. You will learn to have greater pride in yourself than ever sweetie as you radiate kindness and love to all those around you, effectively making the world a better place just by being your wonderful happy and delightful sissy self. As always sweetie it's best to listen on loop for at least 30-60 minutes and the more you listen, the greater your results will be. Enjoy princess and remember to leave a pretty comment sharing all your cutesy little feelings. 

Training Loop #26 - Kindness & Love


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  2. Oh Goddess Gracie,

    You are so kind. Of course i will add it to my play list of Manhood Eraser, Happiness, Serenity, Limp Clitty; everything that You do that makes all of us sissies so queer, emasculated, and prissy girlie girls xoxo love You hugs xoxo sissy :)

  3. One can't help but adore and appreciate your words. One wood think that they're a way one can be gifted on your site. As I've looked at things for you and haven't found one. Being I'm on a cell phone and not a laptop, I've never attempted to download anything as I don't think the phone with hold it.

    But regardless I for one appreciate your beauty for just being You

  4. prissipuss loves being a happy, kind and loving sissy bimbo honeypie, this is such a lovely and sweet file. Thank You so much, Goddess! :)

  5. Hi Goddess Gracie. My name is sissy téa, and I am such a silly sissy. So silly in fact that I'm not sure how to download your very generous free files ): Could you please help this incapable and confused sissy figure this out. I know life is short and I so very much would like to become the happy and giggly sissy of my dreams as soon as possible. Or if there are any other sissy girls who could hold my hand and help me figure this out, I'd be so very thankful for your help.

    Thank you oh so much Goddess Gracie for being the guiding light that you are for all of us struggling Sissies trying to find our way. Xoxo

    Your adoring silly sissy bitch

    <3 téa


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