Sunday, February 11, 2018

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Sissy Pageant (Free Download!)

This file is a 72 minute fantasy that places you in the role of a precious little sissy who couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to compete in the first ever Sissy Pageant - an event where true sissies compete for awards and prizes and get to show off their special talents to the audience and judges. Timid little sissy princessees require accompaniment to the pageant by motherly figures who accept them for the silly little sissies they are, and this is why I assume the role of your Mommy in this very fun and delightfully deviant file which is well over an hour of pure bliss for true pathological sissies.

You will make a nice new friend or two at the pageant sweetie (yay!) and you will try your very bestest to impress the three super hunky judges with your unique abilities. I won't spoil the specific details but you will certainly have your work cut out for you today sweetie, and Mommy will be there with you every step of the way princess so there's no need to be frightened. The big strong men won't hurt you unless you misbehave, and we both know that's not likely as long as Mommy is around to keep an eye on you sweetie. 

Needless to say, this is an extremely explicit file which is just perfect for silly bimbos with tiny little cotton candy minds that float away to sissy dreamyland whenever they listen to my important words.
This file contains subliminal brainwashing layers similar to my regular conditioning files and for that reason, you may find that you are affected even more deeply than you may expect and this will be especially true with repeat listens. Remember that good girls always do what their Mommy says sweetie and feel free to tell me your tiny little thoughts about the pageant after you have experienced it for yourself :)

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Sissy Pageant


  1. This is going to be so exciting, I can't wait. I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts tomorrow once I've listened!

  2. This was such a wonderful file for Sissy to listen to; it was so wonderful for Sissy to be a good girl for her Mommy. prissipuss doesn't want to give anything away because every girl needs to listen to this, but it felt so amazing for Sissy to make her Mommy and the judges so happy.

  3. Allison has been listening and obeying like a good girl!! YAY!!

    Here are the 10 sissy rules I've written up based on Goddess Gracie's files and these are all rules I follow in my daily life and aim to follow these 10 good girl rules forever!

    Here are the 10 rules too being a true good girl for Goddess Gracie.

    1. Good Girls must listen and obey too Goddess Gracie at all times even when
    She is not listening too a file. Good girls do as they are told by Goddess Gracie like a good girl!

    2. Good girls are only interested in females as platonic girly besties!! You will soon have more girly girlfriends then guy friends and will no doubt have only girly girl besties too hang out in the future!!

    3. Good girls wear only the prettiest panties everyday and take notice of her limp clitty that never gets hard and is super tiny when in the prettiest panties that good girls wear FOREVER <3

    4. Sissy must wax there entire body regularly, have only the girliest nails at all times, wear makeup and wear the girliest clothes at all times knowing when too be casual, professional, sexy, cute, girly, slutty!!

    5. Good girls love and obey real men!! Good girls love their big cocks and want too service them!! Good girls have sex with men only and only the manliest guys with huge cocks are acceptable!!!

    Rule #6-10 coming soon!!

  4. 6. Become a hairstylist or nail technician!! Good girls must work for a Salon, a place only nice ladies go to get there hair and nails done!! You will serve all nice ladies everyday for the rest of your life giving them wonderful hair styles!!!

    7. Good girls are scared of vaginas. They don't have yucky sex with woman. Only real man with big hard cocks!!!

    8. Good girls mind go bye byes in a room filled with nice ladies and the good girl.

    9. Seeing a pretty girls selfie or your own will trigger you wanting too look your prettiest and then take a sissy selfie!

    10. Good Girls go panty shopping once every 6 months buying 7 pairs of panties, 2 being sexy/pretty from victoria's secret.

    I name these 10 rules the 10 Good Girl Sissy Commandments *Giggle* *$parkle*

  5. Gosh, i can't wait to listen to this file:)

  6. Hello fellow Good Girls!! It is amazing how much my masculinity has been totally replaced by wonderful feminine feelings that I enjoy!!

    Wearing a bra everyday from now on along with continuing to wear panties everyday!!

    Honesty and desire too be a faggot friend to all nice ladies!!

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