Sunday, May 6, 2018

New File: Sissy Shame Dissolver

Yes sweetie, the time has finally arrived for you to advance to the next stage in your extreme sissification.  I know that many of my precious little princesses have been eagerly awaiting more conditioning to help their fluffy little minds function correctly, and you're going to get so much more than you bargained for when you listen and obey like a good girl.

This file is a mind-bending masterpiece for true pathological sissies who know their little place. The effects of this powerful piece of conditioning are sure to be profoundly transformative and sweetly intoxicating to the docile little mind of a precious pussygirl such as yourself. Yes little princess, this conditioning is almost like a special drug just for girly girl's minds but unlike real drugs it contains only wonderful positive effects and it is readily available whenever your little mind craves it. This file is extremely addictive in the best way possible princess and the effects will grow stronger and stronger with each and every subsequent listen.

There are some simple rules for you to follow like a good girl sweetie. Strictly no diddling your little babysoft bitchclit before, during or after listening. Your little mind understands that good girls are so much happier and more feminine when they conserve all of that natural estrogen that builds up in their pink little ovaries. This estrogenic activity affects little princesses on a mental, physical and emotional level whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Sissies who stay correctly diddle-free observe that they enter a state of constant sexual heat and become girlier and girlier by the day. This is especially true for good girls who listen regularly sweetie.

The other prerequisite for listening babygirl is that you wear your pretty bra and panties as you listen. This is the bare minimum expected of my precious little princesses sweetie, but advanced sissies may decide to dress up completely and put on their pretty makeup, perfume and jewelry before they listen and this is perfectly fine and something to be encouraged, though it is also appropriate to wait until you have listened to the file all the way through and your little mind positively sparkles at the thought of dressing up all pretty for strong masculine men.

Good sissies empty their little minds as soon as they hear my important words echoing in their precious little heads and this allows my conditioning to more deeply penetrate their consciousness and manifest in significant changes to their thoughts and behavior. The effects of this file are permanent and will increase exponentially every time you listen sweetie and you will experience first-hand the profound impact that my conditioning has on your day to day life you've spent a little time absorbing all of the wonderful brainwashing into your pink little mind where everything is soft and warm and oh so fluffy.

This file doesn't just allow the cock-crazed nympho slut inside of you out so that you can giggle and flirt with all the guys sweetie. It also has very positive effects on your self-image that are just lovely for little sissies to experience. Before the file enters more explicit territory, you'll be lovingly soothed into a nice deep state of relaxation by my gentle delicate words which are like a soft warm blanky for your precious little head. You'll be encouraged to love and accept yourself exactly as you are and learn to care less and less about gaining the unimportant approval and acceptance of others. Your little mind will come to understand that there are plenty of good-hearted people out there who accept people as they are without judgment or condemnation sweetie and you're going to radiate positive energy that will attract worthwhile people like this into your life while repelling the yucky negative people who are simply not worth your time or energy. You'll be more proud of your little self than ever before sweetie and you will have total belief in your ability to please men like a good girl and maybe you can even have nice daydreams about making the perfect little wife for a nice rough dominant gentleman one day :)

Needless to say, this file is not to be taken lightly little princess as any experienced listener should already know. The effects are powerful, permanent and will grow even stronger over time. You will listen again and again sweetie and the effects will be so warm and lovely and just magical for your precious little head. Do feel free to let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you've had some time with the file sweetie and remember always that Goddess Gracie knows best for true pathological sissies.

Sissy Shame Dissolver


  1. Another cool stuff!
    Thank you.

  2. Omg Goddess Gracie I have like such positively wonderful news!! I bought panties at Victoria's Secret again as nothing makes me sparkle like panty shopping among all the nice ladies at Victoria's Secret. Letting the salesgirls pick out pretty panties and bras for me. This time I wasn't even dressed up but I was acting super girly and like such a faggot. As soon as I told her how cutesie then panties and bra were she knew they were for me and from that point on she had me acting like a proper girly girl, as she just knew they were for me based on the excitement and attention to detail I was giving looking for cute panties to add to my panty collection.

    I picked out 3 sparkle panties. Sparkle panties are the sexier kind that make ne sparkle the most.

    I then made a new BFF at the strip club. She had me in sparkle mode upon hello. I saw her pretty nails and without question told ger how super gorgeous they were. She told me she was a nail tech so ai politely asked for an appoinment and she happily squeezed me in next week for gel nail application and monthly visits with my new hestie will begin from there. She told me too approach one the nice ladies that were dressed up all pretty in panties and bras and tell tjem I wanted too dance like a girly girl with them so I found the most dominant nice lady I could.

    We danced together, I immediately told her I was a little intimidated by her and told her I was a faggot. Omg we became besties right then and there, made our nail appointment with the other nice lady together yo get our bails done. We talked like such girly girls, I ended up showing her the front of my panties which my limp clitty tucked away and soft as it should be. I told her I just bought them and she said they were super cute so we giggled. We ended up chit chatting and cuddling rather then have her strip for me. She kept her pretty panties on the whole time knowing how much of a faggot I was by how girly I was behaving.

    She told me girly tjings I needed to do but I can't remember as my mind was bye byes at that point. She said shecwants me to be her fahgot friend stylist so we planned a shopping date before our nail appointkent bext week!!

    She has captured me and I even gave her obe if the pretty panties I bought as a show of grattitude for taking me as ger faggot friend.


    1. Yay allison, that's wonderful sweetie :)

      How nice for you to make friends like that with such nice ladies :)

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

    2. Omg Goddess thank you for showing me with your lovely comment how wonderful it is to have nice girls as your bestfriends!!

      It makes me so happy to obey like a good girl and you letting me know my actions are appropriate as a good girl acts like a faggot infront of nice ladies so we can become friends maybe even besties!!

      Omg all I can say outloud right now in my pink chiffon top with a pretty floral design with my pink girly bralette straps showing all the girls I wear bras and only the pinkest most girly panties for this faggot. And omg i wish pink garter belt and girly stockings but sadly I need to buy that and a corset ASAP

      Love you Goddess Gracie xox

      Mallyson Pink

  3. hi Goddess Gracie!! this file is another amazing example of Your superior mind helping little sissies accept who and what we are. this conditioning is super wonderful and thank You soooo much for making it to help us understand our little places. Goddess Gracie understands the sissy pink cotton candy mind the bestest and She is so amazing at hypnotizing and fixing my little mind.

  4. Hi Goddess
    you have helped me so much to be the sissy bitch I was born to be
    I have purchased several of your files and although i am married (boo) I am so addicted to men and their godly cocks
    love sissy sandie

  5. Goddess Gracie is our sissy muse
    you help us all accept our place as sissy faggots
    I love you
    sissy sandie

  6. Aww, good girls for leaving such nice comments :)

    Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  7. Today is my graduation as a sissy in the real world with nice ladies as fridnds and dressing up and going to get my nails done along with my girls she does one at a time and joins ys in our cute giggles and talking about hot boyss and there big huge cocks as i'm getting my nails done put me into sparkle then my bwhavior from there was appropriate behavior as a good girl among the nice lafies yay!!! Mind going byebyes now yay!!!

  8. Wow, as soon as I saw the photo my eyes went right to the guy's crotch, NOT THE GAL's! No math to have to do on THAT one!

  9. I'm actually listening to this file at the moment;) It's so lovely:) I don't want it to end...;)


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