Thursday, June 7, 2018

New File: Hypnosis for Women - Adore Men

My first ever file built from the ground up for women! Also appropriate for sissies & pussy-free betas who need to hear in great detail exactly how women naturally feel and behave towards real men. 

The vast majority of this session focuses on enhancing the female listener's adoration for strong masculine men, while simultaneously encouraging her natural contempt for little-dicked losers and babydick betas. The kind who follow my censored porn Tumblr page for pussy-free virgins religiously. 

Sissies will enjoy the bulk of the file that will feel a lot like one of my regular files for precious girly girl cumsluts - though the sections of the file that mention icky losers (my other main target audience nowadays) may be lost on adorable little sissies who listen. Do be aware that sissies are not a focal point of this file. That may come later, but little sissy princesses are only referenced directly once or twice throughout the duration. Assuming the file is well received (and thus worth my time), there may very well be more files for women in the future - focusing on different topics such as forming adorable platonic friendships with little sissy princesses. A file that is entirely focused on how the female listener should treat pussy-free losers may also come in the future if the demand is there for such a thing. Even though 90% of the listeners to a hypothetical file such as that would be the little-dicked losers themselves, naturally :P 

Without spoiling any of the specifics, I must warn all potential listeners: this file is an extreme mindfuck for anyone that may find themselves listening (whether women, sissies, or pussy-free losers). It features a distinct lack of political correctness which may offend some listeners - especially women who choose to listen - if misunderstood. Their minds will gradually go blank after a much longer induction than usual (hence the files length - 104 minutes... it doesn't get truly explicit until around the halfway mark). Little sissy princesses will enjoy a similar experience to the women listening, with the bonus added humiliation of hearing how it is for real women when it comes to the strong masculine men who they fuck eagerly and obey willingly

Women with vanilla sexual interests should stay far away from a file like this - unless they wish to be changed forever in ways that may not be appropriate for them. Those with kinkier and more open-minded views on sexuality will find it extremely enjoyable and potentially very transformative. The mental and emotional changes will be permanent for female listeners who listen with open minds and who desire the intended effects. Do be certain this is what you want before you listen.

This file is very addictive and listeners who succumb to the effects the first time around will return time and time again until giggly subjugated cock whore is their new normal. Some basic safety precautions are mentioned at a couple of stages throughout the file due to the unfortunate reality that women are more likely to be targeted and experience sexual assault in their lifetimes. If this is a fantasy for you as it is for many women, you'll be reassured that it's okay and relatively natural - but you'll also understand completely that nobody wants to experience true violation and your fantasies will remain fantasiesYour physical safety is far more important than getting carried away eagerly embracing the happy-headed whore inside which this file will pry out of any woman who listens with an open mind and the desire to experience the intended changes. Women listening will also be encouraged to continue to use protection - unless they're in a monogamous relationship with a sexually healthy partner they trust. Be aware that I am completely conscious of the misogynistic tone presented in sections of this file. If it makes you uncomfortable, that's fine - it should. :) 

The overwhelming majority of women enjoy unpredictability and letting go of their sexual inhibitions. They find vanilla sex with their "nice guy" partner mindnumbingly boring, leading them to seek out real satisfaction with a man instead. This file does not encourage women to cheat on their partners - it generally assumes the listener is unattached and available. Cuckolded losers and wimpdick betas will love to buy the file as a thoughtful gift for their pretty girlfriends and wives to enjoy guilt-free - even if it leads them to seek legitimate sex elsewhere, which it will. Pussy-free losers who are listening purely to be put in their low little place beneath both women and men will probably be bored by the non-sexual tone of the first section of the file, like the desensitized dopamine junkies that they are. They'll love the rest of the file once it stops being so sweet and gentle and gets nice and depraved the way little-dicked losers with no real sex life enjoy. 

Listen to the free previews here: SoundCloud - Goddess Gracie (sidenote: 640,000+ plays to date - yay!) 

Enjoy sweetie and do let me know if you'd like more files in this vein in the future :)

Hypnosis for Women: Adore Men


  1. Oh Goddess Gracie, i so, so love where You are taking us girls to experience womanhood and our femaleness from a complete, female perspective. So, so happy i am fully realizing my training as a Female. Thank You, and the biggest hugs xoxo Your little girl, sissy fairy pantywaist michelle xoxo kissies and huggies

    1. Yay michelle!

      That's wonderful sweetie :)

      I know you're going to be an even more pussified, emasculated and utterly castrated little sissy than ever before with continued exposure to my powerful and profoundly transformative conditioning :)

      Such a good girl :)

      Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx

  2. Thank you so much for Your kind, loving and supporting words, Goddess Gracie xoxo

  3. i don't know what to say. it's so amazing. i really cannot think of anything other than men.

  4. Goddess Gracie answers the question we did not even know we had... what kind of woman will you be once your training is sufficient? Her answer shows how very very lucky we are to have Goddess Gracie as our sissy Godmother!! you will love experiencing the answer for yourself. it really is an experience.

  5. Heyy fellow good girls!!

    Sissy has found a new job as a barista at a specialty coffee shop. The shop is always filled with nice ladies!! Which means i'll behave like a good girl at all times!!

    I was dressed super feminine for my interview!! The nice lady talked about hiring woman only till recently, we both giggled and I said "I'll fit right in!" she like totally knew I was a sissy and just agreed assuring me of a job and a lovely place among them as one of the girls at the job!!

    I said sparkle outloud in my girliest voice before the interview and will say it every hour when i'm working so I can behave like a good girl with the nice ladies!!

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  8. i hope you enjoyed it, devi. i was so affected by it and the way it describes reality.

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    2. i like to snuggle with my teddybear and listen with ear buds in bed or on the couch.

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  10. No offense of having deleted past comments [can see they are still visible, ie: of comment having previously been there. Don't know if that's only from my end, though].

    But I doubt there will be any of the 'beta types' (mentioned in recording); here [therefore OK to talk]. Because that type are usually looking upon any inner femininity as some kind of 'disease'. As opposed to listening to recordings aimed at increasing it: like the people here generally / presumably would.

    And as something in the description mentioned, I go with the view of certain ideas remaining just fantasy: since am primarily solo-sexual (therefore, looking to enhance experience in that area).

    But had, up until today [as mentioned in deleted comments]; been listening only in background (on low volume, in order to induce sleep). And uncanny experience I just had, while listening to the actual content: was coincidentally starting a solo session; right when the command for commencing self-touch was given !

    It was uncanny, because there are usually a few things I need to do in prep. But it was given at the exact moment that I started to move glass dildo towards my anus [once prepared].

    Tho there was a moment, during that session; that I consider a 'downer': when something [in the recording] was mentioned about having to keep clean (in that particular area).

    Shaved / lazered smooth, I agree: but clean is only for when someone OTHER than wants to attract a male partner (and actually the state I go out in, because [as mentioned]; would like to PREVENT any such partner in real life).

    But in the days before I started to keep clean, pre-going out [tho of course, still showering everywhere else]: I used to always get men pestering me. And once even got one follow me all the way to my door ! (Which is when I decided to start applying such rule).

    And that is because sexual arousal has a scent to it: and one which men can pick up on, subconsciously.

  11. like i was on a pretty trip and i saw the cutsiest train. a very Nice Lady gave me a ticket and sat next to me so i would be sweet pretty and docile while on the train. the train went to all the softest places full of pretty flowers. and then i realized what the trip really was. sometimes i discover sooooo much and see the train actually went just to the start and now the next train starts. so yummy fun. for such a long time i was very very confused but now it is all clear and all because hypnosis for Women is so brilliant. and like the one thing is that hypnosis for Women shows how much Goddess Gracie loves little sissies and tries to nuture our delicate little minds. i really love Goddess Gracie so much! i feel like before listening to hypnosis for Women that Goddess had totally emasculated me by making me see reality and seeing reality i could start to understand who and what i really am. hypnosis for Women is not really for Goddess' little sissy followers, but my reaction was so strong that like everything changed and i knew how i am just what Goddes said i am.

  12. I was wondering if there was a way of deleting comments on your website, without evidence remaining of a comment having previously been there [and by whom].

    I have tried socializing with other M2F transsexuals in the past, but every time I do (including online socializing, or 'outing' myself [ie, hinting or making it known that I am transsexual]); seems to have an adverse effect on my vocals / well-being.

    Which usually lasts until I delete any such posts or comments. (However, in the case of your website: it's as if evidence will still remain after comment has been deleted).

    And it has taken me all this time to go out, since posting; and therefore all this time for me to realise that the above conditions still hold true: seemingly regardless of how good I get vocally.

    But it was as if there was a psychic 'presence', during my necessary grocery shopping today [which I assume was other transsexuals]; trying to test out or 'embarrass' me: by seeing if they can make my vocals fail in public.

    I also did four consecutive days of vocal exercises (from Jeannie Deva CDs); prior to the day of having to go out. Which would normally take me something like only two consecutive days [and result being totally zero problems, in a vocal sense].

    And was a time when I used to do them evey day (for approx. an hour); however would find that too exhausting for computer editing I have to do [for my YouTube]. Therefore would Not be able to do any editing on prep days leading to having to go out.

    I know most transsexuals would only get dressed up for something like social / recreational reasons. However I only go out when I HAVE to (Not want to). And am also old enough to remember the feeling of being tired at something like 3am, in nightclub: while being expected to look like I was enjoying myself.

    When I was the one who had paid to get in; as opposed to getting paid [for dancing all night, at the venue] !

    I realize that those who are much younger in years would have had their memories wiped of such moments, by the following weekend.

    Another disadvantage / reason to hate going out: is that society we live in is completely a 'man's world'. Meaning that if a woman was in the right mood to have sex while out in public, and did so: then she would be frowned upon (at the very least).

    Therefore outdoors is other than the place for sexually-orientated person [who identifies as female]; such as Myself.

  13. Well I am actually intersex, Not transsexual (keep forgetting).

    1. Index finger longer than ring finger.
    2. Body height less than 7 x head length [that of genetic males being 8x]
    3. Shoulder width 2.5x head width (that of genetic males being 3x).

  14. Wow!!! I can't wait to listen to this file;)


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