Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Prison Bitch (Free Download!)

This file is an elaborate fantasy that places you in the role of a naughty sissy who goes to prison for doing something only a silly little sissy would do. At first you are very concerned about how you will fare in a prison designed for men, but you soon come to find that your time in the prison will be far more pleasant and appropriate for a simpering little sissy than you could have ever dreamed. You will sign an agreement that you'll provide certain services for the sexually frustrated prisoner men (many of whose wives and GF's don't even visit them anymore!) and in exchange you will receive special privileges and rewards more befitting of such a little princess than a boring old cell amongst the regular prisoners.

You will have special rules to follow and there'll be three nice ladies who will act as the equivalent of prison guards for you, but you'll think of them more as your girly girl BFFs. They will help you in whatever way is appropriate to prepare for lovely encounters with select prisoner men who you will do your best to obey at all times like a good girl. If your trial period as the designated cumslut goes well, your sentence may be shortened (though you might also find yourself requesting it to be doubled given all the fun you'll be having) and you may even be started on a regimen of female hormones so that you can become even more womanly and attractive to all the hunky men who have been suffering with blue balls for far too long. 

Your romantic encounters will be chaperoned by one of your girly girl best friends who will use a very appropriate method to keep you physically restrained and under her complete control whenever you are being transported around the prison, as rough masculine men stare you up and down and fantasize about the day they get to have their way with you. I've worded this description very deliberately so as to avoid spoiling the specifics of the fantasy - that way you get to experience it all first hand for yourself which is much more fun! There are subliminal layers of traditional sissy conditioning that play throughout the duration of the file so you may find yourself feeling like a slutty bitch in heat for an extended period of time after you listen - this is normal and to be expected princess. Enjoy sweetie and let me know all your cutesy little thoughts after you've listened. 

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Prison Bitch


  1. I'm drooling... totally out of control.

  2. Hello:) I always love your content but i just have trouble with the whole concept of having any kind of fun in a prison. I come from a Multi-Racial African-American background and we make up 37% of the Male Prison Population in the United States, which is really bad when you consider that African-Americans as a whole (including others of course as well...not just men) make up only 12% of the total population of the United States.

    This is a somewhat separate subject that has really bothered me for a while within the Sissy Community. And that is the focus on BBC;...i grew up in England and first thing i think of when i hear this, is somebody reading the I think it's a good thing to display how sexy and attractive Black Men are but i hope that people who get involved with them realize there is a lot more to Black Men than the purely physical side. Still, as a Multi-Racial person...i'm always happy to see people from different groups having fun together!!!...i love it:):):)

    1. Roxane, I love your comment snd agree eith you, thank you!

    2. I am a black sissy in the USA. I hear where you're coming from with the whole BBC thing. It use to really bother me. It reduces the black male to basically a human dildo or sexual plaything for whites. But everyone has their kink. This particular kink is a extremely strong one for whites. I have become to accept that and it does not bother me anymore. You really can't help what turns you on. Plus, these black men are accepting of them being a fetish for whites. If you'd ask them about being a fetish they would not know what you are talking about. All they know if they're getting some sex because even them think their total manhood is what's between their legs. So, having said all this, it does not bother me anymore.

  3. I'm 100% sure that if I end in prison I will become prison bitch. I was 6 months in military and after 5 months my inner sissy came out. Somehow everyone got it that i'm gay, bottom, feminine, shy, emotive. And at those times i was trying 130% to pretend that I'm macho guy but deep inside i knew i'm gay sissy. I'm so scared of prison especially showering, Showing mine feminine depliated body with small soft usless cltty, naked in front of mean strong muscular guys. Oh that scares me much. I think that I will be raped at firt showering. And I'm sure that i will sissygasm too while black big cocks fill my white sissy pussy bio ass with hot cum. I can only hope that i will find strong black man who will protect me and love me. I will do my best to be his sexy prison bitch. I will always be dressed sexy for him, smooth body, chastity of course all the time, makup, sexy long hair dryed, long nails. I want that he only wants me. i want to male him hard to please him. Maybe after some time he will fall in love with me and kiss me hold for my hand in public. Oh this one is not for me hihihihih

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